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Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t quite fit into the demographics of certain establishments – am I too fussy/critical – or is my looking to try something/somewhere new not the way for me to go.

The decision had been made – It was time to return to the gym – But which gym?

A few kms from home we have a great health and fitness facility.  It has a well ‘stocked’ gymnasium, basketball/ netball courts, various swimming pools plus a warm water pool plus other designated ‘rooms’ (group fitness, yoga, pilates, spin). Along with another similar facility and a couple of local golf courses is managed by the local council.  I’ve been a member there on and off for quite a few years now.

Because it offers so much it has become very busy – the car park has been extended more times than I can remember- and classes have to be booked rather than the old way of just turning up and claiming your spot.  And even though it has what I want there are times when I get fed up with being a ‘number’

So I thought I’d check out two other nearby ‘places’  to see what they offered.

I’d looked at their websites (well established businesses) so had a rough idea……classes, gym, membership options/fees (no pool)  but wanted to get the feel of them before deciding.

After trying to park in the last vacant spot in a very tiny car park  I discovered no one at the desk in the first one…then a young lad wandered by…..”sorry, the person you need to speak to isn’t here.  She’ll be back tomorrow….no I don’t do membership!”  With that he wandered off again leaving me standing there……looking at some posters of some young,  very nice looking, well toned and well muscled people and wondering ( well you don’t need to know what I was wondering 😊)

OK, I’ll just drive down the road a bit to the second one.

My god what’s that noise – i thought I was going to be deafened when I opened the door.

I had a little chat with a very young girl – well she chatted to me….not answering any of my questions, just telling me what she wanted me to hear.  “I’ll print off our classes for you- we have a special program and classes for oldies like you.  Sorry you can’t look round the premises unless you are a member- no I can’t take you round- I’lll sign you up for a week’s free trial then someone will show you round.  Then you can join.  Here’s the forms, take them home and come back when you’ve decided”  With that she went off to make some special high protein drink for some young thing in the attached ‘kitchen’ (not café) we don’t serve food!”

OK, I said to myself (again) I’ll just go back down the road to my tried and true centre, where I know what’s what, how things work and where there’s a whole range of clients/users…….including oldies like me 😊

Guess what – as I stood at the reception desk waiting to be served one of the staff walked by “Hello Cathy.  Lovely to see you – are you signing up again?”

No need to tell you what I did, is there?


If it wasn’t so awful….

I’m back from my sea view break but just to say Hello and Happy New Year.

A couple of pictures capturing our only ‘contact’ with these horrendous Victorian fires

If it wasn’t so awful I’d label them

‘Smoke gets in your eyes’ and ‘Red sky in the morning’

Limited visibility on the beach at sleepy Cowes on Philip Island last Friday – somewhere out there is a cruise ship at anchor.

Our view of the ‘fire in the sky’ as we sailed past the Bairnsdale area on Sunday……………just a couple of days ago

Bye ’til next week

It’s time…

Time has passed quite quickly recently…..here we are in the third week of December…….not much left of 2019 to get through.

Get through being the optimal words as my ‘invisible ailment’  (lumbar spinal stenosis )   is making itself known again.  After a fair while of no symptoms, now when I need to be on my feet and mobile the dreaded heavy hot numb then tingling legs and feet have returned…..thankfully not the sharp, make you jump and screech, don’t know when it’s coming, electric shock down your leg pains when the sciatic nerve is involved.  All of which unfortunately limits my walking (which makes it worse) so consequently I’ve not done half the things I’d planned.  I have however read a couple of good books plus knit two baby cardigans…..and watched a fair bit of cricket.

The GP agreed with me that part of the problem really is because I haven’t been doing any regular exercise since we came back from Bowen  I cancelled my gym membership before we left (not a contract one) meaning to reinstate it and my latest swimmimg pass had been used up, both of which I’ve just haven’t got round to renewing.  I have been doing some  physio recommended ‘simple’ exercises at home as well as using some light weight  dumbbells but they obviously aren’t enough.  What’s needed is a more structured method- one where I can’t stop and make a cup of tea when the going gets tough – well, I can stop, for a while – but it’s a bit awkward going to the attached cafes for a cup of tea when you’re all sweaty or dripping wet – and then making your way back to start all over again.  Best get it over and done with, then enjoy the tea when I get home 😊

Do you remember my dear friend who died recently ‘gifted’ her stash of wool to her friends and family.   Well the yarn knit up beautifully but was such a non descript, rather plain bland colour I had to put a pattern on each of them so they didn’t look flat and uninteresting.  You’ll find the previous two towards the end of this post, so all done now  and these two along with anymore I knit in the meantime will go off to the charity later in the new year.







