Me and my big M……

I really should think before I open my mouth 😊

Chatting with friends in a café recently the topic turned to sport.  With these friends it could be Spring Summer Autumn or Winter – you’ll find the topic of conversation often turns to sport lol

Well, you’d have thought I’d suggested the Pope was an atheist from the gasps when I casually mentioned I wasn’t keen on female sports reporters.

They can have all the knowledge in the world but (to me) as soon as they start to talk it always sounds as though they are trying too hard.  Trying to impress or even outdo male companions on panels or those sharing the commentary of a game……. and don’t get me started on seeing them going into the rooms at half time.

Definitely wasn’t the most politically correct thing to admit to them but it’s my personal feeling!

In amongst the chat that followed that disclosure I mentioned that I also felt uncomfortable watching them play ‘rough’ sports that have always been associated with men like soccer, rugby and aussie rules football.  I realise women have had a very hard time infiltrating these sports and good on the ones who have made a name for themselves doing so but if I choose not to watch them that’s my choice.

Well that went down like a lead balloon!

One person continually tells us she ‘can’t stand’ a particular male commentator and we all accept it.  There’s none of the disparaging remarks that came my way the other day.  How can you be so sexist – how can you be so narrow minded – no amount of discussion gave way to them understanding that not everybody likes the same thing.

I didn’t dare to also say I preferred AFL (aussie rules footy) or NRL (rugby league) to Soccer.  Most of these ladies are English expats and even after being here since the 1960/70s the majority of them still follow their (old) local teams.  I have loathed that style of football since I was a child and don’t intend to start liking it now (but I don’t think I’ll mention that to  them)

Out with the old – in with the new…..

A little bit of the old found at the park during my recent visit – last seasons leaves all crisp and crunchy and brown.  Just lying there, waiting expectantly, waiting to feel little feet scuffling through them and then to be tossed in the air.  All jolly good fun 😊

Below is a little bit of the new (winter bulbs and Flowering Quince) blooming in my rather neglected garden on a rainy day day last week.  A sorely needed treat because I’m feeling decided ‘off’.

An elderly neighbour was whisked suddenly into hospital during the night, a dear friend is also in hospital….a bit poorly her husband said….very very sick was the description I got from a mutual friend.  The Golfer stuffed up an important deed and I need a hairdresser’s appointment but as usual in my own disorganised way have left it too late. Will have to get it done somewhere else.

Life goes on I suppose

It does actually happen…..

This little car park ticket showed me yesterday that there are still some good things happening out there.

I’d planned to go to one of those big discount pharmacy chemist warehouse type stores late morning after the Musical Memories activity had finished at the nursing home.  Now normally I’d combine the visit with other shopping but that wasn’t the case yesterday, so given I had a choice of three branches out in the eastern suburbs and being an indecisive Libran (meaning I’m terrible at making choices) I was all in a dither 😊

I could drive 12 kms down the road to the branch at Chirnside Park (medium sized shopping centre) and try to get a spot in the car park there. Oh yeah, school hols just started lots of things for kids to do mothers and babies and kids all over the place maybe not.

Or I could drive on a further 4km to a branch in Lilydale – reasonable idea, larger shop more products wouldn’t be any ‘entertainment’ going on but further from home wih no guarantee of a parking spot.

And lastly there was one of the original branches in Ringwood just a little way back up the road from the nursing home but in the most awkward place on the main highway with minimal parking at the rear. Lots of recent development around there –  huge enlargement to Eastland means traffic here there and everywhere and my car only knows one way in and out of that place and it’s nowhere near where I needed to go!

Rationilising with myself I came up with the idea that if I went back to Ringwood I could easily get onto Mt Dandenong Road from there when I’d  finished, which meant I could be home in 15 minutes. So, decision made.  A gap in the traffic could get me over into the right hand lane, make a Uturn and come at the store from a different spot on Maroondah Highway.  Good thinking Catherine – now to find somewhere to park!

And what about the parking ticket I hear you say

Well as I drove into the (badly signed entrance to the) car park there was a car facing me almost in my path with an arm sticking out the driver’s window.

Coming alongside a voice yelled out – Would you like this?

What is it?

The pay and display ticket  There’s still some time left!  I’ve finished what I had to do in less time than I thought and there’s still three quarters of an hour left.

I was a bit taken aback……because I didn’t realise it was pay to park….as I said badly signed frontage and entrance…..but didn’t say no.

