Look what I’ve done to your screen dear…

What on earth are you doing there?

Just trying something out!

Will you be long – I’d like to use the big computer!

Just finished – here you go!

What on earth ????

 Look, he says.  It’s great fun.

You can have this on there and that on the other one.


Oh look two Still Waters 🙂


 How on earth?

But how do I…..

Easy just click/hold your cursor on the tab at the top, drag it to the far edge
of the screen and it will appear on the other one.

Move your cursor over to the left edge and it also will appear on that screen.

What if……

Easy, just drag it back over.


The Golfer does have his reasons for setting this up this way

And yes it is fun – once you get used to it 🙂 🙂

BUT I’m sure that at times he does these things to try me lol

Friday Fun – read about cruising…

Here’s a little bit of Friday Fun for you:)

I’m sure it’s not new to most of you that The Golfer and I enjoy cruising.  What could be better than turning up, unpacking and then seeing what the world has to offer with no more hassles except ‘what shall we eat today’ 🙂

The cruise line we favour (HAL) is owned by Carnival Corporation, as is Carnival Cruise Line, and it is a ship owned by CCL that has been getting lots of publicity all week. Some say cruising is just getting on a ship sailing somewhere and then getting back off again – oh dear no,  This ship is part of a cruise line that is so very different to the one we sail with.

With an Imax cinema, a large water park, a brewery as well as ‘flying bikes’ (a suspended bike track) on board I’m sure it will be tempting for younger adults and those with families.

Vista Water Parksource

Interested and want to know all about it – well you can find out about it in this article published in The Daily Mail:-


Or better still watch this video and see what the company is going to provide for any future customer:-


It’s not really my cup of tea – ‘cept I did like the look of what they are calling Havana staterooms.  Sort of like a balcony/verandah on ground level

Vista Havana Staterooms


Call me an old fuddy duddy but asked if I would sail on her – my answer would be ‘don’t think so’.  Bit too big for my liking (4000 pax), would probably be fun for half a day until the novelty wore off and Oh, just think of all those kids running around.:)

ps. these images are not real life but artists inpressions of how things will be.  The ship will not be launched until May 2016.

Bogging 101 – Feature posting

Through the window glass …………….

So here we are in Dunedin, another stop on our 2011 New Zealand cruise, ‘you must go and see the railway station’ we were told; it is a must see historic building that was opened in 1906 ans still used (albeit for tourist trains) today.  The exterior is fantastic and there are windows everywhere but the really special treat is inside

all photos enlarge with a click

1First thing I see in the foyer are these lovely archways on the wall that at first I thought were windows but they turned out to be the ticket office unglassed ‘window counters’ along with some benches in front.  Maybe Jude would like this one lol


Still in the foyer I noticed small paned windows in the doors leading outside as well as a balcony with a brightly coloured window on one end.

There in the middle of the balcony was a stain glassed/leadlight window – a window depicting mainly a locomotive (steam engine).  Very difficult to photograph that particular day because the balcony space opposite that would have given a better view was unavailable

Below the engine was the cipher/logo of the New Zealand Railways
with two heraldic lions on either side


 Just a fabulous thing to see – so realistic.
You could almost hear, smell and taste it thundering down the tracks 🙂


Blogging 101 – Events

This is my contribution to A Lingering Look at Windows – January 2015


Well that was fun, I think…..

When it comes to Christmas and Birthday gifts we’ve received some strange ones over the years. We still laugh at the years when gardening tools and wheelbarrows were my favourites followed by gift vouchers to the big green shed (B’unnings Australia’s largest hardware and gardening chain) so as one of the givers politely said ‘I could buy my own s….’  This was after I mentioned if anyone was passing stables I wouldn’t mind a trailer load of manure as a gift.

The kids have banded together and gifted stage show tickets and overnight hotel accomodation as well as Best Restaurant vouchers and Gold Class cinema tickets which have all been very well received. A couple of years ago i opened a package that had a IOU in with along the words – ‘when the time is right’. It meant that we’d be given a lot of Euros to use on our Mediterranean holiday – to be purchased and gifted when the exchange rate was right 🙂

Some theatre tickets for the Neil Diamond concert here in Melbourne this coming October (birthday treat for both of us) got a big tick of approval last Christmas as did a certificate for Afternoon Tea and a tour of the garden out at Coombe Cottage near Coldstream.  Coombe Cottage used to be the home of Dame Nelly Melba and the family have just opened the gardens to the public.

