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Feel good Friday….

It’s been a strange week here full of emotion and ‘words’ – I’m beginning to feel hemmed in and ‘restricted’ more so now than over the past weeks.¬† Who knew that state Premiers not agreeing on when to open their borders, golf being allowed but choir singing not, farts and having sausages for dinner two nights in a row could be reasons for a war of words in our household.

There was one bright happening I’ll tell you about……and it appeared when I wasn’t even looking.¬† Since the world blew up in our faces lots of my emails have remained unread…no interest – couldn’t be bothered – you name it, it just didn’t happen.¬† Anyway trying to clear my head by clearing the inbox seemed like a good way to spend half an hour and that’s when I saw something that really put all this weeks rubbishy¬† ‘stuff’ into the garbage bin where it belonged!

Sometimes I tell you about the things I knit ūüôā
I give/donate them to Knit One Give One (aka KOGO) ¬†who then give to what they call community partners (We supply our items to over 280 Community partner organisations. These are Public Benevolent Institutions, charities and government agencies ¬†source)¬†¬†which means none of us knitters know where our gifts will end up or who will benefit from our ‘handwork’

September last year I mentioned that while we were in Bowen I’d been trying to use up odd left over half balls and how I’d been taking a bit of this colour and mixing with a bit of that…..hoping¬† to end with some pleasant, what I call half and halves.¬† See here for the end result –

These are some I came home with –¬† for some reason¬† I was particularly happy with the one below.

The soft tones of the pink and grey were a good mix.  Not as dark  in colour as these photos Рjust right for a young one, no matter where they were living or what their  family circumstances were.

OK back to the emails.
Look what I saw when I opened a recent newsletter.  A delightful little one with a big smile on her face wearing a pink and grey raglan sleeved cardigan, pink stripes on the sleeve cuffs finished off with grey buttons.  Certainly brought a smile to my face.

The sun has just come out to dry up some of the enormous amount of rain we’ve had over the past couple of days.¬† Maybe some time in the garden is what I need…..then I can pick up the needles again ūüôā

All quiet in the eastern suburbs…..

For weeks on end I would walk to the end of the street and see this.

A main road lined with old trees making its way up to Montrose and then on up those hills (aka The Dandenongs) in the near distance.  

Looking the other way the main road makes it way to Croydon- a nearby suburb where you can pick up the train to the city (aka Melbourne)

What’s strange about these photos is the lack of traffic.

There is a distinct change happening tho’ – the traffic is returning. ¬†I can hear the noise first thing in the morning and then late afternoon. ¬†People are on the move again and I’m feeling quite ‘sad’ about that. ¬†Yes life must go on, we have to ‘open up’ but……….


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Answer me……

If there were three words that put the fear of God into me as it a child it was – Answer me child! ¬†Coming from my mother they were sure to have me clam up and do the opposite. ¬†I still have the memories of those ‘conversations’ to this day – whatever I said after those words would never be what she wanted to hear.

The Golfer tells me I speak to myself, ¬†asking myself all sorts of questions, ¬†which I sort of acknowledge and ¬†jokingly tell him ‘at least I’ll have the answer when I remember it’ ¬†It appears I also talk to inanimate objects like the tv and the microwave…..that last one I’ll agree on. ¬†Doesn’t everybody say….’ I know you’re finished, just wait a minute ‘ when they hear the ding?

Now because of this rotten virus we’ve been ‘together’ as in close company for the past eight weeks or so and I didn’t hear him mention this at all during that time – but last Friday when he’s away at golf I heard myself exclaim ‘well I never knew that’. ¬†The library sent emails about a home delivery courier service they were trialling and how well it was being received. ¬†First I’d heard of it!