I was in and out of the shop in less than 10 minutes and still can’t get over how disappointed I felt when I couldn’t pass the remaining 20 on to another short stay parker 😎

So now it’s my turn – my turn to spread the love and pay it foward (quietly)

Almost like a new job….

It was almost like moving to a new place of employment – a new job – a new place to find my spot in the pecking order.

For several years now I’ve been involved in a group – a singing group – in other words a choir.  For a while there I needed something to make me ‘happy’ and discovered a music group and associated choir.  I was in heaven.  Some time to myself (if you could be by yourself surrounded by other voices) making a noise and feeling good.

We met once a week, in the evening about a half hours drive from home.  Their repertoire was a bit like the Ancient and Modern Hymn Book – some new, some familiar, some old yet modern enough for me (and most of the others) to know all the words.

When I joined we were led by a fabulously ‘young’ musician who had studied a whole range of styles and methods both here in Australia and abroad and like many students of classical music also had his own jazz band (on the side) 😊  He had a way of making us feel we’d achieved something special.  Then as he put it – his career and studies were getting in the way and he just couldn’t spare the time as little as it was, so he had to move on.  Sighs all round – we need to find a new conductor

So after a long lead in time we found what we thought was a good choice for a conductor.  Very different in that she is more dogmatic in her ways, my way or no way.  This is what I want and expect you to provide. With the ‘you’ being mostly mature age people who go (yes to learn, but also to have fun) numbers dropped quite quickly – yet were expanded by others (from other groups) wanting a ‘leader’ who thought that way.

Of course I was away interstate over a lot of the winters so didn’t have to contend with those 30 minute drives in whatever weather turned up.  Some winters I was a bit crook so didn’t go – didn’t want to infect others or couldn’t sing what with coughing a lot or not having a voice lol

As the season began to change it was getting to the point that I was finding excuses not to go – but I really missed it.

So earlier this year I decided to do away with these self conceived problems _ a dominant almost unyielding leader plus an unwelcome night time drive – and joined the ‘day group’.  The organisation only has one group that meets in the daytime – in Camberwell.  Miles away from home – 45 minute drive or 30 mins on the train (plus time to and from the station and a walk down Camberwell Road to the hall) so about an hour door to door.

Honestly, as I mentioned above, I thought it was going to be almost like taking on a new job.  Like finding the right spot to sit in the hall……. with the Altos, yes but on which chair?  What time is the break, where is coffee served?

First discovery was the friendliness of the others.  There is no pecking order.  None of this…. we’re sopranos – you’re altos – and  never the twain shall meet.  Oh and the men are over there.

With two helpful ‘assistants’ and a vibrant ‘witty funny’ conductor who keeps all that under check, there is a style of leadership that means you can’t help but follow directions because you want the song to sound great.  The voices blend together, harmonise like magic with no one type overpowering the other. It’s almost like the first point in ‘The One Minute Manager’ – People who feel good about themselves produce good results!

Yes it’s a bit of a trudge on a Tuesday morning especially these really cold ones but guess what – I’m enjoying my singing again and being happy and feeling good inside myself is all that matters (to me at least)

Has anything been bothering you recently that you found a solution to?

What about your fears and worries – did they disappear or were they realised?

It’s just not funny anymore……

It’s just not funny,  I said to myself.

You’re talking away to yourself in here, said The Golfer

And what are you doing down on the floor?

Well it’s like this,  I said.

When I start off everything’s fine and dandy

It’s between here

and here

The problems start.

I know there are things I can practise at the gym

so I can get to here

Without falling over!

Come on, I’ll help you up,  said The Golfer

I’ve got a friend who had the same problem

He said the practice of putting more water with it helped enormously!

Not funny,  said I.

Ouch, that’s not funny either, said The Golfer.  Watch it or I’ll let go of you and where will you be then?

Back on the floor with only one leg in my knickers, said I 😊😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fun Friday – the day we forget the worries of the week 

(Funny true story – but unfunny because it’s happening more frequently)

graphics source

Gotta do what you gotta do….

Yes I know not great english but my interpretation would be ‘when you’re left with lemons…..make lemonade!’

Although in this case I chose to pick up the ‘lemons’

The little Butternut pumpkin is the one I choose for winter soups. It’s usually nicely sized …..and I can cut (and peel) it easily.  I know other pumpkins can be used but half the time I can’t even pick them up let alone cut the skin off (and I don’t like the taste when they’ve been in the oven) so it’s the Butternut for me.

