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Welcome to Winter…..

Cold and wet at 7 am when I opened the curtains this morning…….still dark so nothing to be seen except the shiny surfaces of the cars in the early dawn.  An hour later it’s not much better!

Monday , 1 June  – officially the first day of winter 2020 in Australia.

I wonder what is in store for us this year.

Hopefully nothing like this ‘poem/carol'(In the bleak midwinter) remembered from my childhood that’s been going round and round in my mind since I got up.

In the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan;
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.


If the forecast is to go by, today will be cool – the end of the week not so.  But then this is Melbourne so it could be anything!

Whats the year round weather like in Melbourne – this might explain – but 4 seasons in one day is quite often the way it’s described 😎☔️⛱⛈☀️💨

~ ~ ~ ~

Right, I’ve had my morning cuppa tea now it’s on to my porridge. My Monday looks like it’ll be wet…..what’s in store for you??

Just one…..Sunday Selections

So many leaves from so many early winter bulbs yet there is just the one bloom and no more in sight.  There’s not another flower head to be seen so I think their days are numbered!


Not one but two little rainbows ‘beaming hope’ on the way to the park


Just one cocky in the gum tree above me……..he’s one of the lookouts for the gang (mob) of them having a feed in front of me!

(Sulphur-crested Cockatoos work together to protect the flock. While feeding, two cockatoos will keep a lookout for signs of danger from the post of a nearby tree. If danger appears, these cockatoos will screech loudly as a warning. The word ‘cockatoo’ has even become a colloquial term for someone who keeps guard. Source.  

I saw just one Crimson Rosella ‘hiding’ in the tree – they usually fly in pairs so I’ve no idea where his mate was.  And just one small duck hiding in the rushes – no idea where the rest of them were either!

There was just one little one enjoying the swings……. a lovely sight on the first day restrictions regarding playgrounds had been lifted.  It was a sunny but freezing cold morning with few people about so another lovely sight was this one older couple feeling comfortable enough to take a walk in the park

And there is just one view that can’t be missed – the view of The Dandenongs.    Looking a bit scorched in parts just below the tv masts, not from actual ‘bush fires’ but from recent burn offs (controlled burns) that will assist in keeping that part of the hills safe.

It’s been a while I know.😊……..today I’m joining in with Elephants Child and others at Sunday Selections……just one more time!

And I’m back to joining in with Michelle at Nature Notes where you’ll find much to interest you in the big wide world of nature

(click to enlarge photos)

Chippy Chippy definitely not yum yum!

(Keep in mind this a personal point of view – others may think otherwise )

In a word -my word was –  yuck!

They were crunchy like chips/crisps should be – it was the taste that was off.

It was as though they’d been coated in something – like sweetish tasting grease.

I didn’t get past one small mouthful – The Golfer didn’t think they were too bad

Strange man – strange tast buds

 He’s been known to put Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam on the same piece of bread


I gladly gave him my share……as well as what was left in the bag



Only an Aussie…..

Look what The Golfer came home with after foraging about at SPC in Bayswater .

Only an Aussie (and maybe a Kiwi or two) would be amused/bewildered by the thought of Lamington Chips.

A few years ago he came home with these.

 Meat Pie and Sauce chips!

They seemed to go down well with most Aussies who ate them.

Do you know where, when and by whom the first chip (crisp) was produced?
I had no idea, so asked ‘Mr G’
Lots of good reading here for those who are curious about this fact.

This site – http://inventors.about.com/od/foodrelatedinventions/a/potato_chips.htm – told me that George Crum invented potato chips in 1853 plus other interesting things.

Native American George Crum was a chef at a Saratoga Springs, New York, resort, when customer Cornelius Vanderbilt complained that his french fries were too thick. George Crum fried up a serving of paper thin potatoes cooked to a crunchy crisp texture – the first potato chips. The dish dubbed “Saratoga Chips” became a favorite.

If you look at Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potato_chip – they also had information on chips/crisps and as well as naming Mr Crum, also came up with the names of other ‘inventors’

A potato chip (American English) or crisp (British English) is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried baked until crunchy. Potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. The basic chips are cooked and salted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavorings and ingredients including herbs, spices, cheeses and artificial additives.

