Weeks come and weeks go…….

Various posts are popping up in blogland featuring coffee cake and chats.  Entitled ‘If we were having coffee together’ they are imaginary (virtual) chatty conversations where the blogger often reveals what’s going on in their world.  With that in mind all I can say is if we were having coffee together I’d be saying ‘Oh what a week it has been’.

After my rejoicing in the sunny hot day we had last week the weather sort of went downhill from there.  Two scorchers turned up – higher temps than even I enjoy.  Heat humidity pouring rain and an evening event in the city don’t go together. As we arrived at the Tennis Centre early Monday evening the heavens opened up again, oh, the squeals and cries from the ‘girls’ leaving the car park, trying to handle umbrellas with posh long frocks lifted high so they didn’t trail in the puddles. Yes, it was year 12 graduation night for a granddaughter’s school- another one is now out into the big wide world.  The years are going by so quickly and of the eleven grandchildren we now only have two youngsters at school.


BTW – I’m not that short –  A had enormously high heeled shoes on lol

That last set of thunderstorms brought a strange phenomenon to Melbourne – all over the city people were suffering asthma attacks, so severe in some cases it caused several deaths,  I wondered why I felt wheezy all that evening when I’d had no symptoms for a couple of years or more and then the next day learned it was called thunderstorm asthma – you can read about it http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2016/11/what-is-thunderstorm-asthma-and-why-is-it-worst-in-melbourne/ here. and http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/thunderstorm-asthma-three-people-critical-8500-treated-in-melbourne-hospitals-20161124-gswkdb.html here

If we were having coffee I could tell you the weather changed again – back to winter!  cold and wet – cold enough to turn the heater on early in the day and return a wool blanket, back on to the bed.  One night I woke and wondered why I felt so cold –  5c/41f had me cuddled up to The Golfer, who thought his luck had changed 🙂

Mind you that hasn’t taken the fun out of this week.

If we were having coffee I’d let you know I have read no books, done no knitting nor visited any blogs but The Golfer did take me out to the pictures the other day – we went to see The Founder.  The ‘story’ of how Ray Kroc developed an initial idea from two Mcdonald brothers and turned it into the world wide chain McDonald’s or Macca’s as it is known here in Australia.  I’m not usually one to read reviews – I like something I see or I don’t – but this film had left a ‘bad taste’ in my mouth so I did look at some yesterday to see if anyone else felt the same way as me and surprisingly the person who wrote this one did – The Founder review by Jason Di Rosso


You’d also find out that two choir gigs in one day gives the lungs and the voice box a much needed workout.  It’s fun singing for (and with) much older seniors – so many of them might be incapacitated in one way or another but most seem to love music… It’s not unusual for ones who say little to be singing along and knowing all the words.  Not just the WW1 stuff but varied songs and styles.  They can get  quite emotional as well – one gent sat and crooned along to ‘Unchained Melody‘  then promptly dissolved in tears at the end.

Then, there are groups labelled as ‘over 50s’ who ask us to sing for them.  Often they ask for a song list containing more modern songs but this is always the final number.  Stirring and rousing and so so good to sing – ‘The Holy City’   ‘My’ Sing Australia choir (which I don’t think I’ve mentioned before) isn’t quite as large in numbers as this one but we strive to be just as good.

Find out about Coffee Share here – or Join in here https://parttimemonsterblog.com/2016/11/26/weekendcoffeeshare-recovery/

Musical Monday…..

Yesterday was Father’s Day in some countries (‘celebrated’ in September here in Australia) a day that I don’t ever remember being mentioned when I was growing up in England.  Dads were Dads – they were just there lol

Music is one thing I associate with my Dad – he loved to sing.

Singing Dad

We grew up with him singing – all sorts of tunes would come out of his mouth.  Naturally with him being Irish there’d  be the silly/fun ‘diddley eye di di’ make a noise numbers, then he’d croon like Bing Crosby and then he’d come out with something like these gems.


But his most favourite of all were Josef Locke songs

So my Musical Monday (memory) is this one – hope you enjoy it.


L is for…………….

Working backwards we have arrived at the letter L in Mum’s Alphabet Challenge
And knowing me it could only stand for…..
Live Love and Laugh

This has been my mantra for quite a few years now


A long time ago I was having one of those ‘down’ days I am prone to
and saw this quote
“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

That sort of made realise I was not going anywhere living the way I was
So a change in attitude was needed and now I strive to:-

Live each day to the full
Love as much as I can – in any way I can
Laugh everyday

Doesn’t always work but I try:)

So how have I gone this week
Well a break in the wet weather has allowed me to get outside
To live in the fresh air for a while – to clear my head
To look at my surroundings and I love it.

