Come, sit and rest awhile…. Sunday Selections

 Benches I have seen – a Selection on Sunday

from a Canadian trip in 2010.

Benches built to last – controlled by the climate

(made of metal – think ‘snow)

~ ~ ~ ~

‘Just right for a sit down’ seen in Calgary, Alberta

A lovely table and bench arrangement ( complete with flowers) seen on one of the main streets.  Each time we passed by it was empty, not a soul to be seen.

Calgary 2010

‘Circle for friends’ seen in Vancouver, British Columbia

Actually, half a circle by the walking path of a park whose name escapes me.

Vancouver 2010

‘Cold hard facts’ on the ferry to Newfoundland

These were on the deck of the car ferry we took from Sydney Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques in Newfoundland.  It was a first time crossing for my friend Bonnie as well as me so she wanted a day sailing, ‘so I can see where I’m going’ she said!  Once you leave port it’s about 6-8 hours in the Atlantic Ocean so there was a lot of sea to be seen 🙂

Ferry to Newfoundland 2010

‘A real circle for friends’ in Vancouver

I was going round and round in circles when I saw these outside the Pan Pacific hotel near Canada Place.  It was a bit cool that day and there were no sitters watching the world go by.


‘Inside or out – decision time at the bus stop in Calgary

‘Seize an opportunity’ seemed to be the idea in mind with these advertising boards on the back of the bus stop benches near the train station.  Not sure the reason for the temp guage, not a nice reminder during winter lol


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Elephant’s Child


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A Place to Sit and Watch……

Now that the daily half hour minimum exercise has become well and truly entrenched into my lifestyle it means that between the pool, the gym and the outdoors I have a range of ways to achieve that target.  The pool is an organised class, at the gym I can follow a tailored programme using the machines or free weights or even attend a ‘class’; the walking is self motivated and if I had to be honest at the moment I would say I definitely prefer the outdoor walking.

On the days I don’t feel like pounding the beat on the footpaths I go to our local park/reserve where the paths/trails are not on the level but up hill and down dale as they meander round the lake/duckpond/wetlands,

Yes I know I have had different ideas/attitudes on these choices over the years but ‘at the moment’ this is the exercise I’m enjoying more that the others.  Come back and ask me about it in the winter time and you’ll probably get an entirely different answer 🙂

Now there can be times during these walks (especially if it’s warm) when I’m feeling out of sorts (also referred to as being a bit puffed and out of breath:)) so I use this bench to gather my thoughts.  It’s just a simple wooden bench placed very conveniently beside one of the pathways in a park, it’s a place for me to sit and watch and wonder.  Nestled just off the path – close to a small stand of established trees and in front of what were new plantings – it is the bench I featured earlier this month in a black and white bench post.

Looking more weathered than everIf you look up at the header you will see how much they have grown in the past years.  You can also see from the photo below ‘ The ‘Friends of the Reserve’ are still working away re-greening areas.

Tucked in under the shade

 A glance to the left and I see a winding path
– Going up? Coming down?

Looking to the left

A glance to the right and there’s another winding path.
(These photos need to be enlarged for better viewing)

A place to sit and wonder

I see a glimpse of the Community House and the Bridge
And looking across the wetland – The Dandenongs

Community House and Bridge

Across the wetlands

The lake/wetlands has the usual company of ducks and other water birds so it is sort of a ‘come back again’ place because you never know what you are going to see next time

Hopefully you’ll come back again to see 🙂

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Bench Series – Looking at Life in Black and White

The other week I posted some benches I had seen in a garden – this month I have some in Black and White or monochrome as others like to say.  I’m not too good at spotting situations where they show up more easily in B/W so here are some I like – even tho’ they might not be the best examples.

This little wooden one was at the foot of the escalators right by a car park exit door – just in the right spot for a weary shopper to collect their bags and thoughts together before leaving.


The rotunda in the big park at Mooroolbark has long benches – just right for families to shelter from the heat – or the drizzle that was coming down this day. 


A little covered area near the pond in Kilsyth – a favourite spot for family gatherings at the weekends. A good spot for picnics – Cool in the summer with shelter on rainy days.


This is ‘My’ bench, the one featured in the header picture above – the nearby shrubs have grown and the bench now has a more mature look about it.  Sitting on it makes you feel as though you really are in the bush and not in a suburban park.