Lots of different information here including the fact there was no patent taken out:- http://www.ideafinder.com/history/inventors/crum.htm

And of course Snopes has a point of view as well:-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i haven’t tried them yet but am definitely wondering what and how many artificial additives were used to replicate the taste of chocolate coated, rolled in coconut, sponge cake combined with deep fried salted potatoes !


We went for a drive

More and more restrictions are in the process of being eased so over the next month or two we are going to be able to go wherever we want (within reason)………but it was a different story last week.

Once we knew things had loosened up a ‘little’ bit and we weren’t going to be accosted and bombarded with questions by ‘friendly constables’ in fast cars about where were we going and was it an essential journey we took a little drive to Coldstream.  Just 20 minutes up the road into the Valley to pick up some sprouts and other veg from Adams Farms .

Apart from going to the supermarket 5 minutes away I hadn’t been away from home for over nine weeks and was looking forward to being out on the open road – watching the land pass by – seeing other traffic (there’s a first!) seeing cattle and maybe some sheep –  seeing other people – I was quite excited about it  all.  So what if it was raining…..so what if the farm yard would be muddy…..so what if only one of us could go into the little part of the packing shed where the ‘farm shop’ was.  It was almost (well never having experienced it I assume it was) almost (in a very minor way) like being released from prison.  Exhilarating yet a bit frightening.

Is there anything better (unless you’re growing your own) than vegetables straight out of the paddock.  I grinned at the prices…..half those I’d noticed in the supermarket.  Too bad I forgot my phone, was going to take some photos; and a bag to decant the sprouts from the plastic bags they pack them in.  It was a straight there and back journey that had the feel of a day trip.  Big smiles all round.  The Golfer passes the farm on his way to the club and now he’s allowed to play, normal service will be resumed with him picking up from the farm shop just like before…..


All is not lost….

No, all is not lost. Two bits of good news!  For me anyway!

Guess where The Golfer’s off to this morning?

Easing of restrictions means he’s a very Happy  Chappy.  He cleaned his balls and his clubs yesterday and laid out his clothes last night.  Doesn’t matter it’s going to be cold first thing (overnight temp forecast 4c!) and the last time he played he wore shorts and polo shirt.  Eager?   You bet!


I went to the supermarket the other day…..and there they were.

 Nestled together on the shelves

I’d show you the ones I brought home but they were too irresistible to leave alone

These are from another year – I’m sure you’ll agree they are delightful

Little rays of sunshine – Soft and plump and juicy

The sight of these is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face 😎

Absolutely perfect 🙂

In the shops now – Imperial mandarins – my favourite ray of sunshine during winter in Melbourne.


Did you know – (I read this somewhere but can’t find the source)
Mandarins originated from southern China and were named after the Chinese officials of the Imperial court ‘the Mandarins’ who used the fruit for various medicinal purposes.

Imperial mandarins are the first domestic mandarin variety to be harvested each year, picked April through to May. Imperials are refreshing and exuberantly orange in colour and are one of only a handful of popular varieties that originated here in Australia. The variety was first recognised in Sydney in 1890 and has since become the most popular mandarin on the market due to that sweet ‘everybody loves’ flavour. The easy to peel skin and minimal seeds, makes them a family favourite, great for snacks and school lunches.  source

Fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, they are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A  source

I prefer mandarins to oranges – What fruits do you enjoy more than others?s

Something’s stirring….

And it certainly wasn’t me 😊

Tuesday – always a non day, the busyness of Monday has gone and the quietness of Wednesday has yet to come.

So what did I do yesterday – Tuesday our time.  Well not a lot actually.  A restless night with broken sleep didn’t help.  It was cold overnight yet beautifully sunny first thing, not tempting enough to go outside that early though, not until I’d had half an hour in a nice warm bath with Echoes, an old 1997 Maeve Binchy

A quick wander down the bottom of the garden midmorning showed that some things are stirring…..we might want the world to stand still so we can get off this awful merry go round we’re on at the moment…..the one called living with a pandemic……but nature has other ideas.  Life doesn’t stand still for her.

