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On my mind…

Whats on my mind this week is exercise
or rather the need for some new exercise equipment

These very comfortable but rather well worn
runners/trainers/sneakers recently took a one way trip to the tip

They’d walked many miles here and overseas and had been lurking in the back of the wardrobe for a few years while others (I.e. newer ones) were having fun in the sun
Now I feel it really is time replace ‘the others’ – to trade them in (figuratively not literally)

So I am looking at new ones
Have you seen the price of them recently?!

One of my daughters is a runner/walker – for several years she took part in the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker event  – a fundraiser where teams have to cover 100km in 48 hrs, yes, she did it five times (yes, she became a legend who achieved her goal) and I have to say I admired her for doing it each year – anyway she had goodness knows how many pairs of runners.  I’m sure she told me each pair played a certain role – some were for use on bush and forest trails as well as those for general running – paid – and still does – what to me seems like the earth for them and actually keeps a check on the mileage that they do – seems there is a recommended lifetime for all of them so when they get close to that time out comes another pair.

That’s alright if you can afford it I suppose
but what options are there for the general public

Do you take the time and trouble of visiting a specialist shoe store where they will measure your foot and talk about what you doing  – bit  like going to a hairdresser for the first time or do you visit a large department store where you can try and buy much more cheaply and hope they are comfortable?

Every health practitioner I’ve seen about my spine has told me to ‘help my back’ and tone my body I need to eat a balanced diet and do more exercise.  This new fitness whatever that I’m on means I’m going to have to attempt a lot more walking,  locally in the park or by going to the gym

So I need to go shopping somewhere soon for new shoes to keep my feet moving in the style they deserve.

Wont be today though…’s Monday- pool day.
I can walk (run even) in there without the need for shoes.
Just have to finish my tea first – then let my brekky go down- then I’ll be off.

I feel pretty…..I’m not sure what?

Some days I feel pretty good

Some days I don’t feel so good 

Then there are others when I feel just down right ‘orrible

Cold and bad tempered rude emotional touchy

I’ve been eating right

I’ve been exercising

(well, sort of )

I’ve been going to bed on time

(apart from recent tennis/cricket stay up late nights)

so why do I feel up and down all the time

Had blood taken the other day

maybe the results will tell a tale

Was also given the usual’ Diet – Exercise – Drink more water’ spiel

that Drs worldwide seem to think will cure all ills

Thyroid gland not working properly is a bugger

Hopefully a little bit more thyroxine will help

Hopefully it will also help me become more observant

I spent well over 20 mins looking for this phone the other day
only to find it waiting there along with everything else ready to go in my bag
Time for a multi colour phone case I think!

Why are we so different

Do we really see everything differently?
Are males more accepting than females?

Why are females always shown to be dissatisfied with their bodies
Males tend to think they look like ‘body beautiful’

How old do we have to be before we can look in a mirror and see a whole body
not one with
~ skinny legs/a big bum/fat belly/thick waist ~

Do any of you have the answer ?

Summer is…..

Well..believe it or not…Summer is supposed to be here
Not sure where it is though

But when it does decide to make itself known
many of us will be thinking about the S’s
~ ~ ~

Ask most Aussies what S stands for and they will possibly say

Slip Slop Slap

The 1980 skin cancer prevention campaign suggested we
Slip on a shirt – Slop on some sunscreen – Slap on a hat

Still relevant today with recent additions
Seek some shade – Slide on some sunnies

Updated version

Slip – Slop – Slap – Seek – Slide

Good advice no matter which country you live in

Do you have any campaigns like this in your country?


Today is…..

Here in Australia today is Rattle Ya’ Bones Day.
Rattle Ya’ Bones Day is an outcome of a consumer survey report
Making the Invisible Visible’

Rattle Ya’ Bones Day is a National Day of Awareness for all muscle, bone and joint conditions. It’s held every year on Halloween (31 October).
Also known as musculoskeletal conditions, these conditions are often downplayed as “normal wear and tear”, “just aches and pains” or “part of getting older”. source

Musculoskeletal conditions involve pain that may affect bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, bursae and/or tendons. The pain can be acute (sudden and severe) or it can be chronic (long-lasting). Depending on the condition, the pain may be localised around one area of your body, or it may affect your entire body.