The cost of fruit and vegatables fluctuates greatly with seasons and once again, in what seems to be an annual trend, because of previous weather events we had been warned of price rises.  At the moment,  Butternuts…in my mind…. have an exhorbitant price attached to them so as I’m going to be peeling and seeding (in other words tossing some of it) I’ve been loathe to buy them.

Carrots on the other hand seem to be really cheap.  Carrots are a staple in our house… matter what time of the year there’s always some in the fridge.  In summer they are grated or thinly sliced julienne style with salads – in winter, well you name it they turn up in just about everything cooked in our kitchen

Oh look at that, said Catherine when she saw an enormous 5kg bag of carrots going for $2.

And how long do you think it’ll take you to use all of them said The Golfer!

These days with there only being the two of us I usually don’t buy fruit and veg in bulk ……..unless I know we use it regularly, it will last or I have something special in mind but also…. because He with the long elephantine memory will always remind me of the times he’s discovered things in the fridge I’ve forgotten I’ve even bought!

So with those words having been spoken (and knowing The Golfer, who doesn’t usually come grocery shopping with me, would object to backtracking through the shop to pick them up later) I had to do a bit of quick thinking.  How many casseroles did I have in mind to make during the next week?  Soup??  Usually made with other root vegetables.  What do I have in the fridge at home?  Oh blow it, pick them up.  They’ll keep out in the freezing cold garage!

Broccoli or as known to some of our grandchildren in their very young days as green forest… as opposed to white forest…which was the name for cauliflower 😊 is another veg we use a lot of. It’s usually sold by weight and I find it ‘fun’ to watch shoppers choosing their broccoli – some just pick up a piece and carry on while others turn the pieces over and over to find those with the thinnest stems because they will be throwing that part away and don’t want to pay for something they won’t be eating.

Lately the stems, you know the bit in the middle where the little stalks and the green flowery bits grow from, have been really thick.  Occasionally I’ll put them in with other bits if I’m making vegetable stock but last week it seemed like most of the weight was in the stems so after slicing and dicing them those pieces went into a chicken and veg soup.

Now that did turn out good – economical, what’s in the cupboard style, certainly not glossy cook book style.  As well as a small sliced raw chicken breast it included onions, the last of a packet of frozen mixed veg, also same of frozen peas and corn, some McKenzie’s dried soup mix, potatoes, broccoli stems, potato stock from the freezer mixed with chicken stock powder plus  several carrots.   After cooking I gave it a little whizz with Bamix using the chopping blade to ‘break up and circulate’ the chicken lol     Top shelf of freezer holds several tubs of Carrot Soup,…….. a fairly basic recipe, except I added some curry powder when I fried the onions and garlic to give it a bit of oomph…  one remaining tub of the Chicken and Veg – well it was cold and that’s all there was left after having it for dinner two nights in row.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And I’ll tell you what – my life must be fairly quiet at the moment if I’m relating what we had for dinner last week 😊

But then it’s Monday, the day I sit here thinking and chattering about anything and everything.

 So tell me, what did ‘you’ have for dinner last week ??

Winter reading….

It’s been a while since our lazy summer days where I seemed to devour any book I got my hands on.  January, February and March saw me reading 28 books but since then things have definitely slowed down.  Slowed down to a crawl!  Well if the truth be told with only 2 books read since then slowed almost to a full stop !

However this will be partially rectified very soon because my friend has pointed me in the direction of another challenge similar to the one we undertook in January.

I know it sounds basic but this one’s an either/or – easy/hard challenge
Easy follow the As or the Bs – 6 books, no mix and match
Hard follow both A & B – 12 books in all
Also include some Australian authors

Also (as was suggested by another soon to be unfriended friend) I’m not naive and do realise I shouldn’t need challenges to encourage me to read but this way rather than choose willy nilly off the library shelves I get to look through the catalogue chasing something to fit the bill.

To begin with, my choices will be Bs, starting with an author I’ve never read before...

Delia Falconer – The Service of Clouds.