I distinctly heard the words ‘Come on, what do you think you’re playing at’ when the corner of the bottom fitted sheet wouldn’t pull off so it could go in the wash. ¬†And then there was the conversation with a button……

See the little button on the floor. ¬†That’s where I found it. ¬†I was so surprised I even took a photo. ¬†See how small it is…no wonder I didn’t see it earlier. ¬†There was no answer when I asked ‘what are you doing down there, I bet you’ve been hiding there all the time’ ¬†

You see when I discovered ¬†I had a bit of time up my sleeve for closing the donation box I knew I had time to finish off one last tiny baby cardigan. ¬† ¬† Three buttons on…but where’s the fourth? ¬†Nowhere to be seen so a quick rummage through the button bag for another and all done. ¬†The box is now sealed ready to go….there’ll be no need for buttons for a while…..I’m eyeing up round neck 2yr boys jumpers/sweaters as a ¬†change from all those little things.ūüėä

So later on after my morning coffee I’m thinking it might be a good idea to give the button bag a bit of a sort out. ¬†It’s like Aladdin’s cave…..a big bag filled with little bags of buttons. ¬†All shapes and sizes and colours. ¬†I should show you sometime….well, maybe not. ¬†There’s a limit to what readers will accept – or is there? ¬†I wonder what your answers would be ūüėä

All is not lost….

No, all is not lost. Two bits of good news!  For me anyway!

Guess where The Golfer’s off to this morning?

Easing of restrictions means he’s a very Happy ¬†Chappy. ¬†He cleaned his balls and his clubs yesterday and laid out his clothes last night. ¬†Doesn’t matter it’s going to be cold first thing (overnight temp forecast 4c!) and the last time he played he wore shorts and polo shirt. ¬†Eager? ¬† You bet!


I went to the supermarket the other day…..and there they were.

 Nestled together on the shelves

I’d show you the ones I brought home but they were too irresistible to leave alone

These are from another year – I’m sure you’ll agree they are delightful

Little rays of sunshine – Soft and plump and juicy

The sight of these is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face ūüėé

Absolutely perfect ūüôā

In the shops now ‚Äď Imperial mandarins ‚Äď my favourite ray of sunshine during winter in Melbourne.


Did you know Р(I read this somewhere but can’t find the source)
Mandarins originated from southern China and were named after the Chinese officials of the Imperial court ‘the Mandarins’ who used the fruit for various medicinal purposes.

Imperial mandarins are the first domestic mandarin variety to be harvested each year, picked April through to May. Imperials are refreshing and exuberantly orange in colour and are one of only a handful of popular varieties that originated here in Australia. The variety was first recognised in Sydney in 1890 and has since become the most popular mandarin on the market due to that sweet ‚Äėeverybody loves‚Äô flavour. The easy to peel skin and minimal seeds, makes them a family favourite, great for snacks and school lunches. ¬†source

Fat free, saturated fat free, cholesterol free, sodium free, they are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of vitamin A  source

I prefer mandarins to oranges ‚Äď What fruits do you enjoy more than others?s

Something’s stirring….

And it certainly wasn’t me ūüėä

Tuesday – always a non day, the busyness of Monday has gone and the quietness of Wednesday has yet to come.

So what did I do yesterday – Tuesday our time. ¬†Well not a lot actually. ¬†A restless night with broken sleep didn’t help. ¬†It was cold overnight yet beautifully sunny first thing, not tempting enough to go outside that early though, not until I’d had half an hour in a nice warm bath with Echoes, an old 1997 Maeve Binchy

A quick wander down the bottom of the garden midmorning showed that some things are stirring…..we might want the world to stand still so we can get off this awful merry go round we’re on at the moment…..the one called living with a pandemic……but nature has other ideas. ¬†Life doesn’t stand still for her.

The small snippets of information gleaned from the Premier’s easing of restrictions bulletin had me wondering if my charity would be reopening it’s doors soon so early afternoon ¬†I made a slow start on packing all the hand knits ready to drop the box off at the local pick up point. ¬†‘Not yet’ was the word from them later, ¬†it’ll be ready to go when they are.

Do you like the latest finish?

Facts and figure fascinate me. With all the daily briefings we’ve had recently there’s been oodles of them floating around . ¬†On another level ¬†Here’s a website I found a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to find worldwide information on the current crisis. ¬†Wait for it to load then scroll down to see the (quite daunting) individual country totals…..there are other tabs at the top worth looking at.

When I turned the heating off and went to bed last night the world totals were 4,256,539 cases – 287,353 deaths.

I wonder what it is now?

I wish……

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in Australia – all the talk is about how it was a different occasion for mothers in different states. ¬† Some states are relaxing restrictions and allowing gatherings of various sizes. The ‘state of emergency’ here in Victoria ends today which is when all these rules and regs. will be reassessed and we’ll learn what we can and can’t do as we slowly bring our lives back to normal…..whatever that will be.