Because musculoskeletal conditions are internal structural conditions, many patients feel as if their pain and suffering is invisible, which is why, in many instances, mental health issues and musculoskeletal conditions come together. source

Muscle, bone and joint conditions such as osteoarthritis, back pain, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia are the leading contributors to disability worldwide.  And yet, most people are unaware that seven million Australians live with these conditions.
Musculoskeletal Australia says that’s why Rattle Ya’ Bones Day was created; to make these invisible, painful conditions visible and to let people know that help and support are available source

Would you like to see what my ‘bad back’ looks like?.
I try not to (because who wants to hear someone moaning & groaning) but I know I have mentioned my ‘invisible ailment’ before
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

(notes from my Chiro in case I needed treatment whilst away.
Catherine’s most recent CT scan does note marked disc space narrowing at the L1/2 level with marginal osteophytes. Spinal stenosis is evident throughout the lumbar spine; severe at the L3/4 and L4/5 levels and moderate at the L2/3 and L5/S1 levels. Facet joint degenerative changes are also present at these levels.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday morning has rolled around again, I’m finding it a bit cool this morning so after I’ve finished my early cuppa will have porridge for breakfast.
Then a little later I’ll be off down to the pool.
Some exercises – some water walking or even ‘running’ – a bit of swimming
They all help keep me moving

Andrew spoke about his recently – other bloggers talked to him about theirs
Are you willing to talk about your ‘invisible ailment’

Definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment…

I watched in awe (discreetly from a distance) as a camper (whom I’d seen walk slowly, with difficulty, using a walking stick) went through his early morning exercise routine.

After doing some standing stretches he got down on his mat
He very quietly moved from one position to another – then very slowly stood up.
A few more stretches and he was finished

‘The Back’ (that’d be mine) has been playing up since we arrived

Just when I least wanted it, my ‘invisible ailment’  (lumbar spinal stenosis ) made itself known again.  At a time when I desperately want to be on my feet and mobile the dreaded heavy hot numb then tingling legs and feet returned…..thankfully not the sharp, make you jump and screech, don’t know when it’s coming, ‘take your breath away’ electric shock down your leg pains when the sciatic nerve is involved.

Right as rain one day – no symptoms at all….. then to have some or all of the above appear the next certainly put a damper on my moods.
I reverted to my ‘I want to be alone’ mind set.

Enjoying the peace of a couple of early morning hours at ‘my little bay’ plus the stillness of reading and crafting helped but when it was obvious I was resenting not taking part in things we planned ……and was becoming a whinging whining moan-alot
I knew I really needed to do something about it!

Enter a change in attitude… a visit to a local chiropractor.
Getting a ‘just in case you need it’‘letter of introduction’ (or rather an email referral with all my ‘problems’ set out including some images from my latest CT scan films – in 3D!) before I left home was a good idea on my part…..meant we could get down to the nitty gritty more easily.
As well as the necessary adjustments there was a good discussion on different exercises and the ‘nicely put’ suggestion that I forfeit one morning at Rose Bay for some time at the local outdoor pool😊

So I went to the pool the other afternoon.

I took these photos a few years ago (2018) but nothing’s changed.
(Just click or finger slide to enlarge)
It’s basically the same now as it was then.
The open air roller rink is still there next door plus the ‘sea view’ through the palms

Walking in and seeing the beautiful crystal clear water sparkling in the sunshine was definitely a ‘take your breath away’ moment.
As was the sensation I felt go through my body as I began to walk down the steps 😯

My pool at home is indoors and heated by a big boiler
This one is outdoors, open and certainly not artificially heated!

But come the summer months when it’s hot humid and averaging 30c/86f everyday
the water temp will have risen a bit.
So, even if locals crave them, there won’t be too many ‘take you’re breath away’ times

~ ~ ~ ~

Just a little fun postscript this Monday morning.
During the hour’s drive back from Ayr last week I had another traffic light moment (like the one from the other week)…..I had a big laugh when this came on the radio.

Gotta keep movin’ an’ I’m feelin’ good,
Got that diesel roarin’ underneath the hood,
Hey the road is open an’ I’m rollin’ free, you see,
That I feel so good as long as I’m movin’
Yes I feel so good as long as I’m movin’.

Yes, I’ve definitely gotta keep movin’……..even if I have to suffer those ‘take your breath away’ moments at the pool 😎

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Left hand down a bit

Right or left?
Oh left, it’s easier!
Just let it hang loosely. I’ll do the rest!

