Seeing if this works

Hoping this posts as the ‘new’ header
Still having to use the app – nothing happening on the iPad using Safari or Chrome.

Just get a blue screen with a big W in the centre 😩

It’s quite clumsy, certainly not the easiest way to go about things but as The Golfer has first dibs on the PC when he’s home I’m happy I’m not shut out altogether.

Another day tomorrow- here’s hoping it gets easier 😎

Is it just me?..

I use WordPress for my blog and I’m having trouble commenting on blogspot/blogger blogs

Some bloggers have a name/url spot in a drop down menu which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

If there is an Open ID spot on a menu I try that but some reason my WordPress Open ID doesn’t work

Some bloggers are google+ people which can also be a problem – for me.

Most times I have to resort to using my old google id from my old Still Waters blog which usually works but then if anyone follows through on that they then have to click on again to get to the new blog.

I occasionally put a direct link to the wordpress blog in my comments but some bloggers don’t like that, won’t use it or just think of it as advertising.

Some times I write a comment click to publish and it just disappears into thin air

I’m not blaming anyone – I just would like to be able to comment on other blogs!

(because people think I’m not visting/reading – when I am. I just can’t tell them that I am 😊😊)

Is anyone else having a problem – or is it just me??

It’s back….

After a bit of a break it’s back.

 Definitely not as frequent or in the numbers that was arriving weeks ago but it’s definitely back.  

Reading about the amount other bloggers receive I will be the first to admit mine is minimal.  

Never the less it’s back!

Does this look familiar to anyone?

I took this screen shot last week – unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be as clear here as in ‘real life’

They’ve upped the ante since then and there’s loads more now.


 Who are they – Why do they do it – What do they get out of it?

Thank goodness it goes in the spam folder 

Click at your peril I think!



Trying a new blogging app….

Lately (when using my iPad) I’ve been having minor problems with the wordpress site as well as their app and even contemplated moving back to Blogger/blogspot until I remembered Blogger discontinued their ‘free’ app – and being the tight a*** that I am I refuse to buy it.

Anyway I’ve discovered one that might possibly be useful when the other is playing up.  It’s a freebie called BlogPad Pro.

I’m not looking for anything elaborate just something where I can start, save and then come back and edit, maybe add a piccie or two and not go through too many hoops to do so.  One thing that appeals to me is that it seems I can draft posts off line, then when I have internet access move them to ‘Live’ before publishing.  Would/Will be handy when travelling.

Playing with it is a learning curve – simple but not simple. Let see how it goes 😊



Oh the things you do……

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I came by to say hello – two sort of blah nothing weeks.  Really they were just 14 of the usual run of the mill days I have sometimes but somehow I didn’t want to share them so I thought if I changed the blog to private I could go on my merry (unrecorded) way until things bucked up a bit.

Well, you wouldn’t believe what happened.  I received some emails via wordpress from readers asking for access to the blog.  What the?? Was my reaction lol. I realise now, because I was still logged on I didn’t actually see what appeared on the screen, that was, an invitation to do just that 🙂

Anyway all should be back to normal now – it’s Friday and we know what that means. Fun – Fun – Fun.  Irish Fun at that !  All my ancestors were Irish so I’m well aware (and have no hesitation at laughing at) how daft things can get at times 🙂





Here’s hoping your Friday has some funny moments you can laugh about.



Just not up to it…..


There was a time when I could have done it

in fact I’ve done it several times before in various forms

however this time I just wasn’t up to it 😦

Mage has been blogging every day this month and I was going to do the same but it all came to a crashing halt towards the end of last week.  First there was the headaches and the sore itchy eyes, I began to think I had a case of this



 But then the  fatigue set in as well as – well you name it I felt it lol.

Feeling really out of sorts all I craved were quiet days minus anything remotely like thinking of subjects to blog about so I went into hibernation.  Minimal screen time!  And even though (just now and again) I did take very quick sneak peaks at various places  I didn’t think about Still Waters once over that time.  That certainly doesn’t sound like a dedicated blogger does it lol

My GP is of the old fashioned sort – he sent a swab from my eye to the lab.  Nothing unusual so suggested rinsing in warm salt water which does seem to be helping.  I’ll stay away from here for the rest of the week and come back with an every other day routine unless there’s something I ‘just have to’ show or talk about 🙂

As for today – feeling lots better


 Bye for now

Look what I’ve done to your screen dear…

What on earth are you doing there?

Just trying something out!

Will you be long – I’d like to use the big computer!

Just finished – here you go!

What on earth ????

 Look, he says.  It’s great fun.

You can have this on there and that on the other one.


Oh look two Still Waters 🙂


 How on earth?

But how do I…..

Easy just click/hold your cursor on the tab at the top, drag it to the far edge
of the screen and it will appear on the other one.

