You what??

Many years ago (1972) not long after we arrived in Australia we were asked to a BBQ.  BYO, the neighbour said, oh and bring a plate.  Now I knew BYO meant bring your own drinks but being a new chum was mystified by ‘bring a plate’.

Some of the groups I belonged to previously (usually young wives/mums groups) had met in members homes and we were often asked to bring cups and plates to help out at morning coffee or supper time because in those days not many young families had oodles of crockery or cutlery,

So you can guess what we did the day of the BBQ – yes, we each turned up holding an empty plate – not a skerrick of food on them.  Now if the neighbour had mentioned ‘shared food or potluck’ I’d have known what to do. Meat and salads or a sweet to share would have come along with us.

Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms
Bring a Plate
An invitation to bring a plate of food to share at a social gathering or fundraiser. There are many stories of new arrivals in Australia being bamboozled by the instruction to bring a plate. As the locals know, a plate alone will not do. In earlier days the request was often ladies a plate, sometimes followed by gentlemen a donation.source


Last week at the pool my ‘neighbour’ was telling jokes and I smiled inwardly (remembering that day) when she told this one.
It’s all in the understanding and interpretation of the words 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Young Blonde Cowboy

A Sheriff in a small town in Texas walks out into the street and sees a blonde haired cowboy coming towards him with nothing on but his cowboy hat, his gun and his boots.

He arrests him for indecent exposure.  As he is locking him up he asks, ‘Why in the world are you walking around llike this?  The cowboy says, ‘Well it’s like this Sheriff…

I was in this bar down the road and this pretty little red head asks me to go out to her motor home with her….

So I did.

We go inside and she pulls off her top and asks me to pull off my shirt….

So I did.

Then she pulls off her skirt and asks me to pull off my pants…

So I did.

Then she pulls off her panties and asks me to pull off my shorts….

So I did.

Then she gets on the bed and looks at me kind of sexy and says…

‘Now go to town cowboy’



‘And here I am’

Bring a plate – Go to town.
Have you ever misunderstood the words??

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Chippy Chippy Yum Yum …………

So we had some rain recently – seriously heavy wet rain.
Oh dear, what was I to do?

Restless and with no interest in any current craft, book or TV programme
You’d never believe what I actually ended up doing.

No chocolate in the house meant I just had to
Munch on some chippies 🙂


Meat Pie and Sauce flavoured ones !

A snap purchase, certainly one not new on the supermarket shelves
but re released for the winter football season
Yes, sometimes I’m a sucker when i see something different lol

(Verdict -Tasty but a bit greasy)

Well, between the two of us we scoffed the lot – it was an interesting afternoon but not one we’ll be repeating soon with that flavour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Do you know where, when and by whom the first chip (crisp) was produced?
I had no idea, so asked ‘Mr G’
Lots of good reading here for those who are curious about this fact.

This site – – told me that George Crum invented potato chips in 1853 plus other interesting things.

Native American George Crum was a chef at a Saratoga Springs, New York, resort, when customer Cornelius Vanderbilt complained that his french fries were too thick. George Crum fried up a serving of paper thin potatoes cooked to a crunchy crisp texture – the first potato chips. The dish dubbed “Saratoga Chips” became a favorite.

If you look at Wikipedia – – it gave me information on chips/crisps and as well as naming Mr Crum also came up with the names of other ‘inventors’

A potato chip (American English) or crisp (British English) is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried baked until crunchy. Potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. The basic chips are cooked and salted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavorings and ingredients including herbs, spices, cheeses and artificial additives.

Lots of different information here including the fact there was no patent taken out:-

A very recent article here:-

And of course Snopes has a point of view as well:-

Now I got that out of my system it’s back to fresh fruit as a snack 🙂

Especially for ?

The Pet Shop I use in Montrose is right next door to the Vet Clinic.  Last Saturday I had to move down the footpath a bit to see the wording on the board.  I knew instantly who to dedicate this post to 🙂

Vet clinic

 One for you Dianne 🙂

Vet clinic board

I’ve seen cats and dogs as well as other weird and wonderful pets (plus a horse tied up in the car park) but don’t recall ever seeing a parrot of any shape or size in the rooms. LOL

Clearly confused……….

What do you think when you see a snowman standing on the side of the street in Singapore?  Well I thought he was clearly confused – but no there was a big smile on his face.  Obviously he was happy to be there on a hot humid day with temperatures about 30c/85f oblivious of the fact he could be water on the side of the street at any moment lol

Singapore snowman
Can you see the smiles on the faces of my snowmen listening to the song ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ that was coming from the radio on Christmas morning?  They also were oblivious to the sunshine outside that would have them making a puddles on the windowsill – which I might add is the place they seem to congregate each time I bring them out of hibernation lol

~ Clearly confused ~

~ Clearly confused ~

Did you know a book has been written about the history of snowmen?