“It is 1907 and the Blue Mountains are filled with the grand dreams of elsewhere.  Eureka Jones, a young pharmcist’s assistant with historical eyes, falls in love with Harry Kitchings, a man who takes pictures of clouds and succumbs to the ‘madness of photography’. Their love turns the mountains blue “

And as winter began last week (June 1st). I’d best make a start 😊

So what’s been on your bookshelves recently. Maybe you could recommend some titles that would be a good fit for some of the Bs?

Hello Winter….

As always no amount of wishful thinking will change anything.  Yesterday June 1st was the day…..the day that is deemed to be the first day of Winter here in Australia.

Not cold enough for snow here in Melbourne but definitely cold.  Cold enough to see your breath oozing out of your mouth like the steam from a boiling kettle.

Well that’s what it was like at 7.30am when I drove down the the pool.  I know it sounds strange going to the pool in the Winter but I’ve got to keep this old body mobile and that’s the easiest way for me to do it.  The young lad on the desk said they’d turned the gas up so the water was a bit warmer….30c instead of 29.5c lol  Still felt cool cold to me when I got in 😟

What was good about the day – and quite a few others over the past couple of weeks – was the way the afternoon turned out to be quite warm  A bit like what I call desert weather……. Really cold overnight then dry sunny and warm(ish) as the day goes by.  And by the look of last night’s forecast that’s the way it’s going to be for the next few days

So all there is to say is:-

Where’s my thermal undies and it’s Beef Stew for dinner 😊

As I grow older….

This turned up in my inbox last week

Along with a note from a friend

asking if I related to any of the numbers

My reply was thus:-

I thought I’d let you know this week’s lucky numbers were

In no particular order

 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 and 10 😊

However I must make special mention of numbers 5 

and 9

For the extra special roles they played in my life this week😊😊

Monday Musings….

Just a few thoughts running through my mind early this Monday morning

As you can see it’s a bit of a weighty problem

It’s all to do with my homesick kilos.  They leave home for quite a while then decide to move back in again  I really need them to move out permanently!

Because of them this how I feel – Very big

Just like this wide load seen on a country road during one of our trips to Queensland 😎

I was beginning to think those pesky little Cs could have been the problem so I asked Maxine what the answer was 😊











You’d never guess what……it seems the answer was right under my nose……I’d been using shampoo in the shower as soap!  Don’t laugh but it seems I should have been using washing up liquid instead!    Well we learn something new each day 😊😊

Oh the joys of first world problems lol

I’m about to put the kettle on – come on in, sit down, and tell me

How’s your Monday’s going?

Slowly does it….

Yes, there are times when ‘slowly does’ it is the right way
It’ll get done in it’s own time

Last year a craft book called Slow Knitting was published – from all accounts it has been received quite well but not having actually seen it I can’t actually say much about it (being a bit on the pricey side that’ll have to wait until my library obtains a copy) seemingly it talks about slowing down and taking time to savour your craft – To think about and enjoy all aspects of your craft.

“Like the “slow food” movement, Slow Knitting encourages knitters to step back, pare down, and celebrate the craftsmanship of their work. In five chapters centered around the tenets of slow knit­ting—sourcing carefully, making thoughtfully, thinking environmentally, experimenting fearlessly, and exploring openly—Hannah Thiessen challenges knitters of all skill levels to view their practice in a new way. Each chapter contains explorations of fiber types; profiles of well-known yarn types, makers, and yarn suppliers; and garment patterns inspired by the featured fibers. With contributions from knitting superstars Norah Gaughan, Bristol Ivy, and many others, Slow Knitting proposes an approach to knitting that is both minimalist and all-encompassing, and emphasizes what makes knitting a meditation, a passion, and a unique necessity.” source

It also suggests not to stop knitting gifts but not to put yourself under stress by having so many to finish by a certain time.  Now that’s something I learned the hard way a long time ago so if I do knit as a gift I give it when I feel the time is right not because it’s Christmas/Birthday time and that’s when gifts are given.

As always there’s been some knitting going on in my house……really slow knitting this time ……..some that has taken a fair while to finish.  Talk about slowly does it – with my interests lying in other directions over the past month this little cardigan finally got done all in it’s own time.

Selecting the wool/yarn from my boxes I did finger it, squashing it in my hand, wondering what it could be used best for – a bit dark for a tiny baby so was it to be a toddler size cardigan or jumper/sweater?  Boy or girl style? We still tend to think of boys in blue but girls wear blue as well don’t they?