I’m loving the water exercise classes at the Leisure Centre

~ ~ Not my class, but very similar ~ ~

~ ~ Not my class, but very similar ~ ~

Thinking I was getting in a rut I changed my day
Different instructor – different range of people
(not just ‘older’ ladies)
Learning different actions and routines
Loving every minute with new ‘more friendly friends’

Listening to the bouncy music needed to keep us on the go
(Well known songs – singing along in my head)
Looking at all the children (tiny tots and toddlers)
taking their ‘Aquatic Education Classes’

I burst out laughing
when all of a sudden I heard all these voices in the water around me
shouting out the chorus to this

Seems they feel it’s ‘their song’ as the instructor does just that!

Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
Long as you love me
It’s all right
Bend me, shape me
Anyway you want me
You got the power to turn on the light

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O is for……………

Well, looks like another week has passed by (not sure where it went lol)
and here we are again wondering
what letter today is dedicated to at Mum’s Alphabet Blogging Challenge

Today’s letter is O
and that means I can show you a clip from one of my favourite musicals

Did you know
it was the first musical written by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein?
It opened on Broadway in 1943 and tells the story of the growing romance between Curly Mclain and and Laurey Williams.

The film version was first screened in 1955
with Gordon McRae and Shirley Jones in the lead roles

I’m sure a lot of you will know some of the songs from the muscial
‘The Surrey with the fringe on top’
‘People will say we’re in love’
as well as my favourite

Oh what a beautiful morning
sung by Gordon McRae

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P is for……………

Alphabet Blogging time with Mum again and this week’s letter is P

In our house P will always stand for Pleasure 
Pleasure:- A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment
The state or feeling of being pleased or gratified

We always used to laugh at my Dad when he’d talk about soaking his feet
Last year I told you how he called it ‘one of his life’s little pleasures’
I’m not sure if he ever realised how much pleasure it gave us to hear him sing

Singing DadWhen she was tiny he’d sing this song to my little sister Patsy
who I’m sure didn’t realise it was about a boy lol

And this one that had us all in fits of laughter

This past few weeks I’ve started to pick my way through those boxes of photos and place them in albums.  And oh how I’m glad I did so as I was finally able to find these ones taken one Christmas not that long ago.
Lots of fun and smiles that day – a day that brought pleasure to us all

~ ~ Merry Christmas Grandma  2003 ~ ~

~ ~ Merry Christmas Grandma 2003 ~ ~

And also a day that proved a simple $5 toy could bring such a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment aka PLEASURE to all the grandkids there that day 🙂

~ ~ Wait for it ~ ~

~ ~ Wait for it ~ ~

~ ~ Where'd it go?? ~ ~

~ ~ Where’d it go?? ~ ~

What sort of things give you pleasure?
Do you get pleasure from the little things in life?

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Y is for……………..

 Yesterday – the day before today
Yesterdays – A former period of time or of one’s life

I remember a little saying my Mum
would sometimes come out with

‘Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present’

Work on Family Histories is made up of Yesterdays 
The yesterdays I’m very interested in are
The past days and years that were lived by my and The Golfer’s family
So no matter what was said or done in the past,
those Yesterdays will always be of interest to me

And of course ‘Yesterday’ features quite a bit in songwriting

There’s the famous  ‘Yesterday’ written by Paul McCartney

This is favourite Yesterday of mine
Yesterday when I was young’
sung here by Charles Aznavour

So what did I do yesterday?
I brought in the recycling bin with it’s Yellow lid


Walked down the street and saw some Yellow flowers
Heard all the kids Yelling in the school playground
(Mind the road!)

And then I lunched on boiled eggs with great big Yellow Yolks and some Yogurt

~ Lunch in the sun ~ Yello yolked egg and Yogurt ~

~ Lunch in the sun ~ Yello yolked egg and Yogurt ~

What did you do Yesterday?

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ZYX style

I answered my own question………

Well I did, sort of ……..just needed a little nudge lol
Try as hard as I could yesterday (see last post) I could not remember where I’d heard that refrain.
Inch by inch – row by row
That was until I read Liz’s comment along with the rest of the words and
hey presto – it all came back to me.

Seems my short term memory really needs a kick up the you know where because it wasn’t that long ago I was actually singing the words at a concert.

