Just one of the things you can encounter……

So we’d not long started off on Friday morning, travelling from Goondiwindi to Rockhampton in beautiful Queensland when the Highway Patrol appeared with lights flashing, wand waving out the driver’s window to shepherd us all off the bitumen

Then the second one came along making sure we’d really moved over

Then the Pilot car turned up with lights flashing

Because…..this was on the move

Special measures need to be taken when some oversize loads are moved around from place to place.

This would have been going on all the way from where they were coming from to wherever they were going

Have you guessed where I’m going??

Would it be allowed today?

A little bit of light relief after my ‘troubles and woes’ of the last couple of days 😎💕

~ ~ ~ ~

Fed up with being inside on the rainy days of a couple of weeks ago I took advantage of some sunshine last week to take a walk in the park.  The one with the wetlands, long windy paths, views of The Dandenongs and lots of things to keep busy energetic little ones happy.

Little ones like these I could see way up in the distance – mums busy chatting, one with a stroller the other carrying a little girl and the little boy full of beans running ahead.  (I used zoom making sure their faces weren’t visible)

I’d seen them earlier – in and on some of secret places where little ones like these along with their Mums and Dads and maybe big brothers and sisters like to meet.










There are so many pieces of equipment there in the special area of the park designated for children it’s often crowded at the weekend but not so on this day.  A beautiful sunny day but oh so cold, only the hardy were out and about.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And look what turned up on fb that very same day.  I know it’s been doing the rounds for a while but it brought a smile to my face as I remembered when the boys stopped running and pushing and jumped on to spin round with the screaming girls.  And then that awful feeling of floundering around with a spinning head when it stopped 😊

Are any of you old enough to remember them?

I’m curious to know if it would be allowed in any of the playgrounds today

Please let me know

Well I’ve found what I think is a ‘softer’ look so we’ll stay with this one for a while 🙂

The title and header have been rearranged however there is still a lot of white space there still (which for some reason bothers me) – does it look softer than the previous one i.e. the one I had there yesterday?

In a comment on the last post Angela mentioned seeing advertisements – another blogger had also alluded to this a while ago but I didn’t think any more about it – SO could you let me know if they are still there.  When I log out and have a look there’s nothing there so it could just be a haphazard arrangement.

I vaguely remember WordPress saying something about them to keep the site ‘free’ (and yes I know blogger is free but I’ve been there done that and it ended up in tears 😦 ) so if all else fails and they still appear I might (might) have to pay to have my own domain.  Hoping it doesn’t come to that.

As they say – just looking at life in a different way should help.  Here’s hoping it does.

Frustration point here at the moment – wondering if….. well….. we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


Seeing if this works

Hoping this posts as the ‘new’ header
Still having to use the app – nothing happening on the iPad using Safari or Chrome.

Just get a blue screen with a big W in the centre 😩

It’s quite clumsy, certainly not the easiest way to go about things but as The Golfer has first dibs on the PC when he’s home I’m happy I’m not shut out altogether.

Another day tomorrow- here’s hoping it gets easier 😎

All change

Well maybe the problem was because my theme had been ‘retired’ so I’m hoping that changing to another theme will help with my blog problem.

Not sure if I’m all that keen on what I’ve chosen and I’ll try to find another header picture – at least I can access to post on the PC.  I know my iPad has been playing up but I wouldn’t think that was the problem because all other websites were ok.

Anyway we’ll go with this (free) one for a while even though there is an awful lot of white space 🙂

Bye for now


Have had to download the WordPress app because I couldn’t get into the blog any other way. 😟

Couldn’t log in or open it up on the PC or the iPad 😟

Only half the little ‘thingamejigs’ are there – those things that let you go bold or add a table

Is anyone else on WordPress having troubles this morning ?


There are days when all I hear is my mother’s voice

‘Everything comes to those who wait!  –  Patience is a virtue!

There are days I even acknowledge she might have been right 😊😎

Thanks for all the comments on my sleeplessness post.  Things are a bit better – I’m dropping off more quickly and staying asleep longer.  Yes, there’s been some of those dreaded 2hour cycles and there are still some of those ‘why can’t I go back to sleep moments’ but they are definitely much less frequent than before.

The bedroom got a deeper clean than usual, I turned the mattress, then wondering if these really cold nights could’ve been part of the problem added another blanket beneath the sheepskin underlay and finished off by changing my pillows to some from the spare room bed.  At the moment I’m trying out a few handy hints – wind down earlier, no screens before bed, bed socks to keep the feet warm, turn the clock face away They may be making a difference or the problem could just be going away naturally – whichever it is I’m definitely feeling more alive now.

I had to laugh as my GP more or less said the same as Mum would have – no pills to begin with, take it slowly, try working things out and often it just happens when you least expect it!

Patience has been needed on my part to deal with this cold Winter.

Yes mum, I’m waiting patiently.  I know that in just a couple of weeks I’ll be able to dip my toes into the Coral Sea while I relax at Rose Bay in Bowen.

