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Thoughts from the pathway

Funny what you think about while walking along the street

A few years ago my doctor said I was overweight, I remember that visit quite clearly and for some reason when I was out walking the other day it popped back into my mind.

I wondered how people saw me at that time – was I chubby, plump or did I actually look fat?   I know I certainly didn’t want to look like those descriptions and was most put out when he actually said that with a height of 157cms/ 5ft 2ins weighing 74kgs/163lbs (over 11 stone) was not a good look.

His reasons for concern were raised BP and the hip pain I had complained about.  At that time it was my hip that bothered me more than my back.  With the loss of some of the kilos the hip pain vanished which was a good thing because at one stage I found it difficult to walk up any stairs and much to my annoyance had to use lifts or escalators to get around large shopping centres, multi-story buildings and car parks.

Of course when the back started to play up a couple of years later and exercise was the last thing on my mind one or two….or even more….kilos went back on again but now, knowing the cause of the back pain (spinal stenosis) and how it can fluctuate from day to day (meaning come and go but never go away permanently ) we are constantly working on forms of exercise

Anyway as I slowly sauntered my way back from the park I went on to think about ‘What DO I want to look like’ and ‘How would I like others to see me’.  I knew I didn’t want to be ‘skinny’ or ‘thin’ as that is not a good look especially on an on older person.

Though I have to admit, I don’t actually admit to being 78 very often, I have no idea what a 78yr old is supposed to feel or do so I just live my life the same as before ‘cept that at the moment there is a bit more emphasis on food and exercise.

Anyway back to body shape, my body shape.

I think I would like to look trim (sort of slim with shape) – trim seems to imply toned, in good condition, and that’s what I’d like to be.

Having a shaped body would be great – someone once described my shape as like an H – same at the top and bottom with not much of a waist so dresses with belts are out lol.

Yes, having a shaped body would be great and if there are no fatty bits flopping around it would be even better 🙂

Maybe toned would be a good thing, and I can achieve that by continuing with visits to the gym using the equipment and hand weights as well as walking for the fun of it…..oh and the back strengthening exercises as well

Half hour exercise a day and all that lol

I have just one recurring thought though….will I be satisfied when I am back down to the suggested goal weight or will I be greedy and want more?   Knowing how hard it has been to get this far how will I manage to achieve that – will it be feasible or will my mind say ‘Forget it?’

Time will tell I suppose – we’ll cross that path when we get there 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s early Monday morning – the bin men will be round soon – circumstances have changed, the dreaded UK strain has reared its head and Victoria is back in lockdown AGAIN – for a very short 5day circuit breaker time.
Restrictions include…. Masks on inside and out ‘cept your own home, no visitors to home, 4 reasons only to leave home, 5 km radius from home zone, outdoor exercise with household or one other person only 2hr limit, no gym (or golf) so the bands and weights used last year have been getting some use on the back deck….work from home if you can which means the Australian Open can continue because professional tennis is a means of employment but without spectators because entertainment has been cancelled!

Time for breakfast then ponder how to fill the day. At home – Healthily
Such exciting times 😊
How do you manage to make your days interesting – exciting even – when restricted?

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So what am I going to do….

It was a beautiful sunny day last Friday so B and I had coffee outside a local cafe and ‘caught up’ with things we hadn’t spoken about on the phone. It always amazes me that we can talk on the phone quite frequently and still find things to discuss in person 😊

‘So what am I going to do’ I asked her.
‘It’s been a b*gger of a week’ I said!
Just one of those weeks when it seemed as though the whole world was out to get me……one tiny piece at a time.

The internet has been playing up – it’s been so slow it’s obviously playing somewhere but definitely not in our house. The ISP says they don’t know what the problem is, maybe changing to the NBN might help except The Golfer is still holding out on that one.

The ironing board wouldn’t stay up so I had to resort to doing a few necessary bits Mother in Law style on the kitchen bench.
The Golfers mother always ironed on the table – using a thick blanket, the sheets she’d laundered that week with a very large piece of towelling on the top. Back then she ironed everything – including my F in Laws white cotton Y fronts!