Last week there was much talk and news reporting about VE Day – lots of archival sentimental singing and British street parties as well as those taking place there and then in real time. ¬† The celebration was for the ending of a war in Europe – of course we know it certainly wasn’t ‘all over’……it was business as usual in other parts of the world. ¬†My mum, ¬†her extended family and me as a 2 yr old were in Portsmouth……my dad was way way away with an RAF runway construction unit in Burma, then later in Hong Kong so for him VJ Day (Victory in Japan) later to be known so VP Day (Victory in the Pacific) was more relevant.

We’d all seen the infamous photo taken of dad in khaki along with the ‘bar room hostess’ – I’m sure he was stressed by what was happening and this was a way to let off steam. ¬†Those times had a deeper effect on mum, ¬†courtesy of bombing raids thunderstorms would see her in the cupboard under the stairs, there’s no way she would have climbed up onto a gun for a photo shoot with her daughters.











Somehow/Somewhere my brother found an old photo of Dad to put on a VE Day post on Facebook – one I’d never seen before. ¬†Taken during those war years in the Far East – I see a man I never knew, a young ¬†Irishman aged 25. ¬†He looks fun, an attribute he never lost, gosh I wish I’d known him then, before he became ‘just our dad!’

I wish I hadn’t done that…..

It’s not very often I wish I hadn’t ‘donated’ something to the op shop. Once I’ve given it away in the hope someone else can use it that’s it. ¬†Early on in this ‘horrible season’ one of my daughters asked about the big pile of jigsaw puzzles we have had in the cupboard for more years than I can remember. ¬†“Oh sorry, I gave them away a while ago.”

Jigsaws are something we’ve always had – from the big clunky wooden ones the children received on early birthdays through to the biggish 1000 piece ones they were given as adults ¬†Good family fun, keeping the eyes and the brains working, with none of the squabbling board games produced……except when one certain young lady got up early to finish a puzzle another child had worked on all the previous dayūüėä

Everyone had left home, The Golfer wasn’t interested and I hadn’t ‘played’ with them for a long time- the cats seemed to think they had the right to sit on them or see how many pieces they could knock onto the floor – so occasionally I’d get some fun doing them online but sort of lost interest after a while…..then In¬†one of my what’s in this cupboard that hasn’t been used for a long time ¬†tidying up frenzies gave them to the op shop.

Seeing Kay’s post the other day about Art and the big jigsaw¬†and seeing the fun he wa having had me again wishing I hadn’t given them away. ¬†THEN reading the comments I noticed someone mention an online site Jigsaw Explorer ¬†Oh joy, will you look at that – oodles of them – just ready to be played with – I’ve been ‘at home’ for 8 weeks now and definitely need something new to keep me occupied…….. I think I’ve found it………everything else will be given the heave ho for a while. ¬†Forget Solitaire and FreeCell…I’m off to have fun!

Oh and if you’ve ever wondered about creating a jigsaw from your own photos I found this tutorial online – by coincidence using the same site

Fun¬†Friday ‚Äď the day you forget the worries of the week and have fun

What ya reading Wednesday….

I saw this little ‘poster’ online somewhere and felt it summed up the past few weeks.


As well as spending a good bit of my time recently with needles in my hand and chasing up long lost ancestors …..I ‘discovered’ another sister of one of my GT Grandmothers…..there has always a book close at hand for quiet moments when I wanted to retreat from all the ongoing madness.

Two that I read were written by new to me authors ¬†– well not new in that I had never heard of them – just new in that I’d never read any of their works before. ¬†And just by chance both books were the authors’ first novels and also the first in a series.

Jo Nesb√ł -The Bat

Book Blurb:- ¬†Detective Harry Hole Is meant to keep out of trouble. ¬†A young Norwegian girl on a gap year in Sydney has been murdered and Harry has been sent to Australia to assist in any way he can…..when the team unearths a string of unsolved murders nothing will stop Harry from finding out the truth.