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Bench Series – On a Bench In a Seaside Garden

IMG_1590Well today we are going to be ‘near’ the sea not actually beside the sea. In Napier, one of the stops on our 2011 New Zealand cruise  – about halfway up the east coast of the North Island.

Famed for its Art Decor buildings and the fact it was nearly destroyed in the 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake, it turned out to be a very interesting place to visit,

Hot day + lots of walking = sore feet and a need to sit down so I was on the lookout for a bench (near the sea)  I spied these near the roadside and decided Too Hot and Sunny so wandered over to the shade on the right of the picture.

Where I saw this little beauty

bench crop

Nestled there in the shade of the trees that line the Marine Parade  Gardens it was just what I needed.

Looking very cool and very inviting – a simple garden bench.

Somewhere to sit 🙂


Bench Napier 2011

Bench Napier 2011

Between the trees - the Pacific Ocean

Between the trees – the Pacific Ocean




I knew that behind the trees was the Pacific Ocean and in front a small garden bed – but because of the bright light couldn’t quite make out what was at the other end of the garden walkway..

Garden bench Napier

Garden bench Napier

Oh joy – another of my favourite things – a fountain.  A large fountain (Tom Parker Fountain) and what looked like a sound shell.

Marine Parade Gardens Napier

Marine Parade Gardens Napier

Well, that was me done for a good half hour before I wandered up to marvel in the coolness of the fountain and to discover what was at the other end of that broad expanse of green grass.,_New_Zealand

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It’ll cheer you up ………………..

Come on let’s go down to Frankston
a walk on the beach always cheers you up, he said!

The beach in winter – Mmmm….maybe.

Why would you go though – there won’t be a soul there
It’ll be blowing a gale – the beach will be empty
and the water too cold to paddle

photos enlarge with a click

Empty beach on a cold day Frankston

You can walk along the pier
and possibly see the cars in the distance going up Oliver’s Hill
Mmm…. maybe

Oliver's Hill from Frankston Pier

 Not a soul over there either
the sky looks so heavy I think it could fall down to earth any minute
and that water definitely looks cold:),_Victoria

Oh look there’s the footbridge over the Kananook Creek
With some very hardy fools folk all rugged up, battling the gale
to be able to ‘take in the rather cold sea air’

Foot bridge over Kananook Creek

Not a soul to be seen in the foreshore park
and certainly nobody sitting on the rather nifty bench
complete with what looks like a boat hull underneath

bench with metal hull underneath Frankston

Why on earth would I leave my lovely warm home and drive for an hour
just to go to the beach in winter?


To see my baby brother’s boy – aka my nephew Lee
He lives interstate and was visiting Victoria for the first time so ‘our little girl’ arranged a super surprise for us by arranging to meet up with him.

There was a lovely meal, a long chat
and then (as the wind had died down)a short walk
Complete with coat, scarf and hat. On the sandy beach of course 🙂

Such a pleasant way to end a yucky week
I did draw the line at paddling in the cold water though lol,_Victoria

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Our World

So what did you end up doing??

Well I did think about going shopping
No not for a Jeep 
But I went for a walk instead lol

Hot hot days – Dr’s orders to rest and avoid dusty places – meant I didn’t stray far from the house for much of the summer months
But with the glorious autumnal weather we are having at the moment there has been no excuse for not getting out and enjoying it.
So, I had a little wander up the road to see how our local park had coped with those long dry hot summer days. 

 The small sporadic showers of rain we did have recently had turned some of the grass a rich green colourPark 1

Easter holidays means time off from school and kinder so there were lots of youngsters enjoying the park the way it was intended.  
There were Little Boys tearing aound on bikes!Park bikesAnd what looked like a Little Sister trying so very hard to keep up 
but the path was uphill and her little legs plus the trainer wheels wouldn’t let her.Park little oneThere were several families at the playground
Park playground

And it looked like the dogs were having a day out as well as well!Park dogs

I’m not a fan of Big Dogs even on leads so turned around and walked over to the bridge that spans some of the ‘wetlands’
(actually built as storm/drainage protection scheme)
but functions very well as a home for wetland birds Park bridge

 And then made my way back up the hill to a favourite spot

Park bench

I like to sit here and look out over the ‘wetlands’ and enjoy the ‘view’
although on this day apart from the families near the community house there wasn’t much going on at all