Did you know the latest largest snowman is actually a snow woman who was calle d Olympia ??

Did you know that Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the snowman?

They are funny little things I love to see and would even say I prefer them to Santas – just don’t want real ones in my back garden at Christmas time 🙂

 And does anyone know what a group of snowmen is called?



Oh listen to the band…….

When all you’ve got to do is sit in the shade and read on your birthday then as far as The Golfer is concerned ‘life’s good’.
Little did he know what was planned for that evening.


A laugh and smile at dinner with friends on that special day…


Oh a cake – just for me?? How did you know?


But wait there’s more….
Here come the dining room waiters to sing a song.
An Indonesian song they sing for birthdays


And play along to…
using proper instruments and whatever is to hand that makes a noise 🙂


Then the dining room erupts in clapping and cheering
Happened for me the week before – and for countless others during the cruise.

The Indonesian Happy Birthday song, Panjang umurnya, has a connection to the Dutch Happy Birthday song “Lang zal hij/zij leven” (Long shall he/she live) – same tune, obviously one version is in Bahasa and the other in Dutch


Panjang umurnya
Panjang umurnya
Panjang umurnya
Serta mulia
Serta mulia
Serta mulia

Long is his/her age
Long is his/her age
Long is his/her age
And treasured
And treasured
And treasured.

To give you an idea I found this clip on youtube

Another lighthearted post for you…….

If you looked at The Golfer’s ‘sly’ shots of me you’d think I’d spent all my time sitting down this past four weeks.  It’s not really true – well, only sort of true 🙂

It’s true that I did sit and wait outside The Blue Mosque one day only to have to return on another…




And I sat and had a few drinks…

IMG_0233 - Copy


Did a bit of map reading and thinking about things…




IMG_1094Chased up some free wifi in the only place possible one day which just happened to be sitting on the steps of the cruise port terminal.  And after sitting and doing a bit of contemplating on another day decided that even tho’ I had no idea what was in store for me in the future, on that particular day all was well in my little world 🙂


IMG_1053But he also ‘captured’ the fact that I also did a bit of walking…. click on the thumbnails and you’ll see me pottering about aimlessly and looking as vague as I did in the above pictures lol

One of these days I’ll take that camera away from him
Then what would he do 🙂 🙂

As always the photos enlarge with a click

Just for fun…..

Sometimes we just need a bit of free time fun in our lives
Time when we can mess about on the computor and have fun
Some might call it time wasting
Not me!

 Do you remember those Interactive Videos made by Olivier Otten
where we had fun using our cursors?

(Click the links to take part in the fun)

The original one had him batting the cursor
when it was put over his face
don’t put that cursor near my face


Then the Cursor Eater turned up


While number 3 had him running away from the cursor.


When he had stopped running in number 4
and the cursor was passed over his head
blow me down if he didn’t grab the cursor and run a way with it.


Well now, over the years he made lots more  – they can be found on the
SelfcontrolFreak website

Time on your hands – use it for fun!

A is for ………………..

Well none other than Alphabet Blogging

It’s been like a Friday Date this past 26 weeks
People were dropping by on Friday to see what the I thought
about the letters of the alphabet.

Mum who blogs at Mum’s Simply Living Blog wondered what we could come up with if we blogged about the letters of the alphabet.

The catch was they all come in reverse order.

We are up to A this week
so it looks like we are now at the end of the Fun Fridays
with Mum and her Alphabet Blogging that is

I’m hoping you enjoyed the fun
I’m all done – all finished
for the moment
I’m must away and see what I can come up with for next Friday lol

that’s a fun word if ever there was one
Look here at this link to see all the ways it can used

There were others who took the challenge
Read all about it here

B is for………………..

Mum’s Aphabet Blogging challenge has been and gone

It’s been a week of blah weather

Beastly phone line causing bad internet connections

A bu*gger of funeral that had me blubbering

 Words are not coming easily so I’d best be off

Because all I will do is blather and babble

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Life’s a party………

Life’s a party – live it to the full and enjoy it!

That’s definitely the view our water aerobics instructor has and she certainly lives up to it.  We never know what she has in store for us on a Tuesday morning but you can be sure it will be accompanied by disco/party type music.