It’s not quite as dark as it looks but needed something to make it stand out – to be more than just a child’s cardigan – a decorative stitch that did just that.  Sort of like a mock cable – and what about pockets?  Little ones love pockets don’t they!

Simpler than it looks the ‘cable stitch’ is worked over 4 rows – Knit one row, purl one row, decrease with a sk2sso (slip one, knit 2, slip stitch over)  in the middle of the set stitches on the next one, yarn over in that spot to make up the stitches on the next row.  The grey/blue buttons were all I had (another trip coming up so need to save my pennies here and there) but when it was all put together it didn’t think it looked too bad.


Do you remember the Slow TV phenomenon that came to us over the past year or so…….. well as today is Friday the day we try to have Fun.  Today I really think we should have some fibre fun.  I know a few of my readers will think this video fun with a capital F

You don’t have to watch it all – just enjoy some of this peaceful restful video of a group of knitters with their crocheting friends having fun – in real time – real slow time!!

Enjoy your Fun Friday – and click on the photos to enlarge


A hat, a notebook and a pencil…..

What is it about a person in a hat with a notebook and a pencil that seems to make us shake in our shoes?

I remember town parks and gardens in England always had a superintendent with staff who seemed to delight in telling children to ‘keep off the grass’ or point to signs that said ‘no ball games’. One of them seemed to have it in for some of my young friends – asking them their names and ‘where do you live’ and writing it all down in a little note book.  It was usually me who was the one charged with keeping an eye out for the ‘parky’ (park keeper)which was fine because kicking a soccer ball around certainly wasn’t my idea of fun.  I’d have my nose in a book hoping I’d catch a glimpse of ‘that man’ before he caught a glimpse of us!

We also were very wary of police – in those days they also had a hat, a notebook and a pencil.  The thought of what your parents would do to you if one of them knocked on your front door and then consulted their notebook was enough to turn me and any of my friends off misbehaving for life.

All those feelings came back yesterday when I drove to Camberwell (a near the city suburb about 35kms from my place)   I’d been using the train for the past few Tuesdays but the weather has changed to much cooler…..even wet some days….and after getting ‘a bit on the wet side’ walking back to the station last week I decided it was time to check out the drive / park close by option for future wet days.

Don’t believe everything they tell you about heavy traffic in the city (Melbourne) – the heaviest I encountered that morning was right on my doorstep!  Canterbury Road from here all the way to Elgar Road was bumper to bumber, cars trucks buses bikes (both push and motor) you name it, I’m sure all the residents out in the east were going west.  Oh what a difference it was after I turned left onto Elgar Road, and made my way down to Riversdale Road – almost as if everyone had stayed in bed that morning.  Then of course there were the trams to contend with along Riversdale Road….nothing for it but accept it’s ‘trundle along behind and hope to overtake somewhere.’ ….but not while the tram is stopped…..which wouldn’t have been too bad if it was before 9am……but after that parking is allowed in the clearway zone next to the left kerb so it’s down to one (and a bit) lanes 😟

Anyway I had a fair idea of where I was going to park, just had to hope there was a vacant spot!  Free parking is very limited in most places these days and if there’s one thing I don’t enjoy it’s paying to park.  How do you think I get to enjoy my overseas trips – by not paying for parking lol. I’m about to turn into the car park when I saw a figure walking out of the first lane –

Mmm it’s the parking inspector.

One of those people similar to the ones I remarked on earlier – one who walks around in a hat with a notebook and pencil – only these days they have a little machine and a dreaded piece of chalk in their hands!!

(Not this actual one though)

Bugger – two vacant spots and he’s standing right there!

If I drive in I’m sure he’ll turn round and mark my tyres…..if I go round the block whats the chance they’ll stll be there.  Surprise Surprise – he started to talk to someone and moved off into the next lane.   Hooray, panic over, I needed about three so that meant I had the two hours before he returned to check marked tyres and a bit more from then.  Wondering if you’re going to get a parking ticket is not the best way to spend a morning so there were smiles all round when I returned and there was nothing tucked under my wiper blade 😊

Isn’t it ridiculous for a grown woman to be wary of someone who is just doing their job.  Like the kids in the park or skylarking in the street I’m not trying to cheat the system, I just don’t want to be on the receiving end of their perceived ‘wrath’ if I fall foul of one of them.

With a bit of effort….

Effort – a word that would appear regularly on my school reports.

Meaning a determined attempt

With a bit more effort Catherine could achieve so much more…..