And of course I read more than two books….these were the two from a pile of random library picks that stood out from the rest 😊

Sorry fot the dead – Nicola Upson.  Josephine Tey #8

In the summer of 1915, the sudden death of a young girl brings grief and notoriety to Charleston Farmhouse on the Sussex Downs. Years later, Josephine Tey returns to the same house–now much changed–and remembers the two women with whom she once lodged as a young teacher during the Great War. As past and present collide, with murders decades apart, Josephine is forced to face the possibility that the scandal which threatened to destroy those women’s lives hid a much darker secret”

A cast of almost all female characters, set in various ‘times’ with the murder as the central focus of the book.   It covered attitudes toward women and their roles, very early women’s lib, developing female ‘friendships’ –  both open and covert – and how they were seen by society.  Lots of twists and turns with a surprise last chapter that tied in with the first one.  The only flaw for me was the jumping from decade to decade (sections set in different times) which I lost track of with having the same characters turning up each time.  Having to turn back to the front page of each ‘part’ to remember which year I was in was a bit of a nuisance.

Last seen alive – Claire Douglas

Libby and James Hall can’t believe their luck when the leaflet comes through the door. Swapping their tiny city flat for a beautiful house by the sea? Who would say no? But once they arrive at The Hideaway Libby starts to get jittery and increasingly paranoid. She is sure that someone is watching them. Something here isn’t right. And when she suspects their lives to be in danger they swiftly decide to return to Bath. But they can’t pick up their old life so easily. Because this isn’t just a casual house swap. This is something much, much more sinister.”

This one started out quite slowly (almost like the holiday it was supposed to be) then it changed.  Very subtly it became more of a mystery (touted as a psychological thriller) with a murder thrown in for good luck  Twists and turns as the story moves on – secrets are revealed- previous lives and deeds come into play    You never know what’s going to happen with each page turn.   Definitely recommended.

🎄 🍦 🎄 🍷🎄 ⛱ 🎄

I’ve really enjoyed your company (and comments) this past year but I’m feeling a bit tired and weary so think now is the right time to push the seasonal pause button

My love to you all – I’ll be back again in the middle of January

Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year

Did you know…..

….it comes in all shapes and sizes and forms?

Well that’s what we discovered when we got to Deniliquin – which is just a quick (less than an hours) drive up the Cobb Hwy from Echuca.

I’ve got short legs so drew the short straw and sat in the back with another short legged lady while the two ‘fellas’ led the way in the front.  Not my favourite place to be because I like to see where we’re going,  I’m not keen on looking at things sideways or peering through the middle of the front seat passengers but we can’t have our own way all the time  (can I 😊😊)

Rainy days are not the best days for ‘sightseeing’ so as we drove past a visitor Information centre with signage for a cafe on the door we all nodded to each other and mouthed the word Coffee!   As well as the Information place and the cafe the building also housed the Peppin Heritage Centre .  The Peppin family were early settlers to the local area who specialised in sheep farming, developing the Peppin Merino breed that is associated with wool production in nearly all the Australian states.

Peppin Merino rams


It was agreed that we couldn’t just sit there in the car complaining discussing the much needed precipitation,  we were out for the day  so while the rain tumbled poured down outside we’d have a wander through the little museum, learn lots about early times, sheep breeding (and hard life in the middle 1800s) on the stations around the Riverina, then,  rather than venture out into the cold, wet, windy day to look at the outside displays (yes I know, we’re fair weather tourists) have coffee and cake under the same roof.

When the rain moved on and the skies cleared, – it was time to move on ourselves 😊

Back in the car, aimlessly driving round, and there it was!

When we were up this way last April we looked at some painted grain silos in Rochester just south of Echuca – do you remember the Silo Art I showed you?

Well it appears rural art comes in all shapes and sizes…..and forms!

Deniliquin now has a newly painted WATER TOWER!  Painted by renowned  street/mural artist  Cam Scales!

I’ve lightened this up considerably – the sky wasn’t that blue, the clouds were a lot darker, it was about to rain again so I didn’t even look at the other side lol  But I did get this one picture featuring two kookaburras to remember it by😊



Joining in with a weekly meme called Monday Murals.

Sami (COLOURFULWORLD) is the host and if you would like to see more – follow this link.

Getting to know you…

Thank you all for the comments on my last post – I feel I know a lot more about you – and your names – than I did before.

