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‘Tis the season to be giving….

There are many bloggers out there who have ‘giveaways’ where they give little gifts to other bloggers.  There are also many who donate time energy (and finances) to charities.

One of these is Hugh from Hugh’s Views & News who is giving in more ways than one.

This Christmas season he is asking a little from bloggers so he can give a lot to charity.  Pop over and take part in his appeal by leaving a link to your blog.  That’s all there is to it – a little time taken for a big reward all round.

The 2019 Christmas Charity Appeal – Help Me Raise £250 For Battersea Dogs & Cats Home By Leaving Me Links To Your Blogs and Books

Thanks for that – yes, ‘Tis certainly the time for Giving.


Do you do it….

Late last week I was at a function with The Golfer – the end of year breakup meeting of a ‘mixed’ airforce group he belongs to.  Mixed meaning both men and women who had served.  Partners (if they are interested) are welcome at the monthly meeting/get togethers – which clash with my monthly book club….and as I was born into the life (yes I was an airforce brat……Born Raised and Travelled ) then married a serving airman, I’ve seen and heard it all before and don’t need to relive it month after month😝

Being the end of year/Christmas breakup some of the men had brought their wives along so there was a lot of kissy kissy, my goodness how long is it since we’ve seen each other, that long, we should get together more often, and so on.

A ‘very casual’ do….in a small hall……catered for out of funds available… not bring a plate……(sandwiches, some hot finger foods plus some seasonal nibbles) …..not overly posh.   Hot drinks available at a do it yourself machine , drinks if you wanted them at the small bar on the premises.   The caterers would call in later to pick up the ‘plastic’ serving platters.

As I said it’s not sit down but move along the spread that’s been laid out on four tables in a square, covered with Christmas clothes, paper plates, napkins and disposable cutlery in hand.  Then stand around talking or sit down on the chairs arranged meeting style with a few small tables to one side.

So things are drawing to a close, people are getting up and making a move to the door when I noticed ‘stuff’ just left on chairs as well as the big table.  They were saying their goodbyes and leaving without clearing up after themselves.

Having a chat with a long time friend who is now the secretary I mentioned how this was a change from years past…..even as recent as this time last year…… when everyone (that would be most of the people in the room) chipped in, putting their rubbish in the bin and generally helping return the room to the way it was.

“Oh the committee decided that as they are our guests we aren’t expecting that of them anymore.  We wouldn’t expect guests in our home to clear the table after a meal”

As I (also a guest) wandered about the room with a black bin bag in my hand I wondered what had brought about this change in attitude.  How did something that people did automatically…..pitch in and help at ‘gatherings’ like this….. suddenly turn into a ‘I’ll just sit here and let others do that’ situation.

Do you automatically offer to help or do you feel it’s not ‘your job’….you’re a visitor not part of the group.

If you’re invited to a meal in someone else’s home do you offer any help at all or just leave it all to the ‘host’

What to say….

It was  difficult no it was  bl***** hard to stay cool calm and collected – and quiet –  when the driver sitting beside you reverses into a stationery vehicle.   Hard not to yell (read that as scream) “I told you to watch out, I told you there was something behind you”.  Hard not to wonder why ……even though we had begun to move backwards……he was  ‘still getting comfortable’  instead of checking the reversing camera.

What do you say when there is a ding in the back of his car, when he stands there shaking his head, when there’s not a scratch on the other vehicle.  Well, there wouldn’t be would there – it was a ute with a shiny metal tray back with pointy edges which wasn’t even moving.

What do you say when you hear the words “thank goodness for insurance” when you really wanted to hear “are you ok?”  When you’re racking your brain wondering where you’re going to find ‘what doesn’t look like a large amount on paper’ excess but in reality $650 is a fair whack of cash to part with at short notice.

What do you say when he is carless while it is being repaired and you catch the look on his face after you tell him “no he can’t use yours to go to the golf course, that you have your own life to live and you had something planned for the next two days”.   Childish, I know but I wasn’t in the mood to be the little woman who gave into her man – and I did have things planned (and written on the calendar) for the next couple of days.

What do you do at that point – but look at each other and laugh

No words were really needed to say sorry.  But we did  – quietly – to each other 😊

Did you know…..

….it comes in all shapes and sizes and forms?

Well that’s what we discovered when we got to Deniliquin – which is just a quick (less than an hours) drive up the Cobb Hwy from Echuca.