Then there was this  ‘sensible but fun’ gift was given to us recently from one family:




I’m no stranger to frequenting cash and carry type warehouses and buying in bulk but from what I’d read and been told about shopping at this brand new chain that had just opened a few warehouses here in Australia was….this is a different game altogether…… Starting with the trolley.  A giant sized trolley that I could barely see over let along drive  steer.  (Quick photo from the web of someone else whose face  is blurred but you get the picture.)


First of all we had to have our photo taken – it is on our membership card which is flashed shown when you walk into the barn and handed over when you go to pay.  That was an unknown so there was a lot of hair fluffing going on while The Golfer had his taken.  Once that was done we were off and running – well we couldn’t actually run because I was lagging behind trying to drive the chariot in a straight line 🙂

Did we need an enormous curved tv – no – thats a shame because there seemed to be truck loads of them there all at what seemed like rock bottom prices.  Good if you have the room because they are supersize ones – as is just about everything we saw.  This first visit was more of a look see – I have to say I was a bit dissapointed as things (food products) didn’t seem that much (if at all ) cheaper than my usual place.  We did end up using the trolley but not filled to the brim like some I saw – one person even had two on the go with a rather bedraggled looking ‘husband/partner’ pushing the other with two children penned inside it!

I think it’s a bit like when Aldi opened and there was all that hype and shoppers having to get used to different brands because I saw an awful lot of imported goods on the pallets.  I noticed the customers I saw were mainly what I would call middle aged to younger people, lots of families and not many older shoppers.  In fact in I began to feel like Granny Grey, certainly not out of my depth but a bit out of touch.

There were trolleys loaded with so much food and stuff that even tho’ (as I said earlier) I’ve always bought bulk/ tried to save on cost whenever I could especially as our family grew older and wanted to eat us out of house and home…..



…..I began to wonder what on earth was I doing there contemplating buying up this big when there was only the two of us now??  The other shoppers certainly seemed to be wanting it all and us wanting/needing nothing.

Anyway there was a lot of note taking going on so I can do a bit of price/weight comparison next time I’m in my local and even if we don’t take full advantage there is always someone else I know who will.

And another thing I thought of was even if we don’t actually buy a lot during the year we could always pop in and use the wharehouse as a keep fit centre – I’m sure it’s big enough to get in a couple of kms just walking round and round he displays LOL

As we were leaving The Golfer asked me if I’d enjoyed the Co’stco experience.

My answer: Well it was fun…..I think 🙂

January has been……

This January has been a month of this and that

There’s been none of this

On the beach by Dorothy May Braund

On the beach by Dorothy May Braund

Or that

Platja de la Fragata by Bruce Bingham

Platja de la Fragata by Bruce Bingham

A fair bit of this

Reading by David Hettinger

Reading by David Hettinger

And a little bit of that

Sunday Afternoon by Bruce Bingham

Sunday Afternoon by Bruce Bingham

Had a go at this

Pot Party by Cheryl Bannisterer

Pot Party by Cheryl Bannisterer

So i could have a go at that

Gardening by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Gardening by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

Had a good long think about this


And thought long and hard about that



Did a bit of this

Knitting by Elizabeth  Osborne

Knitting by Elizabeth Osborne

While we watched a lot of that

Cricket on the Green by James Youlden

Cricket on the Green by James Youlden

And now it’s a lot of watching the channel that shows this 🙂

The Tennis Party by Charles March Gere

The Tennis Party by Charles March Gere

 The month hasn’t finished yet

Wonder what will be next??

All suggestions in a sealed envelope please 🙂

Blogging 101 – Try a new posting style

He does, he really does………..

It just seemed like it was one thing after another.

What with dropping my ipad last September in the confusion of repacking carry on things post security checks at Athens airport and it landing on a corner so I ended up with a cracked screen and then the wonky car key I laughed when The Golfer spoke about Christmas gifts.

I live with things that aren’t life threatening – like the car keys and the ipad that is useable, maybe just not A1.  Also like my engagement ring or rather lack of one.  The Golfer and I met in Cyprus just after the Eoka ‘troubles’ there had finished.

 was a Greek Cypriot nationalist guerrilla organisation that fought a campaign for the end of British rule in Cyprus for the island’s self-determination and for eventual union with Greece.