Park wetlands

There ‘was’ something white thrashing about down below on the opposite bank

Park heron

Look what I found when I finally made my way down
What I think is a White Heron had made its way into the water
and was just standing there Park White Heron

 I purposely didn’t get too close to the children or their families
If you want a clearer view all the photos will enlarge with a click

International Benches of the Week – Calgary

Calgary Alberta Canada is one of my favourite places in North America
I thought I’d show you some of the benches that caught my eye during our stay there last October
There were lots of them so I’ve picked out some of the stunners (well in my eyes)
As it is nearly Remembrance Day – November 11th
heres a very special bench from a special park in Calgary
This stunning carved bench is in Central Memorial Park
May we live as nobly as they died
Now don’t you think this is a picture of ingenuity and simplicity
I’m not sure who placed it there but you can see weary commuters sqatting there waiting for the bus
Nice and dry up off the concrete (and snow) in more comfort than the man further down the bus queue

There were several of these very fanciful lounge benches in a place called Olympic Plaza
Its where all the medal presentations took place for the 1988 Winter Olympics but now its a fabulous water park – a little haven in the middle of a busy city
Very basic but also very ‘modern’ looking
Space for more than one and flowers on the table as well lol
Outside what I think was a downtown – wonder if any deals are done there

And to finish off heres another with a military theme
These were in the grounds of the Aereo Space Museum
The flags are part of a memorial to pilots who were trained in Canada during WW2
They are all very normal and serve a purpose yet they are all very different

Oh for a seat to rest my weary bones lol

After braving one of the shopping centres nearby I came home feeling quite weary
This was a fairly biggish centre with several national stores
Coming out of one of them I needed to sort out all the bits and pieces I was carrying
so looked for a seat of some sort
Not an empty one to be found
all full of that age group who feel the need to ‘hang around’
not doing much – certainly not waiting for their adults – messing about with their feet all over the seats
Made me feel quite annoyed they did
Mind you, not nearly as annoyed as the elderly lady who asked one of them to move on
and received a rude reply
I think the ‘kid’ was a bit taken aback when a couple of his ‘mates’ jumped up and offered her a seat instead
I could have done with one of these empty benches
seen on a wet day in Skagway Alaska last August
Like the animals in Noah’s Ark
they seemed to come in two by two
Funny tho’ – so many available yet –
– or maybe because of all the wet weather –
very few were taking time to sit and rest
I managed to hang on to all the parcels until I reached the car
then tossed them very unceremoniously on to the back seat
with a big sigh
I am not going near a shopping centre again ’till the silly season is over

A hot Saturday in Adelaide

Our Long Weekend away was hot – very hot and humid  
So what did I do to pass the time
when Dh was busy with other things 
(which I’ll tell you about in another post)
On the Saturday I tootled over with  friends to Port Adelaide and the old mill area
to have a look at what was going on at the Celtica Festival
I have a liking for music, any music – and anything concerned with music
so this was a fabulous way to spend the day
Along with the music and dance
 there was also an art festival taking place
There were lots of stalls and displays as well 
This is what was promised at the outdoor stage
A huge lineup of musicians
Blackbird is a dynamic group of musicians playing an exciting mix of traditional Celtic and original tunes.
Jack Brennan leads the fairly new group
Amongst other instruments he plays the Uilleann pipes
This was the line up for Fiddle Chicks
We watched those two groups plus another and then decided to have a look around
(I’ll tell you about the other group another day)
Taking our time we walked down looking at the strip of stalls and once again I found artists 
unwilling to have their handiwork photographed:((
Of course I managed to find a bench – this one was empty
Impossible to understand in the heat
Same tree on the way back
The bench on this side of the tree was well and truly being used lol 
It was so very hot and we’d had enough so decided to return to the stage area
just managing to catch Eric Bogle’s set
Well known world wide he had John Munro from Colcannon to accompany him
We left and went home after their set – so hot and humid and uncomfortable
Then after a quick shower we were off to the Glenelg Surf Club
for a meal with our fellas later in the evening
OK so I should know that horizontal stripes add width
from the look of that photo
the WW books are certainly coming out really soon LOL