I’ve got short legs so drew the short straw and sat in the back with another short legged lady while the two ‘fellas’ led the way in the front.  Not my favourite place to be because I like to see where we’re going,  I’m not keen on looking at things sideways or peering through the middle of the front seat passengers but we can’t have our own way all the time  (can I 😊😊)

Rainy days are not the best days for ‘sightseeing’ so as we drove past a visitor Information centre with signage for a cafe on the door we all nodded to each other and mouthed the word Coffee!   As well as the Information place and the cafe the building also housed the Peppin Heritage Centre .  The Peppin family were early settlers to the local area who specialised in sheep farming, developing the Peppin Merino breed that is associated with wool production in nearly all the Australian states.

Peppin Merino rams


It was agreed that we couldn’t just sit there in the car complaining discussing the much needed precipitation,  we were out for the day  so while the rain tumbled poured down outside we’d have a wander through the little museum, learn lots about early times, sheep breeding (and hard life in the middle 1800s) on the stations around the Riverina, then,  rather than venture out into the cold, wet, windy day to look at the outside displays (yes I know, we’re fair weather tourists) have coffee and cake under the same roof.

When the rain moved on and the skies cleared, – it was time to move on ourselves 😊

Back in the car, aimlessly driving round, and there it was!

When we were up this way last April we looked at some painted grain silos in Rochester just south of Echuca – do you remember the Silo Art I showed you?

Well it appears rural art comes in all shapes and sizes…..and forms!

Deniliquin now has a newly painted WATER TOWER!  Painted by renowned  street/mural artist  Cam Scales!

I’ve lightened this up considerably – the sky wasn’t that blue, the clouds were a lot darker, it was about to rain again so I didn’t even look at the other side lol  But I did get this one picture featuring two kookaburras to remember it by😊

Joining in with a weekly meme called Monday Murals.

Sami (COLOURFULWORLD) is the host and if you would like to see more – follow this link.

Getting to know you…

Thank you all for the comments on my last post – I feel I know a lot more about you – and your names – than I did before.

I ‘was’ hoping to hear from what I call my silent readers – those who some bloggers call lurkers – those who read and leave without saying a word – never mind it’s good to see them all the same.  Maybe some will become less shy as time goes by.

Possibly I don’t talk about things they feel they can comment on so perhaps I’ll have to think about content.  I’m not a ‘Best Buy’ sort of person who talks about cheapish food and reduced groceries, my recipes are usually off the top of my head using what’s in the cupboard so food plans never get made.  Yes, I have clear outs but once things have gone out the door I wouldn’t be able to remember what was in the bag I dropped off at the op shop.  It’s gone from my head the minute it’s gone from my house.  And I’m certain you really don’t want to hear about my aches and pains.

At the moment I’m in Echuca, north of the state on the Murray, having a break with a couple of old friends plus The Golfer.  The beautiful weather we had anticipated (going by what the bureau had forecast)  didn’t eventuate,  the hIgh winds, thunder, lightning, rain and  hail we’ve had so far weren’t part of the deal when we left home the other day.  There has been sunshine but it’s been quite cool so it’s a good job I brought a range clothing and not just the ones suitable for forecasted 30oC days.  A drive out to Deniliquin yesterday kept us dryish (and warm….in the car) Today after a little ‘cruise’ up the river it looks like we may be going to the cinema instead of walking round town and along the river bank.

 Need to put my thinking cap on now for blog post topics. Any and all suggestions are most welcome .  See you next week….if not before 🤗

Who’s that girl, what’s her name….

She was named in the semi traditional Irish way which varied from family to family,  that of first daughter being after both her grandmothers.  So Catherine Mary is on her birth certificate as well as other ‘important’  documentation.

Catherine aged 2

Her mother’s name was Alice Mary but she was always known as Al – her father’s name was James, known as Jim…….Jimmie to his family

Her paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth after both of  ‘her’ grandmothers – we have no idea what her family called her……to us she was just Granny S.  Granny’s oldest daughter was also named Mary, we knew her as Aunty May.  The next daughter was Margaret Anne known to us as Aunty Maggie.

Our little girl’s mother’s mother, the grandma she never got to meet was Catherine Jane Mary. 