We couldn’t remember the last time we’d had so much summer rain – the promised La Niña has been making itself known with flooding in states north of Victoria….the rivers are certainly running up there. In Melbourne we’ve had lots of wet days – some very humid – along with some rather nice ones (hot even) but not enough to say it’s the way summer usually is. The BOM is suggesting it’s reached its peak but it’s still going to be wet for the rest of the season over here in the east of Australia. With nearly 6 weeks of summer gone I suppose all we can hope for is a lovely sunny dry Autumn come March.

And that’s the reason for the white fly I discovered on one of the Fuchsias ☹️
As I’m not a pesticide user it means treating with diluted dishwashing liquid.
Which meant another trip to the big green barn for a new spray bottle.

And then there was the embarrassment (annoyance more like) of discovering after sewing two ‘side seams’ I’d actually sewn a sleeve to the back of a little cardigan…..something I don’t ever remember doing before. I did wonder why there were more rows of green above the last white stripe but thought …..maybe I’d miscounted the rows and knit a couple more than needed. Rustle around in the bag for the next piece and out popped the front and not the expected sleeve. Grrr!

‘Come on B help me out here’ was my plea.
‘My usual relaxation isn’t working……the lie down, tense and release each part of the body, quieten the mind and then breathe one. The one from old yoga days. I need something else.’

I’ll have to admit I have never practiced meditation but B has suggested something called ‘loving kindness meditation’. She ‘thinks’ a lot of my irritability/stress is to do with my sister’s illness and basically by quietly sending/reinforcing loving thoughts to her and myself things should in time get better.

And now here…as I’m enjoying an early cup of tea…..is where I have a question for you.
Have any of you had experience with this practice?
is it as simple a process as she suggested or is it difficult to accomplish?
I can see lots of reading and y/tube watching coming up as I consider it but look, any recommendations from you are welcome. Help me out readers please

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The New Year cometh….

And with it those ‘will I/won’t I……shall I/shan’t I’ thoughts.
Those yearly thoughts about…..resolutions- goals – intentions- aims – pledges.
That have on occasion been known to invade some people’s minds
Mine included !

I have none of those or even A Word of the Year chosen for this coming year.
At the moment I’m hoping the encouraging phrases above will continue to guide me.

I’ve been a fan of the much maligned LLL for a long time using it as the blog’s Tagline
And what could be more simple than two little reminders of trips to far away places

Roly Poly Santa from Ketchikan Alaska – Long legged Santa from Calgary Canada

Or breakfasts eaten in the early morning sunshine

Right this very minute I’m going to have to work on staying positive ……. My sister was sedated and intubated the other day to assist her recovery.

Oh and I do enjoy every comment that’s made and hope you are patient with me – I’m planning to reply to them this coming year. New ones that is. Trouble is sometimes I think too long before I speak and then the moment has gone😊

It’s all go go go

So, we had months and months of ‘nothing’……go nowhere – see nobody. Time enough for some to realise they really needed people in their lives…..time for others to realise this was how they liked it. Peaceful quiet homebodies who would venture out occasionally and as long as their basic needs (food home health) were covered were content to work with how things were.

I suppose we are lucky here in Victoria ….and other parts of Australia…..in that (apart from returning from overseas Australians who must do a mandatory 14 days) our long months of quarantine/restrictions are nearly over and our lives are slowly moving towards what is being called a COVIDsafe Summer.

We are definitely not back to where we were,…..45 days of no community transmission does not mean ‘it’s been beaten’, ….memories of 20,000 Victorian cases (700 a day at one point) plus over 800 Victorian deaths are still strong……we’re still ‘ruled’ by a combination of numbers and space/distance – there are some circumstances where The Mask is still required – but on the whole we can smile at others with uncovered faces 😎….

All that has meant that pubs, cafes and restaurants are doing a roaring trade again…..well those who have managed to survive financially or who are willing to try and trade out of their financial woes.
Also subject to new guidelines, leisure centres (gym and pools) have reopened – so more and more ‘retired oldies’ are braving the new world, exercising and meeting up with friends…..and most are enjoying it.

I now realise that because of a ‘we must get together’ need others had, after 2 (large, 12 people) lunches, 1 (small 6 person) coffee gathering, 1 book club meet plus 2 gym sessions in the last two and a half weeks I’m ‘peopled out’….
I’ve seen and been seen, compared experiences, reassured other’s we’re ok…
Selfishly, now, after such a short time, I want my quiet back…..