I ‘was’ hoping to hear from what I call my silent readers – those who some bloggers call lurkers – those who read and leave without saying a word – never mind it’s good to see them all the same.  Maybe some will become less shy as time goes by.

Possibly I don’t talk about things they feel they can comment on so perhaps I’ll have to think about content.  I’m not a ‘Best Buy’ sort of person who talks about cheapish food and reduced groceries, my recipes are usually off the top of my head using what’s in the cupboard so food plans never get made.  Yes, I have clear outs but once things have gone out the door I wouldn’t be able to remember what was in the bag I dropped off at the op shop.  It’s gone from my head the minute it’s gone from my house.  And I’m certain you really don’t want to hear about my aches and pains.

At the moment I’m in Echuca, north of the state on the Murray, having a break with a couple of old friends plus The Golfer.  The beautiful weather we had anticipated (going by what the bureau had forecast)  didn’t eventuate,  the hIgh winds, thunder, lightning, rain and  hail we’ve had so far weren’t part of the deal when we left home the other day.  There has been sunshine but it’s been quite cool so it’s a good job I brought a range clothing and not just the ones suitable for forecasted 30oC days.  A drive out to Deniliquin yesterday kept us dryish (and warm….in the car) Today after a little ‘cruise’ up the river it looks like we may be going to the cinema instead of walking round town and along the river bank.

 Need to put my thinking cap on now for blog post topics. Any and all suggestions are most welcome .  See you next week….if not before 🤗

Who’s that girl, what’s her name….

She was named in the semi traditional Irish way which varied from family to family,  that of first daughter being after both her grandmothers.  So Catherine Mary is on her birth certificate as well as other ‘important’  documentation.

Catherine aged 2

Her mother’s name was Alice Mary but she was always known as Al – her father’s name was James, known as Jim…….Jimmie to his family

Her paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth after both of  ‘her’ grandmothers – we have no idea what her family called her……to us she was just Granny S.  Granny’s oldest daughter was also named Mary, we knew her as Aunty May.  The next daughter was Margaret Anne known to us as Aunty Maggie.

Our little girl’s mother’s mother, the grandma she never got to meet was Catherine Jane Mary. 

On Irish census records she was called Kathleen and then it was discovered she was registered at birth as Katheline – possibly the result of her father’s accent.  John Joseph Patrick Doyle was from Waterford – Kathleen’s birth was registered in Tralee, Kerry.  A name spoken in an out of town accent possibly being misheard by someone not used to that accent then transcribed as heard …..if you get what I mean 🙂

Before she married she was known as Kitty to her family, after her father’s death she married Isaac John Joseph T (known to everybody as IJJ)  and became Catherine.  IJJ was from the north of Ireland, at that time Kathleen was a ‘southern’ name – say no more!

The Jane was after ‘her’ grandmother (the little girl’s gtgt grandmother) Jane Gatherer who was known as Jean!  Oh that would be the Scottish influence coming into play 😊

So back to Catherine Mary…..she has been known as various names over her lifetime.  Her mother and sisters always called her Cath – at high school it was Katy which then morphed into Cathy.  As she gets older Catherine has come back into play….sounds more mature she often says.  

Trouble is it gets tricky at times when she’s introducing herself as Catherine to someone new and an old acquaintance at the same event comes along and refers to her as Cathy….there can be confused looks or laughter all round.  Then making an appt the other day she offered Catherine as her name,  long pause and the receptionist could be heard muttering away in the background, then came back to ask if she had family with a similar name because all she could find was a Cathy.  She’s going to need a little black book soon to make a note of who knows her as what😎

So here I am on a Monday morning wondering if I’ll ever be known by any more names in my lifetime –  more and more frequently we are identified by a number/letter combination, (user/screen names, pins, passwords etc) in person eye and finger recognition is becoming more common (not sure if it’s more acceptable though). 

As far as names are concerned you could all do me a favour, I have many visitors who pop in to read  Still Waters (the blog) and leave without saying a word…….I would like/love to know your names.  I’d be really pleased If you’d leave me a comment telling me just that and where you live.  How you feel about family names and how we will be identified in the future.

