Spare parts dept…

There’s going to be another division of the spare parts dept in our household opening soon.

The trial period is over and the verdict is – I’ll take one (or even two) !!

As I said I have had one on trial for the past week and discovered my neighbours to the left of us have a couple of budgies and more birds spend time in our trees and bushes than I realised. ¬†It’s amazing what a difference a little thing stuck behind your ear can make ūüôā

Yes, after having the eyes renewed a couple of years ago it’s now time to bring the ears in line. ¬†No need to shout, it’s the pesky high sounds that I’m losing – a nice lady at Australian Hearing called it High Frequency Hearing Loss.¬† She’s been monitoring this very slow decline in both ears for a few years now and suggested a trial run of a loan tailored to my requirements so I could actually¬†see hear¬†the difference.

So come the New Year (because I can get a better health benefit payout) I shall be the proud new owner of two tiny little things that will mean I make less mistakes in thinking I heard something when it was actually something else that was said ūüôā

How I get on with this remains to be seen because mentioning it to friends has brought forth lots of horror stories about things whistling in the dark (as well as in the ear), hearing being worse than before and ‘Uncle Joe” still not being able to hear at the pub so I’m taking them all with a grain of salt.

Over the past few years my sisters have both had new hips Рseveral friends acquired new knees Рmany friends have had new stes of teeth Рyet nobody has admitted to having new ears.  What is about deafness (no matter have slight) that we are loathe to admit to?

How will I cope with these new appliances? ¬†I don’t know. We shall see what happens when the time comes. ūüôā

How do you view ageing and the decline of body parts?

Everything old is new again – a trip to the spare parts dept!

Does it bother you or are you glad there are ‘things’ out there to lessen the burden

What thoughts are roaming round your head this Monday?


And it is only Thursday…………

It’s been an annoying week if you can describe a week as such.

We’ve been trying to organise flights and hotels for next years trip.¬† The weekend we cruise (early April) is the weekend after Easter – not the best time to try booking seats on an international flight, particularly when we will be returning to Australia a month later and those flights are not available yet.¬†¬† Another few days, my little travel man says.¬† I’ll put you on my list.¬† Hotels are not co-operating either.¬† And don’t talk¬†about the US$ – luckily I did purchase some a while ago so all is not lost.

I mentioned a little while ago about my back playing up.¬†¬†Where, When or How I managed to¬†‘disturb’ it still remains a mystery.¬† Using the¬†warm water pool helped for a while but now my lumbar stenosis (narrowing of the¬†spine) has decided to make itself known as well.¬† Hello again, tingly numb achy painful legs have come back to haunt me, this time with a vengeance.¬† It is worse first thing in the morning so¬†I¬†sit a while and all is well, start to walk and ‘hello again’.¬† Bugger!!
I wrote about this describing my aches, pains and feelings in this post three years ago and believe it or not have been symptom free since then.  Now it recurs just when we are about to go off and there will be loads of walking to do.  I have seven weeks to try and calm it РGP says exercise gently as much as I can concentrating on the core, build up leg muscles as well.

Then I saw the podiatrist Tuesday afternoon¬†and he asked what I’d done to one of my toes.¬† Did it itch? Mystified I looked at it¬†and said I thought I’d grazed it in the pool that morning – no way he says’.¬† That’s the start of Tinea!¬† So it’s wash dry and cream twice a day, wear clean cotton socks each night to bed (contagious so no footsy with The Golfer) and stay away from the pool for a couple of weeks.

Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!
Definitely not a bundle of laughs am I lol
I wonder what else can go wrong this week

ps – and I didn’t even mention the current wordpress/blogger commenting fiasco!

On again – Off again

Honestly you can’t say there’s no variety in¬†the weather here in Melbourne.¬† We hung out¬†waiting for summer during its on again – off again period before Christmas and now it’s warmed up it’s still on again – off again.¬† Warmish one day, scorching the next, cold enough¬†one night to be scrambling around pulling a blanket up when the cool change came through ūüôā We’ve been promised rain for the next few days, seemingly more than we’ve seen for a while which is good. The garden is going to love it – might not be good for my walks though.