There are new things to do – books to read – maybe, just maybe places to go.
I’m working on some small waistcoats……similar to these HERE
Adding a band of fair isle means (just as before) I need quiet uninterrupted time.
plus pen paper and charts 😊

March 2012
March 2012
March 2012

So what’s on my mind this Monday afternoon?
I know I had a couple of episodes during this time when everything just ‘got to me’.
It’s been hard to put my finger on the cause – I’m confident living a quiet life wasn’t it.
Rightly or wrongly I’m putting it down to the uncertainty of the way things were.

Maybe this ‘new normal’ life’ we’re being offered needs to be filled with a mix of fast/slow – quiet/‘noisy’ days ….just like it was before!

How about you……do you have any ideas on how you will approach your ‘new life’.
When you get the chance that is 😊

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I’ve made it….

A gentle cuddle from The Golfer
a little ear nuzzle along with the whispered words….
‘I see you’re knitting again – you must be feeling better’
made me stop….think….realise….
Yes, I do feel much better.

I slowed down completely trying to clear my mind, doing recommended exercises, willing my back and legs to cooperate, I actually cooked again, read (a little), finally…. I hope….sorted the blog commenting situation, got my hands dirty out in the fresh air, and yes I began to knit again.

Using/ Adding a design on one pattern to another plain one used to be so simple. I wanted to ‘add’ the design (knit/purl stitches and pocket) from the little girl picture onto the stitch count of the pink one….now I’ve added pockets so often over the years I could do it in my sleep….not this time though.

It took a couple of hours with pen and paper working on stitch numbers, row numbers, buttonhole placements, reminding myself the pocket goes on the back and isn’t stitched onto the front…..all the time chiding myself , muttering away to myself under my breath.

Feeling much more comfortable (and confident) once the stitches were on the the needles and more rows were being knit……especially when the little pocket piece dropped into place quite easily. Honestly I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I felt so challenged earlier on.
The next step now is to get cracking and make the effort to finish it before it gets too warm to knit.

I realise some things need to give/go/alter/change before I’m 100%.

Blog reading has fallen by the wayside, I realise we’re all allowed our own opinions but I deleted a few overseas (USA & UK) based ones who had become ‘hard reading’; their problems and feelings of self entitlement irregardless of what others felt and was legally allowed in their virus affected communities were getting on my nerves and…daft as it sounds…..I was beginning to make nasty comments out loud as I was reading their posts. Certainly don’t need to be doing that!

More healing took place a week ago when I placed a note on my visual diary above the stove top…..a reminder that after many months of restrictions, life was slowly beginning again in the suburbs of Melbourne.

We had a little outside gathering last Thursday……6 people ready to share reading (and life) experiences since we last saw each other in March – 8 months ago. I’m so glad I made it back in time 😊

And even though the ‘blogger’ commenting problem seems to be fixed I’ve been loathe to use it, have just ‘watched’ a few from the sidelines, not wanting to be involved at the moment. Mind you, seeing all the comments on my last very short post has made me realise there are many out there who care so possibly I’ll make it back here sooner rather than later.

I was surprised when I realised how much time has passed since I was last here
I felt a bit distressed that day – I hope I don’t feel that way again for a very long time. My first cup of tea has been enjoyed so now it’s on to my second along with breakfast. Summer supposedly has arrived….the problem is she keeps nicking off without so much of a bye or leave….it would be nice if she stayed around a bit longer!

Oh, I forgot to ask how you all are – what have you been up to while I’ve been away?
Not getting down in the dumps I hope 😊

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But is it good for you….

Peanut Butter V Almond Butter

That is the question

Our big girl uses Almond Butter. From the amount she buys I imagine she uses it for and on everything. I thought it was similar to Peanut Butter which I enjoy now and again but use sparingly…..certainly not for cooking (except maybe in a very rare satay sauce)

But she dares to differ…..it’s healthier she said…..it’s good for you.

So having a quick peek at the nutritional table on a couple of jars…..aka as taking a quick snap of them in Costco this is what I found (I’m not naming the brands but I’ll just say they weren’t the most expensive.