Let me set the scene for you:
Towards the end of the evening at many wedding receptions here in Australia the band seems to know when it’s time to play those fun ‘everyone on the floor’ numbers.  Getting everyone in the mood usually takes place to a version of the Village People’s hit YMCA – even grannies have been known to get up and make the letters with their arms above their head

And of course the one that really gets them going is The Nutbush – ‘danced’ to a version of Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits. It’s ‘danced’ across the floor line dance style – some say it’s similar to a dance from the 1950s called The Madison.

the madisonMadison – photo source

Fabulous ‘original’ version in french film Bande a part (Band of Outsiders)

And this will give you an idea of how simple (and maybe similar) the Aussie Nutbush is – you tube video taken at someones party!
Yes, it took a little while before the recorder realised his camera was facing the wrong way lol


Anyway what this is leading up to is ‘pool time’ this morning (aka ‘water aerobics with the groovy grannies’) was fun time as we all sang and warmed up to YMCA complete with arm actions and then showed all those young mums whose little ones were having their swimming lessons how to overcome land mobility difficulties by dancing the Nutbush – in the pool 🙂
We did our own (well Brenda the instructor’s) version, similar but slightly different to the ‘official’ one – it was quite a workout using the legs to move against the water and also bringing the core muscles into play when trying not to flay around turning to face the other way.

Maxine is right 🙂

Maxine and Weightmaxine aging

Monday memories

Poolside chatter last Tuesday about old television series and the news of another grandchild for one of the girls reminded us of this scene from an old Cosby Show episode.

It is a cold wet Monday morning here so I need something to make me smile – remembering this made me smile, hope it does the same for you

Olivia’s take on How mothers deliver babies 
(Raven-Symone with Bill Cosby) 

Oh dear, if only it had been that simple!

E is for………………….

My goodness it seems like it was only yesterday and I was talking about letters of the alphabet with Mum.
So today for the letter E – we could look at Entertainment, Exercise, Enjoyment
But no, today I have chosen – Entrances and Exits.

A few years ago (2010) I had to go up to the city – I had some time to spare so was able to have a look at (and photograph) some marvellous Entrances and Exits in the city known in the late 1800s as Marvellous Melbourne

Flinders Street Station
One of our most easily recognised Entrance and Exits
right on the intersection of Flinders Street, Swanston Street and St Kilda Road.

Flinders Street Station

For many years this was the place to meet
‘Meet you on the steps under the clocks’
was the saying.
the clocks were related to each of the train lines
and gave the time of the next one on that line
as well as the platform it would  leave from
Like many things these days they have been replaced
by an electronic board inside the forecourt 🙂

Flinders Street Station 1

Across the road on one of the corners of Swanston Street
is St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral
photo source

St Pauls Cathedral

This is the Great West Door from the street
(strange angle I know but the footpath wasn’t level!)

Cathedral GWD 1

Closer view2 GWD close

and from the inside looking out showing off the beautiful stain glass3 GWD Inside

Just up Swanston Street on the same side you’ll find
Melbourne Town Hall
photo sourcemelbourne-australia-townhall

The large entrance is surrounded by pillars and posts
(and people passing by lol)

Town Hall Almost directly across the road is the heritage listed Manchester Unity Building
photo sourceManchester_Unity_Building

just inside in the lobby was this banks of doors – (entrances and exits??)
Of course they are for the Lifts
or Elevators as they are called in some parts of the world.

Imagine waiting there and being able to admire the handiwork of the doors as well as the mosaic mural of the shield and motto of the company.

Lifts Man Unity Building

Lift door

Then it’s across the road to Collins Street
to see the heritage listed Regent Theatre 

exterior regent theatre melbourne photo source

with its glamorous wide stepped entrance foyer.
We’ve been to many shows here and it is a grand special feeling walking through those doors at the top – one of the nicest theatres in town

Regent Theatre stairs

Chandeliers and the beautiful window above the doors !

Regent Theatre  Window

Time to make our way home and for some its time for a drink.
Well not for me – but right acoss from the station is Young and Jacksons

Young and Jacksons

photo source
Ready to quench the thirst of many a worker on a hot day
Home to Chloe

I just looked at the door
and wondered who walked in and out on their way to the station that hot day 🙂Young and Jackson

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F is for……………..

It’s time for the letter F in mum’s weekly alphabet blogging challenge
And today is going to be Fun Friday
In fact it’s going to be Feline Fun Friday!

Q: What colour is a happy cat?
A: Puuurple

Q: What is a cats favourite dessert?
A: Mice pudding

Q: What kind of work does a weak cat do?
A: Light mouse work

Cats at Work

Cat Joke 2

Now this one could come under the heading of:
Flippin Heck!
Fancy that!
or even
For cryin out loud!
but do watch this short video because in actual fact
it is just Feline Fun on Friday for your enjoyment

Mum is hosting Alphabet Blogging
pop over and see what others have found for the letter F

Next Friday the letter will be E – Perhaps you’d like to join in

G is for………..

Friday is usually Mum’s Alphabet Blogging day but Oops I missed Friday
So am here on Saturday
which is still Friday in the UK and other parts of the world lol

We are now up to (well down to in this case) the letter G
What’s it to be
Going to – Got to – Grab it – Give it – Gunna do this

No, my word of the day is Gumboots
or Wellington Boots as they are known elsewhere.
Some of my grandchildren call them ‘Gumbies’ – I just call them my ‘Wellies’

A long rubber boot
An item of rubber footwear used for keeping the feet and legs dry
They have gone from being a royal fashion statement in their early days when designed by the Duke of Wellington to almost being staple footwear in some societies.