Such an easy read, Harry Hole sent to observe but becomes involved. ¬† It starts slowly but moves along dramatically/ violently/ humourously even at times- twisting and turning to a very surprising end. ¬†Introduces the reader to Harry’s past which influences his present. ¬†The other characters (the police he is working with) were very Australian, their language full of local expressions, ¬†not quite what he was used to and the more he learns about the first death the more he unearths about previous killings giving him reasons to become more involved in finding the killer.


Michael Robotham – Suspect/The Suspect

Book Blurb:- Joseph O’Loughlin appears to have the perfect life- a beautiful wife, a loving daughter and a successful career as a clinical psychologist. ¬†But nothing can be taken for granted. ¬†Even the most flawless existence is only a loose thread away from unravelling. ¬†All it takes is a murdered girl, a troubled patient and the biggest lie of his life.¬†

If I’d known I’d be reading the same story twice I might have thought twice about actually reading this book. ¬†The thing is it was what made the book what it was.

A really good read!

The first chapter certainly draws you in – meeting the main character on a window ledge trying to talk someone out of jumping! ¬†Later he becomes involved in what appeares to be the murder of a prostitute but is actually someone he knew a few years previously. ¬†Add that to the fact he’s recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and the book is off and running. ¬†It follows his daily life seeing patients- one in particular is marked in his mind as the killer but after a conversation with the investigating police officer it’s he who becomes the suspect. ¬†Cue part two!

After his arrest the ‘story’ is rewritten – same people places with different dialogue, thoughts, reasoning and explanations. ¬†Of course Joe O’Loughlin is innocent, he proves the one he suspected is guilty in a very surprising ending.


Have any of you read either of these books? ¬†I’m hoping the library reopens soon as I’d like to order more of these authors works/series.

Until then I’m plodding through the large pile here at home. ¬†Next in line are two from my ‘give the girls a go‘ idea.

The Hunters Wife – Kathleen Scholes

Daughters of Australia – Harmony Verna


One extreme to the other

Andrew was so right last week when he mentioned in comments to look out for unseasonable weather that was on its way.  After the beautifully warm and sunny week before the days certainly went downhill from Wednesday Рcold very wet and very windy,  turning into the coldest start to May for a long long time.  There was even snow up at Lake Mountain just an hour and a half from here.

Then Elizabeth bemoaned the fact she had to resort to google to change celcius figures to fahrenheit – I’ll let you into a secret Elizabeth… so do I. Australia had turned metric just before we arrived in 1972 and the ‘new to me system’ was so much easier to use so apart from giving dual figures for blog readers I never think about converting. ¬†We did learn the equation at school but that was a very long time ago so like many things in my life I take the easy way out now and get help ūüėä

Bet you don’t have one of these in your house

See what happens when I rummage through things¬† decide I’ll do a little clear out. ¬†This was the end result of the day I found the Mother’s Day card and the ID badge. ¬†Things I was going to put into their proper place had sort of graduated to the spare bed, add to that the boxes I was looking through plus the Hoover that lives in a cupboard directly opposite not being put away….because it was going to be used when I’d tidied up the room……the spare wool blanket that lives in the same cupboard just dropped and not returned when we decided to put the weighted blanket on our bed instead…..

It’s not that I have a short attention span – it’s more like I want to move on to other more interesting things – so if that’s the extreme you ‘may’ get to see the other but in the meantime until the mood is right I just glance (and shudder) as I’m passing and leave the room looking like a bomb hit it ūüėä

I will just show you another little treasure I found in one of the boxes. ¬†Many of you will remember my Aunty Pam who I wrote about for a few years . ¬†Her slide from a perfectly normal beautiful (in more ways than one) person to one with dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease) was awful to see. ¬†I’m still on the mailing list of our local association and this arrived in the post the other week. ¬†A puzzle book to keep your brain active. ¬†25 pages with lots of different sorts of puzzles…..all I can say is thank goodness they put the answers at the end ¬†ūüėä








I did get the Play on Words one!








Its Monday morning here, it’s raining again outside, it’s nearly time for coffee then what….maybe I’ll take a look in that bedroom door again ….or maybe……..

What are your plans for this first Monday In May?

Star Wars Day.

Whatever you do ‘May the 4th be with you’

Friday Finishes…

It’s a standing joke amongst ¬†some of my friends that I’m I known¬†as ‘the little old lady who knits’.¬†It’s something I’ve always done.