He was a young airman and I a dependant of a very much older airman – otherwise known as a quarter brat:)  We were walking past a jewellers in one of the streets near Ledra Street in Nicosia when I saw a ring I took a fancy to – not a diamond but a pearl.  I was young and the pearl looked different.  Well you should have heard my mother – ‘you’ll have tears all your married days’  Those Irish and their superstions – I didn’t tell her that The Golfer had given me the money to hand over which negated this superstition 🙂

I loved that ring and how different it was – untill I lost it 😦

We were living in Singapore and it was there one day, gone the next, never to been seen again but I couldn’t shed tears as it is the marriage that is important not the trappings and there never were any thoughts of buying another – there were children to be raised, homed and educated, all of which cost money.  These last few years there have been occasions when The Golfer has mentioned another but after all this time that’s been the last thing on my mind although I will admit that when we were in Nicosia last year we half heartedly looked in shop windows in the same area where we bought the first one but nothing took my fancy like that first one.

Anyway just before this last Christmas he told me to come for a drive with him – to look at something so with no idea what it was curious me just played along.  When we arrived at a shopping centre he took me to a jewellers and pointed at something in the window, something he wanted to buy me as a token of his love.  Yes a tiny little pearl ring very similar to the original.

I couldn’t stop giggling and I’m sure the young girl who served us thought he was crazy when he jokingly asked me ‘well what about it, shall we do it?  Your mum and dad aren’t around to say no’  – and I paid for this one as well 🙂

If you enlarge the photo you’ll just see it on my finger just before it was lost 50 years ago. I think this one of me playing with ‘our little girl’ might be the only one around of me wearing it.







I think it’s safe to say
He loves me – He really does 🙂

Seen on a Sunday #4

A couple of days ago Pommepal who blogs at Gypsy Life  had a post about benches which I commented on.  What she had actually done was reblog an earlier post from one of her other blogs, a post about benches – reblogging it (similar to reposting) to use in a meme on another blog highlighting benches.   Seems all the world loves benches 🙂

Benches – one of my favourite items to photograph.  The snaps I take of them don’t always turn out the way I want them to but they are usually reminders of places we’ve been and things we’ve seen.  Like these unusual shaped ones near the City to Sea Bridge in Wellington or the wide shaped wooden ones we saw in Vancouver while walking the False Creek Seawall.

Click on photos to enlarge

Wellington 2011

Wellington 2011


Vancouver 2010

Vancouver 2010



And just by chance I can now add another post to my earlier Seen on a Sunday series from a couple of years ago where I told you – well, what else but about some things I’d Seen on a Sunday lol

In the first one  – Seen on Sunday #1 – I mentioned benches we’d seen made from recyled milk bottles.  Look at what I found while trawling my travel photo folders from another year.

Seen on Sunday August 26th 2012
Near the Cafe on Flagstaff Hill Bowen
Far North Queensland

More of the Whitsunday’s Recycling Scheme

Whitsunday's recycling scheme

Recycled bench plus view of Bowen

Recycled bench plus view of Bowen


Two different styles of the bench this time – the simple one above and this one with formed back and small table structure in front.  Perfect place for your cool drink while taking in the view

bench with back
Flagstaff Hill bench back Bowen

Cafe and Lookout Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ

Cafe and Lookout Flagstaff Hill Bowen FNQ


Did you know

The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle will power a computer for 25 minutes.


It’s a changing world………

Always keen for something different to put on the blog, I’ve taken to changing the header photo over the past year or two – thats the big one up at the top.  Most are local scenes close to where I live, a couple are from places I’ve enjoyed visiting and looking at them you’d be forgiven for thinking I have a liking for water as well as green grass and gum trees.  Definitely true – windy paths and benches are another favourite as well 🙂

Remember what I said the other day about the blog name ‘Still Waters’ – cool calm and collected on the surface but being different underneath? Well I’m hoping that in a way the gentle images below sort of demonstrate that visually.

These are the cropped images I’ve already used.