The small snippets of information gleaned from the Premier’s easing of restrictions bulletin had me wondering if my charity would be reopening it’s doors soon so early afternoon  I made a slow start on packing all the hand knits ready to drop the box off at the local pick up point.  ‘Not yet’ was the word from them later,  it’ll be ready to go when they are.

Do you like the latest finish?

Facts and figure fascinate me. With all the daily briefings we’ve had recently there’s been oodles of them floating around .  On another level  Here’s a website I found a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to find worldwide information on the current crisis.  Wait for it to load then scroll down to see the (quite daunting) individual country totals…..there are other tabs at the top worth looking at.

When I turned the heating off and went to bed last night the world totals were 4,256,539 cases – 287,353 deaths.

I wonder what it is now?


Norty Norty……Fun Friday

Remembering my ‘word of the year’ was give, I willingly said yes when asked to take on another role at the aged care facility where I volunteer.   Today is Friday and mid afternoon I’d be making my way down the very nicely decorated corridor pushing the tea trolly complete with china cups and cream cakes  to ‘take afternoon tea’ with some of the residents.

Some of them like it in their rooms – big smiles when I knock and ask ‘would you like some tea’, and then tell them ‘cook’s made something special’ and ask if they’d like that as well.  One chap has his spot in the separate tv area.  ‘Half a cup of black coffee please and a piece of cake’ spoken before I’ve even put the trolley brake on.

But most are in the sitting room.  Several ladies and one gentleman all chatting away (hostel environment not nursing home) – then I hear ‘here she comes’  There’s a break in activities for tea so it’s like they are sitting there with their tongues hanging out, dying for a cup of tea!  After they’ve all been served I sit down and they fill me in on their week (or past lives at times)

The restrictions on volunteers (and visitors) was made early in March so it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve helped out.  I miss it….and wonder how they are all coping.  Some volunteer run activities have been cancelled- staff have stepped up to run others but it’s nothing like it was previously.

Somehow….. even though a couple of the ‘cheeky ladies’ who have ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths ‘ looks about them – but have ‘been there done that’ tales to tell…..would be in on the ‘fun’- I don’t think management would approve of this as a fill in activity 😊

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!

Twos company…..

Social Distancing in the Park!

The two-person gathering rules also apply inside and outside the home. This rule exempts people who live in the same household, whether this be a family unit or roommates.  Source

These two Magpies were having a lovely natter as they made their way down the pathway.  Mr Magpie (with the white back) was keeping his eye on one of his girls.

Then there were three!

All allowable in the new rules and regulations because the third  was another grey backed female  – part of Mr Magpies  harem 😊

And here’s where those dropped leaves were coming from

Looks like the seasons have definitely changed!

~ ~ ~

A fun Wordless Wednesday post – with lots of words

See more at the Wordless Wednesday hub

Forget the toilet paper…..

A couple of weeks ago COVID 19 trading restrictionists were changing so fast it was difficult to know what was open….what was closed…..and how they were actually conducting business.  There was a ‘rumour’ – nasty things we shouldn’t take any notice of – a rumour circulating that three of our very large companies were going to have to shut their doors temporarily.

Bunnings ( hardware) – Spotlight (home decor and craft) – Dan Murphy’s (beer wine spirits)…….they all provide what some would call ‘essentials’ but would the government think otherwise?

,Bars  hotels and restaurants had closed and obviously for some (read that as many) to sit around without a drink of two to lighten their load was something they couldn’t contemplate – there was a rush to to the bottle shops to buy up big.   Really big!

SO we now have a limit on alcohol purchases  which include a maximum of two slabs of beer or cider, 12 bottles of wine, two cases of pre-mix spirits, two casks of wine and two bottles of spirits (two bottles not more than 2 litres.  The limits apply per customer, per day 😎🍷😳 Source

Also it appeared many felt the need to while away their time at home by starting home and garden improvements plus buying up all the ‘masks and protective gear’ they could find so as well as giving tradies, health and emergency service workers a dedicated early morning time to shop……Bunnings will be enforcing strict shopping limits to ensure panic buyers don’t strip stores of essential household goods. There’s a limit of four items per person for cleaning and storage products, batteries and garden sprayers. Also Items such as generators, respirators, face masks, gas bottles, methylated spirits, fuel cans and turpentine will also be limited to one item per customer Source 

Meanwhile down at Spotlight things appeared to carry on as usual; ‘safe distance’ floor markings along with measuring counters and check out areas being cleaned were good to see.  How do I know that?