Most of you know that what I knit these days goes to a local charity rather than family – and instead of the scarves beanies and gloves that other volunteers make I prefer to give my time to the baby and toddler programme. ¬†I bet you’ve all been bored by¬† seen lots of the little cardigans and jumpers I’ve worked on, the reason for me making those sizes is (not because I’m permanently clucky ūüėä) but because they grow quickly which means they are finished before I get bored with them’ which then means I can get on with something else!

Over the recent ‘stay at home’ weeks the needles have been clicking like crazy – it passed the time in what I’m calling the ‘horror season’ ¬†I don’t know about you but a fair bit of news …..national as well as international…….has been watched, each and every bulletin available devoured. ¬†Anyway that……like the ¬†confirmed cases……has slowed down considerably thank goodness, so now I’m recovering my composure by ¬†staying away from ‘news channels’, biding my time gathering all things together and tidying up loose ends. ¬†Sewing up and placing buttons so the finished garments are ready to go to their new homes (wherever that might be)

Hot off the needles this week is this little grandad neck shirt

¬†Over the years I’ve knit oodles of them….these below are just a few…….using the stitch count on the pattern to get the sizing but altering colour and design. ¬†One feature of the original garment (picture below from pattern) – the collar- has been ‘deleted’……after a couple of times of trying and not being able to get it to sit right I decided a neckband worked better for me.




This time I decided to add the mock cable design from this pattern on the left – one that’s been in my pile for a long long time.

Thankfully the stitch count worked out right……juggling stitches – adding/subtracting….is par for the course when you ¬†adapt patterns….so once I’d set the first four rows it knit up a charm. ¬† I think knitting ¬†plain stocking stitch on the back and sleeves gave it a more simple boyish look, as well as highlighting the front panel.

Agreed ?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here’s a funny story about a little boy whose Mum (she who many years later became the little old lady who knits) ¬†put that very same cable pattern on the front of one of his jumpers.

One day long ago in 1969 he went on a drive from Ipswich where he lived to see his Nanna and Grandad in Colchester, which is where they lived. ¬†He fell asleep in the car and woke in a very grumpy mood when they arrived. ¬†His Nanna asked his Mum and Dad if they would take him and his brothers and sisters to a local park and take some photographs with her old box brownie because she didn’t have any recent ones.

So back into the car they all get which didn’t please him at all. ¬†In his temper he took off his shoes and got even more ‘angry’ because his Mum wouldn’t put them back on, instead ¬†carrying him to the chosen bench, where he certainly made his feelings known ūüėä

He was feeling very sorry for himself so his Mum tried to cuddle him while his sister (the one his Mum refers to as ‘our litte girl’) undid the buckles on his very (expensive) nice red shoes.

Lots of cuddles later (with his shoes on) he sat with the others on the bench but no matter how many times his Mum and Dad tried ¬†to coax him there was no way he ¬†was going ¬†to ¬†‘smile’. ¬† In fact he was starting to annoy the others with his sulking. ¬†His favourite brother kept ¬†giving ¬†him dirty looks, ¬†‘our big girl’ ¬†kept telling ¬†him to ¬†shush, ¬†‘our little girl’ was thoroughly fed ¬†up and his big ¬†brother just wanted it over and done with.

Let’s get Daddy (later to be known as The Golfer) to sit with you on his knee – after all it’s ¬†his Mummy who wants the ¬†photographs. ¬†The little boy had calmed down by then …..unfortunately by that time everybody else was more interested in what was going on around them to look at the camera… they gave it up as a bad job and went back to Nanna’s ¬†house for ¬†tea!

It’s strange the *fun* memories that surface when you’re not really looking ūüėä

Fun Friday ‚Äď the day you forget the worries of the week.

On a day like today….

Or rather on a cold wet and miserable day like yesterday

I definitely wish I was elsewhere – anywhere warm and sunny and dry

Somewhere like my favourite winter hideaway.  Rose Bay Bowen Queensland

July 2016
July 2018
July 2019
July 2019

Same time – same place – most days

What could be better – peace and quiet for early morning sunbathing

Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until next year

(I should add June July & August are the winter months here in Australia)

Remembered in colour…

April 25 2020 – A very different Anzac Day in Australia.