Almond Butter.
Per 100gms
Peanut Butter.
Per 100gms
Calories 650 MoreLessCalories 612
Protein 19gmLessMoreProtein 22.3gm
Fat total 54gmMore LessFat total 492gm
– Saturated 4.5gmLessMore– Saturated 6.9gm
Carbohydrate 22 gmMoreLessCarbohydrate 17.8gm
– Sugars 3 gmLessMore– Sugars 8.9gm
Sodium 0LessMoreSodium 274
Comparison per 100gms

As far as I can see the jury is out on this one. It depends on health issues I suppose
I like the taste of PB more so that is my guiding factor.
I only use a little on toast now and again

What do you think? Which would you choose?

Lucky me…

Look what I discovered in my inbox last week.

Talk about greedy – he wants 40% plus another 10%.
Who would you report this scam to because I bet someone will be taken in


Dear Friend, 
I am a financial consultant in the UK I am contacting you in
respect of my late client fund £12.7M British Pounds Sterling deposited with
a bank here in London which is about to be confiscated by the Government
after many years unclaimed I decided to contact you because you bear’s the
same last name with him. Kindly indicate your interest by sending me your:
Full name:  Age: Marital status:  Postal address: Job: phone number:  You
will be entitled to 50 % ,  40 % for me and 10 % to defray all cost
Yours Sincerely

Go an extra mile for a lot longer….

Thanks to case numbers dropping substantially here in Victoria the overnight curfew was lifted last week but we were eager to hear what other changes were going to be made……what else from our stage 4 restrictions was to be eased.

We anticipated ‘going an extra mile for a lot longer’ was going to be one of them and last Sunday discovered we weren’t wrong!

One of the changes was that we (in metropolitan Melbourne) now have an extra 20km to move about in …..the previous 5km from home radius has been extended and is now out to 25km…an awful lot further than before
We’re are also allowed out for as long as we like…..no two hour limit for shopping or exercise.

Much to the annoyance of some members of the community mask wearing and social distancing guidelines have not changed.

Anyway amongst the list of changes these….selfishly….are our favourites:-

The Golfer is happy because….yes, he discovered golf is now off the restricted list.

My back and my feet are happy because my podiatrist and chiropractor (allied health providers) can resume ‘routine face to face’ care and not be restricted to treating on a ‘needs/pain’ basis.

And ‘oh happy day’ they have allowed hairdressers (and barbers) to reopen😊

Unfortunately we still can’t sit down inside a cafe to drink a cup of coffee…..but, hey, we can’t win ‘em all. More discoveries aka changes are coming on November 1st…..fingers crossed that one will turn up then

Ups and Downs…..

A little trip to the doctor a few months ago had me thinking
about the ups and downs in life
‘Alternating periods of good and bad’

It seems to me that for every up side I have
theres always a down side 

I love to travel 
and living in Australia the easiest way 
for us to get to any other country is to fly
There is just one thing – I don’t like flying
So the less of the ups and downs 
(taking off and landing – stops for refueling etc) 
I have when traveling the better
When we arrange our itineraries we have to choose routes  
that have as many direct flights as we can get
I have to get there as quickly as I can 

Weight loss for me has caused many ups and downs
First of all, having the GP mention a figure to aim for 
sent me spiralling down
Even tho’ I was healthy and fit
it  didn’t mean a thing as far as he was concerned
So down it had to come

Same with the blood pressure.
Too high – way up in the air he waved his hands
needs to come down
This is the figure

I’m sure the figures he’s used over the years masquerade as a yo yo
I can’t count the times they’ve gone down 
and then the times they’ve gone way back up again
There’s been plans made lots of effort put in
But like travelling I need a direct route.
when I don’t get there quickly enough
I am down again
(mentally emotionally that is) 

So I‘ve had to pick myself up and work at it again
It’s been hard – lots of excuses made
I wanted it to happen ‘just like that’.
But the figures didn’t come down ‘just like that’.
They stayed up and I felt very down

My exercise routine and the better healthy lifestyle is working now 
theres not been so many emotional downs recently 
A recent trip to the doctor told me
Thankfully one set of figures has come down
the upper and lower figures are fine
Unfortunately the other figure I had to work on has not come down
as much as wanted

I’m not bemoaning the fact I don’t like something
like recording the facts and figures of food and exercise as suggested
just trying to do it the way I enjoy doing it
So there’s a lot less up and a bit more down.