While we were away we stayed part of the time at a cousin’s house in Kingston N.S. and just up the mountain from where they live is a tiny local theatre.   Evergreen Theatre ( http://www.evergreentheatre.ca/) utilises the premises of an old disused church in Margaretsville and as well as ‘live’ theatre they also present ‘live’ music and that’s where we spent one of our Friday nights.
Read about the history of the theatre – http://www.evergreentheatre.ca/ShorelineNewsEvergreenArticle.pdf

Now you know my love of folk and also my love of Irish folk, well on the bill that evening were Kevin Evans and Brian Doherty who as their website  (http://www.evansanddoherty.com/)  says ‘are the best singers of Irish music around’.

It was a great night – many of their numbers were known to the locals – after all they are based in Halifax and well known all over Canada; however they did come out with quite a few of my old favourites which included  Lord of the Dance and Black Velvet Band – toes were a tapping and sounding very loud on the wooden floorboards – bodies were swaying and voices could be heard halfway down the street and at the end of the night the encore was Will ye go Lassie go aka Wild Mountain Thyme ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_Mountain_Thyme) a favourite at our folk Club in Ringwood.  And of course sometime during the evening we all sang the Inch by Inch song written by David Mallett and sung over the years by many many people lol




As you can see by sheer chance we ended up in our favourite seats at the back of the venue lol – look for my folk club posts  and you’ll see what I mean lol
Luckily there was a gap at the end of the seating so I could nip down those few steps to the front of the balcony and take a couple of piccies for my scrapbook.

Tuesday is Music Night

Yes, Tuesday is Music Night at the Victoria Folk Music Club but due to lots of ‘happenings’ our Tuesdays have been quiet for quite a long while, it’s possibly over a year since we were last there.   The little hall at Ringwood East is quite cosy and has heating as well as an open fire – it’s just getting out our front door that can be the problem in the winter and to be honest the weeks are moving so quickly from one to the other at the moment if it weren’t for a flyer on the wall at the library reminding me we might have missed/forgotten about this months ‘concert! 

I love the first half of the evening – anyone can take the floor.
 Just pay your fee and you can entertain us with a couple of tunes or whatever
(Spot acts from 8pm provide opportunities for anyone to gain valuable stage performing experience)

Often there are a range of ages but it was a mature group this Tuesday past
(Tuesday 9 July 2013)
These three gents have years of experience between them
and still take their music very seriously. 
(click to enlarge)

After an interval complete with hot drink and supper
the top professional acts for the evening were
Journey Bound

“Journey Bound is a versatile musical vehicle that likes to cover lots of different genres in a single bound, including gospel, folk, pop and even a little bit of rock. They are are Wendy Snook, Colin Smith, José Garcia and Sharon Start” 

Do you know that in the right hands a recorder sounds great lol

Journey Bound 1

And The HillWilliams

“The HillWilliams have been playing bluegrass and traditional country music since 1995, appearing at many local acoustic venues and the Yarra Junction Fiddlers Convention, Harrietville Bluegrass Convention, the Mount Beauty Music Muster and Scotland’s Guildtown Bluegrass Festival. Mick Harrison plays banjo, Dave Carr mandolin, Nigel Croydon on guitar & vocal, and Amanda Braxton-Smith does vocals.”

The HillWilliams Band

HillWilliams in action

Fabulous sound by musicians who love the noise they are making and have fun while they are doing so 🙂  Also they don’t need microphones and other electrical gear to make themselves heard either !!

Amanda Braxton-Smith

It was a great nightIn the moment and we came home glad we made the effort
Enda Kenny is on next month so there is a big circle on the calendar already – he is one not to be missed!!

Tuesday at Chooks

Tuesday at Chooks
Whats that all about?
I hear you say!!

Over the recent years I’ve written now and again about our Tuesday evenings at the Folk Club in a neighbouring suburb.  Somehow or another there has been so much going on this year we haven’t managed to make the regular monthly Tuesday. A couple of weeks ago we did have a trip to the theatre to see ‘South Pacific’ but I am really missing live music.   Radio music programmes and recorded music sort of fills the gap but theres stil something missing so when my cousin told us he was planning to take us to a ‘Blues’ session held on a Tuesday night I was over the moon.

But let me explain – cousin lives in Perth but has a small acreage about 3 hours south at  Bridgetown.  A quiet and peaceful place where he is starting to ‘play farmer’.  They have built ‘his version of a bush shack’, he’s planted fruit trees and olives at the front and is planning to put vines in down the back as well.  Good for the blood pressure he says, they try to get down everyweekend when they can and hopefully will move there when he retires in a few years.