Since Christmas I’ve been good with the walks and have even made it to the gym a couple of times.¬† Putting a new program into action there using ‘stretchy bands’ instead of the equipment; much easier on the mind because they do the¬†same (or similar job) with me not¬†having to remember which machine to use lol¬†¬†The ‘fun to be at’ water classes start again soon as well as¬†Pum’p so maybe I’ll be¬†back to being trim taught and terrific¬†in the near future!

Am I committed?

Yes but it would appear only on my terms – I popped out for a quick walk up the road very early this morning on the shady side of the road and told myself that weather shouldn’t come into it as far as exercise is concerned – but we all know I’m kidding myself on that one.¬† I have come to the conclusion that thinking¬†and telling myself I have to do something when my hearts not in it doesn’t so anything for me and that’s when I give up.

Of course there is another reason for me chiding myself over this- we are talking and planning our 2015 winter time away from home.¬† No overseas jaunts this year (saving that for next April) this year we’ll go back to the Sunshine State for a few weeks where The Golfer can golf¬† and I can walk the beach and enjoy just doing nothing.¬† Yes I know that’s what we do most of the year but it’s so much nicer to do it there ūüôā

The fitness part comes into it because we are going to drive up there via The Red Centre, that is from here (Victoria) across country to Coober Pedy to pick up the Stuart Highway in South Australia and make our way up to Tennant Creek in the Territory (which we’ve done before) turn right¬†and drive up to Townsville along the Barkly and Flinders Highway¬†(now called the Overlanders Way) From there we’ll come¬†down south a little and end up in¬†Bowen which is just 2 hours south of Townsville and 2 hours north of Mackay.’s-way/

So it quite a drive, there’s a few things we really¬†want to see – Kings Canyon (which is near Uluru – Ayers Rock) being one of them.¬†¬†Last time we were¬†in the Territory¬†the road up there was¬†unmade and as it was a bit wet at the time The Golfer wasn’t too keen on getting bogged¬†– it was his car we¬†were in and from past experience¬†‘having words with each other’ isn’t a good way to travel when you are so far from home.¬†ūüôā Since then the road has been made so we are good to go…. Or least we will be come July!

But it’s not just a case of turn up and all will be revealed

The Rim Walk begins with a challenging 500-step climb. But it‚Äôs worth every step. Upon reaching the summit, you will marvel at the breathtaking views of Watarrka National Park and into the canyon itself before descending into the green oasis of the “Garden of Eden.”

KC View

Now if I’m to climb those steps and do a 4 hour hike to take in that view – which I’ve set my heart on doing – I’m certainly going to need to be fit – well fitter than I am at the moment lol


Here’s a postscript (an afterthought) by way of an explanation to yesterdays post about the squat toilet.¬† My attempt at a putting a little bit of humour into a¬†thought provoking post didn’t quite make it so I’ll try to explain what I was trying to say.

As you know we recently spent time in some countries that line the Black Sea and the preferred toilet system there is the squat toilet.  Not mine but at times due to necessity one I had to give in to and actually use.  Dexterity is not my middle name so it was a fun time Рnot.  Cleanliness was achieved by way of soap and water if available or wipes that I kept in my bag.

Anyway as we all know Australia is a very multicultural country these days and I often wonder how people who are used to this¬†toileting system cope when confronted with a huge array of western style toilet pans and not the squat ones they are used to.¬† I’m sure many of them have come across ‘our design’ but I’m also sure that many who have arrived as refugees may not have.¬† See I told you my mind wanders in weird and wonderful ways at times lol

So seeing that ‘do not stand on the toilet’ card on the back of the door made me realise there may be an actual problem developing – talking to one of the cleaners who happened to be there at the time confirmed this.¬† They are seeing more and more evidence of people standing on the pan to squat in the position they are used to – which can make the cubicle and the seat/pan unusable for many other shoppers.¬† (The cleaners only come round a few times a day)

Hence my thinking that might it not be a good idea for shopping centres to install a couple of cubicles with this style toilet – but I wasn’t sure how others would receive such and idea.¬† There aren’t¬†any in this actual shopping centre and I’ve no idea if there are any installed in any Melbourne¬†shopping centres¬†at all, although it might¬†just be possible¬†in some community centre.¬† It¬†was just a little thought that crossed my mind at the time.