No parades – no dawn services – ¬†no ceremonies – no gathering of ‘mates’

So here is a different way of remembering the young men /women who have served Australia.

A mural commemorating The Cooee March which started in Gilgandra NSW
Photographed Sept 2015

 During World War I, a recruitment march to Sydney began in Gilgandra, known as the Coo-ee March. The men who enlisted on the way became known locally as "Coo-ees". The march was given this name because the marchers shouted the old bush call of "cooee" at each town along their journey in order to attract recruits. Twenty-six men left Gilgandra on 10 October 1915. At each town on the route, the marchers were feted and a recruitment meeting was held. By the time they reached Sydney just over one month later on Friday 12 November 1915, the number of recruits had swelled to 263. They were welcomed on arrival in Sydney with huge crowds lining George Street near the Town Hall to welcome them and an official address given to them by the Minister for Works representing the Premier of NSW. Source 

Painted Silos in Devenish Victoria depicting army nurses/medics from WW1 and modern times ….as well the men and their horses of the Australian Light Horse
Photographed Nov 2019

The GrainCorp Silos at Devenish in North East Victoria were painted by Melbourne Street Artist Cam Scale and are officially the 19th Silos to be included in the Australian Silo Art Trail.  

Stage one which comprises of the two tall silos was officially unveiled on Anzac Day in 2018. Marked as a tribute to help celebrate the 100-year centenary of the end of the First World War.  The stage one artwork depicts a stunning image of a WW1 nurse and a modern female military medic in the Australian Armed Forces. This mural also depicts the changing role of women in the military and society in general.

Stage two on the short silos were officially unveiled one year later on Anzac Day 2019. This mural is a tribute to the Australian Light Horse. The Australian Light Horse were mounted troops with characteristics of both cavalry and mounted infantry, who served in the Second Boer War and WW 1. Source

Every generation of my direct (and extended) family from my 3xGt Grandfather down to a son and a nephew have served (several fell in battle) so it is second nature for me to say

Lest we forget

We Will Remember Them

Please visit Sami at COLOURFUL WORLD to see Monday Murals 

I have no idea….

Why I would have jotted this down on a scrap of paper and then used it as a bookmark

What I was watching or listening to at the time remains a mystery.

I did ask Mr G – he pointed me in one direction then another but they didn’t help

Tell me I’m not alone in mysterious scribbling ¬†ūüėä

Stay or Go….

It’s probably the uncertainty and ‘what ifs’ ¬†of the past few weeks/months (or it could just be age related) that has had me ¬†tidying up – going through things – making decisions – wondering ¬†why we need it – occasionally wondering do we ‘really’ need it.

Like thinking about this memory of a long ago Mother’s Day from a son now in his 50s with children of his own who are old enough to have children of their own! ¬†Something precious I chose to keep because it makes me smile – it’ll be there for him when I’ve gone.







Or a reminder of a past career, working in a structured environment I was comfortable with. ¬†A ¬†‘position’ in the company, knowing what I was doing and why it needed to be done. ¬†I desperately missed that contact with the public, knowledgeable colleagues plus patients when The Golfer accepted a position interstate and I had to leave. ¬†To begin with It was difficult to establish myself in a new city/state so at that time looking at this id tag reminded me I ‘was’ capable, I did know how to do things, even though it was proving difficult for me (at over 50) to reassure employers just that.

Perhaps I should toss it – there’s no need to remind myself of past achievements. ¬†I definitely know who I am and where I’ve been!

Then there’s this certificate originally kept to remember that it wasn’t all gloom and doom, that I did have some fun in Adelaide. ¬†Looking for something different to amuse myself I discovered Clogging – a mix of tap and line dancing which I was familiar with; also square dancing and Irish step. ¬†Such fun! ¬†Unfortunately when we returned to Melbourne there were no classes here in the east so it dropped out of my life.

There’s a whole box of these ‘memories’ in the middle bedroom, maybe another afternoon digging deep with a view to relinquishing is in order. ¬†Lol that sounds good doesn’t it. ¬†Better than going through looking for things to toss!

Whatever – It’ll keep my mind off the danger that lurks beyond the front door ūüėä

What did you say…..