Move your cursor over to the left edge and it also will appear on that screen.

What if……

Easy, just drag it back over.


The Golfer does have his reasons for setting this up this way

And yes it is fun – once you get used to it 🙂 🙂

BUT I’m sure that at times he does these things to try me lol

Which do ‘you’ use – update

Who what when why

Thank you all for your comments and emails on the ‘who do you use’ post – I really appreciate the fact that so many of you joined in the discussion.

Now blogging isn’t the be all and end all of my life, it’s something I enjoy and like lots of things in life if there is an easier way (to enjoy other’s writings) I’ll certainly be in it 🙂

The basic blog roll on the sidebar seems to be popular – there is a blogger/blogspot  style that updates when a new post appears.  It was the constant checking blogs for updates that used to annoy me.  WordPress has a reader but doesn’t appear to have the (obvious) updating blogroll facility right on the blog page.

The various ‘ feed readers’ seem to appeal to different bloggers. Some offer just blog feeds, others news feeds as well.   Sometimes I need a fresh look at things so after reading all the feedback on that last post I sat down again and looked at the pros and cons of the feed readers I subscribed to.

Oh, you should have heard the chuckles coming from my side of the room when I realised the one I thought didn’t do it for me would actually function better if I used it correctly – so – I decided to persevere with The Old Reader

Thanks again – Bye for now

B is for………………..

Mum’s Aphabet Blogging challenge has been and gone

It’s been a week of blah weather

Beastly phone line causing bad internet connections

A bu*gger of funeral that had me blubbering

 Words are not coming easily so I’d best be off

Because all I will do is blather and babble

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I is for……………..

Alphabet Blogging is using the letter I this week

So I thought ‘What about Ironing’??

Ironing is the use of a heated tool (an iron) to remove wrinkles from fabric
A Laundry Maid Ironing circa 1765-82 by Henry Robert Morland 1716-1797

A Laundry Maid Ironing
Henry Morland 1716-1797

Now I have to say – Ironing and me don’t go together
I don’t like Ironing at all – no, not one little bit

I hang clothes on the line in a very precise way
then when they are dry all I do is
either fold them neatly to go in a drawer or hang them in the wardrobe

The Golfer was in the forces when we met and was used to ironing his shirts
When we married and I jokingly said
‘I don’t do cooked breakfasts or iron shirts’
he didn’t appear to be upset in any way
About the shirts that is lol

For most of his working life he wore business type shirts
and they had to be done ‘just so’
so as far as I was concerned
the best person to do them was him himself 🙂

Consequently The Golfer has always ironed his own shirts.
220px-Ironing_a_shirt Now it’s confession time
I used to ‘take in’ Ironing
Yes I would willingly do it for other people.

When the children we small we needed extra cash
and I needed to be at home with them
I did what I had to
Even if it was something I didn’t particularly like.

Not something you readily admitted to in those days.

After a while I quite enjoyed doing it
There was a sense of satisfaction seeing all the garments
folded neatly in baskets waiting to be picked up

Didn’t do it when the chldren were running around
‘Safety and sticky fingers to think about’
Clients would drop off one day and pick up the next
so it was usually done during ‘sleep time’ or in the evenings watching tv

I gave it up when they were older and we had more cash
It was hard enough then keeping up with ours
let alone taking in more lol

These days the iron only comes out if necessary
not as a matter of course.
Modern materials and appliances make life a lot easier
There are steamers and ‘ooh la la’ irons with bells and whistles attached
that enable you to breeze through the job so so quickly

However I’m still the first to admit
I don’t like Ironing – no not one little bit

What about you??


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L is for…………….

Working backwards we have arrived at the letter L in Mum’s Alphabet Challenge
And knowing me it could only stand for…..
Live Love and Laugh

This has been my mantra for quite a few years now


A long time ago I was having one of those ‘down’ days I am prone to
and saw this quote
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

That sort of made realise I was not going anywhere living the way I was
So a change in attitude was needed and now I strive to:-

Live each day to the full
Love as much as I can – in any way I can
Laugh everyday

Doesn’t always work but I try:)

So how have I gone this week
Well a break in the wet weather has allowed me to get outside
To live in the fresh air for a while – to clear my head
To look at my surroundings and I love it.

I’m loving the water exercise classes at the Leisure Centre

~ ~ Not my class, but very similar ~ ~

~ ~ Not my class, but very similar ~ ~

Thinking I was getting in a rut I changed my day
Different instructor – different range of people
(not just ‘older’ ladies)
Learning different actions and routines
Loving every minute with new ‘more friendly friends’

Listening to the bouncy music needed to keep us on the go
(Well known songs – singing along in my head)
Looking at all the children (tiny tots and toddlers)
taking their ‘Aquatic Education Classes’

I burst out laughing
when all of a sudden I heard all these voices in the water around me
shouting out the chorus to this

Seems they feel it’s ‘their song’ as the instructor does just that!

Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
Long as you love me
It’s all right
Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
You got the power to turn on the light

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Why don’t you join in next Friday – the letter will be K

W is for…………………….

When I thought of the letter W the first thing that came to mind was a post I wrote a few years ago.   It might be a little long for some but hang in there and you’ll find out what happens when you are in the Wrong place at the Wrong time

I’ll start by mentioning a 4 Corners programme I watched on ABC, (actually a BBC Panorama presentation) which was about a bomb plot.

So what’s new in that you ask, with all the problems in the world these days its nothing out of the ordinary.  Well this was a very interesting programme about a plot to cause damage to aircraft over the Atlantic and from evidence gained by British surveillance and presented in this doco, it was to take place in  August 2006.

The perpetrators had taken an interest in several American airlines and also a Canadian one, Air Canada. I was ok watching the programme until I heard that mentioned and then it all came back to me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We took one of our overseas trips in 2006 – this time it was to visit friends and rellies in the UK and then on to Nova Scotia for Dh’s aunt’s birthday. We flew to Halifax on August 10th but not after a very long wait in Heathrow airport, for that was the day all this came to a head and travel to and from that airport and airports around the world ground to a halt.

There was mention on the 6am news about problems at Heathrow so we left where we were staying much earlier than planned to take the hire car back and see what all the fuss what about. Good job we did as the expected 20-minute drive on the M25 took an hour and a half and was a nightmare. It’s not the easiest road to drive on at the best of time, traffic was banked up for miles, commuters making their way to work in the City as well as travellers trying to get to Heathrow. Police directing lanes at the Heathrow exits and motorists getting hot under the collar plus several accidents didn’t help

Flying isn’t one of the joys in my life and often I’m not in the best of moods as I approach airports at those times (meeting and greeting is different as I know we are turning round and driving straight home again) so the traffic problem certainly didn’t do much for my attitude let alone my BP that morning.

Hire car was returned and we caught the shuttle bus to the terminal, b……….traffic jams again and the driver wasn’t much help as he’d turned the radio off and hadn’t a clue what the problem was.

As we entered the terminal it was a sight to behold – Heathrow is always busy and crowded with travellers – but this was something else.

You couldn’t see the check in areas as there were enormous queues everywhere as well as people just sitting along the walls or wandering around dragging their luggage and looking weary – this was at 8.30 in the morning. We managed to locate the end of the Air Canada check in line and so the slow journey to the front began.

We were advised that the only things we could take on board were our travel docs and they had to be inside plastic bags, in other words no cabin/carry on baggage ‘cept ID, travel docs, necessary medications and clothing.  There were airport staff roaming around with plastic bags of all sorts of shapes and sizes some of which had to be replaced at check in as ‘they’ had stipulated a certain size and a certain size it had to be but the organisers hadn’t been given this info.. Also another part of the hold up at check in was travellers stopping in their tracks whilst waiting in the line to open their cases and try to fit things inside while others waited behind them.

One reason I always leave a little head room when I pack lol

Ladies were not happy – no handbags allowed onboard, if they didn’t fit in their luggage there was one of those plastic film wrap machines available to wrap them and they went into the hold as is. No food or drink allowed to be taken airside so kids were gorging on food (mainly chips and lollies/sweets brought along for the journey) and drinking water and soft drinks till it came out of their ears (or the other end lol)

The departure board indicated our flight to Halifax was delayed (no surprise) so we thought we’d get a coffee in one of the cafes upstairs before going through airside security – that was till we came out of the lift.

More queues – looked like thousands of people wending their way crocodile fashion from one end of that floor to the other. Staff walking up and down calling out, no drinks, no food – jars of baby food included, no papers or books and of all things no chewing gum were allowed airside, documents to be in plastic bags – over and over again. Lots of speculation and no real reasons but it seems there were concerns about minute detonators being carried in the pages of books and jell like substances maybe being used as well.

So we found the end of the queue and started shuffling – again

There was no shouting or anger; no pushing or shoving, in fact nobody showed any annoyance at all, just accepted all the disruptions. It was a bit like queuing for tickets to a concert or like, people chatting to complete strangers and even ‘saving places’ in the case of toilet breaks or even hunger breaks – the cafes were right alongside us at one point and the smell of bacon sandwiches was just too much for the lady in front of me lol

About 90 minutes later we reached the security area before airside and passed through after a very thorough security check, there was the now standard shoes and belts off plus any removable clothing eg coats and jackets, that all went in the travelling chute eas I call it – for us it was through the ‘door way’ scanner and then submit to a hand held scanner and pat down.  Waiting in line I watched as security insisted a baby have its nappy/diaper removed and lots of creams and other things removed from the toiletries bag the family had for the baby, then a rather old disabled lady was made to get out of her wheelchair and pass through the ‘door way’ scanner before almost collapsing into it again. All these passengers were using many different airlines – not just the one we were taking – so no wonder the lines were so long!!