So what are your thoughts
Am I loony to even comtemplate such a thing happening??

For those at home who want to emulate the position there are ‘stools’
(sorry about that)
manufactured by an Australian company that can be set in front of a western style toilet

There’s more to this than meets the eye………….

Question of the day – what would you like for Lunch?
I’m absolutely chockers with the amount of food I’ve eaten this past few days so something light please.

What about an Egg and Bacon sandwich?
Light I said – that’s almost¬†a meal!

Bet there’s as many calories in an Egg and Lettuce sandwich as there is in a Bacon and Egg sandwich!!

So here’s the info on the light lunch of an Egg and Lettuce¬†sandwich

Nutritional Summary:

There are 360 calories in 1 Egg and Lettuce Sandwich.
Calorie Breakdown: 49% fat, 34% carbs, 17% prot.


Nutrition Facts per 1 sandwich
1506 kj
360 kcal
Protein 14.47 g
Fat 19.47 g
Saturated Fat 4.385 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 6.931 g
Monounsaturated Fat 5.912 g
Cholesterol 339 mg
Carbohydrate 30.41 g
Sugar 3.6 g
Fibre 1.5 g
Sodium 613 mg
Potassium 178 mg

And here’s the gen on the Bacon and Egg¬†sandwich

Nutritional Summary:

There are 388 calories in 1 Bacon and Egg Sandwich.
Calorie Breakdown: 49% fat, 29% carbs, 22% prot.
Nutrition Facts per 1 sandwich
1623 kj
388 kcal
Protein 21.04 g
Fat 20.76 g
Saturated Fat 6.261 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 3.724 g
Monounsaturated Fat 8.077 g
Cholesterol 421 mg
Carbohydrate 27.67 g
Sugar 4.12 g
Fibre 1.2 g
Sodium 938 mg
Potassium 276 mg

Interesting isn’t it
As expected the calorie count as well as the fat count in the B&E sarnie is higher
But there are more carbs and less protein in the E&L Sandwich

Low Carb diet or Low Fat diet – which is it to be?
Unfortunately it is the combination of the fats, sugar and sodium (salt) that we also have to take into account ūüė¶

Anyway just for today we ended up having¬†the unhealthy ‘tasty’ option ūüôā

Egg and bacon sandwich

Information from –


It’ll cheer you up ………………..

Come on let’s go down to Frankston
a walk on the beach always cheers you up, he said!

The beach in winter – Mmmm….maybe.

Why would you go though – there won’t be a soul there
It’ll be blowing a gale – the beach will be empty
and the water too cold to paddle

photos enlarge with a click

Empty beach on a cold day Frankston

You can walk along the pier
and¬†possibly¬†see the cars in the distance going up¬†Oliver’s Hill
Mmm…. maybe

Oliver's Hill from Frankston Pier

 Not a soul over there either
the sky looks so heavy I think it could fall down to earth any minute
and that water definitely looks cold:),_Victoria

Oh look there’s the footbridge over the Kananook Creek
With some very hardy fools folk all rugged up, battling the gale
to be able to ‘take in the rather cold sea air’

Foot bridge over Kananook Creek

Not a soul to be seen in the foreshore park
and certainly nobody sitting on the rather nifty bench
complete with what looks like a boat hull underneath

bench with metal hull underneath Frankston

Why on earth would I leave my lovely warm home and drive for an hour
just to go to the beach in winter?


To see my baby brother’s boy – aka¬†my nephew Lee
He lives interstate and was visiting Victoria for the first time so ‘our little girl’ arranged a super¬†surprise for us by¬†arranging¬†to meet up with him.

There was a lovely meal, a long chat
and then (as the wind had died down)a short walk
Complete with¬†coat, scarf and hat. On¬†the sandy beach of course ūüôā

Such a pleasant way to end a yucky week
I did draw the line at paddling in the cold water though lol,_Victoria

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Life’s a party………

Life’s a party – live it to the full and enjoy it!

That’s definitely the view our water aerobics instructor has and she certainly lives up to it.¬† We never know what she has in store for us on a Tuesday morning but you can be sure it will be accompanied by disco/party type music.