Last week Kay was wondering ‘what day is it‘ – JayCee was asking ‘what shall I do today
Linda was talking about ‘Good Orthodox Friday’
While Cat was curious about ‘the annual flu vaccinations’¬†¬†

And here at our house?¬† Well there’s not a lot going on at the moment.

Life is quiet, restrictions will be in place for another month (at least), shopping has been fast and furious…….trolley sprayed and cleaned by a lad at the door, list in hand , up and down the aisles, only shortage last week was soap and cleaning products, oh and powdered milk. ¬†Friends have asked why I’ve not gone with home delivery – well I did consider it, our children and some grandchildren offered to do it for us but in the end decided it was easier (and quicker) to do my own.

Every country is different, our case load here in Australia is very low compared to many other countries. (6606 confirmed with ‘just’ 71 deaths nationally on 19th April) ¬† I personally do not know anyone with or who has had the virus, we are very aware of what needs to be done,¬† ¬†people do not seem to be scared or panicking, ¬†we really do (with some exceptions) seem to be doing the right thing.

There haven’t been any recorded cases here in the eastern suburbs, and yes I realise one shouldn’t be complacent, there’s always a first and you never know what’s in the air….or on the shelves….. ¬† knowing the layout of the shop helps, ¬†meaning ¬†I’m not ‘pottering around searching for things’ and I’m of the opinion that getting it picked for home delivery (from there or elsewhere) means one more person (maybe more) handling the goods. ¬†Plus if what I want isn’t there I’d rather it was me choosing alternatives for myself – or not

Communication with The Golfer some days is getting to be a bit like that Peter Dehany recording from the early 2000s. ¬†Sort of Dunno Nothin.…..very much like talking to a teenager

Where are you going – nowhere

What are you doing – nothing

What would you like for lunch- don’t know

He’s not sulking – apart from being a bit lost and restless and having finished nearly all his books on hand (apart from those on his iPad) he’s just crook that Victoria put a restriction (ban) on golf. ¬† All the other states and territories decided there would be no harm playing as long as recommended precautions were taken. ¬†What’s the betting he’ll be up there the day after restrictions are lifted ūüėé

Hope nobody else is having to deal with a moody teenager ūüėä

Norty Norty……Fun Friday

Remembering my ‘word of the year’ was give, I willingly said yes when asked to take on another role at the aged care facility where I volunteer. ¬† Today is Friday and mid afternoon I’d be making my way down the very nicely decorated corridor pushing the tea trolly complete with china cups and cream cakes ¬†to ‘take afternoon tea’ with some of the residents.

Some of them like it in their rooms – big smiles when I knock and ask ‘would you like some tea’, and then tell them ‘cook’s made something special’ and ask if they’d like that as well. ¬†One chap has his spot in the separate tv area. ¬†‘Half a cup of black coffee please and a piece of cake’ spoken before I’ve even put the trolley brake on.

But most are in the sitting room. ¬†Several ladies and one gentleman all chatting away (hostel environment not nursing home) – then I hear ‘here she comes’ ¬†There’s a break in activities for tea so it’s like they are sitting there with their tongues hanging out, dying for a cup of tea! ¬†After they’ve all been served I sit down and they fill me in on their week (or past lives at times)

The restrictions on volunteers (and visitors) was made early in March so it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve helped out. ¬†I miss it….and wonder how they are all coping. ¬†Some volunteer run activities have been cancelled- staff have stepped up to run others but it’s nothing like it was previously.

Somehow….. even though a couple of the ‘cheeky ladies’ who have ‘butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths ‘ looks about them – but have ‘been there done that’ tales to tell…..would be in on the ‘fun’- I don’t think management would approve of this as a fill in activity ūüėä

Fun Friday ‚Äď the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!

Twos company…..

Social Distancing in the Park!

The two-person gathering rules also apply inside and outside the home. This rule exempts people who live in the same household, whether this be a family unit or roommates.  Source

These two Magpies were having a lovely natter as they made their way down the pathway.  Mr Magpie (with the white back) was keeping his eye on one of his girls.

Then there were three!

All allowable in the new rules and regulations because the third ¬†was another grey backed female ¬†– part of Mr Magpies ¬†harem ūüėä

And here’s where those dropped leaves were coming from

Looks like the seasons have definitely changed!

~ ~ ~

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