Bye for now.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Cathy

(Sometimes known as Catherine, fondly referred to as Cath,  previously known as Katy.  Oh and often as Mum, Ma, And Grandma!  And yes that’s me at 2yrs old complete with Glengarry hat – a link to the distant Scottish line that came together with an Irish one to form my maternal line and help make me who I am)

Linking to Senior Salon 

From the Arctic to the Amazon to the Antarctic……

All in the stretch of a couple of weeks 😎

I promised myself I’d not mention the weather for a while…. BUT………this is just ridiculous – from days of ‘cold enough’ to have the heating on……progressing to hot (as in over 30c) and humid enough for several days to have the cooling on….. then reverting back to cold enough for heating and a hot water bottle in the bed accompanied by pouring rain!

The Spring Racing Carnival began last Saturday- watching the Derby Day punters on tv trying to keep out of the torrential rain I discovered that from what I could see of the crowd huddled under cover, $2 plastic ponchos are made in many more colours than clear 😊🌂

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday in November otherwise known as Melbourne Cup Day.

That’s the race that used to stop the nation –  it’s still a public holiday here in Victoria but many shops are open especially in large shopping centres.  It’s a day usually filled with fun and frivolity, frilly dresses and posh hats for the ladies, champagne in the car park (https://www.flemington.com.au/social-news/2019-10-29/carnival-in-the-car-parks) and a punt on the big race.  Lots of restaurants and pubs have Cup Lunches for groups who want to have fun and watch away from the course – everybody dressed to the nines, with the ‘race’ on big screens and a sweep in progress.   The forecast is 18c/64f with a chance of rain.  Not very nice at all.  Usually the weather is warm and sunny so there’ll  be lots of ‘changing their minds’ over the dresses they planned to wear and how the car park picnics are going to be arranged.


Well we’ll be in front of the telly and if it’s as cold tomorrow as it is today (10c now at 3pm) it’ll be a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of fruit cake in front of us instead of the usual flute of champagne accompanied by cold chicken salad.

Who do I fancy?

Well here’s today’s run down on the field https://www.news.com.au/sport/superracing/punters-life/melbourne-cup-2019-the-ultimate-form-guide-for-race-that-stops-a-nation/news-story/8cefffc8b2bce14dc5b617ce29902b05.

Last years winner has come back for another go but will be carrying extra weight so may not manage it.  There’s a whole swag of Irish horses there, the Brits are back in town along with a load of others.  24 in the field…..at the moment the Japanese horse is the favourite, it could change dramatically by ‘horses at the barrier’ time tomorrow – somehow I think it might be stab a pin in the paper time as I’ve no idea who the winner will be.

Right, I’m off to look for penguins – won’t find polar bears here in the Southern Hemisphere – even if it is cold enough for both of them outside!

What are your plans for tomorrow- oh, and what’s the weather like where you are?

I’ve been thinking…..

Thinking about how quickly this month is going by.

Here we are into the third week already, there’s something marked on most of the  upcoming days and I’m still trying to get to grips with things that happened during the first week!

  • Thinking about how most of Victoria must be fed up with our changeable weather.  What we think of as Spring weather (dry sunny and pleasantly warm) seems to be taking a long time to arrive – cold wet and windy are the order of the day with a teaser thrown in here and there.
  • Thinking about the days we spent with no landline and consequently no internet courtesy (it finally turned out) of the NBN line layers working in our and nearby streets.  The Telstra technician who came (read that as finally turned up days later) to ‘find’ the fault……over $100 to pay if it was on our side of the socket (entry point) nil if on the other……mentioned it could (more than likely, would) happen again if ‘they’ had to work in the pit opposite our house.
  • Thinking about for one reason or another I seem to have spent an awful lot of time waiting  these past weeks.  So many queues – so many waiting rooms.  Luckily I plan for delays and take a book (or knitting) –  good for some situations, a bit awkward in some 😊
  • Thinking about a CT scan and how previous findings marked moderate are now read as severe.  How changes happen without you really noticing until, bam, they are very noticeable.
  • Thinking about other readings (BP) and how they have suddenly changed.  Family history and pain can do that, the GP said.  We’ll change your medication- ‘cept the chosen one may have side effects.  Like what, I asked.  Oh swollen ankles, nothing to worry about.  Well we’ll cross that bridge when or if we get to it.