Glacier Bay Alaska


Queens Beach Bowen Queensland


Cape Schanck Victoria


Donnelly’s Weir Healesville Victoria


The TV masts on The Dandenongs Victoria





Local Parks and Gardens eastern suburbs Melbourne Victoria

Bet you’re wondering what is about to happen now??

Well, being New Year, a time of learning and all that, I was thinking about changing the header and discovered that the theme I use (Cheateau) has the ability to choose pictures randomly instead of using the same (chosen) one all the time.  What that means is that each page has a different photo at the top – whatever the header is when someone comes to the blog should be different to the one on the contact me page or the books read page and so on.

I was like a kid with a new toy after I clicked save – looking and checking the image on each page and discovering (most of the time) a different one to the previous one.  I even went down the sidebar clicking on recent posts to see what was there, laughing at myself for ‘being so clever’ LOL

Have a look and see what you think – click a few pages and see the difference.  Then again it’s possible nobody else but me will actually notice:).

Will I ? Won’t I ? Why do I?

Hot wet and humid
That’s been the week here and ‘they’ say theres more to come!
Good weather for slowing down and thinking about things 🙂

Like I do with lots of things around this time of the year I’ve been thinking about blogging.  Why do we do it ?  What reason would I have to spend time writing for a virtually unknown audience?  Longer post with lots of words coming up so you are at liberty to switch off it you want.

 I started at Blogger a  few years ago now, overweight and feeling down I wanted somewhere to jot things down (facts figures and feelings) so decided to blog rather than keep the paper journal I had going.   I even came up with a very catchy name – or at least I thought it was – ‘Cathys Capers’.  Then the group I was in contact with closed but I thought ‘what the heck, I’m here now’ and carried on writing.

I’m the kid at the back of the class that can’t stop talking so once the weight loss urgency had passed I began to chat about other things and it wasn’t long after that my corny blog name was changed to ‘Still Waters’ – which describes the way I am – looks cool calm and collected on the surface but below is a very different matter.

Certainly not a niche blog writing about one thing and one thing only and with certain readers in mind;  I would (and to a certain extent still do so) natter away to no one in particular with no definite audience in mind.  I started to read other blogs finding there were others who thought like me and seemed to share the same interests.  Some were good, some were bad (in my eyes) but more than likely just ‘different’.

I began to discover there were other ways to express your thoughts and display your ideas. Having the tagline ‘Live Love Laugh and Travel’ certainly meant I could cover a range of topics – which reminds me I haven’t posted an Irish joke for a while and have a post on Ephesus to finish!  Photographs began to appear then I got really clever and added videos.

Then the powers that be over at Blogger decided I couldn’t post – couldn’t even get into the blog – this went on for a while so  I moved over to WordPress.  Oh dear was that a shock to the system!  Nothing was the same!  Although I was able to import the old B Still Waters blog I did change the title a bit, – added my name so it now reads ‘Cathy @ Still Waters’ (kept the same tag line LLL&T because that’s my life and who I am ) so it’s similar and familiar but not the same.

Now you all know I’m not exactly a spring chicken (willing and able but sometimes a bit slow on the uptake) so it took a little while to find my way around, even now I’m still discovering things I can do – like embedding a google map if I so desire lol  Pages were something I added – About me, Books and Blogs – also Contact me which seems to be important because I’ve found there are quite a few readers who would rather email than comment.

And of course I had to decide on a new look – there are so many themes I nearly drove myself crazy trying them all out.  I ended up with Chateau – some might call it nice soft and safe but I like it and it seems to suit – all was well for a while, then I had the urge to change to another, wanted a bigger bolder look, and in the process lost all the little bits and pieces I’d arranged so nicely on the sidebar, got so annoyed I promptly changed back and returned to my previous look.  Bit like changing the furniture round the lounge room ‘cept that is a lot less stressful as there are no worries about widgets and sidebars 🙂

Will I continue – of course I will.  It might not be a frequently as before – I know, I know, I’ve said that before and then have come out with a spate of five posts one after the other but there’s a possibility that happened because I muddled up the scheduled dates:)  I seem to be reading (and following) more and more blogs than ever, those blogrolls on other’s sites are so tempting because you never know what you’ll find hidden away there.  I read, I write, I comment, I obviously connect because many come over to see what I have to say and then decide to stay.

And so it goes!

What about you?
What are the WWWWs of your blog?

(When Why Who What)