Let me set the scene for you:
Towards the end of the evening at many wedding receptions here in Australia the band seems to know when it’s time to play¬†those fun ‘everyone on the floor’ numbers.¬† Getting everyone in the mood¬†usually takes place to a version of the Village¬†People’s hit¬†YMCA – even grannies have been known to get up and make the letters with their arms above their head

And of course the¬†one that really gets them going is The Nutbush – ‘danced’ to¬†a version of Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits.¬†It’s¬†‘danced’ across the floor¬†line dance style – some say it’s similar to a dance¬†from the¬†1950s¬†called The Madison.

the madisonMadison – photo source

Fabulous ‘original’¬†version in french film Bande a part (Band of Outsiders)

And this will give you an idea of how simple (and maybe similar) the Aussie Nutbush is Рyou tube video taken at someones party!
Yes, it took a little while before the recorder realised his camera was facing the wrong way lol


Anyway what this is leading up to is¬†‘pool time’ this morning (aka ‘water aerobics with the¬†groovy grannies’) was fun time as we all sang and warmed¬†up¬†to YMCA complete with arm actions and then showed all those young mums whose little ones were having their swimming lessons¬†how to overcome¬†land mobility difficulties by dancing the Nutbush – in the pool ūüôā
We did our own (well Brenda the instructor’s) version, similar but slightly different to the ‘official’¬†one¬†– it was quite a workout using¬†the¬†legs to move against the water¬†and also bringing¬†the core muscles¬†into play when¬†trying not to flay around¬†turning to face the other¬†way.

Maxine is right ūüôā

Maxine and Weightmaxine aging

I can see clearly now…………….

Life has been a bit hazy for the past few months – I knew something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t work out what might have been going wrong.

Things were looking cloudy and more and more I was having to really peer to see what I needed to know.

I decided less reading and not so much internet time might help Рhad no effect, in fact it was gradually getting worse so I had to seek advice from someone I knew might have the answer to my problem.

‘Let me have a look’ he said.¬† ‘Look up, look down,¬†look here there and everywhere’ he said¬†– well maybe not the last part.¬† ‘Hmm I can see whats going on.¬†¬†Something has changed¬†under¬†the implant (which does happen in some cases) –¬†and the solution to¬†that¬†is in the corner over there.’

Two minutes later all was revealed and after a little bit more wide eye opening I was able to see clearly again. Yes the solution was a little laser machine and it certainly solved my problem.

One year after the life changing (for me) cataract surgery I was back to my happy little self Рreassured it was not my sight that had changed, it was just a known minor complication that happens to many others and is easily fixed.

Posterior Capsulotomy (Laser after Cataract Surgery)

Posterior capsulotomy is a laser surgical procedure which is sometimes necessary to clear vision after cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens inside the eye is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens implant. The cataract is surrounded by a clear cellophane-like wrapping. During cataract surgery, the front cellophane wrapping is removed. Then the cataract is removed and the implant placed. The back cellophane wrapping (known as the posterior capsule) remains intact. In some people, months or even years after cataract surgery, this clear cellophane membrane becomes cloudy. Subsequently, laser treatment is done to restore vision.

Decrease in vision is the main symptom which begins anywhere from a few months to many years after cataract surgery. Also, increased difficulty with glare and bright lights as well as decreased ability to read and see far distances.

Posterior Capsulotomy – Laser treatment after cataract surgery
More information HERE

I will lift up my eyes………………..

This is the view from the end of my street
taken on a bright sunny day a couple of years ago


Another view taken earlier today a little further down
The same tree lined (main) road in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges (which you can see in the distance)

There are houses lining both sides of the road as well as small streets that lead to the estates that sprung up as the original orchards were sold off in the middle of the last century Р1950s/1960s.2

At certain times of the day it can be busy but somehow still has the feel of a country road.  There is that barrier of trees between the footpath and the road that sort of gives a feeling of protection to the walker


As well as the nearby park (which I’ve shown you before) this believe it or not is a pleasant place to walk.¬† Maybe it’s the fact that the path meanders along and hasn’t been set out in a straight line or it could be the closeness of all those gum trees but I always feel much better after making my way¬†along here and back home again.