So we all drive down there Sunday morning (the day after the wedding) – and I use that word morning loosely remembering how late it was when we got to bed the night before lol  Not only does he play farmer but also amateur chef whilst he’s down there and always cooks one meal to prove he can do it.   Mind you he does hold the belief that a good chef needs a couple of things in the kitchen tho – one is a few bottles of wine and the other is a good assistant.  Luckily for us both were on hand!

Now as we were there on the first Tuesday in November we all sat down with a glass of bubbly and watched the big race – doesn’t do to miss ‘The Cup’ aka the Melbourne Cup even if it does occur at midday in Perth.  It was strange to watch the race and then go to the pub for lunch – quite the reverse to being at home when we settle down to watch the race at 3pm – always with a glass of bubbly in the hand.   None of us picked the winner even tho one of our sons mentioned it to his Dad and someone else had also been given it as a tip!

A little snooze after lunch meant we were all freshened up by 7pm in time to tootle down into ‘town’ to see where all the action was at.

A moody soft lit room at the back of the local Pizza House (where Denise lovingly ‘slaves away’ feeding the pizza oven lol) in Bridgetown is where you’ll find Chook aka Steve Keir and Duan Crozier together in a partnership called Chookfoot.  
So did I feed my need – definitely!!

Shame the wedding wasn’t this past weekend as the annual Blues Festival was on
but if you read this report
maybe its good we weren’t there 🙂

All photos enlarge with a click

All alone and feeling blue

There’s is a spot in Ringwood between two shopping areas where you can often see buskers.  Its under cover which is good but I imagine a bit draughty at times which is bad.  Whenever I’ve walked that way there has always been a lot of passing ‘trade’ but I’m sure there must be quiet times as well.

Anyway the other week as I came out of the large shopping centre and started to cross the road I heard it – the unmistakeable sound of a saxophone.  Often you’d hear someone singing or playing instruments but this wasn’t the sort of sound you’d normally hear and I had to stop to see where it was coming from. Also most of the buskers sit further down the walk way closer to where I crossed so I was surprised when I saw the man sitting at the top.  I really needed to go into a nearby shop and yet I didn’t want to move on lol

Of course I couldn’t get out of the shop fast enough as I wanted to listen for a while longer.  Now I suppose I’m guilty of this as well but standing on the other side of the railings I noticed nobody seemed to listen to his music.  There were a few who dropped a coin into his bag but nearly everyone else was so intent with getting on with their business they just walked by.

Yet the man in the hat didn’t seem to care at all.  He just sat there on his own playing beautiful music and watching the world go by.

Buskers have to have a permit and there are conditions to be met so I’ve never been able to fathom out if they do it for the money they hope to make or for the love of performing.  http://www.maroondah.vic.gov.au/Busking.aspx

Did you know the term “busking” was first noted in the English language around the middle 1860s in Great Britain. Up until the 20th century buskers were commonly called minstrels in America, Europe and other English-speaking lands

Have any of you been game enough to perform on the street?

Yesterday has been and gone

Yesterday has been and gone
Now we sing a different song

Today Sydney NSW is awash with young girls
All with the one idea in mind – to catch a glimpse of a certain Boy Band and to sing all the group’s songs they have committed to memory

That Boy Band would be the one that is intent on breaking the heart of just about every young girl in Australia (and other countries as well)
Yes that Boy Band.
One Direction or 1D as I’ve seen on some posters

They (The Band) arrived yesterday and had TV appearances this morning
Watching from the comfort of my lounge room it was obvious Martin Place was full of screaming girls who would have no voice left by the time they arrived home.
Its about 900kms/ 550 miles from Sydney to Melbourne and I reckon I could hear them all the way down here lol

Mind you, I do remember one of my girls being potty over Bay City Rollers – the boys seemed to favour bands that produced louder more invasive music.

Me, well I preferred all sorts of music – still do
Yes, I knew all the pop songs but never went gaga over the singers
We didn’t have a ‘record player’ so whatever music I came in contact with
was heard on the radio or ‘seen’ on the TV
and I suppose I was sort of old fashioned and definitely not like lot of my friends at school who were ‘in love’ with Elvis and only Elvis

 Loved the sound of big bands and also jazz (Trad and Modern),
Singers like Tony Bennett, Perry Como, Frankie Laine and Nat ‘King’ Cole
as well as Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald
Tenors like Mario Lanza and Josef Locke were my father’s favourites and I have to admit to enjoying them as well

Yet there was ‘one’ singer who did seem special to me at the time
Lonnie Donegan featured on my bedroom wall for a few years
There was something about him I really enjoyed.