Shopping for Kiera and a look round the neighbourhood

Kiera was the centre of attention the other day.  Moulting time has started and even tho she is a short haired Burmese cat she loses great quantities of hair at this time of the year.  Cat hair all over the indoor furniture as well as the outdoor stuff she sleeps on isn’t a good look and means you have to have a good look before sitting down so for her that means more grooming this season than during the winter
As she’s been pottering around the garden a lot recently I give her a good brush and comb which luckily for me isnt a problem – she comes running when she seee the brush and almost flings herself down in front of me – and I’d far rather the fur be on a comb or brush than elsewhere – it also gives me a chance to make sure she doesn’t have any little ‘friends’ lving there either  
BTW This wasn’t a plant shot – the brush and comb were on the table before she lay down.  Ignore the ‘friend’ coming up the steps – he’s one of the magpies who think its my role to feed him lol  
So when I popped down to the pet shop in Montrose for her fresh meat supplies and saw this very useful bench outside the hall and also for the first time in a long time had my camera in the bag you know what I had to do lol. 
Painted green to match the door, window frame and railings it’s at the top of a slight rise in the footpath and I’m sure is used on a hot day to grab a little shade from the tree next door 
Then later in the day I had to go to the Vet clinic to pick up flea control supplies for her – can never be too careful.   Honestly I’m getting a bit forgetful these days I didn’t even think about doing both errand whilst I was out ealier
It was such a beautiful day to be out – full of  blue skies and sunshine
Zoomed through the streets and came out here.  Its a T junction which meant I had to cross the road to go up the hill so I had a quick glance right, then looked left thinking its so sunny I can see the hills in the distance
Then right again up the hill
Then left again to make sure all was well and I could move across the road.  Nothing there except all those lovely shadows on the ground.  This particular road (Mount Dandenong Road) is tree lined all the way down to Montrose  a couple of kilometres up the road
That’s the Vet’s clinic on the corner across the road.  Its such a lovely sight seeing the hills and the TV masts in the distance especially on a day like this with the blue skies and little cloud
When the clinc was renovated they had a mural representing the area painted on the back wall.  As well as catching your eye – good advertising – it also takes the bareness of the brick wall 
If you stand in the same spot and look down the road this is what you see – Another tree lined street lol
This is Liverpool Road and is one of the ways we take to get to Boronia
Those are two very well placed benches believe it or not ‘cose if you are walking up Liverpool Road you discover that what looks like a ‘level’ road is nothing of the sort as it has a definite incline lol
Home after that to a nice drink of tea – very refreshing.  You know we travel the world and love what we see but sometimes we forget what’s there right under our noses lol
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Lounging around in Ketchikan

As Ketchikan proclaims on their world famous sign
They are the Salmon Capital of the World
And to prove it
they even have some fishy benches
dotted all round the town  
I saw this wooden one with a Salmon shape for the back
and another which has a Halibut shaped back
Halibut is another fish found in Alaskan waters 
Close to the area where the cruise ships dock
there is a huge carving of a Bald Headed Eagle
and right beside it is a nice solid looking bench
It looks a bit uncomfortable
but obviously these tourists didn’t think so
or they were so weary they would rest anywhere
Do you enjoy benches as much as I do?

Tuesday October 12

We’ve had some beastly weather this past week
so I thought I’d reflect on one of the good days
but also show you a little of the area
close to where I live 
The good day was
MY Birthday lol
We (Dh and I) celebrated 
with lunch at his golf club in Healesville
a half hour drive from our house
This is the view from the Terrace
Thats the Great Dividing Range in the background 

Mt. Riddell in in the centre of the picture
Maroondah Dam is just a few kilometres up the road
and I’d heard the spillway was overflowing
This has been a rare occurance the past few years
Drought causes hardship to everyone in the country 
no matter where they live
This dam was quite low and now with all the rain
over the past few months has filled considerably
(if you wait a while you’ll see)  
but to see this happening almost brings tears to the eyes 
We decided to walk up the Rose Stairway to get to the top of the wall
Well – Dh strode up
Look at the fabulous Rhododendron still  in bloom
Heres me plodding my way up
Its those funny knees you know lol
Had a little walk along the Dam Wall
Looked over the side
and what did we see
Water Water everywhere
Water for the drinking of
because after treatment
it ends up being delivered in pipes to our door
This is looking towards the Outlet Tower
This is looking out to the middle of the resevoir
And to top it all off I even saw a bench
placed strategically along the walkway
There are a lot of photos on these web sites
giving all sorts of information about the dam
and the surrounding park
We have walking trails there
as well as picnic tables and BBQs
Lots of lovely space for people to have fun
If you look at the picture on the wiki site
showing the outlet tower
you will see how low it got
for more Scenic Sundays from around the world