Because like a lot of other crafters I made my way down for a little look see – not intending to buy mind, just to see what was on offer.  And guess what……their very nice Stallion was on special…..not that I needed any…..but priced at less than $2/100gm when regular price is close to $3 made it very hard to walk away from 😊






This very very sharp looking Royal Blue is knitting up a treat.

Something to keep me occupied during the day because being dark it’s difficult to keep track of the pattern repeats in artificial light.  But I’m not too bothered by that because some ‘easier to knit at night’ lighter colours came home with me as well 😊

Sometimes we do the strangest things….

Lots of different jokes/cartoons/memes are turning up and doing the rounds on social media all designed to make you smile and take your mind off this ghastly pandemic we’re trying to cope with


But it was a text from a friend the other day that really did have me laughing.  A friend who like me will defer ignore  just not do housework  in order to read or craft instead.

Oh Cathy, she said.  I’m turning into one of those people!

It’s 10am…. The beds are made, dishes done, washing is on the line….I’ve even sorted out the cutlery drawer. This virus is doing me in.  I think about housework before knitting.  I even cooked !  Tell me you haven’t changed 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Those people refers to a couple of very houseproud mutual friends)

So I gently reassured her the panicky  ‘what if I take sick and there’s a load of dishes in the sink’ worry would disappear and all would return to normal.  No way was I going to admit I’d put my books and knitting away last week so I could to clean the windows and tidy up the linen cupboard 😎


It had to happen sometime I suppose…

The question was – when?

With the skies looking like this earlier today and the temperature not much better,



it was time for me to finally accept Autumn has arrived!

While I’ve been absent over the past few weeks I’ve coped with – persistent headaches, insomnia, back pain that reappeared, a sister having chemotherapy, this awful ongoing worldwide coronavirus epidemic, attempting to shop in the designated ‘elderly/vulnerable hour’, don’t you hate that description (gave that up and reverted to sensible times with sensible people),  discovering that after the golf course was closed having The Golfer here all day everyday was not my idea of a happy retirement – which then necessitated me .learning a new skill…..called Learning to Bite my Tongue 😊

Our life has not been turned upside down in the way it has for so many, the sun may have not shone today…..and weren’t the warm sunny days of last week just glorious…..but it will return.

We all know (and hopefully understand) the restrictions on our lives are for our own good…..in time the libraries, gyms, pools, cafes, theatres, beaches, and much much more  will reopen – choir rehearsals,  book clubs, volunteer commitments will happen again – and the golfers and fishers will be happy again.

The question is – when?  Only time will tell I suppose.

Bye for now – See you next week


(who is feeling much better physically but like everybody else is emotionally drained at the moment).

And yes I know the photos don’t open/enlarge/enbiggen……I’m still trying to work out why,  might need to spend some of my $750 pensioner grant on a new iPad- well the government is saying we’re to go out and spend it….so spend it I shall 😎

Taking a break….

Just recently I was told, ‘for the good of my mental and physical health’ I must slow down.  Seems I’ve been giving too much to others and not enough to myself.

So with that in mind I’ve decided to push the pause button, put Still Waters on hold, and take a break.

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you

Did you know that Pause used as a verb means ‘to stop for a short time’ – and when used as a noun Pause means ‘a short break’?

Not much difference is there?

My Scottish ancestors would just say – I’ll be away for a wee while 😊

Smiles Screams and Sighs…

Yes,  it’s been a week filled with them

Smiles when driving to the gym at cars slowing down the let a Mumma Duck and her brood  cross the road…..Screams when a young red P plater zoomed past, obviously ‘upset’ with having to slow down and wait.