On Irish census records she was called Kathleen and then it was discovered she was registered at birth as Katheline – possibly the result of her father’s accent.  John Joseph Patrick Doyle was from Waterford – Kathleen’s birth was registered in Tralee, Kerry.  A name spoken in an out of town accent possibly being misheard by someone not used to that accent then transcribed as heard …..if you get what I mean 🙂

Before she married she was known as Kitty to her family, after her father’s death she married Isaac John Joseph T (known to everybody as IJJ)  and became Catherine.  IJJ was from the north of Ireland, at that time Kathleen was a ‘southern’ name – say no more!

The Jane was after ‘her’ grandmother (the little girl’s gtgt grandmother) Jane Gatherer who was known as Jean!  Oh that would be the Scottish influence coming into play 😊

So back to Catherine Mary…..she has been known as various names over her lifetime.  Her mother and sisters always called her Cath – at high school it was Katy which then morphed into Cathy.  As she gets older Catherine has come back into play….sounds more mature she often says.  

Trouble is it gets tricky at times when she’s introducing herself as Catherine to someone new and an old acquaintance at the same event comes along and refers to her as Cathy….there can be confused looks or laughter all round.  Then making an appt the other day she offered Catherine as her name,  long pause and the receptionist could be heard muttering away in the background, then came back to ask if she had family with a similar name because all she could find was a Cathy.  She’s going to need a little black book soon to make a note of who knows her as what😎

So here I am on a Monday morning wondering if I’ll ever be known by any more names in my lifetime –  more and more frequently we are identified by a number/letter combination, (user/screen names, pins, passwords etc) in person eye and finger recognition is becoming more common (not sure if it’s more acceptable though). 

As far as names are concerned you could all do me a favour, I have many visitors who pop in to read  Still Waters (the blog) and leave without saying a word…….I would like/love to know your names.  I’d be really pleased If you’d leave me a comment telling me just that and where you live.  How you feel about family names and how we will be identified in the future.

Bye for now.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Cathy

(Sometimes known as Catherine, fondly referred to as Cath,  previously known as Katy.  Oh and often as Mum, Ma, And Grandma!  And yes that’s me at 2yrs old complete with Glengarry hat – a link to the distant Scottish line that came together with an Irish one to form my maternal line and help make me who I am)

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Monday came, Monday went

And no post eventuated

Lets just say an infection arrived- one we don’t normally talk about.

You know the one when you have to pee…..constantly (painfully)

Things are a little better, antibiotics are a marvellous invention.

Lots of water and rest needed.

I’m taking a little time off, I’ll see you another day.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t return, as they are won’t to do.

You know that saying….

We were  on our way up to Echuca  earlier in the year when I took these photos of a sky full of strange clouds.  I’ve no idea of the formation names but some were fluffy – some low lying in the distance  – some streaky where the sun was trying to burst through.

A bit further down the road the look of the sky had changed a bit.  More blue sky – more open – not so ‘crowded’

As we drove along looking at the same but changing ever so slightly view of the clouds I kept thinking ‘there’s something strange up there’

Thats when I said to The Golfer – ‘you know that saying we often use about flying pigs, well I reckon other animals can do it as well’

‘What, as well as the cow who jumped over the moon’ was his reply 😀

‘Just look out there –  can’t you see it floating around in the sky?

One Scottie dog laid on his back, legs in the air, wanting his belly rubbed.

Well that’s what I saw – what about you😎

~ ~ ~ ~

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

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Will be back on Monday – see you then

Cup of soup anyone…..

The aim of our winter trips to Bowen is to relax and enjoy life in a climate that is definitely warmer than at home.  Whilst there’s enough linen crockery cutlery and cooking utensils in the self contained cabin to keep things running smoothly for day to day living we usually pack a couple of plastic storage boxes in the boot using them to take some of our own bits and pieces along for convenience.  Taking a vegetable peeler and tin opener might seem strange but one year the ones in the cabin were ‘wonky’, some microwave cookware and a couple of sharp knives go in as well.

Now I’m not one for elaborate cooking while we’re up there but will ocassionally make soups which we have ‘chunky’ in the bowls provided  – then sometimes I’ll blend it smooth using my Bamix and serve in a couple of old ‘soup mugs’ (similar to this) that I’ve taken up with us.