Catherine is capable of so much more if she put the time and effort into……….

Needs to put more effort into her work instead of helping others…..which I’m sure was teacher shorthand for needs to stop talking in class 😊

Last month it was the mental or physical exertion meaning that came into play when it was such an effort to get anything done……time flew out the window whenever I began to do something……concentration certainly had left the building…..I’d begin a task, get side tracked half way through and then complain there wasn’t enough time to finish whatever it was.

Yes I know, excuses excuses.

Lets just hope it’s not too cold a winter because this is my solitary donation to the charity knitting box for April.

Years ago I would occasionally knit to sell, sometimes to order but that could be stressful so usually just to have something here that might be ‘just right’ if a friend wanted a gift for a grandchild.  Of course once babies grew and the time it took to make larger garments did likewise I’d look for patterns to use that knit up quickly  This old front page favourite was made quite a lot over several winters – double stranded for warmth with a yoke done on a circular needle – easy peasy, or so I thought in those days.

Not so these days.  My fingers and wrists ‘hurt’ from using the large size needles needed to knit the two strands and the air was blue as I attempted to put the two body pieces and two sleeves on that circular needle in the correct order.  How could I forget something so simple?  Okay, once they were on and I’d finished the first round of the colour work aka simple fair isle it was plain sailing from there on.  My words to the other crafters during ‘show and tell’ as I pop it in the box tomorrow evening will be – Look and admire because you won’t be seeing another one 😊😎

Have you found anything hard going recently- what’s been an effort for you to achieve over the past few weeks?

Commitment or a week of interwoven events……

Now what on earth could a map of the Melbourne suburban train network, a very large box of chocolates, a swimming pool and this little girl have to do with commitment ?

This little girl (aka our quiet one) was snapped on her sixth birthday proudly showing off the (natural age related) gap in her top teeth and the cast on her arm caused by a tumble from her bike trying out the ‘activity track’ her older brother had put together in the back yard.  A determined little devil she was – and still is.  She became a scout and having achieved their top award The Scout Medallion she then moved on to Venturers where she worked towards and received the Queen’s Scout Award from the Governor of Victoria

Not long after that she became a Rover and now at nearly 21 still enjoys the ‘rough and tumble’ but also working hard on her Baden Powell award has the maturity of someone involved with her community.  Determined and committed !

Anyway back to last week

Our quiet one works in hospitality in an inner city suburb. So with not much – well, no – parking nearby she uses the bus from the end of her street to the station and then train and trams to get there and back and up until now she’s usually been able to get a lift (or the bus) home from the station. A couple of weeks ago her mother (our little girl) and her father went up to Queensland for a bit of a break, then her aunt (our big girl) and her sister (our little redhead) joined them for a week and because there were no ‘ family taxi drivers’ around and having several evening shifts down on her rosta Grandma committed herself to meeting the late trains.

And late trains meant 10/11 pm ones arriving long after our very local bus service had stopped running!

Having a daughter (our big girl) involved with the parent company of Cadburys with her office located in the Bayswater factory grounds giving her access to the ‘shop’ – you know the place where for very low prices they sell all the seconds and other associated goods – sounds like fun?

Yes, it was fun for a long long time but not these days – except when she brings a really really good bargain to her father’s eye.

Now The Golfer and I are is partial to chocolate so 5kg of unwrapped badly shaped small picnic bars for $5 was received from her with open arms before she went off to enjoy a week in the sunshine with her sister.  Seeing that large box and knowing what it contained made me all the more committed to restarting those morning visits to the pool.

I can tell you that a week of early mornings at the pool coupled with late nights waiting at the train station made for a very tired (but committed) Grandma.

ps I did a swap with our quiet one – the day I bagged up and gave her some of the chocolates she surprised me with a gift of flowers 😊

pps Is it alright to have one little bar of chocolate Maggie – I’m sure pool work will help with the BP and the calories 😎😊

Wondering while Washing Up on a Wednesday……

When The Golfer does the washing up he just digs in and gets it done in what seems to be record time.  I like to sort things beforehand and do things in order ……small things go to the back of the drainer,  larger plates come next with big things placed on top.  After rinsing the pots and pans go upside down on the stove before I dry and put away.

And as usual while washing up my mind wanders here, there and everywhere.