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I was thinking…..

I was thinking early this morning.
As I sat outside on the back deck enjoying the warmish air
Give me a chair….a book….and some sunshine.
And I’m as happy as Larry

It really doesn’t matter where I am
Give me those three things
And the rest of the world …..along with all it’s problems
are far from my thoughts

Early morning Rose Bay Qld August 2019

What/Where are your ‘happy’ spots?

And just like that…

Someone I spoke to up at the shops yesterday was complaining she’d been robbed. That the virus had taken her life from her. She’d started this year with high hopes of all sorts of things and they just haven’t happened. It had aged her, she had nothing to look forward to!

I think we’ve all – at least here in Victoria- been knocked for six with the news that this Stage 4 hard lockdown won’t be finishing at the end of this week. Two more weeks were added…..but some restrictions have been eased. And after that there’s a sliding scale of easements…….depending on different factors. Lowering of new cases for one.


Not enough for my acquaintance- what use is two hours exercise when I can hardly breathe for one wearing a mask? And taking an hour off the curfew, giving us an extra hour of ‘allowed time’ is no use, I won’t be going anywhere at night. I want to go to the other side of the city and that’s not allowed either. That 5km ruling is still there……. I wish this was all over and done with so I can do all the things I want to do

Oh yes, for some it’s going to be a hard road back to where we came from. I’m not happy about the way things have panned out but it’s not going to finish ‘just like that’. Kylie (eclectica) mentioned people ‘wishing it was over’ in her post road tripping My mother’s words on wishing came to mind…

There’s no point in wishing your life away…..get out there and live it. Warts and all!

Another of life’s little pleasures…..

I had an old friend who used to comment about feeling old because she had checked her calendar to see when her next visit to the podiatrist was. ‘Only old people do that’ she said.

She was the dear friend who died suddenly last year ….I laugh now when I recall it because often I have the same thing on my mind – not the getting old part – but the visiting the podiatrist bit.

A few years ago I wrote a post about life’s little pleasures ….– https://cranethie.wordpress.com/2013/08/06/one-of-lifes-little-pleasures/ – ……as well as having a bath , I must confess, strange as it may seem, visiting the podiatrist is also one of my favourite pleasures.

At the moment with it being winter I shuffle around indoors in socks and knitted slippers but during the summer I go barefoot most of the time (or wear thongs/flip flops) Of course this means I do untold damage to the soles of my feet.

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never had ‘nice’ feet; a few years ago during my time of wearing ‘mandatory closed toe shoes’ I began to get corns between my toes….. I know, TMI….changing shoes didn’t seem to help so thats when my visits to the Podiatrist (or Chiropodist as they used to be called) began. Now I have regular appointments and actually look forward to them

We begin with a little chat and the initial examination of my feet, then out comes the cleaning swabs as well as all the tools of the trade and we are away and running…..well not literally – not far off a gentle stroll 😊

Toenails are trimmed because like lots of oldies I find it hard to reach down there; little toes don’t bend these days or come apart far enough for me to manouver the clippers and my toe nails are becoming so thick I can’t even clip the ones I can get to!

After a check on the corns ……which are now under control but do tend to regrow due the shape of a bone on the opposite side …….  it’s then time to attack the dead skin on the heels and balls of my feet.

That’s when the little electric sanding tool appears – well that’s what it reminds me of – my foot man Bill starts it up after most of that skin has been shredded off with a teeny tiny scalpel and gently smoothes out all the rough edges. After creaming heels soles and toenails they all feel as smooth as a babies bum.

Then it’s massage time – ooh that feels good – and once he’s finished I leave with a smile on my face because there’s nothing like walking from his rooms with nicely creamed soft feet. Amost like walking on air.
Gosh, thinking about is putting a smile on my face – wonder when my next visit is?? 