Skywatch Friday

Here I am
– a  little bit chubbier –
under a cloudy sky
on a rather cool day 
Vancouver’s Stanley Park
on our visit in 2004
And Look 
there are benches all over the place lol
Sitting on one close to the inukshuk sculpture
I am surrounded by them :)) 
Hopefully we’ll get time to go to Stanley Park again 
when we are in town next week
Remember I told you about it the other day
Heres an article that shows that same bench and that same sculpture lol
To see more skies from around the world

My World Tuesday

Guess what has become my latest obsession lol
There seem to be benches all over the place
I’m seeing them everywhere I go these days lol
These ones in Croydon’s Main Street
were waiting patiently for weary shoppers
Not in use this day – far too cold and windy
Hardly anyone walking along this lovely tree lined street
Shops all the way up the street and down the other side
Strip shopping – that’s the way we used to shop
before large airconditioned shopping centres appeared
clicking on the photos will enlarge them
On this particular day
it was hope for a parking spot
close to where you want to go
Out of the car – do what you have to do
Back in again and off home
Quick smart
These circular seats/benches are quite new
Maybe there will be takers come the Summer  
Mind you it can have a similar look
on days when its 35c/95f lol
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Is it Summer yet??

Sadly not in my back garden lol
It’s Summer up in the Northern Hemisphere
and from I see and hear its been a scorching hot one
Looking around blogosphere recently
I noticed some bloggers trying to cool off
by showing snowy photos
in posts they called Winter in July  
Well I have to tell you that it is Winter here in Australia
And here in Victoria we are experiencing a Winter
the same as the ones we had years ago
Very Cold and Very Wet  
So as I’m getting fed up with coats and hats
and gloves and scarves
and long trousers and woollen sweaters
and umbrellas
Heres my version of trying to warm up visually
incorporated with a recent theme
Do any of you remember where I was this time last year?
I most certainly do lol
To escape from Melbourne’s cold Winter weather
we took ourselves off to the Sunshine State
Staying in Bowen, Far North Tropical Queensland
for a couple of glorious months
we enjoyed as much of the lovely warm Winter sunshine
as we could.
Bowen is on the east coast of Queensland
right at the top of the area called the Whitsundays
So with blue skies – dry warm days – sunny skies 
I was in heaven
I was having my Summer in July lol
Trying to find photos
for a warm me up by thinking of Summer in July post
I came across these.
Benches in the Sunshine
The ocean was only a few minutes walk from our cabin
and this is where I saw this bench
Perfect for sitting on and watching the ocean
Don’t forget to click and enlarge the photos
Dh preferred to stand lol
I found the next one in Bowen itself
One side of Herbert Street is higher than the other
and there are several of these fabulous covered crossings 
all the way down the street
Covered in Bougainvillea
they are perfect for sitting in/on – resting awhile in the shade
or waiting for the rain to ease
Rain you say – what rain?
Well up there in that paradise they have a wet season
when the rain comes down in bucket loads
This happens in our Summer not in the Winter
so this little town swells in population 
during the dry warmish Winter months 
I spoke about these covered crossings  
in a previous Todays Flowers  post
Now to finish off here is another bench of sorts
In the sun like the others
Simple to look at – simple in nature
It has just one purpose 
To allow you to sit and have some quiet time
just looking at the ocean
This delightful one was at Montes Reef Resort
an hour and a half away from Bowen
I wrote about Montes  
Oh yes I know its now August
but I did think about this post in July
and it’s still Winter and it’s still cold
and it’s still wet lol

Welcome relief

Just a little sight I saw last weekend
that made me smile
Going into the Leisure Centre I noticed this bench
right next to the bike rack
Maybe the cyclists need a little sit down
before they go inside to do even more exercise lol 
Coming out later on what do I see
but another one near the car park
and across the way
from the tennis courts
where the Saturday morning Junior lessons
were about to start
This one is close to the set down / pick up zone
so would be a place to wait
but I smiled and thought
maybe some of the folk coming out
had worked so hard they were feeling exhausted
and needed a little sit down
before they ventured on to the road
to drive home lol