 Lonnie Donegan Fan Website

Tom Dooley
Gambling Man
Grand Coulee Dam

Lonnie Donegan and Ottilie Patterson
Lonnie Donegan and Van Morrison
Lonnie Donegan and and Chris Barber

The two lines of the song up at the top of this post are all I can remember
I’ve no idea where it comes from or where I heard it
Thats all I have going round and round in my head

But it does seems very apt when you think about the music industry doesn’t it?

‘Yesterday has been and gone
Now we sing a different song’

As a young person (teenager) what were your music likes and dislikes?
Have they changed much over the years?

Folk Club – March 2011


Second Tuesday in the month means Folk Club guest night

All I can say is that last night we had a fabulous turn out – a full house
and if you came late – it was hard luck, you had to stand lol
Last night the guest performer was Martyn Wyndham – Read.
I definitely can’t describe him as well as this does
Martyn is one of our best known and respected singers, with a laid-back, hypnotic style which never fails to relax and enthrall his audiences; he is also an acknowledged expert on Australian song
He has been ‘on the road’ for many many years playing lots of large venues and festivals   We really enjoyed his visit to the Victorian Folk Music Club   and we were ‘honoured’ to have him come and perform in a small wooden hut in
Ringwood East.
Asking for no flash to be used mean’t rather dark photos
Perhaps you’d like to see listen to some of these youtube videos
And these are the dates for performances on Martyn’s 2011 Tour
for all you know he might be playing near you

So that was last night
Next month we have another coming who is sure to please
Ted Egan

A hot Saturday in Adelaide

Our Long Weekend away was hot – very hot and humid  
So what did I do to pass the time
when Dh was busy with other things 
(which I’ll tell you about in another post)
On the Saturday I tootled over with  friends to Port Adelaide and the old mill area
to have a look at what was going on at the Celtica Festival
I have a liking for music, any music – and anything concerned with music
so this was a fabulous way to spend the day
Along with the music and dance
 there was also an art festival taking place
There were lots of stalls and displays as well 
This is what was promised at the outdoor stage
A huge lineup of musicians
Blackbird is a dynamic group of musicians playing an exciting mix of traditional Celtic and original tunes.
Jack Brennan leads the fairly new group
Amongst other instruments he plays the Uilleann pipes
This was the line up for Fiddle Chicks
We watched those two groups plus another and then decided to have a look around
(I’ll tell you about the other group another day)
Taking our time we walked down looking at the strip of stalls and once again I found artists 
unwilling to have their handiwork photographed:((
Of course I managed to find a bench – this one was empty
Impossible to understand in the heat
Same tree on the way back
The bench on this side of the tree was well and truly being used lol 
It was so very hot and we’d had enough so decided to return to the stage area
just managing to catch Eric Bogle’s set
Well known world wide he had John Munro from Colcannon to accompany him
We left and went home after their set – so hot and humid and uncomfortable
Then after a quick shower we were off to the Glenelg Surf Club
for a meal with our fellas later in the evening
OK so I should know that horizontal stripes add width
from the look of that photo
the WW books are certainly coming out really soon LOL

Folk Club NIght again

Those special Tuesday folk club nights keep on coming
Last month Dh wasn’t well enough to go but this month
we were down the road well before the normal time
We knew the hall would be packed because this months special artists were 
This husband and wife ‘group’ are from Adelaide and so much fun to see and hear
Favourites at many of the folk festivals
both here in Australia and also overseas
We were so lucky to get them booked to appear at our ‘little’ folk club

The Borderers are well known performers at many of the world�s top music festivals having played Byron Bay Blues & Roots, Port Fairy Folk, Edinburgh and Womad Festivals in Australia and the UK � as well as touring Canada and the USA. They�ve also supported artists including Tom Jones, The Proclaimers, The Saw Doctors and Shane McGowan from The Pogues.