Here we are at my ‘short walk’ turn around place – its 1km up to here from home so that gives me a 2km walk (about 1.25 miles).¬†¬†¬†And look, there were¬†sunny blues skies for a while this cool dry autumn morning which lifted my spirits enormously.


And looking back down the way I came I wonder
Which way home??
I’ll let you in on that secret another day:)

As a footnote
Each time I take this short walk and see the hills in the distance
I remember this from my younger more regular church going days

Psalm 121 – King James Version

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help
My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.
He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber
Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.
The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.
The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

Linked to Nature Notes
Hosted by Michelle at Rambling Woods

Those in between days…………..

I’m talking about those precious days – the days that start with the most precious of all, ¬†Christmas Day and¬†end on New Years Day.¬† To me they are inbetween –¬†between an ending and a beginning.
The days when the house has been cleared of all the holiday excess – the visitors have been and gone – some reminders are still there – but generally life has slowed down to almost a crawl.


So far this year there are memories of a quiet Christmas Day picnic by the river at Buxton.  On one side the Little Steavenson River, behind us the mountains, families playing and having fun at their gatherings in the park along side.
click to enlargePicnic spot

picnic spot 2MountainsFamilies

Melting moments

There has been the feel of really hot days when I thought the little snowmen as well as the kitchen window sill flowers would melt
Those have been the days of us just being lazy, listening to the Boxing Day cricket test on the radio, books and drinks at hand.  Marvelling at how quiet the neighbourhood is and of course having Kiera close at hand.

Warm sunny days

Of course we haven’t lounged around all the time – there have been slightly cooler days
some things must be done ūüė¶
This is what I class as healing time so
Food has been simple leftovers – housework basic.
If it’s not necessary it doesn’t get done lol
Blowing in the wind

And so it goes.
The New Year will be here soon and it will be back to reality.

How do you spend those ‘in between days’

There’s always a reason why……………

The future depends on what we do in the present. ‚Äď Mahatma Gandhi

When I walked out the door yesterday to meet up and have coffee with some friends the above quote was in my mind.

I knew I could follow all the eating plans I have and ‚Äėbe safe and secure’ in the thought I used the allowable calories to the best of their advantage or I could risk having some beautiful hand made chocolates, feel a bit guilty but enjoy it, and know I was going to have to work like crazy to use all those calories up.

Chocs 1

Half an hour later when I stood in front of this cabinet I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do but at that moment I knew I wasn’t going to become depressed if I slipped off the wagon and would as the song goes ‘pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again’

Handorfs Fine chocolates

Chocs 2

So what is it (asked a friend in an email) with all this talk of food, weight loss, body shape, self esteem ( do I look fat in this? ).

Because at the end of next week we are off again -16 days of cruising up the eastern seaboard via the Coral Sea, across the Top End into the Arafura Sea and the Timor Sea, past Indonesia by way of the Java Sea and then on up to Singapore.

And that means trying on clothes to decide what to take with me!


Thank you all for your comments and emails in relation to my previous post РThoughts from the Pathway.  Todays post sort of explains why I was thinking outloud lol

Thoughts from the pathway……………..

Funny what you think about while walking along the street

A few years my doctor said I was overweight, I remember that visit quite clearly and for some reason when I was out walking the other day it popped back into my mind.

I had wondered how people actually saw me at that time ‚Äď was I chubby, plump or did I actually look fat?¬†¬† I know at the time I certainly didn‚Äôt want to look like those descriptions and was most put out when he actually said that with a height of 157cms/ 5ft 2ins¬†weighing 74kgs/163lbs (11 stone 9lbs) was not a good look.

His reasons for concern were raised BP and the hip pain I had complained about.  At that time it was my hip that bothered me more than my back.  With the loss of some of the kilos the hip pain vanished which is a good thing as at one time I couldn’t walk up any stairs and much to my annoyance had to use lifts or escalators to get around large shopping centres, multi-story buildings and car parks.

Of course when the back played up a couple of years ago and exercise was the last thing on my mind one or two kilos went back on again but we are working on that.

I went on to think about ‚ÄėWhat DO I want to look like‚Äô and ‚ÄėHow would I like others to see me‚Äô.¬† I knew I didn’t¬†want to be ‚Äėskinny‚Äô or ‚Äėthin‚Äô as that is not a good look especially on an older person.