So you don’t think I’ve only had ‘pain in the a****’ things to think about…..I’ve been

  • Thinking about how pleased I am that choir rehearsals have begun again (for me that is). There is a U3A promotional concert tomorrow morning so it’s been hectic but fun catching up on songs learnt and practiced while we were away.
  • Thinking about how lucky we are here in Melbourne to attract international exhibitions at the NGV.  The decision we made to leave The Terracotta Warriors until the last week was so well worth the long wait in line.  A late afternoon slot meant there were no crowds, giving us room to move and look at things from different angles.
  • Thinking how glad we checked the pile of gift cards languishing in the bedroom – we forget when they run out – and there was a Gold Class (cinema) one, obviously a present from last year because it was due to expire this month.   The Golfer signed up for a new seniors scheme run by the cinema chain which meant we received discount on the seats as well as food; and you know how they charge like a wounded bull so we were able to have more to eat than originally planned 😊
  • Oh and Downton Abbey was what we saw.  I didn’t watch the tv series so not knowing all the back story, to me it was just a grand showy film about the goings on in a ‘big house’ – twists and turns and what seemed to me an ending that left a way for another production about the same characters.

And then there was someone and something I’ve been thinking of for a few weeks now.

Not long after my dear friend died last month her daughters popped in with a gift.  They’d been ‘spreading their mother’s love’ around her friends and would like us to have something of hers.  A bag of mill ends  from Spotlight 😊  Their mother knit for various charities and that was what they wanted us (the recipients) to do.  No problem where I was concerned- I was to knit something for charity and they’d drop in again sometime to see what I’d come up with.

They did pop in again- Just the other day – And this is what I showed themTwo small cardigans (size 3 months) and enough wool left for two more 😊

Are you willing to share the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in your life at the moment?

There once was a time….

Oh yes, there once was a time when I could do lots of things without making a noise 🙄

They really were good times 😊

After groaning  outloud and following up with a quick ‘ouch’ trying to put my shoes on at the GP’s yesterday I ended up having another CT scan on my lower back.  It’s a few years since the initial diagnosis so we’ll see what changes have happened in that time.  Spinal Stenosis can be a pain- in your back, hips, legs, even your bumalumsky lol

October has arrived- dry and sunny and quite warm at the moment…..although I do believe the weather gods have plans to change that.  I changed some of the bedding, removing the ‘spare’ queen size quilt that is used for really cold nights;  since we came back it’s been sitting on the chair looking very forlorn so today I thought a bit of sunshine to air it off would be good and then pack it away for ‘hopefully’ a very long time!

There once was a time when I’d bound down the back steps to hang it over the big line in the back garden but today I got The Golfer to drape it over the little whirligig on the deck.  It was an easy option to get him to do it before he tootled off to the city – I’ll be able to bring it in later without getting tangled up in the line – sure as fate if it was on the big one I’d end up with it over my head as I tried to dislodge it, then fall flat on my face trying to get up the steps!

October means birthdays – mine and The Golfers.  It also means a frantic look through the gift cards in the cupboard to see if any expire this month!

There was a time when businesses would acknowledge customers on their  birthday- you’d get cards in the post, discounts on lots of services, I remember (many many years ago) one of my hairdressers gave a free shampoo and set.  Mine just texts a Happy Birthday greeting now.  One place The Golfer does get a gift from is the club…..at one time it was a free meal and drink for himself (plus a tiddly little birthday cake) and similar value meal for a guest.Not these days now – just a monetry voucher.

I received a little ‘card’ from the optician the other day.  Oh that’s great, I thought until I turned it over.  Always a catch isn’t there.  Spend $400 to get $100 off – yes 25% – there was a time when I would have jumped at the offer but no good to me now, my days of dressing to impress are long gone lol

Oh dear, look at the time  – it’s nearly 2 o’clock – I spent some time fiddling about on here this morning changing my theme again.  Hopefully I’ll settle on this one even if I can’t get the photos to enlarge if they’re ‘clicked on’

Bye for now.


It’s not all lying around in the sun you know…

That’s what I told an acquaintance (a friend of a friend) the other day…..after she said, “I’d get bored stiff sitting about in the sun all day”

Well I said….’I only visit my special little bay, maybe three mornings a week, for about two hours. Arrive about 9.15am, pack up and leave about 11am…..back to the cabin just in time for coffee with The Golfer when he finished his morning round’

You see, you can take a book along and read on the beach or close your eyes and enjoy the fresh sea air BUT you can’t (or at least I can’t) do any Winter Knitting!  Never mind not wanting sand in your sarnies…..sand in your sweaters is just not on lol

I decided to concentrate on small woollies this year (newborn- 6months), took just two of my basic patterns with me, some white, some solids plus a lot of small balls of this and that…..and came up with 10 little baby cardigans.

Three with crossover fronts – an easy fit for newborns.

Crisp yellow or blue stripes old size 18” (3-6 months) in a timeless medium button style.

Same size but with not enough of the green, pink or grey to make a complete garment, after a little bit of thinking, a bit of visualising, I ended up with two of what I call – half & halves.

