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An it’ll do day….

Yesterday was almost perfect, one of those ‘just out of the bandbox’ days. A fraction chilly overnight (3°c) then bright sunny dry and for just a little while nearly warm enough for short sleeves. If all winter days were like that I wouldn’t mind being trapped in Victoria and not sunning myself in Qld. Looked outside first thing and thought It’ll be a perfect washing day then sort out the freezer day. I know I know, very humdrum but it has to be done now and again 😊.

Costco had trays of Osso Bucco cut of veal, good sized pieces, each with plenty of meat as well as the ring of bone filled with the lovely marrow, decided to slow cook that for today’s main meal. So looking in the freezer I’m thinking , I’ll just add some extra stewing beef that’ll stretch it to more than one meal, and also I can add the remains of the beef joint I sliced and froze thinking It could be minced and used for shepherds pie….which hasn’t happened and with a little extra liquid maybe I could squeeze 3 days from it.

Onions – tick. Tinned tomatoes- tick. Garlic – oops no fresh not even a jar of minced. Change of plan……plain tinned toms out – ones with added basil & garlic in. Oregano – tick. Thyme – no. Well there’s some mixed herbs in the cupboard which are Thyme Sage & Marjoram…..that’ll do A couple of Oxo cubes for the stock. The kitchen smelt good all day, It might taste a little different but I’m sure it’ll do 😊

Pumpkin soup making turned into an ‘it’ll have to do’ exercise as well. Had the pumpkin and onion chopped then realised no carrots left. Last time I shopped the supermarket was out of them; none loose or bagged not even the cheaper Odd weird shaped Ones. Looks like I forgot to get some from elsewhere. No sweet potato either in the fridge so I ended up cooking pumpkin and white potato soup. With the weather coming up next week it’ll do nicely for lunch.

What weather I hear you ask.
Well this was the forecast when I looked last night and if they’ve got it right today will be like yesterday, then it’s downhill as we’re in for a cool/cold wet week. Just a slight additional word on Tuesday and Wednesday that’s a little off putting. One of those four lettered words I’m not keen on – like wash, cook, iron, mend…….SNOW.
It mentions Mt Dandenong – that’s a bit close for comfort. Right on our doorstep, just a little drive up the road. Hopefully we won’t see it down here in the foothills but I think the soup’s going to come in handy!

It’ll be a day in the garden today – not sitting sunning my self in my sunnies with my knitting by my side but digging, weeding, raking. I’ve looked at it all winter and kept saying to my self – it’ll get done one day. That’ll be today I think. Hope your Sunday is a good one.

A week is a long time….

I’m sure we all have them.
A week of highs and lows. 
In no particular order here are some of mine from last week

The dreaded C virus is still wreeking havoc with life for us Victorians.
High case numbers each day, sadly high death numbers as well.  Well meaning ‘lectures’ on not taking this second lockdown seriously haven’t gone down well with some of the community.  Wearing a mask is now mandatory…..with no finish date supplied that also hasn’t gone down well with some.

I got to go to the hairdressers again!
Unlike other countries, here in Australia they are classed as ‘essential services’ so after last week’s approved ‘mask less’ appointment I made another another one…….it’s going to be interesting having a trim with a mask on.

Some of Mr Morrison’s money or to give it it’s ‘proper’ name – The Economic Support Payment’ was spent.   My very old iPad mini was replaced by a new one delivered to my door. Well, placed on the ground in front of the door after I’d identified myself.

For my needs there’s not a lot of difference, the main plus is it’s much faster and I can now load apps I couldn’t on the old one. I think I’ve got enough jigsaw apps to keep me entertained for a lifetime – here’s hoping this lockdown doesn’t last that long!

There are a couple of things I have to look into though – I can’t comment on blogger blogs, so have to use the old one. Can be frustrating! And the camera takes some strange coloured photos.  All I did on the camellia up above was not move position (where I was standing) but zoom in and the flower colour changed from wish washy to closer to true. This bloom is very early, the amount of buds is a promise of things to come later.

This is going to sound like a broken record……we had wet days, dry days, dull days, bright sunny days, beautiful sunrises followed by freezing cold days where the temp. did not reach the forecast.  The good thing is those sunrises are coming earlier than they were a month ago.  Yes, the season’s changes are becoming noticeable.  ‘Close the curtains’ time is getting later as well – for geeky readers, Sunrise, Sunset and Daylength (worldwide) can be found HERE

We have lived in this house for over 40yrs so why am I just noticing a draught round my knees.  

If the furniture hasn’t been rearranged for several years and they weren’t apparent before where are they coming from?   lol we haven’t spent a winter at home for years so maybe they’ve been there all the time 😊  It’s an older house so windows have been checked, doors closed,  I’m beginning to sound like my father when The Golfer goes outside……I have memories of him yelling ‘shut that b*******door, I’m heating a house not the whole b****** neighbourhood’! Roll on Summer!

Kathy ( kathy’s kampground kapers) lost her ‘wife’. Kevin had been a long time permanent at her van park for many years, Friday was the day we knew was coming but didn’t want to read about. This post is a beautiful tribute to her friend.

And to finish, this lovely little posy arrived the other day.  From our big girl, she knows her mother well…..the card read – just something to brighten your day’

I’m looking forward to my breakfast and a ‘nice cup of tea’……coffee later.  The Golfer has been experimenting with our oldish machine and different pods – a high and a low I’ll tell you about another day.  Oh and how was your week just gone?  Any highs or lows – you would like to share ?