Though I have to admit, I don‚Äôt actually admit to being 71 very often, I have no idea what a 71yr old is supposed to feel or do so I just live my life the same as before ‚Äėcept that at the moment there is a bit more emphasis on food and exercise.

Anyway back to body shape, my body shape.

I think I would like to look trim (sort of slim with shape) but trim seems to imply toned and thats what I’d like to be.

Having a shaped body would be great – someone once described my shape as like an H ‚Äď same at the top and bottom with not much of a waist¬†so dresses with belts are out lol.

Yes, having a shaped body would be great and if there are no fatty bits flopping around it would be even better ūüôā

Maybe toned would be a good thing, and I can achieve that by continuing with visits to the gym using free weights and the equipment as well as walking for the fun of it.

Half hour exercise a day and all that lol

My one recurring thought is will I be satisfied when I am back down to the suggested goal weight or will I be greedy and want more?¬†¬† Knowing how hard it has been to get this far how will I manage to achieve that ‚Äď will it be feasable or will my mind say ‚ÄėForget it?‚Äô

Time will tell I suppose ‚Äď we‚Äôll cross that path when we get there ūüôā

Chocolate understands………….

 chocolate love
Cause and Effect
Snoring and various other sound effects like steam engine, sniffing and snorting noises emanating from a certain person’s snout.
Said person’s sleeping partner unable to sleep, making them sh’itty and snarly and causing them to¬†shout out – speak harshly or even simply say sharply (depending on how long it’s been going on) – some specifically nasty words sounding like
“Shove over, Shut Up or Ship Out To the Spare Bed”
I know that didn’t sound nice – but I’m not feeling nice today!!
Wonder why ūüė¶
Now where’s the chocolate -I know there’s some in the house somewhere!
Send for Chocolate
How do you cope when you are tired and grumpy?

It started with………….

Well I’m not quite sure¬†what
It could have been a wayward sneeze or even a touch of a hand
It definitely wasn’t a kiss from a stranger!

It made itself known to me early last week
Itchy eyes, runny nose, a couple of sneezes of my own
Yes – it was that thing called ‘The Common Cold’

Now we have progressed to  
Oh, my nose is all blocked up
Oh dear, I feel so tired 
Oh, my thoat feels like it has a razor blade stuck in there somewhere.

All the old home remedies are being used
Hot water РLemon juice РHoney РParacetamol Рmy favourite Cough Mixture РEucalyptus Oil on a tissue 
I know they make me feel good Рbut not quite as good as a long hot bath

Have you seen those photos of the Japanese Macaque Apes aka Japanese Snow Monkeys –¬†the ones who spend part of the winter hanging around in hot poolsMACACA FUSCATA

They all seem to have a peacesful expression on their faces Рthey are enjoying the moment.  That lovely feeling of warmth all around Рeasing tired bones and muscles Рfeeling all the cares of the day just rolling off their shoulders

Well thats just how I’ve felt each evening as I’ve soaked in the bath before I went to bed.¬† Now if I could just find out who it was who shared their germs with me I’d tell them to stay home just the same as I have had to do this past week.

I’ll see you all another day


A New Day……..

Here’s the same view from my front door¬†as I showed last week¬†
Yesterday morning and again this morning I could see something different there
Something so very different to last week.
Blue skies and very little cloud ūüôā


It’s funny what the prospect of a fine sunny day does to the spirit
Yesterday I went to lunch with VIEW Club friends
and came home feeling better than I had for weeks

Today I’m¬†off to the library to return some of the books
that have kept me company during those weeks

Last year I read an article in the RM Williams Outback magazine
about Australian authors – female Australian authors
featuring those new authors who seemed to specialise in what is called
‘rural fiction/ rural lit’
Stories with a female main character set away from the city in a rural setting

Two¬†I’ve just finished are by Karly Lane
North Star
Morgan’s Law

For me they were not too heavy – not too dramatic –
not too sickly romantic (or crude) – readable and believable
Here are a couple of longer in depth review you may like to read

Will be on the look out for her third novel
Bridie’s Choice

Thanks for all your supportive comments and emails
I’ll be doing some visiting soon
See you tomorrow

So what did you end up doing??