We’ve had them for years – yes they’re vintage in some people’s minds – they get used when we’re on our own – and also on the road where they’ve come in handy more than once (as coffee mugs and cereal bowls in motels when I haven’t fancied the look of their crockery) They keep ‘food’ warmer than open bowls for a start and I’m not inclined to spill things down the front of me …..don’t ask😊

Anyway to cut a long story short I forgot to pack them this year, couldn’t find anything similar or any really really large mugs in the local op shops and was feeling quite annoyed with myself when The Golfer pointed out something being sold in Safeway.

Continental had a ‘special’ with their packets of soup mixes.  Buy a couple of packets @ $1 each and you get a mug….free.  I’m not saying we ‘don’t’ drink packet soup…we just don’t drink a lot of it…..but I use it sometimes for other things.   So $4 later 2 special mugs made their way back to the cabin.  Where they were used…..  Eventually coming back home with us, promptly being put in the mug drawer and forgotten about

Early last month –  it’s a miserable wet day, I’m passing time looking for things I don’t really know I wanted/needed when I see this!

And then this!


Some may call them Collectables – I’m not so sure

But then people collect all sorts of weird and wonderful things

What I am sure about though, is that someone’s out to make (and collect) some money …….only it looks like they’re not doing too well at it.  Unless they bought up stock when the campaign finished, they seem to be having a hard time getting rid of them  These ads were still there yesterday – same dealer, different ‘get by’ date.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with ours……keep them or give them to the op shop.  Or maybe try to make some money on them. Cup a soup mugs anyone??

There comes a time….

And it looks like that time is about now.

Are you prepared? I was asked the other day.  Prepared for what? I replied  Don’t be daft, you know what I mean was the answer to that one.  Oh yes, I said, those preparations

Seasons come and seasons go – and intertwined within those seasons there are other seasons.  As we get older (in my case especially) we notice the time between those seasons within seasons seems to be shorter and shorter so no sooner have we celebrated one event than the next one has appeared on the horizon.

It would appear that preparation Is the key to enjoying those seasons.

Crafty people in a online craft group I belong to are well into their preparations with their novelty tiny Christmas hats and baby Santa woollen sets.  They look like fun don’t they ……..Can you just imagine how cosy and warm the babe would be dressed in that red coat, hat, bootees and mittens – makes me smile to imagine it

Obviously for little one’s in the Northern Hemisphere 😎






But not for me this year – no seasonal knitting.

I’d occasionally knit miniature stockings which along with other miniature craft items (made by other volunteers) would go on the foyer tree at the nursing home.  ‘Proper’ as in shop bought ones are going on the tree this year!

No seasonal crop plantings this year either
We’re giving the small amount we did do (mainly tomatoes and green beans) a miss.  Aches and pains, time and effort, plus planned time spent away from home all came into the equation and the result was – shop, market stall or even gifts from friends will be the way to go this summer.

No seasonal cooking – which these days means Christmas puddings
Most years I’d cook up a storm earlier in the year before we travelled up to Bowen.  Using Aunty Pam’s recipe – I’d gather all the ingredients together, mix the dry , then the wetand in no time at all (I lie – after several hours boiling)  one big one and several little ones would sit around maturing until the designated eating time.  I’d offer them as gifts knowing they are an acquired taste – last year just one son in law said yes to the offer, everyone else declined.

NO offence taken but I did wonder what they had done with the ones from years gone by I’d just ‘given’ to them.  So this year I haven’t made them.  We won’t be able to take them with us, yes I know they keep and we could eat them ourselves during the year but I suppose I just couldn’t be bothered.  Never mind that fact we’re not supposed to be eating all that rich stuff 😥

Actually there is some preparation going on at the moment that I am involved in and can honestly say I’m enjoying.  The choir has begun rehearsing Christmas carols and songs!  And depending on the ‘situation and intended audience’ in amongst all the traditional ‘serious’ items we are belting this out 😀

How’s all your preparations going?

Are you an early starter or an ‘it’ll be right on the night’ person?

PS:- If you are interested there are 44 days to go until December 25th


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Who knew….

That sitting could be so bad for you


It’s been a(nother) week of coldish wet days spent in a comfy chair, hot drinks, snacks and a book nearby. Knitting not too far away as well.  Wonder if this strange wet almost wintery Spring weather is ever going to end?

Cup Day turned out to be not that bad… couldn’t say that about yesterday….Oaks Day traditionally called Ladies Day (more posh frocks and hats)  was awful. Freezing cold on our side of town with strong winds and heavy rain.  Not much different at Flemington.