Now sometimes they appear with a large backing
sometimes just on their own
It was just the two of them on Tuesday night
but what a noise they made
Alex has a voice that is powerful and clear as a bell
Jim compliments her in every way
matching her energy – revelling in her enthusiasm
and just having fun
I think these – not very good photos – tell the tale 
A packed hall meant I was hemmed in – not good for picture taking
Too many standing at the back – I couldn’t get a spot there either lol
Introduction time
Feeling the words
Sharing a joke
Didn’t stand still all evening
One moment to check their play list
Seemed like the only time they did stand still lol
What it’s all about
Click on the photos to enlarge
Check the links and listen to their music
I’m sure you will enjoy it

Folk Club Tuesday Night again

Second Tuesday of the month 
came round again
June 8th meant it was time
for an evening at the Folk Club
only this month there were no singing artists
just ones who love to speak in rhyme
Even though I revel in the sound of song and music
I have a great liking for the spoken word
So was really pleased with the this month’s theme
Bush Poetry was the go and what a night it was
Most of the spot acts in the first half
made recitations of their own original works
or those of other well known Australian poets
Australian Bush Poetry is poetry with good Rhyme and Meter that is written:
(a) by an Australian; and / or,
(b) about Australia, Australian people, places, things and way of life.
In the very early times of our country
it was a way for those who weren’t as literate as others
to tell a story in an understandable and imaginative way
It certainly was an art and is slowly making a comeback
Most of the Folk Festivals these days
would have sections for Bush Poetry
and there’s stiff competition to get a gig at them
Also at the competitions that are springing up all over the country
Anyway there were several there last week
who are members of
and they were only to willing to take the floor
One chap by the name of Stephen Whiteside
who has had several books of poems published
and this year was the winner of First Prize
in the Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival Verse and Short Story competition (Humorous Section)
was a great hit with us all
He is a lover of C J Dennis and this poem in particular 
A Book for Kids
Once a little sugar ant made up his mind to roam-
To fare away far away, far away from home.
He had eaten all his breakfast, and he had his ma’s consent
To see what he should chance to see and here’s the way he went
Up and down a fern frond, round and round a stone,
Down a gloomy gully where he loathed to be alone,
Up a mighty mountain range, seven inches high,
Through the fearful forest grass that nearly hid the sky,
Out along a bracken bridge, bending in the moss,
Till he reached a dreadful desert that was feet and feet across.
‘Twas a dry, deserted desert, and a trackless land to tread,
He wished that he was home again and tucked-up tight in bed.
His little legs were wobbly, his strength was nearly spent,
And so he turned around again and here’s the way he went-
Back away from desert lands feet and feet across,
Back along the bracken bridge bending in the moss,
Through the fearful forest grass shutting out the sky,
Up a mighty mountain range seven inches high,
Down a gloomy gully, where he loathed to be alone,
Up and down a fern frond and round and round a stone.
A dreary ant, a weary ant, resolved no more to roam,
He staggered up the garden path and popped back home.
So he has set to
and produced another set of poems
One he read was entitled
 ‘The Internet Explorer Ant’
Had us all in stitches
The main act of the evening was
Keith McKenry Well known for his love of poetry and ability to recite
also a desire to revive an interest in Austalia’s Lost Folk Songs
A slightly crazy performance poet, Keith has been delighting festival audiences for over 25 years. In concert, he interweaves original verse with bush poetry, presenting an amalgam of history, humour, and social comment that defies stereotype
I like to sit at the back of the small hall
so I can see the artists face on but when we arrived
someone had taken our usual seats
which meant sitting down the front
but at the side
Couldn’t get a decent photo all evening 
I think he forgot our side of the room
But to be truthful I was so engrossed in what he was saying
and trying to look over Bert’s shoulder
I nearly forgot take the camera out of my bag lol
Lots of interesting links here for you to look at