These are mine – plain and simple in blue 🙂

gum boot 2

These I saw for sale in one of our large shopping centres
Multi coloured – back to being a fashion statement


Seems like we enjoy paying homage to the Gumboot

Did you know there is a Gum Boot Song

There is also Gum Boot Dancing

Here in Australia we have a Golden Gumboot Big Thing's_big_things

~ Golden Gumboot at Tully ~

~ Golden Gumboot at Tully ~

golden gumboot sign

There is a roaring trade in Gum Boot acessories
The Duke would have had a ‘man’ to help with taking his off and cleaning them – we could use one of these if we wished

gum boot set

 I tend to use the top step to the deck or if it’s raining my back door step:)

And to keep you comfortable there are fleecy socks that don’t ride down
with instructions on how to put them on!

over the topover the top gumboot socks

Today could turn out to be a Great day – have got to do some Gardening
Showers forecast so might need to get my Gum Boots out!
Where are yours – will they be in use today??

And as I’m a glutton for finding out about things if you are interested you can:
Read about the history of Wellies HERE
Read about how they are made HERE

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H is for…………………..

Friday has arrived – once again It’s Mum’s alphabet blogging day
And the letter of the week is H

How do you think about where you live
House v Home

If you happen to show someone the building
Do you say – that is our house or that is our home?

There are lots of ideas out there on the WWW.
Most seem to conclude that
A house is a physical structure with walls a roof and a door
A home can be anywhere you live, that place, that structure made pleasant and safe by the people who live there

So what about you?
What are your thoughts

Is it just
A House – something that you are living in
A Home – the place where you are living but also where you feel comfortable and safe.

Are you content and thankful just to have a roof over your head
do you feel you must have things around you that you are able to relate to.
Things that prove this place is yours – give you a sense of identity

‘Home is where the Heart is’

We often talk about the ‘family home’
Does that mean that those who are single, widowed or divorced, those with no one to love or share their place with live in a home or is it just a house?

Do those owners of immaculate places have a house or a home ?

Does owning the place make any difference?
To me it does
I know on the few occasions we have rented I found I couldn’t form an attachment to the ‘House’.  That’s all it was – A House we were living in.

Because of circumstances at those times, we were actually renting fully furnished so there wasn’t much we could do to make the place ‘ours’.  Yes, we had some bits and pieces and knick knacks to dot here and there around the house but
We could never change the paint colour, decorate or alter in any other form, and in some cases not even put a nail in the wall to hang pictures.
So I never felt it was our ‘Home’

I’d love to know how others have felt if they’ve experienced living that way.  Does being able to put your stamp on rented premises make it more homelike for you or have you accepted what has been offered as
‘this is it at the moment’.

Does this strike you as a beautiful home?
Snapped in Far North Queensland by The Golfer
(where else but near a golf course lol)
A Bowerbird’s Bower aka as a folly
(Possibly belonging to a Great Bowerbird)

~ Bower Bird's Folly ~

~ Bower Bird’s Folly ~

Bower Bird 2

I used to think these were actually the home of the Bowerbird
but it seems that is not so.  They are built by the male to try and entice the female to come by and see what a jolly good fella he is.
They would make a lovely home tho.  Fully furnished and decorated, ready to move in.

The bowers aren’t nests for raising kids; they are bachelor pads designed to attract and seduce one or more mates. When a female arrives to inspect the bower, the male struts and sings. He hopes to convince her to enter the bower, where mating takes place. The female then flies off to build a nest close by, leaving the male to try to convince another female to join in a romantic tryst.

This link explains about all the different sorts of decorations – not always blue
Bowerbird Blues

How to seduce a bird using interior decoration  

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The things they ask…………..

We don’t have any little grandchildren now – they have all grown up and become wise in the ways of the world.  However at times we’ve had to field some of the various curly questions they came up with when they were tiny.

So for your enjoyment here is a variation on an old one
Courtesy of our inbox

A six-year-old girl went to her Grandad who was working in the garden and asked him ‘Grandad what is couple se’x’

The grandfather was surprised that she would ask such a question but decided if she’s old enough to know to ask the question then she’s old enough to get a straight answer.

Steeling himself to leave nothing out he proceeeded to tell her all about human reproduction and the joys and responsibilties that go with it.

When he finished explaining, the little girl was looking at him with her mouth hanging open, eyes wide in amazement.

Seeing the look on her face the grandfather asked her ‘Why did you ask this question sweetheart?’

The little girl replied

‘Well Grandma says to tell you – that dinner will be ready in just a couple of secs’

Smile and the world smiles with you – cry and you cry alone
Stanley Gordon West smile and the world smiles with you