I picked up, put down, then finally finished The Offing (Benjamin Myers) – who knew that a book seemingly ‘loved’ by so many wouldn’t interest me at all.  I’d waited in line for quite a while so (unlike me normally) I wasn’t going to give up on it.  But there were so many words, so much description and it just seemed to go on and on – I didn’t ‘warm’ to either of the main characters at all.  Reviews have called It a coming of age story , I can accept that….it’s just that there are others of that genre I much prefer……such as Tim Winton’s ‘coming of age’ novel Breath

Other bloggers have spoken about ‘unusual’  items for a young lad from a pit village to have just after the war but what did sound unusual for me was the mention of freezing strawberries.  Hardly anyone (apart from the rich and famous) had a fridge in those days – did anyone have a freezer?   Even though she seemed to scorn it  Dulcie obviously had the means, had lived the life and mixed with society familiar with ‘the good things in life’ so possibly did possess one but it still didn’t ‘sound’ right.

Luckily up until a few years ago I led a fairly active life and yes, have now slowed down.

Who knows how many sedentary years of  sitting around doing nothing in particular would lead to the problems listed above?

Does anyone really know?

Wordless Wednesday…….Heroes

Come in all shapes and sizes

And do the strangest things

My favourite painting from the recent Heysen exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wordless Wednesday occurs all over the internet each Wednesday, when bloggers let photos speak for themselves.
See what others have to say ‘Wordlessly’ (or almost)
Wordless Wednesday hub

From the Arctic to the Amazon to the Antarctic……

All in the stretch of a couple of weeks 😎

I promised myself I’d not mention the weather for a while…. BUT………this is just ridiculous – from days of ‘cold enough’ to have the heating on……progressing to hot (as in over 30c) and humid enough for several days to have the cooling on….. then reverting back to cold enough for heating and a hot water bottle in the bed accompanied by pouring rain!

The Spring Racing Carnival began last Saturday- watching the Derby Day punters on tv trying to keep out of the torrential rain I discovered that from what I could see of the crowd huddled under cover, $2 plastic ponchos are made in many more colours than clear 😊🌂

Tomorrow is the first Tuesday in November otherwise known as Melbourne Cup Day.

That’s the race that used to stop the nation –  it’s still a public holiday here in Victoria but many shops are open especially in large shopping centres.  It’s a day usually filled with fun and frivolity, frilly dresses and posh hats for the ladies, champagne in the car park ( and a punt on the big race.  Lots of restaurants and pubs have Cup Lunches for groups who want to have fun and watch away from the course – everybody dressed to the nines, with the ‘race’ on big screens and a sweep in progress.   The forecast is 18c/64f with a chance of rain.  Not very nice at all.  Usually the weather is warm and sunny so there’ll  be lots of ‘changing their minds’ over the dresses they planned to wear and how the car park picnics are going to be arranged.


Well we’ll be in front of the telly and if it’s as cold tomorrow as it is today (10c now at 3pm) it’ll be a mug of hot chocolate and a slice of fruit cake in front of us instead of the usual flute of champagne accompanied by cold chicken salad.

Who do I fancy?

Well here’s today’s run down on the field

Last years winner has come back for another go but will be carrying extra weight so may not manage it.  There’s a whole swag of Irish horses there, the Brits are back in town along with a load of others.  24 in the field… the moment the Japanese horse is the favourite, it could change dramatically by ‘horses at the barrier’ time tomorrow – somehow I think it might be stab a pin in the paper time as I’ve no idea who the winner will be.

Right, I’m off to look for penguins – won’t find polar bears here in the Southern Hemisphere – even if it is cold enough for both of them outside!

What are your plans for tomorrow- oh, and what’s the weather like where you are?

Fun and laughter…

It’s the end of a rather stressful month which I’m glad to see the back of

I’m also glad this first day of November falls on a Friday because I’m definitely, most definitely,  in need of some serious fun (and laughter)

Friday Fun often means Jokes

I do have a likeing for the Irish ones and PC or not I love the Blonde ones
So just for you today here’s more of each  – found lurking in a very old folder
They’re not new, you may have heard some of them already, some you may not.
Whatever way – Enjoy

A Russian, an American and a blonde were talking one day,
The Russian said ‘We were the first in space ‘
The American said, “We were the first on the moon.’
The Blonde said ‘so what? We are going to be the first on the sun ‘
The Russian and the American looked at each other and shook their heads.
’You can’t land on the sun, dum dum.
‘You’ll burn up’ said the Russian.
To which the blonde replied – ‘we’re not stupid you know.