Same size again, using the same stitch count, here are three solids made to look a bit different by adding a rib pattern on a couple and a few purl  rows on the ‘right’ side of another.

I spent yesterday finishing off, sewing on buttons, checking I’d actually sewn all the seams and generally making them ready to hand over to the charity.

What’s next for my needles?  Thinking…..Thinking  lol.

I have a lot of wool still to use up and a few ideas in mind.   Maybe something a bit larger….possibly for 2yr olds??

Box of chocolates time…

Thank you all for you comments on my post last Wednesday, I was going to follow up on the state of the garden by whingeing about creeping oxalis and how rampant it had become while I was away – it seems to have taken over and made itself quite at home in every spare patch of ground.

But then a couple of things happened to take my mind off such a mundane event.

The sudden death of a good friend a couple of days ago (Thursday) plus another friend being hospitalised with a stroke….both on the same day…has really knocked me for six.

So as I said – the chocolate box quote says it all.

“Life is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re going to get”

In again, begin again….

Recently a much needed about turn in attitude was called for…..accept what you can’t change and make what you can of what you’ve got.

‘Right’ is where I’d rather be but honestly ‘Left’ is becoming more ‘right’ these days so it’s almost like being back at the beginning again 😊

And talking of beginning again…..we’re home from sunning it up north….. like Michael Finnegan I’m here to begin again.  Complete with new attitude!!

Now going by the calendar Spring is supposed to be here but going by the recent overnight temperatures there seems to be an awful lot of Winter left…..however the days are getting warmer so I’m going to make the most of them.

I’m not sure what happened in our garden while we were away…..there’s so much damage to some of the plants and bushes it looks like a horde of elephants dropped in and had a party…..which means book reading is on hold (well, for the time being) and the secateurs will be at the ready.  It was so cold and wet before we left, apart from trimming the roses I left everything else to their own devices…….no whingeing , no moaning, no reason to, it’s not cold nor wet, the time to tame has finally arrived!!


Terrible Internet here – drops out….at the drop of a hat!  We’ve been here a week tomorrow…..slowly settling in for the long haul !

People ask me every year – Why drive four days?

So the Golfer can play here

So I can play here

But mainly- So we can enjoy a little winter warmth 😎

See you next week….I hope 😊

You had one job….

It wasn’t the best start to the day!

I’d finished my one planned ‘job’ for the day …..to have a bit of a freezer clear out.   Oh look, four slices of fruit loaf left – just the thing for elevenses.  At 10.30! 😊

One last job – make coffee and fruit loaf for The Golfer and me.  Then we were off out for the day.

Being the polite dutiful wife person that I am…..I served him first – then popped the other two slices in the toaster….minus one corner that had somehow broken off in the freezer.

Result – burnt! And no more left to make me another serving 😥

How on earth could I manage that after all the times/years I’ve used this toaster and never burnt anything before?

Well I’m having the last laugh because I’ve relegated the little so and so back into the cupboard where he…..yes definitely a ‘he’ ….can wait ’til we return and put him to work again.  In a few weeks time!

Cool clear waters….

Cool it may be outside, the skies might have been clear for the past couple of days but we’re expecting lots of churning waters in the next 24hrs.  Still Waters they won’t be

Little things are sent to try us…..another of my mother’s sayings.

Like prices rising a dollar or two…not a lot yet when the total sale is recorded turns out to be more than a lot.

Like nipping into the local supermarket – in jeans runners and windcheater, hair pinned back, bare face – only to ‘bump into’ the only person you know who ‘dresses’ for grocery shopping.

Like illness striking at the most annoying time.  Still waiting for improvement to see if The Golfer is able to drive at the end of the week.  He golfed yesterday, declaring his leg felt much better……maybe…possibly…,we’ll get off on time.

Like trying to roll over on those new sheets…….after a couple of washes they are definitely much softer yet as The Golfer says….it’s like trying to roll over Velcro.