Unfortunately not just yet – the clinic is closed. This dreaded virus has put paid to that outing for the time being. Thankfully I’m not going out that often to wear closed in shoes so the little horrors aren’t giving me grief…..as long as I remember to pop the little gel pad between the toes

Do you have any of life’s little pleasures you’re willing to share ?
I’d love to hear about them – please 🙂

It’s Wednesday

Yes it’s Wednesday again, the first Wednesday in a new month,
The first Wednesday in September 2020.
Which means it is the first Wednesday in Spring

A wonderful Wednesday 😊

It also means it’s been a whole month since I last spoke of any knitting I’d done. Truth be told there’s not a lot actually been done. I finished off the teddies and the fingerless mittens and that was it for a couple of weeks. These little crossover cardigans are always welcome for the mothers’ and babies packs so I set to and finished the pink one in a couple of days…..and it shows. I know it was acrylic yarn I’d had for a while but I’m definitely not happy with how it looks. It might look neater after a very light blocking…..that remains to be seen. Hopefully the blue has knit up more evenly.

An ‘old style’ crossover cardigan for newborns very similar to the one my ‘firstborn son’ wore many (many) years ago.

This is the book it came from….just another from my stack of favourite tried and true pattern books. Look at the way the mother has been portrayed….I wonder how many of us sat around in a floating nylon negligee cooing over a baby in a cradle. Some might of…..I was too ‘busy’ trying to catch up on precious sleep or taking advantage of a sleeping baby by pegging washing on the line 😊

And for some reason my reading slowed down.
I’m waiting for a new ‘delivery’ of library books so rummaged through a pile out in the garage discovering an old 1993 Anita Shreve….Where or When....like Rebecca last month its ‘time in the sun’ has arrived lol.
It’s been a very long time since I read her….hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Of course being the first Wednesday of the month means it’s ‘Show and Tell’ time better known as Yarn Along over at Ginny’s. Do pop over to small things to see what others have worked on this past month.

Thank goodness…

Let’s just say it’s been an interesting time since Thursday afternoon…..

  • Thank goodness for scheduling of blog posts…..and that the last couple were pubished on the correct day and at the ‘correct’ time.

It was a lovely day on Thursday, fine dry and sunny. Yes, the ones I like. The wind was blowing so washing was out on the line early…..only it didn’t stop ‘just blowing’ but turned nasty late in the afternoon.

  • Thank goodness I got it all in early or I’d have had a hard job getting it off the line…or blown away doing so

An early dinner was made, lights started flickering, I could see stuff flying down the street, I’d just turned on the gas heater to warm up the lounge room and then there’s this huge bang. Lights out and the spot where the motor is sort of exploded.

  • Thank goodness we weren’t actually close to it. Thank goodness I knew where the candles and holder’s were and more importantly where the big torches were.
  • Thank goodness we have mains gas……meaning we could at least cook, boil water and if need be keep warm by lighting the oven
  • Thank goodness authorities keep in touch via SMS so we were sort of kept up to date regarding estimated ‘turn back on time’

Problem was power is above ground here in my area; a tree (well more than one) had dropped and felled our main line on the road I featured in Sunday’s post.
Nature has a way of showing us who’s the boss and we weren’t the only ones in this predicament. There are only so many linesmen so many SES crews and so many people affected.


  • Thank goodness I didn’t rehome those big jam pans, because they proved really handy for boiling larger quantities of water. I‘d been using a small milk pan for hot drinks plus a larger saucepan to cover the inconvenience of no hot water for dishes so having them when the ‘boil water advisory’ came through meaning all water had to be boiled before use I didn’t have to panic. I can’t imagine how much bottled was bought by people in all electric homes.
  • https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-28/yarra-valley-water-users-told-to-boil-water-after-storms/12605930

Had to negotiate road blocks to get to a son’s home….thankfully stage4 ‘stay away from other houses’ was lifted for those affected and their families. Keeping the freezer door closed meant everything was okay…except for The Golfer’s box of ice creams. There was no way he was going to forfeit a brand new supply of 24 Magnums so he deposited them into son’s freezer and left our mobiles and iPads there being recharged.