Just wish it would hurry up and arrive 😎

Meanwhile I’ll just think about what to wear tomorrow.  We’re off to the theeateter – going to see the Mamma Mia musical (thank you children for our chrissy present, I’m sure it will be worth the wait). Going in by train so it’ll be a bit on the chilly side because the forecast a little while ago was…….going down to 1c overnight, going up to 13c. Somehow I don’t think it’ll be a posh frock day, more of a boots, trousers and jumper day!

Yes, it’s Friday…

No Fun Friday here today though

Mr Insomnia……my friend from long ago…..has decided to visit again

I’m not feeling the best – in fact I’m feeling b…..awful

So am having a break for a while

Might be just for a week – maybe longer

Just until….well, just until I can pinpoint the cause

And send it on its way 😊

C & A weather….

Poor Andrew was feeling it cold last night

He should have been at my house 😟

Our heating went on for the first time

This morning there was an added accessory to my ‘going to the pool wear’

A beanie to keep my ears warm 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

For many years C & A was a department store in the High Sreet where we lived

So C & A weather – was one of my mum’s expressions when it was cold.

C&A meaning Coats and ‘Ats!

Tennis isn’t just tennis you know….

But first I’d like to say thank you to everyone who commented on the previous post about social media and all the odd goings on.  I enjoyed reading how you cope with the good the bad and the ugly side of it all.

~ ~ ~ ~

Tennis – that game where two people (or even four at times) hit a ball over a net trying to get the other person to make a mistake by hitting the ball too hard and not getting it into the allocated space or not being able to hit the ball over the net or missing the ball altogether.

Perhaps it’s not that simple but that’s what it seemed to be like when we played at school.  ‘Stop talking Catherine and just hit the ball over the net or you can go back to school and stand on the stage until we return’. I can still remember the games mistress yelling that at me across the courts lol

And of course all those in the know play it very well – we’ve had and still have oodles of very very good (read world class) tennis players in town over the past week or two for The Australian Open which is broadcast ‘live and free’ on TV.

Hot days meant – and I’ll be truthful- meant I’ve spent lots of time in the cool doing just that.  Watching sport on TV. As well as the tennis which is on until the end of this week there has also been televised The Tour Down Under (cycling) and Ond Day International Cricket.  One afternoon I thought I’d have a little fun playing silly so and sos with my iPad trying to take photos without leaving my chair.

Didn’t work – too far away and they wouldn’t stay still lol

You can click on the gallery for larger photos

Anyway Tennis was calling – The Megawall tells the story

I watched a ‘young lad’ called Kylel Edmund play someone with a very long name which I can’t pronounce. It turned into a long 5 set match that he won in the end.


Later I asked The Golfer where the other player came from as I didn’t recognise the flag.  Neither of us knew so we then discovered Tennis Australia have a handy dandy player listing with flags and countries for each competitor which you can look at HERE

See I said Tennis isn’t just tennis – that afternoon it was a photography and a geography lesson rolled into one.  Did you know Mr Basilashvili comes from Georgia?

 Young Edmund has crept closer to the Final by beating Grigor Dimitrov – who comes from Bulgaria.

And it would seem I need to go back to school and revise some of my geography because I’m sure half the countries on the list didn’t exist when I was at school😊😊

Those between days….

It’s those days between the festive season and the middle of January – you’re still in ‘holiday’ mood but with the New Year begun you feel you ought to be doing something.

This is the time of year when I see things in a different light – it’s also the time of the year when the sunlight shows all the things that have been hiding in the shadows.  You know – things like dusty skirting boards, cobwebs and dratted dirty windows 😬

So even though Spring might have been and gone, in between sitting around reading and generally doing nothing there are times on these warm summer days I often feel compelled to give some rooms a ‘deep’ clean.  Strip the room bare, give it a good once over, put it back together all nice and clean and walk away content.  The rest of the year the house could fall down around me and I’d not be bothered 😊

And here just for your viewing is part of today’s effort. A before and after shot of nice shiny clean front bedroom windows along with freshly laundered curtains.  Yes I’m an old lady who has terylene net (better known by the modern name ‘sheer’) curtains on her big windows.

Of course Kiera’s routine hasn’t changed – she eats and sleeps as is normal for an 18yyr old.  She has altered one thing since we came back in December, in that she has forsaken her favourite sunny spot from previous years on the edge of the deck for the warm shade of a bed in the old garage.

She has a room with a view plus early warning if that new cat……the one that moved into the neighbourhood whilst we were away last April……uses our back garden as a short cut to his own house!  From the look of those pricked ears I think he might have been doing just that.

I’m off for an early bed now, there’s a pleasant not too hot day forecast for tomorrow so I might even attempt another room with big windows.


An explanation……

Regarding the last two posts

i need to tell you all we aren’t actually in Vancouver at the moment.

The photographs are from our 2010 visit.

Several people (in comments and emails) had mentioned not having seen the sculpture so I thought Id explain where it was and how to get there.

I seem to have misled some of you – Sorry 🙂