Smiles as I approached the gym thinking about the plan I’d put into action ……..Sighs when I realised how many had arrived before me – a fullish carpark reminded me schools were open again and all the mum’s were allowed out lol

Smiles early in the week as I filled the fuel tank in the car thinking I’d just snuck in at the low end of the price cycle….Sighs this morning as I see the price is even lower

Smiles at the park when I saw the council had finally erected a barrier at the duck pond …..Sighs when I looked back, 

No ducks to be seen but an off leash Collie ‘frolicking’ in the water.  Wondered where my peace loving Wordless Wednesday duck had gone.

Smiles for the lovely sunny days and coolish sleepable nights we’ve been having….Sighs for the smoke haze noticeable during a couple of them……Sadness for EC and others who are still coping with fires in their areas plus the horrendous effects of smoke produced from them.

Smiles for being able to schedule blog posts ……Sighs from electricity outages and interrupted internet supplies…..even more Sighs over the fact the connection to NBN is coming closer and closer and wading through ISP information (or lack of it) is no longer a laughing matter.  No smiling politely at friends from other suburbs who were confused with it all – we are now in their shoes and it’s not funny anymore!

Smiles as I rounded a bend  in the park thinking how much I enjoyed this little spot, where the windy paths go up the hill a bit and where I often pause to take a photo…..

Screams as I’m lining up to take another one and a cyclist zoomed past, nearly sending me flying.  Caught him in the act and fumed all the way home!

So how has your week been?

Any Smiles Screams or Sighs??

It’s been a week…

Yes it’s been a week of doing very little except wait for the year proper to begin.

Seeing more traffic on the roads as workers return from their summer break, seeing grabs on the news about littlies starting their educational journey and hearing the high school bus go by at 8am signalling the return of those on a later part of their journey.

Watching a bit of tennis, and cricket on tv in the evenings. With, of course with my knitting close to hand   Wondering how Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are feeling after their ‘shock departures’. And wondering how Nick Kyrious managed to keep his temper in check for so long.   The Australian OpenThe Big Bash League

Wearing cool cotton clothing.  Melbourne finally had  pleasant summery days…..culminating in one not too pleasant one yesterday with a top temperature of 44c/111f .  I often wonder how we coped before air conditioning – with the humidity so high the whole of house ducted evaporated system we have is no good (pumps cool moist air) so we resorted to our very old, very expensive to run, hole in the lounge room wall, electric refrigerated system.

Realising it’s little things that make us happy – seeing the smiles on elderly residents when offered an icy pole on a very hot day and watching them enjoy the treat.

And wondering how my children (who I love dearly) became so old😊

This little one – my first born son had a birthday at the beginning of the week.  58yrs old!  He’ll be getting a seniors card soon!  I realised time was passing quickly when he finished serving in the RAAF after 20yrs. How am I going to feel when that happens!

 Today is February 1st 2020 – our Big Girl’s birthday. Born (at home) during one of the worst winters England had experienced. Known as The Big Freeze of 1963 all I can say is central heating was still a luxury – we had poky little coal fires in the big old house we lived in and it was cold!

Shh..don’t tell her but she is now 57!

And when our Little Girl has her next birthday in September she will be will be….well I know how old she’ll be but I don’t know how she’ll feel…..let’s just say that at times I wish I was 56 again 😊

Yes….3 under 3!  All good fun!  Helped in a way by living in Singapore where life was more free and easy…..and I had a live in amah.

After a hot and humid night the rain has finally arrived and cooled the air – a quiet day is forecast for my house – lack of sleep doesn’t agree with me so my warning to The Golfer was – be very wary of what you say or do near this tired Grumpy Old Woman!

Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder if I don’t quite fit into the demographics of certain establishments – am I too fussy/critical – or is my looking to try something/somewhere new not the way for me to go.

The decision had been made – It was time to return to the gym – But which gym?

A few kms from home we have a great health and fitness facility.  It has a well ‘stocked’ gymnasium, basketball/ netball courts, various swimming pools plus a warm water pool plus other designated ‘rooms’ (group fitness, yoga, pilates, spin). Along with another similar facility and a couple of local golf courses is managed by the local council.  I’ve been a member there on and off for quite a few years now.