Heres the blurb from the manufacturer’s website:-

For dreamy slumber made cosy and warm, opt for the brushed polyester feel of the Plain Thermal Flannelette Sheet Set from XXXX

Pure polyester in a microfibre finish for warmth and comfort
One side is brushed in a flannelette surface for a classically fluffy texture and plush feel
Easy care fabric is wrinkle resistant for lasting good looks
Generous wall on the fitted sheet so making the bed is a breeze and the sheet stays secured to the mattress throughout the night
Ideal for adding an extra layer of warmth to your bed in winter — so cosy and comfortable you’ll never want to leave the bed
Plain dye for an effortlessly stylish palette to complement your bed linens for years to come
All XXXX products comply with international ethical standards and undergo quality assurance tests to ensure your peace of mind

They were more likeable 2nd time on the bed and they did have a comfy warm feeling to them but obviously ‘Thermal Flanelette’  wasn’t what I thought it was.  Hopefully the warmer weather will have arrived when we get back in September so they can live at the back of the linen cupboard waiting for those really cold weeks in winter.  Next winter that is 😎

Winter days…

Here we are into July already…..one month of winter gone….we’ve had wintery weather to go with it too…..wet days and dry days…..cold grey days when you wish you didn’t have to get out of bed.  Days when you are thankful for being retired and not ‘having’ to be responsible…..for anything or even anyone.  Nights with strong winds and teeming rain.

Then days when it’s been dry enough to do a little bit of  tidying up in the garden – a garden sorely neglected over this past summer.  This past week we had sunny days, days comfortable enough to not have the heating on – sunny and comfortable enough to gather up the energy to give the roses their annual haircut.

I can’t help but feel a little lighter in mind and spirit when I notice signs of life out there.  Things that – unlike me – rise to the occasion during these cold months.

Blurry photos of early Jonquils- Narcissi- Winter Iris…blowing in the wind. Taken a couple of days ago.
They don’t seem to ‘see’ the weedy grasses that shouldn’t be where they are or the old fallen leaves on the ground around them…….or even my old enemy, the bulbous Oxalis that spreads across every open spot it can find.

Of course it’s early days still – winter stays around much longer.  Spring doesn’t arrive here until September!

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? 

Ode to the West Wind – Percy Bysshe Shelley

I thought they’d be soft and cuddly….

I’m hoping not but I’m wondering if a recent purchase may not turn out to be the bargain I thought it would.

The change to really cold nights had us feeling a bit jaded in bed, it’s been comfortably warm but not cosy …..something needed to be done about it.  I suppose as we get older and things don’t work so well we must accept a helping hand to get the desired effect.  So after seeing a product on special last week I popped into the shop hoping it would solve our problem..

Eager to please I set to straight away and sorted things out ready for the first trial run – trouble was it fell short of our expectations and left us feeling rather uncomfortable.

Now I knew there was a difference (as described) between brushed cotton and flannelette ……one side being treated as opposed to two…….but didn’t realise how different it would feel.  What I bought didn’t have that soft cosy feel I remembered from years ago – of course manufacturers have changed, even though the raw product is the same the end result often isn’t.

So I must say our first foray into brushed cotton sheets…….as opposed to flannelette ………has not been as warming as I hoped it would.

Yes, they were washed before use but felt very firm and almost ‘cool’ to touch.  I know I’m being picky when I say there was no give in them  I like my sheets to mould themselves round my body, these didn’t.  They just sort of laid flat over us, the more I tried to gather them round me the more they resisted And it was a riot trying to turn over…..the brushed fabric didn’t allow you to move, our nightclothes kept ‘sticking’ to the sheets so we had to sit up and make a physical effort to turn to the other side.

All I can say about the pillow cases is that they crackled……sounds silly but that’s the only way I could describe the noise I heard as I lay there trying to get to sleep. I’ve never ever noticed any rustling noises in or around my pillows …….’cept for this past week , each time I moved my head there it was again……of course it didn’t bother The Golfer (he’d sleep….and snore through anything) so in the end one night I got up and changed the slips to some of my nice soft well worn (quiet) cotton ones.

We gave them a good trial run, it’s back to our usual ones this evening- here’s hoping for a good nights sleep.  They might go back on again next week but if not I’m sure my soft and cuddly need will be met by my bedmate- if not I’ll nip down to Spotlight for some ‘proper’  flannelette sheets 😊😊



Treats:- Items that give great pleasure.

The trouble with letting some people loose in warehouse type shopping venues is that they take leave of their senses.

I’m not talking about anyone in particular…..ahem….. but a certain person feels that because he is presented with and then eats proper meals most of the time he is also entitled to let his hair down some of the time.  That’s great in theory but can be hard in practice because his some of the time often morphs into a lot of the time.  He’d happily live on sausage, bacon, eggs, & beans with fried bread on the side or sausage mash and beans or even beans on toast if someone ( that’d be me) wasn’t around to remind him of ‘Dr’s orders’  Losing weight plus lowering cholesterol levels don’t come that easily.