Is that it, are you finished already?
Yes, we use really fine ones these days. Just have to note that down and you’ll be on your way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Left or right?
Your choice, there might be a problem
Just let me see, then I’ll decide. Let it relax, it works better that way

Oh you were good, where have you been all my life.
I used a fine one and I’ve been tending the sick. Just sign here and you’ll be on your way

~ ~ ~ ~

Two different practice rooms – two very skilled female pathology nurses ….one rehired after retiring – the other changing ‘her area of interest’ after burning out elsewhere.
Both made me welcome and both came up close and personal with my left arm😊

Okay so I was just having my latest (4th) Covid jab….now referred to as the ’winter booster’….and then on a very early cold morning (with an empty stomach) having blood drawn for annual tests but they both involved people sticking needles into my arm and I’ve had mixed experience with them over the years.

Extensive bruising from having an injection in the upper arm wasn’t usual, according to one doctor….who then said ’I’ll have a word with her’ when I told him it was one of his own practice nurses who done it. I haven’t seen her since so I’m assuming his word was final.
Slight bruising in the crook of my arm after blood drawing seems to be the norm for me but not dark purple coloured spreading in all directions as happened after I heard someone muttering ’where on earth are you’ accompanied by pushing and prodding the needle in out and around both arms trying to find vein.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So I’m hoping that’s that for another year

Although I had a little laugh thinking forget the pub or the local coffee shop, those rooms ’were the place to be’……both times sitting there waiting I saw/chatted with people I hadn’t seen for quite a while.
”Did you hear about xxxxx – s/he died”

What’s that stuff….

‘What was that stuff Mum used to put in the water when we had a cold….. then she’d put a towel over our heads.’

‘Friars Balsam’, my sister said. It was hot water in a bowl, drop of that in, head over bowl, towel over head – sit there, breath deep and don’t move until I tell you! Mother’s love😊

‘Thanks, wonder if they still sell it. It might help ease my sniffy snorty coughy post nasal drip symptoms. Vapor rub’s no help at all’

Success ~ $5 a small bottle at a discount chemist

  • Used as an inhalation, with hot water, for relief from nasal congestion or as an expectorant in colds, coughs, laryngitis, bronchitis and asthma. Also used as an antiseptic and protectant for minor cuts and abrasions, chapped skin and lips, cracked nipples, small skin fissures and bedsores. Can relieve itching from chilblains, eczema and urticaria (hives).

I’m not getting undressed and kneeling on the floor to try it though😃

Think then Speak….

When your ’favourite’ gardening gloves start to look a bit worse for wear – and you know the next trip through the washing machine will probably be their last – it’s time to take action and make your way down to the nearest big green shed.

That’s where you will find anything and everything indoor/outdoor you thought you needed and much much more that once you see it you’ll think you needed it and wonder how you could ever have lived without it……. No need to ask me how I know that 😊

One of the reasons I’ve made do with countless numbers of tatty looking garden gloves (those above and more) is mainly because of ’you know what’….we’ve been so limited in where and when we could go over the past couple of years Bunnings hasn’t been top of the list of places I felt I needed to go – mind you Spotlight (for wool/yarn) which is right across the road might have been, but we won’t mention that 😊

So last week down the road we go, The Golfer came along on the premise he wanted to look at a ceiling fan….although I think he just wanted to chat with other retired oldies looking at tools and things they ’might’ need.

The ’shortage situation’ was evident there as well – I came home with some gloves, not the brand I was after, (sitting on the docks I was told) these are more suited for working rather than digging in the dirt…..but as The Golfer pointed out ”they’ll be great if you want to use your phone or iPad without taking them off” The black tips on some fingers allow that adhesion you need on touchscreens.
New clippers plus other things made their way back to the car and that’s when, along with one of this year’s encouraging phrases ’think then speak’ , this little meme flashed into my mind.

When we parked the car there were empty spots all around and I really didn’t look at what direction we were facing, was just pleased it was close to the entrance so it wouldn’t be far to walk loaded down with whatever took our fancy.

Scorching hot day – car is parked facing direct sun – even as old as she is Catherine is still fiery at times and was about to mutter something along the lines of ’why didn’t you park the other way” when she remembered someone else was hot and bothered as well…….and would likely return fire with ”well you can walk home if you want to!”