Because it offers so much it has become very busy – the car park has been extended more times than I can remember- and classes have to be booked rather than the old way of just turning up and claiming your spot.  And even though it has what I want there are times when I get fed up with being a ‘number’

So I thought I’d check out two other nearby ‘places’  to see what they offered.

I’d looked at their websites (well established businesses) so had a rough idea……classes, gym, membership options/fees (no pool)  but wanted to get the feel of them before deciding.

After trying to park in the last vacant spot in a very tiny car park  I discovered no one at the desk in the first one…then a young lad wandered by…..”sorry, the person you need to speak to isn’t here.  She’ll be back tomorrow….no I don’t do membership!”  With that he wandered off again leaving me standing there……looking at some posters of some young,  very nice looking, well toned and well muscled people and wondering ( well you don’t need to know what I was wondering 😊)

OK, I’ll just drive down the road a bit to the second one.

My god what’s that noise – i thought I was going to be deafened when I opened the door.

I had a little chat with a very young girl – well she chatted to me….not answering any of my questions, just telling me what she wanted me to hear.  “I’ll print off our classes for you- we have a special program and classes for oldies like you.  Sorry you can’t look round the premises unless you are a member- no I can’t take you round- I’lll sign you up for a week’s free trial then someone will show you round.  Then you can join.  Here’s the forms, take them home and come back when you’ve decided”  With that she went off to make some special high protein drink for some young thing in the attached ‘kitchen’ (not café) we don’t serve food!”

OK, I said to myself (again) I’ll just go back down the road to my tried and true centre, where I know what’s what, how things work and where there’s a whole range of clients/users…….including oldies like me 😊

Guess what – as I stood at the reception desk waiting to be served one of the staff walked by “Hello Cathy.  Lovely to see you – are you signing up again?”

No need to tell you what I did, is there?


If it wasn’t so awful….

I’m back from my sea view break but just to say Hello and Happy New Year.

A couple of pictures capturing our only ‘contact’ with these horrendous Victorian fires

If it wasn’t so awful I’d label them

‘Smoke gets in your eyes’ and ‘Red sky in the morning’

Limited visibility on the beach at sleepy Cowes on Philip Island last Friday – somewhere out there is a cruise ship at anchor.

Our view of the ‘fire in the sky’ as we sailed past the Bairnsdale area on Sunday……………just a couple of days ago

Bye ’til next week

It’s time…

Time has passed quite quickly recently…..here we are in the third week of December…….not much left of 2019 to get through.

Get through being the optimal words as my ‘invisible ailment’  (lumbar spinal stenosis )   is making itself known again.  After a fair while of no symptoms, now when I need to be on my feet and mobile the dreaded heavy hot numb then tingling legs and feet have returned…..thankfully not the sharp, make you jump and screech, don’t know when it’s coming, electric shock down your leg pains when the sciatic nerve is involved.  All of which unfortunately limits my walking (which makes it worse) so consequently I’ve not done half the things I’d planned.  I have however read a couple of good books plus knit two baby cardigans…..and watched a fair bit of cricket.

The GP agreed with me that part of the problem really is because I haven’t been doing any regular exercise since we came back from Bowen  I cancelled my gym membership before we left (not a contract one) meaning to reinstate it and my latest swimmimg pass had been used up, both of which I’ve just haven’t got round to renewing.  I have been doing some  physio recommended ‘simple’ exercises at home as well as using some light weight  dumbbells but they obviously aren’t enough.  What’s needed is a more structured method- one where I can’t stop and make a cup of tea when the going gets tough – well, I can stop, for a while – but it’s a bit awkward going to the attached cafes for a cup of tea when you’re all sweaty or dripping wet – and then making your way back to start all over again.  Best get it over and done with, then enjoy the tea when I get home 😊

Do you remember my dear friend who died recently ‘gifted’ her stash of wool to her friends and family.   Well the yarn knit up beautifully but was such a non descript, rather plain bland colour I had to put a pattern on each of them so they didn’t look flat and uninteresting.  You’ll find the previous two towards the end of this post, so all done now  and these two along with anymore I knit in the meantime will go off to the charity later in the new year.