Well I did think about going shopping
No not for a Jeep 
But I went for a walk instead lol

Hot hot days –¬†Dr’s orders to rest and avoid dusty places – meant I didn’t stray far from the house for much of the summer months
But with the glorious autumnal weather we are having at the moment there has been no excuse for not getting out and enjoying it.
So, I had a little wander up the road to see how our local park had coped with those long dry hot summer days. 

 The small sporadic showers of rain we did have recently had turned some of the grass a rich green colourPark 1

Easter holidays means time off from school and kinder so there were lots of youngsters enjoying the park the way it was intended.  
There were Little Boys tearing aound on bikes!Park bikesAnd what looked like a Little Sister trying so very hard to keep up 
but the path was uphill and her little legs plus the trainer wheels wouldn’t let her.Park little oneThere were several families at the playground
Park playground

And it looked like the dogs were having a day out as well as well!Park dogs

I’m not a fan of Big Dogs even on leads so turned around and¬†walked over to the bridge that spans some of the ‘wetlands’
(actually built as storm/drainage protection scheme)
but functions very well as a home for wetland birds Park bridge

 And then made my way back up the hill to a favourite spot

Park bench

I like to¬†sit here and look out¬†over the ‘wetlands’ and enjoy the ‘view’
although on this day apart from the families¬†near the community house there wasn’t much going on at all

Park wetlands

There ‘was’¬†something white thrashing about¬†down below on the opposite bank

Park heron

Look what I found when I finally made my way down
What I think is a White Heron had made its way into the water
and was just standing there Park White Heron

¬†I purposely didn’t get too close to the children¬†or their families
If you want a clearer view all the photos will enlarge with a click

All change!

Well things certainly are changing whether we want them to or not!

My ops are over and done with Рas I mentioned a few weeks ago the first one was a breeze.  Not so lucky with the second one.  Its been very uncomfortable, painful and inflammed, when I mentioned the blurred sight the surgeon mentioned it seemed this one needed more time to heal, and suggested relaxation was the best thing as well as limiting concentration, which meant only a little reading along with no computer time Рso that has been the order of the day. 

Comparing the two experiences with a friend I said it was like when¬†our second child was born – our first born was a really quiet babe who just slept and ate and then we were hit with this noisy baby who¬†never seemed to sleep. Well I began to think if it had been the other way round¬†I may have been reluctant to have another child – so it was with the ‘eye experience’¬† Would I have gone ahead if I’d had all these difficulties with the first one?¬† I’ll never know.¬† Thankfully it is¬†improving as the days go by.¬†¬†

Its that¬†time of the year when the clocks change and for a short time confusion reigns if you are trying to contact family and friends around the world lol¬† This coming Sunday the¬†hands on our clocks here in Victoria will be¬†moved back¬†which¬†means Daylight Saving Time/ Summer Time will end and we will be back to Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours in front of Greenwich Mean Time or as¬†I discovered Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) which is also known as Zulu Time.¬† Now when I when I watch Jag I’ll have an idea of what they are on about when it pops¬†up on the screen ūüôā¬†¬†
Other Australian states do/don’t use Daylight saving so¬†sometimes it’s a challenge for me to remember what the time is elsewhere in Australia never mind anywhere else in the world! – have a look here for an explanation

Only problem with this change is¬†that about the same¬†time the UK¬†and other northern hemisphere countries are changing¬†their clocks to¬†Daylight Saving Time/Summer Time which means (if you haven’t noted it from years past) we (as in me) have to recalculate the time difference so there will¬†be no waking others up for a chat at¬†odd (inconvenient) hours of the night¬†– not a good thing to do ūüė¶

After a rather disastrous season here in Aus cricket is over for the year –¬†the professional players are all heading overseas – looking very enthusiastic but I’m sure with the team (and management) we have at the moment they are going to¬†get slaughtered again.¬† So that means Footy (Aussie Rules) is back!¬† Lots of healthy muscular young men chasing a oval shaped leather ball up and down the pitch trying to kick it through the goal¬†posts (of which there are four) at each¬†end of said pitch.¬† Get it through the middle two and the team scores 6 points for the goal – through the outer two and its 1 point for a behind.¬†

If you are really interested you could look at this link

Thanks for all the comments on the last post – the weather is much better now.¬† It did go rather cool (cold even lol) and now is what I class as pleasant.¬† This week we have sunny days with highs in the 20s Celcius that is – about 70s F.¬† Nights are drawing in tho’ ūüôā

First Impressions

I thought somebody had ‘cleaned’ my right eye –
everything was so bright and crystal clear

Then I wondered where all the wrinkles had come from

And then how come there was all that grey in my hair

I was sure they weren’t there on Wednesday when I went into theatre!