  • Thank goodness for having unaffected family close by, and not having to worry about being fined for breaking the restrictions. We played it the right way (he took them down/ I picked them up) no hugs or kisses, we kept our side of the bargain

Fast forward Saturday evening and the crews are gradually making their way down the street.
This is now going to be a very non technical description…….each house has a power line from the cable running along the street, each line has a ‘safety fuse box’ before the live electricity is actually delivered, each ‘fuse’ had blown (not little bits of wire they used years ago but little gadget type things) so they all had to be renewed. The linesman was connecting ours and the meter box sort of went bang, very loudly, with a big bright fizz, enough for the little fella to come out with a few choice words swear very loudly 😊.
After a long wait the main switchboard, main switch, surge diverter and circuit protection were replaced so it was well after 11pm before our electricity supply was connected and the lights are back on again!

Here it is Monday morning and it’s surprising how much better you feel after a long hot bath and a couple of good nights sleep free from worry. All we have to hope now is the weather holds……living in an old house means lots of unexplained cool breezes…..and having no living room heating means I’ll be feeing it ……hopefully when the heater serviceman arrives on Friday (yes we had to wait that long) he’ll have the correct part and we start a claim with Ausnet’s insurance company.

  • But then….Thank goodness we do have an electric heater which we can use in the back bedroom come ‘office’. It’s a small room, there’s a couch in there so I can read or watch the compact tv while The Golfer plays around on his computer……all cosy and warm!

Oh dear I really didn’t mean to write this much to basically tell you …..a huge storm went through…we had no electricity for a couple of days and more….and now it’s back on!
So did anything interesting happen to you last week? 😊

Monday morning….welcome to Sprinter…

Because of a timing factor with medication I take on waking, breakfast comes at least an hour later so most of my days start with a cup of tea or maybe hot water with fresh lemon. However there have been some mornings recently when I’ve craved a cup of coffee, proper coffee, served in real cups just like at one of our (favoured) local coffee shops where it comes with one of their handmade chocolates.

They aren’t open at the moment (stage4 restrictions and all that) ……but if they were and we were having coffee together I’d just say….this says it all! My week in a nutshell!

Welcome to Sprinter….the time when it’s not quite Spring but still Winter.
Spring arrives officially in 8 days time (1 September) but…….

After the school bus went by early in the week we had a glorious day, the cherry plum started to blossom a couple of days later, it was warm enough for no heating during the daytime.

There was time spent outside enjoying the sunshine, warming sunshine, maybe a little cool at times but sunny and dry.

Then it was all change again- more cold air made its way up from Antartica bringing ‘polar blasts’, freezing rain, hail, you name it even snow in the hills. We’ve spent the weekend inside….no walks, no gardening, no reading knitting or even coffee on the back deck.

Remember the Dr’s appointment I had marked on the calendar, a necessary regular renewal one, also one for a little niggling problem that needed discussed. Timed for 10am I rang as they opened at 9 to make sure it was the same procedure as before……arrive at stated time (now with mandatory mask), sanitiser at the door, take a seat in well spaced waiting room, Dr will call you in.

You’d never guess what what I’d done, I’d only marked it on the wrong day. It was for the previous day……all those weeks with nothing else on the page and it was written on the wrong day. Luckily there was a spare one later that day……so I spent the morning reading……you really didn’t think I was going to do housework did you ??
Hopefully the prescribed medication will sort out the reflux, lump in throat feeling plus dry cough I’ve had because simple meals and Mylanta haven’t. If not it’s a gastroscopy for me to see what the problem is…… I suppose a camera down my throat is better than up you know what 😊

Visiting (and commenting) is still a problem – for a while even publishing was a pain. I need a quiet day to sort this problem out……or go back to my previous (very old and unupdateable) iPad which I’m loathe to do. Our desktop is The Golfers domain….I’ll just start to do something and it’s…..are you finished yet? So rather than make waves I’ll plod on as much as I can. Hopefully you’ll see me / hear from me during the week.

Contrary to how miserable I sound all is well in our house…..the day will begin soon……also the rain. Being Monday the big wheely bins get emptied today, lifted off the nature strip by a long extending arm protruding from a huge truck operated by one driver in the nice heated/cooled environment of his cab. Gone are the days of football players running along hauling bins up and emptying them into the back of the truck, training runs in all weathers.