Music Music Music

Oh how I love the  evening of the second Tuesday in the month 
– its Music Night –
Well, its music night at the folk club every Tuesday night
but we only manage to get there on the 2nd one of the month
What I call music night is actually the Guest Artist Night
When as well as the spot acts where anyone can get up
and show us what they can do
we have very special invited guests who also show us what they can do 
We were so lucky last night as on the bill was
Graeme Fletcher and his wonderful Auto Harp
The autoharp is a musical stringed instrument having a series of chord bars attached to dampers which, when depressed, mute all the strings other than those that form the desired chord. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp at all, but a chorded zither.
Graeme has been dubbed “Australia’s finest contemporary autoharp player” and has conducted autoharp workshops at the National FF, various Fiddlers’ Conventions and bluegrass and old time festivals. He has recorded with a number of eminent folk and country artists. His mission is to “make the autoharp recognised if not popular!”
Then a fun group called Fat Chance and the Bluegrass Playboys
a fun group whe played a whole range of lively toe tapping music
Only three of them there for us but such fun
Mm, I know I keep on saying fun
but thats what they were
Anyway top billing was Bill Jackson and the Acoustic Orchestra
Another folk festival favourite here and overseas
I hope they enjoyed our venue 
very small to say the least
so very different to the big gigs they are used to
A fine way to end the evening as they sang many of the songs
on their album Steel and Bone
Albury born and Gippsland reared singer/songwriter Bill Jackson has had a big year. His current release ‘Steel & Bone’ was awarded Folk Alliance Australia ‘Radio Presenters Album of the Year’ in 2008 and he was invited to tour the US alt country hotspots later that same year with his Acoustic Orchestra (Peter Fidler / Ruth Hazleton).
Maybe you’d like to listen to one of their songs
This is the first one they sang
at their first gig in USA
a couple of years ago
I like all sorts of music 
this is just one of the styles I enjoy
Very different to Dad’s music
and very different to others I enjoy

Does music remind you of people

Or rather when you think of people
what sort of music do you think of
I did a post a while ago connecting flowers to people
so heres one about music and people
Remember I told you about my Irish Dad and his wonderful voice
Well, we grew up in a house full of music
we never knew when Dad would burst into song
or what would come out when he did
He could croon like Bing Crosby
and Mum would pretend to swoon
There’d be the fun Irish songs
and then some days
he’s come out with something by
one of his favourite singers
Josef Locke was the stage name of Joseph McLaughlin (23 March 1917 – 15 October 1999), an Irish tenor singer who was successful in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the 1940s and 1950s.
An Irish tenor who lived a chequered life
he had a voice my Dad loved
He never saw him in person
but if his songs were played on the radio
Dad would have it up full blast
And even tho my name is Catherine
here is one Dad would sing just to me 
‘I’ll take you home again Katheen’
click on the link and listen to this fabulous voice 
I might come up with some more music another time

Noisy time in Melbourne

We certainly have had a lot of noise in the city over the past couple of days
The rain that has been forecast for what seems like ages finally arrived – and did it arrive. lol
Thunder and lightning along with torrential downpours yesterday and the day before caused terrible problems in the city and also outer areas.
There was flooding in so many places the SES were out in force, one house took a lightning strike and caught fire, the airport was out of action for hours, trains trams and buses were almost non existent as the storm very nicely arrived at ‘home time’ aka rush hour, my back garden was under water for hours – looked like a lake and the batteries were dead in the camera so I couldn’t get a photo :(( – and Melbourne Water says all that rain hasn’t done much for our storage levels.

As they say – you can read all about here:-









And the other noise – Oh yes Acaa Dacca ( AC/DC) were in town for their first concert here in many a year.  Some loved it – others weren’t impressed.


The’re having a night off tonight and will be back tomorrow for another concert at Docklands and then another on Monday. Not sure I’d like to live close by lol

One of our sons was/is a fan and drove us nuts with the noise that came out of his bedroom lol

Music, Music, Music

Yesterday I became involved in a new programme at our local Neighbourhood House

We have a lot of what used to be called mentally disabled people now often referred to as Intellectually Disabled come (along with carers) to use the facilities, mainly in the gardening and craft area, they love being able to have a day away from their ‘homes’ meeting with others, doing things which might not otherwise be available to them.   This venture is called Community Singing – anyone who likes to sing can come along and just do that – Sing. 

I always think that music in all forms is a way of making the brain work, trying to remember the words and tunes, sparking memories for alot of us as well as giving enjoyment to everyone who takes part so when a friend mentioned this I was all for it.  Not a huge number of people there, a good size actually, about equal numbers of those who could (or rather tried to) sing and those for whom it was a challenge but we had fun. 

My voice isn’t quite what it used to be and it was a laugh in the beginning trying to be precise with the notes and then realising that that wasn’t what it was all about, none of us were perfect and there were three guitars to make the squeaky sounds less noticeable and add to the fun.  I’ll be back again next Wednesday afternoon thats for sure.

Apart from my friend Val the other faces there were ‘strangers’ to me – we’d arrived a little late so I just said who I was ( Cathy) sat down and joined in.  Was gathering up things at the end and one woman came up and asked if I was so and so, had lived at such an adress and had several children , yes I replied, don’t you recognise me she said, well no I said, then she gave me her name. 