Once through we started to walk forward taking everything in and I stopped in my tracks. Facing me are several large British policemen looking very businesslike with very large guns held across their chests (don’t ask me what they were, some sort of automatic things) now I’ve travelled a lot and been through a lot of airports and in all my travels I’ve never been so scared in my life, suddenly it all became real and I just wanted to be out of there and on my way.

Our flight was still delayed so with no sign of it boarding soon I finally got that longed for coffee and then went to buy a bottle of water to take on board reasoning that as it was in a ‘safe’ area it would have been ok – only to find there was none on sale.

There’s one thing I don’t do when flying and that’s eat, self explanatory – my stomach is churning so much there’s no point in putting food in it as it will all come back up again –there is one thing I do do and that’s drink water.

Rather than tip it away I’d drunk the two bottles I brought with me – it had been so hot in the departure area one went down there and the other in the queue upstairs so I wasn’t happy about not getting any to take onboard.

So many people walking around looking dazed didn’t much for my peace of mind either.

We finally got on board after even more security checks, several hours later than we expected, those who had bought papers and books from the airside newsagents thinking it would be ok had to leave them behind – don’t ask, we never found out why – things that were ok airside one minute were suspect the next.

Duty free goods had to be handed over, the plastic bags identified with a large luggage label, and then the passenger was reassured they would be available for collection at the end of the journey. For some reason seeing all those bags with the labels attached lined up against a wall reminded me of film I’d seen of children being evacuated during the war with names on labels attached to their clothes lol

It was a strange flight; most passengers very quiet and subdued wondering if all was well in the hold. I did have a strange thought that I wasn’t sure if they were worried about any explosive problem or the fate of theiir duty free booze.  The hosties were fabulous, lots of soft drink and water available, papers as well (not sure how ones brought in from another newsagent were ok but those for sale from the airport newsagent weren’t) lots af attention not just for Business and First but for Economy as well.

When we arrived in St John’s Newfoundland 5 hours later we had to clear the plane of all luggage to go through their customs (as is the way) and it was so different to other flights when there is hustle and bustle at this time – we all just stood up and walked quietly off the plane – there was no hand luggage, so no groping around in the overhead lockers, just us and the plastic bags we took on board.

I did get a laugh at the baggage carousel watching grown men making sure their duty free bottles of grog were safe and sound before handing them over again for the next leg to Halifax.

End of story was we arrived much later than expected – the cousins picking us up had no idea what was going on on, no idea of the chaos on the other side of the Atlantic, just that the flight had been delayed.  Worldwide air travel was disrupted for weeks and procedures for carry on baggage reassessed.

Just one of those days to remember
when we were in the Wrong place at the Wrong time

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How do you get ideas for a post?

Its funny how you get a prompt for a post – you see things and they spark a memory – with so many Jubilee posts out at the moment I will just say the prompt I had for this post involved embroidery and a book.

I’ve been sorting out things to take away to Queensland and was in the bedroom putting some aida cloth and threads together when I saw a book which reminded me of how the all the news from Great Britain this week is awash with bunting and street parties as they begin to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Year which will end this time next year on the anniversary of her coronation on June 3rd 2013.  This then popped an image into my mind of a sampler I’d seen the other month in an exhibition at the Museum in Lilydale.

Phew — So how do all these things go together in a post?

The book I caught sight of on the bookshelf was this one – ‘Elizabeth our Queen’ by Richard Dimbleby – it was given to lots of children around the British Isles at the time of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 and as we were living in Hampshire then my copy came from the Mayor of Portsmouth.  There are loads of these for sale on the internet – not rare and not costing lots of money – mine is a bit rough round the edges, 59 years old and has survived many moves in that time.  Last time it went out of the house was for a ‘really old’ show and tell at one of the grandchildren’s school – I think it’s earned its rest on the bookcase in the back bedroom lol

Now sitting on the same shelf (‘cose I’m terrible at throwing things away) was an advertising flyer/card for the Sampler Exhibition I’d been to March – called Practice makes Perfect it looked at Australian samplers from 1850 onwards.

There were so many beautiful samplers there – all of them sewn in Australia and not all using the traditional method of cross stitch.  Amongst the photos I took was this one depicting – guess what – none other than the Queen’s Coronation in 1953!

If you look carefully (it should enlarge with a click) you’ll see its an embroidered piece – there are many embroidery stitches used – and I can’t find one cross stitch anywhere lol

So how do your post ideas arrive?
 – Do you plan them –
Or do the posts just unravel before your eyes?

3/30 June Post a Day