I’m hanging out for my breakfast this morning but never mind that…..for some reason I could kill for a proper coffee, one made by someone else (not in The Golfers wizz bang machine) We do have some other coffee shops close by that were previously allowed to open for takeaway …….I wonder if The Golfer would pop down the street for me. I can always decant from the ghastly cardboard cup into a china mug at home……trouble is it just isn’t the same is it?

Sunday, wet Sunday

So what do you do when you don’t really feel like doing anything on a cool wet Sunday?

You find loads of old programmes to watch on TV of course.

Old as in years old.  Old series from years back.

Shows with names like Salvage Hunters and Wheeler Dealers…..those are The Golfer’s favoured time wasters.

They aren’t just on air on Sunday but each day of the week.  Early morning and then repeated in the afternoon!

Last Sunday even I got high on reruns…..I watched a programme about sheds!  A competition to find the Shed of the Year.  Dated 2015!

I vaguely remembered seeing it before but the craziness of it reeled me in again.  These weren’t just places to store spades and forks, secateurs and lawn mower…..these were works of art…..costing time and money to the owners.

Anyway amongst the entries was the tiniest little ‘thing’ just a little room with space just enough for a chair (and a heater) Called a micro shed – it was actually tagged on the back of a miniature steam train and used as the guards van.

There was a tree house shed, well more like a spacious living room high up in a tree with views of the countryside for miles about.

Then there was the Japanese Tea House shed decked out with oriental furnishings and decorations , set in a Japanese themed landscaped garden

But also included (more for interest sake I think) was my favourite – a hut/shed previously owned and used by the author George Bernard Shaw…… just a standard small compact wooden shed complete with table chair typewriter heater and a bed attached to the wall.  What was special about it was…..something  I’d never known about so was quite fascinated by the fact…..the whole structure was set on a turntable.  So it could be gradually moved to face the sun.    As my grandchildren used say years ago…..how cool is that grandma!  


Parcel pickup with a difference

It was called parcel pickup for years…..you selected something, usually large bulky items,  paid for it, went off and did more shopping, then when you were ready picked it up from a holding bay at the back of the store.  You could of course have it delivered for an exorbitant cost.   Supermarkets used to deliver, you’d shop – pay – then they’d turn up later with all your groceries……online grocery shopping evolved  from that
Click and collect works in a similar way – you choose (except it’s online) you pay and then pick up in person (in some cases they bring to your vehicle)

Have you ever wished someone had shopped and filled your fridge with fresh fruit & veg plus milk and a loaf of bread so you didn’t have to face that job when you arrived home from a trip away. I know I certainly have.    And then there have been times when we’ve landed at Tullamarine and I’ve thought how great it would if someone was waiting there in arrivals with my groceries.   The Golfer laughs and says , wishful thinking never gets you anywhere, just get on and do…..meaning we’ll have fish and chips the day we get home then nip up the shops the next day.

So imagine my surprise last November (2019) when there’s an article on a web site I subscribe to about click and collect at one of the arrival halls at the airport!  Sounds like someone’s been reading my mind. Link below

Pick Up Your Coles Shopping at Melbourne Airport

Of course seeing that, that gave me permission a reason to hunt about online (aka ask Mr Google a few questions) and see if other supermarkets do the same thing.  Well it seems rival Woolworths do  and they began it quite a while ago  This article is dated 2013 – Link below

Woolworths Launches Airport Grocery Collection Service at Tullamarine

Just those two press releases – no other information on how this service works or even if it is still running.  Mind you, at the moment the airport is basically at a standstill……..very little going out….and even less coming in.  I reckon it’ll be years  (one at least) before we fly anywhere ….so it looks like I’m not going to be making that online order for my shopping to be waiting for me on arrival anytime soon!

I love it…

I certainly love it ….and am very grateful…….when the solutions to my problems are found in the most unexpected places.

I think I mentioned I have a new iPad and I’ve had a problem commenting on blogger/blogspot (what is the correct term?) blogs No problem whatsoever with the old one……pain in the a***** with the new one.

Yesterday John (Going Gently) had a similar problem – Rachel (Rachel Phillips) offered a solution.
So I downloaded the suggested Opera browser and Voila problem sorted.  
Thank you Thank you. Thank you

Now I’ve just got to remember to work through that browser and not go automatically to Safari which is the default.