So as I wasn’t up for an all in slanging match in the car park ( or the imaginary 6km walk along Canterbury and Liverpool Road) I didn’t say a word….just cursed silently in my head, turned the car air con up full bore, then joked about the icy poles in the freezer being just what we needed when we got home.

It’s Monday again -gosh that week went by quickly didn’t it? – the month as well!
I’m pleased the covid numbers appear to be plateauing or even going down but am still cautious and wary of large crowds…small ones as well!

In the mean time I’ll just potter around the garden using my ’not as clean as they could be but much cleaner than they were’ tatty gloves until the docks are cleared of the backlog of all those things we didn’t know we needed until we saw them 😊

How about you – have you held your tongue over anything this week?

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There are little things

This past couple of weeks have been full of little things that brought a smile to my face.

Like seeing the GP and having him tell me ’ maybe next script renewal (3 months time) we can combine two of these medications’. Seemingly the new combined pill works just as well as taking the two singly.

Like visiting the chiropractor and feeling supple and pain free…..which doesn’t always happen. Life is so much easier when it does.

Like leaving the podiatrist after having my feet pampered……knowing my nails had been cut without me having to twist and turn like a contortionist….something I am definitely finding harder to do.

Like seeing the smile on my brother’s face as he told me he had a new grandson, seeing the smile on The Golfer’s face as he told me the cafe at the golf club had reopened for table service, then being able to drive out there to have coffee in a proper cup 😊

Like reading an email from the pool revising their opening hours and usage. Come Monday I can return to doing what I enjoy…..things my body sometimes find impossible difficult on land yet I am able to do quite easily in the water… walking for instance. 😊

Like knowing the library will reopen on Monday, seeing the 8am school bus go by, getting an appointment with my hairdresser and making a note on the calendar as a reminder that face to face ’book club’ is startIng again next week. 😊😊

Like noticing the effect a week of pleasant sunny dryish days had on the roses. A bush overloaded with buds turned into a mass of delicious looking blooms.

Like gathering up remnants of a winter spent elsewhere. Reminders of places visited where little complimentary essentials were supplied – definitely not a new happening (motels have done this for years) these (and more) happened to find their way into my bag.
Tiny soaps and single tea and coffee serves to pass on to a ’ hard up friend’ who welcomes anything that will help stretch her pension a little bit further.

But my biggest smile came from seeing the bread bag ’tie’ was made from cardboard and not plastic.
Not a new innovation here – I just happened to photograph this one 😊

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Musical Monday….

It’s surprising how different the words to a song – the tune – the melody – can sound when sung by various arists.

Take this one  ~ Accentuate the Positive ……

Music by Harry Arlen – Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

This is the original sung by Johnny Mercer

Crooners like Bing Crosby and Perry Como recorded it

Frank Sinatra recorded a version in concert (also a little chat with Johnny Mercer)

And Ella Fitzgerald gave it a go in 1960

While in 1988 Willy Nelson gave it a distinct country flavour

If you have time, listen and tell me what you think – which do you prefer?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

These Mondays come by quite quickly don’t they…..I know I’ve been back home less than two weeks and shouldn’t make mention of it….in fact knowing what she went through during the war my mother would have a fit if she heard me carrying on…..but already, similar to this time last year, the ’controlled environment’ we’re living in here in Victoria is beginning to ’get to me’. I could hear that same frustration in Andrew’s voice when he commented the other day (“get busy in your garden There’s eff all else to do”) We must go oh so carefully now and if everyone plays their part (wouldn’t that be a lovely thing) it’s not going to last too much longer but in the meantime I’m going to have to take notice of the song and

accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative’ .

Last Saturday morning was warm enough to sit outside in a T-shirt and bright enough when I was ’pottering’ to need my sunglasses. There was a brand new (2021) library book to read (The Echo Chamber – John Boyne) a little cardigan to knit some love into and time to have a quick cup of coffee with The Golfer. Here’s to many more 😊😎

Love to you all ❤️

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When will it end…..

Before we left home back in July I went through a lot of WIP/UFOs (also known as ’works in progress or unfinished objects😊) and mentioned to The Golfer there were a few things I really wanted to set to and finish while we were away.

One of them was this sampler – the one I wrote about 12 months ago. …..