And of course I read more than two books….these were the two from a pile of random library picks that stood out from the rest 😊

Sorry fot the dead – Nicola Upson.  Josephine Tey #8

In the summer of 1915, the sudden death of a young girl brings grief and notoriety to Charleston Farmhouse on the Sussex Downs. Years later, Josephine Tey returns to the same house–now much changed–and remembers the two women with whom she once lodged as a young teacher during the Great War. As past and present collide, with murders decades apart, Josephine is forced to face the possibility that the scandal which threatened to destroy those women’s lives hid a much darker secret”

A cast of almost all female characters, set in various ‘times’ with the murder as the central focus of the book.   It covered attitudes toward women and their roles, very early women’s lib, developing female ‘friendships’ –  both open and covert – and how they were seen by society.  Lots of twists and turns with a surprise last chapter that tied in with the first one.  The only flaw for me was the jumping from decade to decade (sections set in different times) which I lost track of with having the same characters turning up each time.  Having to turn back to the front page of each ‘part’ to remember which year I was in was a bit of a nuisance.

Last seen alive – Claire Douglas

Libby and James Hall can’t believe their luck when the leaflet comes through the door. Swapping their tiny city flat for a beautiful house by the sea? Who would say no? But once they arrive at The Hideaway Libby starts to get jittery and increasingly paranoid. She is sure that someone is watching them. Something here isn’t right. And when she suspects their lives to be in danger they swiftly decide to return to Bath. But they can’t pick up their old life so easily. Because this isn’t just a casual house swap. This is something much, much more sinister.”

This one started out quite slowly (almost like the holiday it was supposed to be) then it changed.  Very subtly it became more of a mystery (touted as a psychological thriller) with a murder thrown in for good luck  Twists and turns as the story moves on – secrets are revealed- previous lives and deeds come into play    You never know what’s going to happen with each page turn.   Definitely recommended.

🎄 🍦 🎄 🍷🎄 ⛱ 🎄

I’ve really enjoyed your company (and comments) this past year but I’m feeling a bit tired and weary so think now is the right time to push the seasonal pause button

My love to you all – I’ll be back again in the middle of January

Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year

Did you know…..

….it comes in all shapes and sizes and forms?

Well that’s what we discovered when we got to Deniliquin – which is just a quick (less than an hours) drive up the Cobb Hwy from Echuca.

I’ve got short legs so drew the short straw and sat in the back with another short legged lady while the two ‘fellas’ led the way in the front.  Not my favourite place to be because I like to see where we’re going,  I’m not keen on looking at things sideways or peering through the middle of the front seat passengers but we can’t have our own way all the time  (can I 😊😊)

Rainy days are not the best days for ‘sightseeing’ so as we drove past a visitor Information centre with signage for a cafe on the door we all nodded to each other and mouthed the word Coffee!   As well as the Information place and the cafe the building also housed the Peppin Heritage Centre .  The Peppin family were early settlers to the local area who specialised in sheep farming, developing the Peppin Merino breed that is associated with wool production in nearly all the Australian states.

Peppin Merino rams


It was agreed that we couldn’t just sit there in the car complaining discussing the much needed precipitation,  we were out for the day  so while the rain tumbled poured down outside we’d have a wander through the little museum, learn lots about early times, sheep breeding (and hard life in the middle 1800s) on the stations around the Riverina, then,  rather than venture out into the cold, wet, windy day to look at the outside displays (yes I know, we’re fair weather tourists) have coffee and cake under the same roof.

When the rain moved on and the skies cleared, – it was time to move on ourselves 😊

Back in the car, aimlessly driving round, and there it was!

When we were up this way last April we looked at some painted grain silos in Rochester just south of Echuca – do you remember the Silo Art I showed you?

Well it appears rural art comes in all shapes and sizes…..and forms!

Deniliquin now has a newly painted WATER TOWER!  Painted by renowned  street/mural artist  Cam Scales!

I’ve lightened this up considerably – the sky wasn’t that blue, the clouds were a lot darker, it was about to rain again so I didn’t even look at the other side lol  But I did get this one picture featuring two kookaburras to remember it by😊



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