Take earlier this morning:-

  • I know some of us take prescribed medication but how many take over the counter bits and pieces like vitamins on a regular basis?

As well as the Vitamin D I need to bring my levels up to ‘normal’ the doctor suggested that Magnesium may help with muscle cramps – the bane of my life.   Whether true or not I do know when I take it regularly I don’t wake during the night screaming the house down because my calf  (usually my left one) is ‘on fire’  Lots of ooh, this is hurting as I stand beside the bed trying stretch it out and then lie there wondering ‘what did I do in my sleep to cause that’


  • We still have our Telstra landline – it’s needed to connect to our ISP – and I don’t see us getting rid of it in the near future.  I wonder how many of you have committed to giving yours up and now only use or rely on your mobile/cell phone?

I think the main reason we hold on to ours is that if the electricity goes off it still works unlike all the extra ‘cord free’ extensions we have in the house that rely on power.   Yes we do both have mobiles (prepaid) but need to remember to keep them fully charged.  As well as that, a while ago we negotiated a new local plan covering unlimited local plus a refundable discount on other calls and services.  Fairly low set price (think line rental cost) unless we go over that limit and I’m all for knowing what my bills will be.


  • As I stood there my thoughts turned to why does my nose drip so much?  Do any of you suffer in the same way and do you have any tips to alleviate the problem?

Don’t laugh but I’m constantly sniffing….and at times snorting…(very un ladylike behaviour)  I don’t seem to be able to go far without having to wipe that awful dewdrop from the end of my delicate nose.  There doesn’t seem to be a physical reason and the season of the year makes no difference so the doctor and pharmacist both recommend various sprays – which have no lasting effect except to make my nose very very dry.  Years ago during yoga classes with a ‘wise old gentleman’ he would make general ‘health’ suggestions, one of which was to cleanse the nasal passages by sniffing small amounts of warm water up each nostril. I’ve found this does help…..when I remember to do it 😊


  • And of course the age old question surfaced……..Do I reply to blog comments.  Just wondering because this is starting to bother me – How do you feel?

Some bloggers answer each and every one – I’ve tried but often get bogged down with time or finding the ‘right’ thing to say. Thank you is good but seems a bit weak. Some bloggers reply on the post, some by email, others not at all except to answer a question.  Is it necessary – because how many return to see if there was a follow up comment by the blog author?

All answers on a postcard please 😎

When things didn’t quite go to plan….

Strike while the iron is hot!

Another of my mother’s sayings 😊

As ironing wasn’t one her favourite pastimes (a trait passed down to her oldest daughter) I used to wonder why she said that – it wasn’t until I was a bit older I realised it meant ‘do it while you can, when the opportunity arises’ or something like that.

So last week, not having the inclination to do anything but feel sadness over losing Kiera I spent time gathering together and laundering all the old cat bedding.  It plus other ‘stuff’ will all be donated to the nearby Animal Aid and even though my friends thought I was daft I knew I had to do it then or it would never get done.

That’s when I saw the seam.  Right there near the crease.

Many years ago… another lifetime…… I used to breed Burmese cats.  Flannelette sheets (soft, warm and easily laundered) were what I used for kitten bedding.  These were from the children’s single beds when they were younger and being one to never throw anything away I had loads sitting at the back of the linen cupboard….just the thing to be used again.

Going back many years from that the girls had decided they would like their bedroom to be green.  The Golfer drew the line at painting the walls that colour so I persuaded them the way you do when short of cash (it’s this or nothing lol) maybe we could do this or maybe that so there’s green in your room.

Green floral sheets….like the ones below…. came first – then the ladies in the local op shop (charity shop) found those green flannelette sheets plus a very large queen size pale green candlewick bedspead which I cut in half to make ones for their single beds. Their blankets were cream wool ones we brought out to Australia with us (two still hide with old towels in the ‘just never know when they’ll be needed’ corner of the hall cupboard) and there was no way I was going to buy new ones so we dyed a couple.  I nearly died when I saw the very dark green they turned out but the girls thought them ‘cool’  It was when our big girl came home with a green beaded doorway curtain I knew the room was finished.  All was good for a couple of years or more then the warm flannelette sheets started looking a bit thin in the middle….remember they were second hand…so still being short of cash the thinking cap went on and it was ‘I know I’ll do what mum would have done- turn sides to middle’.  Only it didn’t quite work as well as I thought – the girls hated sleeping on them  ‘They’re lumpy, they don’t look nice (??) I’ll catch my toenails in the seam, put them on the boys beds’

The look and feel of the sheets wasn’t that bad really – you know what teenage girls can be like- however come tax time when bed linen next came on sale two new sheets came home with me and the old ones were relegated to the bottom of the pile.