Little did I know as I wrote that post then, when we in Melbourne were in lockdown a year ago, the city (Victoria…..and many other parts of Australia) would be in the same situation 12 months later….

And here we are with the finishing date to our winter stay looming and the little piece of embroidery still isn’t finished…not for want of trying though…..I’ve thought about it but somehow the light in the cabin hasn’t been the best or it’s been too hot/windy sitting outside….need to be able to see where the needle goes (those holes seem to get smaller) , can’t sew with hot sweaty hands or concentrate when the wind has been ablowin’, …..

Tuesday however was just right and while The Golfer was doing just that both am and pm I had a little self hosted sewing bee 😊

Somehow I don’t think It’ll be finished before we get home in October but I really hope I get the last stitches in before Christmas….same as I hope that by then there’s an end in sight to the madness in our country (as well as worldwide) caused by the Delta strain of Covid-19.

What’s in a name

People and places are usually known by a name and I’m always interested (and sometimes intrigued) by them, why were they called that – how did they come by them?


I was thinking about that after I got an email from my sister where she referred to me as Lady Cavendish…..a long forgotten (by me) family nickname.
It took me a while to remember how/why I’d been dubbed that
It was ‘given’ to me by my father when I was about 14, because for some reason or another I’d become very aware of table manners……..and seemingly I’d ‘asked’ him not to slurp his soup – to which he’d replied
“who do you think you are…..Lady Cavendish?”
And it stuck ☹️

Sort of related to that ‘ where/how did’ things get named thought, we took a drive up to Ayr last week. Just over an hour away from Bowen along the Bruce Highway….
Where there are lots of roadworks going on – and on – and on……

Where we saw lots of these yellow male and female figures strapped to power poles…..I know they’re a safety feature (look up – be aware) but they just remind me of ‘Flat Cat’ 😊
I’ve only seen them around Queensland roadworks- does anyone know if they are used in other states…..and do they have an actual name?

Talking of names the other thing that intrigues/ amuses me as we travel around are creeks and the names they’re given. There are loads of five mile/ten mile ones that I assume are the distance they are out of town and others with people’s names or place names BUT look at these three which are about 20km out from Bowen. Aren’t they the best – I bet there’s a story to be told from years ago about those names, something to ask about at the local history museum because they definitely put a smile on my face when I see them 😊😊

And once again it’s Monday, we’ve been here four weeks now…..four more to go.
I’ll be honest and say I’m beginning to wonder how we’re going to get home; due to the virus rearing it’s head again and spreading here there and everywhere circumstances in different states are changing each day. Four weeks sounds a long time yet it’s not really a long time especially with what’s going on in NSW.

It’s the big topic of conversation here in the van park with most ‘winter residents’ coming from other states……but look, even though most of us are a long way from home we know there’s always a way to get back there… stay out of harms way (aka not go through NSW) it might take a smidgeon longer for us than the usual 4 day/ 2500km direct drive down the Leichhardt and Newell. We could go north a couple of hours to Townsville, then travel about 1500km west along the Flinders and Barkly Hwys past Mount Isa to Tennant Creek, then down the Stuart Hwy 2000km to Adelaide and then east to Melbourne…..a mere 700km on the Dukes Hwy followed by the Western Hwy at the Victorian border 😊😊😊

So what am I going to do about it…….right this minute not a lot.
It’s early morning cuppa tea time then maybe a gentle walk on nearby Queens Beach. Thankfully I’ve been a bit more mobile these past few days.

Oops, I’m forgetting my manners here (yes Mum I hear you) – I hope you are all well
How has your week gone, did you travel far from home
notice anything that made you curious or smile.
Lol, theres a name for my questions – interested or nosy….. take your pick 😊

Who could turn down

An invitation to lunch – at a favourite place
Whitsunday Sailing Club (Airlie Beach)
with a favourite person……gold star to you if you guessed The Golfer 😉

With down to earth cooking- maybe not quite ‘haute cuisine’.
Beer battered mackerel- freshly caught and very tasty

With views of the water and lots of expensive toys

After shopping and (for some) walking the dog in town
it’s back to the dinghy park
(or shuttle stop as I’ve heard it called) for to make their way home

Some prefer to ‘row their little boat’ back to the big one……or maybe with the cost of fuel going up they couldn’t afford to run the outboard motor this week 😊

After lunch there was the offer of a ‘pensioners delight’
70c ice cream for dessert at Maccas
See how he shares his love 😉