I’m not always a miserable grouch providing him with ‘healthy’ food – I also like the occasional comfort food meal as well as sweet (or even savoury) treats myself.  However I draw the line over some things because I’m not known for my self control – if it’s there and I can see and easily reach it there’s a good chance it’ll end up…..well we all know where it’ll end up 😊

Now as a little aside, it may be because we’re getting older and as oldies are known  to do, we occasionally talk about past treats……..things that reminds us both of our childhood……like toffee.  Not the hard, crack your teeth block type, that you break up with a tiny hammer but the soft chewy, cling to your teeth, individually wrapped in shiny paper ones.

Fast forward to a recent shopping expedition to Costco.   Not for our weekly shop items, more for goods of equal taste and quality to what we would buy elsewhere yet slightly better priced because of the size/quantity available.

It’s not exactly a treat making my way round various aisles, list clutched firmly in hand,  because without it I’m inclined to think …..oh that looks interesting, maybe we’ll try that…and then feel rather uncomfortable trying to deal with sticker shock and till roll panic when the grand total pops up.

It’s certainly not a treat when I’m desperately trying to control a trolley that always seems to be twice my height and girth while The Golfer wanders about ‘just looking’ sort of like a hunter gatherer,  returning with bits of this that and the other, things that are definitely not on my trusty list.  Some people might like them but seaweed chips are not exactly what I had in mind for a weekend snack while watching the footy 😊

Lots of his ‘gatherings’ are returned to the shelves – which is good in a way, because then I don’t need to go to the gym……as twice round the enormous barn like place is plenty of exercise for one day – however I did smile when he suggested we walk to the tills down a certain aisle.  Look what he wanted to buy….. a big 1.25kg container of sugar toffees. That’s over 2.5lbs for those in other lands!

Walkers nonsuch is not a brand I’m familiar with –  but how could I say no to his treat when he pointed out the little label on the side.  Gotta love a man who loves to share    😊😊


How low can we go??

To begin with I thought 4 would be the lucky number but if the fluctuating forecast is correct that might not be so!

Wednesday 19th – morning and afternoon

Thursday 20th – morning and afternoon

I wonder what will actually happen today – it’s the 21st, often our shortest day.  Sunrise will be at 7.35am – sunset at 5.07pm

Which will give us 9hrs and 32 mins of daylight!

Dry daylight would be nice for a change 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 This year June Solstice (Winter Solstice) is on Saturday, 22 June 2019 at 1:54 am in Melbourne. In terms of daylight, this day is 5 hours, 15 minutes shorter than on December Solstice. In locations south of Equator, the shortest day of the year is around this date.  

There’s a great website where you can find lots of stuff like that  timeanddate.com. It has lots of little titbits about all sorts of things.  Not just for here in Australia but worldwide.  For example – did you know there are three sorts of twilight?  Civil – Nautical – and Astronomical ?

I’m off now to enjoy the thrill of supermarket shopping – while it’s not raining – and where I hope they have the heating on 🙂

What day did the sun shine?

On Sunday of course ☀️😎

Gloriously sunny…see there are shadows – and dry also.  After all the rain we had it was enough to tempt us to get out and head for the hills; so along with a few other Sunday drivers (not as many as we thought considering how dry and sunny it was) up the Maroondah Highway we went. 

Making our way along the valley, the Yarra Valley, past paddocks with a few cattle, then on to stretches where more and more of the the roadside is lined with wineries. So many rises in the land are covered in vines….

….picking is finished and some of the vines appeared to be about to shed their leaves

……while they’re still hanging on for grim death on some other varieties 

Here we are….about 20 minutes from home …at a small town called Healesville.

Located just under an hour from Melbourne and right in the centre of the Yarra Valley food and wine district, Healesville is also home to some of the region’s most talented artists. Visit some of the town’s galleries and studios, or partake in a leisurely lunch at one of the al fresco cafes and popular pubs. 


We weren’t here to eat or drink today – there was an exhibition on that I wanted to see at The Memo.  A free one at that 😊

It was an exhibition by the cartoonist ( satirist, social/political commentator) Michael Leunig   Born and raised in Melbourne – usually just known as Leunig – declared ( believe it or not) a national treasure in 1999!

The exhibits…..many more than I photographed…..were named…(on a flyer which I’ve misplaced) …..which made sense when looking at some trying to work out ‘the meaning of it all’…..all bar one for sale…..pricey…..yet I did see a few red stickers.

Click on the small gallery to see the weird and wonderful world of Leunig.