As you can see,  at the moment all those old sheets are destined for a local animal shelter; although I did see The Golfer looking at them and muttering something about needing some new ‘rags’ so maybe, just maybe they’ll end up staying a little while longer.

Thinking about the sheet saga reminded me of other thrifty deeds that didn’t turn out as planned.  Like the time i was trying to flesh out a pan of stew with dumplings and we ended up with a very thick gluggy mess when the dumplings disintergrated.  Don’t think I’ll live that one down 😟

Honestly if you don’t laugh you’ll end up crying 😊😎

2006 Kiera’s last litter.

3 Lilac females – 1 Blue male – 2 Chocolate males.

Hello there…..


These are the last few flowers left from a gift I was given last week.  Simple white blooms (not fussy) along with a large bar of chocolate – given to me by a friend who understood the way I was feeling.

Anyway this is just a little note to say Thank You for all the comments over the last few posts.  Our internet is still playing up, so it was fingers crossed each time I tapped publish; with that and lack of motivation that’s as far as I got.  No (well, very little) visiting other bloggers, no gym, no swimming, no nothing ‘cept a smalll amount of knitting and some gardening in the lovely autumn weather we are having…..yes winter came to visit for a day last weekend and then cleared off again.  He’s coming out at nighttime but sharing the days with autumn 😎

Hopefully our ISP have managed to pull their finger out and have ‘finally’ sorted out our/their problems.  With luck, proper service will resume and we’ll be on air as we were before.

Bye for now

See you next week


Does anyone actually do this??

Many of us older bloggers (and possibly some of the younger ones also) need to take regular medication in the form of tablets so here in Australia once a month we pop up to say hello to the local pharmacist and come home with our goodie bag of ‘keep us alive’ pills.

Not making light of it but I love the look of those shiny new sheets as they come out of the cardboard boxes.  They are clean and fresh and full of promise.

Last time I had my script written my GP changed one of my tablets to something slightly different – similar ingredients doing the same job but a different brand  So like a child with a present, I couldn’t wait to get home from the shop and see what the new pills in the bag looked like.  Well you can’t actually ‘see’ the pills but I’m sure you know what I mean 😊

Oh dear, what’s this on the back of the sheet……I’ve never seen that before….a pill for each of the 15 days.  And what is that…..take first…is there something special about that particular pill ?  And what does it matter which day of the week I take the tablets – surely they are all the same?

So off I go back up to see Mr Lee to ask for a ‘please explain’ – and of course once he did explain I felt like a real dill.😏

Yes you’ve guessed (and probably already know) the reason the days are there is to serve as a reminder for those who wonder- did I take my tablet today?  I suppose I’m lucky in that there’s a cue to help me remember to take this medication each day.  It’s part of my bedtime routine – teeth…tablet…toilet…toodle off to bed.

So like the good ‘rules abiding’ patient I am I did just that.  Began with the take first tablet, then the next evening found the one for that day and continued that way to the end of the sheet. Don’t laugh but I found doing that a real nuisance.  I’d been used to picking up the previous sheets and just pushing out a tablet any which way until the sheet was empty but the new way meant I had to turn the sheet over to check I was pushing the correct tablet out.  It completely changed my routine lol

And I was disappointed to find at the end of all that, where I thought I’d have a very neat pattern on the back if turned out to be the same old mish mash of foily bits same as if I’d done it willy nilly as per usual 😊

I had another little chat with Mr Lee and I’m sure he had a smile on his face as he reassured me that as long as I took my tablet at the same time each day as i had done previously it really didn’t matter what order they were removed from the sheet 😊

Now I realise that where medications are concerned we should follow the rules but I’m curious to know whether others actually follow those directions – take this – then go to the correct day when all the tablets are exactly the same?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • My pharmacist’s name is not Mr Lee
  • Here in Australia the system of prescribing and dispensing of medication may be different to other countries
  • My GP will only write prescriptions for 6 months.  One to be dispensed plus 5 repeats.  This ensures I see him on a regular basis.
  • Only in certain circumstances are we able to pick up more than one months supply at a time.