Oh dear, it was like being at a school reunion, she had been in the Mothers Club (like myself) at the local Primary School way way back, many years ago actually – I met her in 1972 and had been quite friendly with her (and many other mothers) for 7 years doing all the sorts of things you do when you’re involved with a school – helping out in the library,  listening to reading in class and the biggy of they year putting on the school fete to hopefully raise funds – only thing was when our youngest left and went to High School I started work and lost touch with them all. 

So we laughed and spent time reminiscing – much to the delight of some of the others ‘cose we talked about how things had changed locally and being more recent residents they had no idea of how things were in those days  Honestly I didn’t recognise her but once I knew who she was I could see her as she was at that time.   Lots of other names kept popping into my head during the evening so I’ll have questions galore for her next week

The second Tuesday night in the month is also a music night for us – Dh and I tootle along to the Folk Club for their guest artist night

We had a great time ‘cose as well as some really good spot acts and a singalong,  the main attraction was  a group of singers called Saoirse – http://www.myspace.com/saoirseoz 
‘Continuing to sing up a storm throughout Victoria’s festivals and music venues, Saoirse have evolved into a four piece band, embracing Irish culture from the ancient to present day. Saoirse performances offer their audience the opportunity to participate in both song and spirit, with the addition of original songs, penned by Sile Coleman. Singing in English and Irish, harmonising beautifully, Saoirse have a unique combination of voices and instruments and delight audiences wherever they perform.’
 Lots of luverly Irish singing and music to round off the second half of the night.  They will do well this year as they have a billing at the Port Fairy Festival – look at this line up of artists , it will certainly need all the long weekend to hear them all.  They will also be at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter – so much to see and do there you need a holiday to recover. 
By the By, theres one act coming to the club in April I can’t wait to see – will be a fun night listening to Mama’s Mountain Jug Band
Do have look at all those links and discover that music in all shapes and forms is definitely alive here in Australia.  

An entertaining week

Here it is the beginning of the week again – and a beautiful day this Monday is turning out to be as well.

Blue skies with not a hint of grey anywhere. And I’m so confident these sunny and dry skies will last the day out I have even hung the washing straight on to the outside line and not bothered with the clothes horse on the back deck. Lol

Last week turned out to be quite entertaining in many ways.

Tuesday evening DH and I went as we usually do to a local Folk Music Club (don’t think I’ve mentioned this before) Last year I felt we were missing something and decided we needed more music in our lives and this is what I came up with.

Not too far away from us this club meets each Tuesday, once a month there is a Performers Night with visiting guest artists but start the evening with a Pot Luck session called Blackboard appearances where anyone can write their name on the board and then use the stage.

No, we don’t take part but its great to see others get up and give a rendition of something. Lots of Aussie Bush stuff – songs, poetry and stories that have come down over the years as well as newer original works.

Last Tuesday Phil Young was the drawcard but my favourite would have to have been Ardmore who came in March. A local group from the Dandenong’s – click the link and scroll down to see what they specialise in. They are a great band and fun for when you are feeling down.

Thursday morning I went with my Red Hat Lady Friends to see this film – . Sex in the City – talk about a chick flick. We had a fun morning, were the only ones in the small cinema, and then followed up with Lunch at a local Bistro. No the movie isn’t and the series before it wasn’t everyones cup of tea but we had a fun time. Wonder if life in New York is really like that :))

Then on to yesterday afternoon when I took my Aunt to see one of the grandchildren perform with her choir – the Victorian Girls Choir. Their winter concert was just what she needed as life is becoming a bit of a chore for her and her Dementia is becoming more of a problem each week.

Great music and not too highbrow this time – sometimes the choir masters choose weird and wonderful pieces to ‘show’ what the children are capable of. The choristers start at about 7 years old and for the girls they can continue as long as they can, their voices develop slowly but the boys in the corresponding choir will leave in their teens as ‘their’ voices can be a problem when they ‘break’ – problem for the boys that is as they get quite embarrassed if it suddenly goes all squeeky.

The concert was in the Chapel at Luther College here in the eastern suburbs and because Aunt finds stairs a problem we sat in the back at the top so I couldn’t get down to take a photo but this one shows the fabulous stained glass window there and the Girls after one of their numbers. You must click to enlarge the photo and see the beauty of the window.


And heres my Darling Eldest Granddaughter with her Great Great Aunt Pamela know as Aunty Pam to us all who turns 85 at the end of this month.

Hopefully as long as she doesn’t go near those horses at the end of her street LOL :))