Time for home along a road lined with cane fields as far as the eye could see

Past road signs leading to other quiet peaceful places

and roadworks where you are rewarded with a smiley face
just for driving at the recommended speed 😊

Perhaps I’m a bit like Nero at the moment – not fiddling but enjoying my time and not being worried about the problems in other states….but by golly I’m certainly taking advantage of the peaceful way of life on offer to me at the moment

A bright warm sunny day is forecast for today…..I’m off to put some fresh lemon drink in the fridge and rest awhile. Lets just say the back has been playing up a bit so the legs aren’t working too well, which means there’s not been a lot of walking done.
Bye for now

(photos should open/enlarge/enbiggen with a tap/click……or two finger slide)

A little p.s. – park internet is a no show and library internet is limited. I’ve tried to find an app I can use with WordPress to compose offline ….no joy….the one I had on my previous ipad is no longer available. I can read some blogs but commenting and replying to comments is out of the question SO just letting you know I know what some of you are up to but can’t tell you so 😉😎

I am feeling much better now

All it took was a four day drive – via regional New South Wales
(where even a small local businesses seemed mindful of strict covid precautions – QR code and mask….no if’s or buts)

Up to the Sunshine state of Queensland where just like magic all my worries woes and misery seemed to lift off my shoulders.

I’ll begin to think about state borders again in September- when it’ll be time to return home
In the meantime I’ll be slathering on the sun screen and dipping my toes in the Coral Sea – see ya sometime soon😊

What have you missed….

that hasn’t returned,
was a question asked during the general chit chat at the book club
Gatherings of like minded people I said

I have memories of fun concerts with one of my choirs.

For various reasons we haven’t ‘met’ since April last year.
Online or in person.
I’ve heard on the ‘grapevine’ that nobody has been sick
most have had at least on vaccination
and all are raring to go again.
Unfortunately it will most likely be in the new year (when all this is over)
the dos and don’t of covid restrictions are making it difficult.
~ ~ ~ ~
Plus memories of fun outings with the Red Hat Society ladies.
which likewise for various reasons my chapter has closed for the time being

I’ve been trying to make sense of my recent maudlin feelings
And am beginning to think I keep reminding myself of what was
(and yes I’m in all the photos)
rather than what can be

The turning point……

Yesterday, the shortest day (a turning point in the year) came
and went in a blaze of sunshine.
A glorious sunny winter day, just like several others in the week before it

If I could have a pick I’d choose June 21 as my favourite day of winter
Because Its all change from here in 😊

A chat with my GP also reinforced what friends and commenters here mentioned- what with one thing and another (plus all the goings on in my life) this has been a heck of a time for me (and so many others) there’s no wonder I was down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself.

So just as the days will become longer and brighter with more hours of daylight as we make our way towards Spring …..hopefully sunshine as well – so will I become less like a someone who feels as though she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

These last few sunny days have made a difference to the way I feel…..completely different to how it was early last week when I wrote this post.
Things are changing, yes I realise the weather will change again – the wind and the rain will return – but the pool has reopened, one of my craft groups is reopening , it’s possible the Qld border will reopen to Victorians, and I’m off to get my 2nd AZ vaccination tomorrow (no choice there, that’s what they gave us oldies)

It’s not really as simple as brighter lighter days making a lighter brighter person but it will certainly go a long way in turning my mental health in the right direction 😊

I’m sure it’ll go away one day…

Borders – edges to keep things in and out (my definition).
Borders – Wikipedia’s definition

As well as our internal state & territory borders here in Australia we also have the big international one

At the moment….or should I say, once again… because of covid cases cropping up……there are internal state/territory border restrictions. They are keeping people ‘trapped’ in their own state and keeping people ‘excluded’ from other states.

And of course there’s the big one – the international one. Closed for the majority of the population since way back very early in 2020. Keeping people trapped in the country and others who so desperately want to return excluded

There are so many reasons why – but sometimes even I wonder ‘why’? Has it done more harm than good – if other countries have not closed up why are we still closed to the world.

Just got a touch of the miseries today….I’m sure they’ll go away as quickly as they came
As for this b…..virus, it’ll go away one day I’m sure – hopefully I’ll still be around to witness it!

Fortress Australia – Why calls to open up borders are meeting resistance. BBC May 2021