So far so good ūüôā ūüôā

I will see clearly soon!

¬†Well the first op is tomorrow in the afternoon so I’ll¬† be off¬†for a few days.
The second will be in a months time
Specialist said the first eye needs to¬†heal before ‘we’ attempt the other one.
I’m sure he knows best
I just want to know when I’ll be able to drive again ūüė¶

I’m going to¬†lighten things up a bit now
So here’s¬†a few ‘little’ jokes that came to me via the Inbox

Children and their special way of looking at things

TEACHER: Why are you late?

STUDENT: Class started before I got here.


TEACHER: Harold , what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?

HAROLD: A teacher?


TEACHER: Clyde, your composition on ‘My Dog’ is exactly the same as your brother’s. Did you copy his?

CLYDE : No, sir. It’s the same dog


TEACHER: Now, Simon , tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?

SIMON: No sir, I don’t have to, my Mom is a good cook.


TEACHER: Glen, why do you always get so dirty?

GLEN: Well, I’m a lot closer to the ground than you are


TEACHER: Winnie , name one important thing we have today that we didn’t have ten years ago.



TEACHER: Millie , give me a sentence starting with ‘ I. ‘


TEACHER: No, Millie ….. Always say, ‘I am.’

MILLIE: All right… ‘I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.’


And wait there’s more lol
These also arrived in my inbox the other day
Courtesy of a generous English friend
who thought I needed a laugh

A few ads from the livestock section of a british newspaper
Their’s is special kind of humour ūüôā

8 years old
Hateful little bastard.

1/2 Cocker Spaniel
1/2 sneaky neighbor’s dog.

Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd
Father is a Super Dog
able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

Also 1 gay bull for sale.

Thanks for all the comments about my recent handiwork with the knitting needles
I have more on the go –¬†bright colours this time
So will show when things settle down and I get back in the swing of it.

Its all in the mind

After expending all my energy at the pool and the gym last week
I’ve been lying low this week¬†– for no reason what so ever
Just feeling a bit down and out of sorts
There were pleasant mornings spent on the deck
or pottering very quietly in a very dismal parched looking garden
A few weeds found their way into the bin
Followed very closely by the now very dead heads of all the Agapanthus

Once it warmed up I moved into the cool of the house
I profess to enjoying the heat but in actuallity
I sag a bit these days¬†when it gets near to 30c/86f ūüė¶

So to keep myself busy I’ve been clicking away with the needles
determined to move more of that yarn stash in the garage
I’ve¬†mentioned KOGO a few times¬†
and thats where these very simple baby woollens are destined to go

So so easy to knit, the sleeveless ones (above)
are crafted by joining the two fronts and knitting the back down from there

1 Baby cardigans
1 baby jackets

3 jacket over the shoulder 

So inspired by Jenny who writes at My Life In Flip Flops and this old cable pattern, utilising the same over the shoulder principle I started to work on an idea I had in my mind

Pen – Paper – Lots of scribbled notes –¬†Lots and Lots of counting¬†later
This is the result
So far – so good

2 cable
3 cable

Just a few more cables, followed by the ribbing and the back is finished
Neck comes next – then I’ll¬†join the sides
Wanting something with a boyish look I originally thought of a vneck
but changed to the buttoned front opening instead
Should be finished by the end of the week

Then it is on to some other ideas I have for a load of bright coloured wool
Boat Necks and Fair Isle (another love of mine) will feature prominently ūüôā

I tell you – once I have an idea in mind there’s no stoppping me
The Golfer wonders why it doesn’t happen where household duties are concerned
Silly man – his mind obviously works differently to mine ūüė¶

How does your mind work?
Do you always follow the instructions as written
or do you find a need to change them now and again?