We’re going at night’

~ ~ ~ ~

A girl was visiting her blonde friend who had acquired two new dogs.
The girl asked what their names were.
The blonde responded by saying
that one was named Rolex
and one was named Timex.
Her friend said, Whoever heard of someone naming their dogs like that?
HELLLOOOOOO….., answered the blonde.

They’re watch dogs.

~ ~ ~ ~

A blonde was playing Trivial Pursuit one night.
It was her turn.
She rolled the dice and she landed on Science and Nature.
Her question was, “If you were in a vacuum and someone calls your name,
can you hear it?”
She thought for a time and then asked,

‘Is it on or off?’

~ ~ ~ ~
An Irishman was trying to learn golf and having a terrible time of it.
“I’d give just about anything to get this right!” he says aloud.
Straight on the Devil appears and says “Anything?”
“Well, short of selling my soul, yes.”
“How about giving up sex for the rest of your life?”
“Done and done!”
He finishes the game in rare good form and rumour of his deal spreads thru the clubhouse.
One of the members, a reporter, sees a story here and asks him
“Sir, is it true you made a deal with the Devil to become a great golfer?”
“True, enough.”
“And you gave up sex as your part of the bargain?”
“True again!”
“And may I have your name, sir?”
“Certainly. Father Mike O’Ryan.”

~ ~ ~ ~
So as I said, unlike many, making fun of the Irish and Blondes doesn’t bother me
‘cose you all know my background
and at one time of my life – in my much younger days – I ‘was‘ a blonde:)


What do you know Wednesday…

It’s not ‘what’ you know – but ‘who’ you know

We hear that a lot in life

But there are also times when it of no use to me

For instance…..

If you look at this 8 generation direct line chart…….of the 510 ‘people,’ noted I know the name and other details of 49 plus me.  I know who they are.

That doesn’t sound a lot does it?

 Tracing who’s who when dealing with those elusive Irish records is not easy.

So for me at times it often turns out to be

It’s not ‘who‘ you know – but ‘what‘ you know that helps me along the way.

Also knowing where to find it 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Of course there are many other ‘indirect’ names recorded

If I look sideways…..then up and down lol

How about you?  What or who do you know?

How many can you name?

Do you ever wonder…

Cars never played a part in my life until we came to Australia.  There was always a bus at the end of the road or you walked.  We (well The Golfer) did own a car…..which went with him to work so the option for me to use it wasn’t there.  Or the funds to buy another one just for me!

Andrew has just retired and did what many new retirees do,  bought a new car, trading his reasonably newish one for one higher of the ground (easier to get in and out of)  which made me think about one of the cars I owned back in the 1980/90s

Not new then, couldn’t afford a new one, but I treated it like a new one and it certainly was a well loved one.  Sleek and shiny, compact with everything close at hand (remember I’m only a little lady with short arms), a heater that worked (usually) certainly no aircon (unless you wound down the window) and a manual drive….none of this automatic stuff that’s the norm these days 😎

I loved my little Holden Gemini coupe that…..if I’m remembering rightly….no pictures were taken to remind me….looked like this white one….’cept it was coloured this exact shade of yellow.  Fairly low, with two doors and a detachable black louvre across that sloping back window, room for me and my parcels, it went like a bomb.  Or at least that’s what it sounded like before I had a new exhaust put in.

Then in 1994 The Golfer accepted a position interstate and treated me to a ‘brand new car’ – my first Lance(r).  Of course I couldn’t say ‘no thanks darling I’d rather drive my 20yr old one instead’ so he was accepted gratefully.  I will always remember Lance mark1 with fondness – I wrote about the day we said goodbye as a sort of tribute.

Yes I know a car’s a car, it’s just there to get me from A to B, safely and in reasonable comfort, such as is expected now in 2019

BUT I do wonder what happened to my little yellow bullet.  Was she looked after by the young lad who bought her from me all those years ago.  Would I be comfortable to drive her today- never mind be able to get into her 😎

What about you- do you have memories about previous cars…..share the good, the bad and the ugly if you dare….or care to remember 🚕🚗🚙