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They won’t buy it……

This ‘moving things on’ lark is still taking up some of my time.  Yesterday I decided it was best to load up the car before I broke my neck trying to manoeuvre around the bags of things in the hallway and pass all those unneeded items on to the lovely helpers in the nearby Op Shops. Op – opportunity…..aka elsewhere as Charity Shops – Thrift Shops

Sadly here in my area little ‘you never know what you’ll find’ ones are a thing of the past – a lot of the big charities have moved into barn like structures and have raised their prices way above what anyone would reasonably pay for something not brand new.  If the amount of stock they have available is anything to go by they don’t seem to have problems with donations.

Well, donations that they actually want that is.

The other week, we ……The Golfer and I…..went out into the garage to sort through the luggage.  All packed in black garbage bags and neatly stacked in a old cabinet. There were various suitcases of all shapes and sizes, travel bags, cabin bags, back packs and The Golfer’s pièce de résistance….something he used regularly and has held on to for years.  His ‘very expensive at the time’ garment bag.  Similar to this one

Do you remember the years of the two bag allowance for the hold plus carry on and various other personal bits and pieces at no extra cost……..now a thing of the past in economy on most airlines.  Years ago we used to do round the world flights visiting rellies in Asia, U.K  and Canada, take in an Air Force reunion for The Golfer necessitating a suit and accessories,  and then after being nice and polite with family and others treat ourselves to a ‘just the two of us’ holiday for the last lap.  Different climates as well as different situations needed different clothing!   So put to use for for many business trips as well as a second bag on those long haul holidays that garment bag served him well.

‘One checked bag only unless you pay for more’ put an end to the amount of clothes we took – cases on four wheels are easier for (ahem) us older ones; on the ocassion he does need a suit he’s developed an easy crease proof way of packing it so the much loved sturdy ‘carry my wardrobe over my shoulder’ bag was relinquished and put on the op shop pile.

Which would have been good……if they had taken it!

Back entrance of these big ‘Family Stores’ is usually where donations go – the person receiving at big place #1 said we don’t take luggage of any sort……….#2 said as it wasn’t on wheels they didn’t want it (“we get enough old fashioned ‘crap’ (his words!) without taking any more”)…..#3 politely said they might have a problem selling it so they’d rather not accept it!  In other words….bin it!

There was no way That was going to happen so I went to a smaller place in a closer to the city suburb, where a very nice volunteer smiled when she saw it, remarked on its good condition and said ‘I had a customer ask about this very same item only the other day.  He’s a regular so I’ll give him a ring and see if he’s still interested”

Lol I didn’t think the old adage of ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ applied in the world of op shop shopping where it’s usually ‘first in best dressed’ but obviously in some cases it does.  And if you’re lucky they might even buy it 😊


Through different eyes….

This is what greeted me on opening the blinds yesterday.

A cool start to the morning with a Chicken Little sky that definitely looked as though it was falling – not dropping acorns but low foggy cloud lol

Oh this looks like it’s going to be a Chair – Book – Coffee – Morning 😊

Wanting/needing something different to sink my teeth into I had a little think and up to the plate stepped Peter Pan!

Discovered lurking in my iBooks whilst I was doing a tidy up/ clear out on the iPad……. you know, that cull you do when you realise all those things you ‘saved’ weren’t really that necessary after all.  Articles you kept to read later, patterns you were going to knit sometime, timetables that have now changed….get the picture.

Years ago someone put me onto a site called Project Gutenberg (gutenberg.org) where you are able to download books – as in old classics and the like – for free.  It’s amazing what can be found there.  Anyway, at the time I had an interest in children’s literature, particularly books that for some reason I’d never read as a child, and this was my chance to have them at my fingertips without waiting for a library hold to appear.  Some may go – some may stay. We’ll just have to see how I feel.   Like the crockery in the laundry cupboard, they don’t take up much room and they’re always available if I want/need them lol

So yesterday I spent a little time with Peter, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael.  Also Mr & Mrs Darling and the big Newfoundland dog Nana they employed as a nurse (nanny)

A bit like Alice in Wonderland – an old book I ‘read’ for the first time last year – it’s Total Fantasy!

I haven’t read too much yet but I’ve ‘turned’ page after page enthralled yet mystified…..first it’s sweet….then it’s sour.

…..So he told her about the beginning of fairies…..…“You see, Wendy, when the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.”
And so,” he went on good naturedly, “there ought to be one fairy for every boy and girl.”
Ought to be?  Isn’t there?”
“No, you see children know such a lot now, they soon don’t believe in fairies, and every time a child says, ‘I don’t believe in fairies,’ there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.”…..

And then there were The Lost Boys!

……“Who are they?”
“They are the children who fall out of their perambulators when the nurse is looking the other way. If they are not claimed in seven days they are sent far away to the Neverland to defray expenses. I’m captain.”
“What fun it must be!”
“Yes,” said cunning Peter, “but we are rather lonely. You see we have no female companionship.”
“Are none of the others girls?”
“Oh, no; girls, you know, are much too clever to fall out of their prams.”…..

Excerpt From: J. M. Barrie. “Peter Pan.” iBooks.

I didn’t get too far because by mid morning nature had changed her mind and this was what was to been seen outside the window 😎  There were some garden jobs needed doing and this was a good day to do them!

And here we are on a very dark Monday morning.  With a bit of luck today will be pleasantly warm (26c/78f) sunny and dry as will the rest of the week – or so the weather man says.

But back to Peter and Wendy and what’s on my mind…….I’m wondering do you think I’ll read too much into it reading as an adult…..is it a child’s story best read ‘to them’ so the words can be absorbed giving their imagination and reasoning time to work….rather than them read the story themselves and miss a lot.

It’s nearly brekkie time now, porridge, yogurt with fresh strawberries and a nice cuppa tea this morning.  The Golfer will be off out ‘you know where’ so I’ll settle down later (or maybe even earlier) and read a bit more in the sunshine  😎

What are you planning to do this Monday- have you read any children’s books such as Peter Pan as an adult, through different eyes?

It’s definitely not easy….

Down here in Australia a laundry on the south side of the house means limited sunshine.  Creamy white walls and  white appliances don’t always make a difference and a quick glance in there one morning last week made me think I was looking into the black hole of Calcutta.  Oh bummer, The Golfer had been up in the cupboard trying to find something and walked away without closing the overhead doors.

A little awkward for short of stature me because the cupboards were put up many years ago well before this particular freezer was bought; however it’s amazing what you can do with a long handled broom instead of resorting to bringing the steps in and leaning over😊

When it was a bit lighter I began to wonder exactly what was up there in those cupboards – wondering when it was last used and would it be used again

It was full of all the things used ‘occasionally’ –  bowls, plates, serving dishes, glasses, assorted  items used for family gatherings, long ago dinner parties, ladies coffee mornings, even BBQs.  Lots of glass and pottery but also some lovely old fashioned china bits.  The cupboard beside the freezer was littered with things we’d used recently but not returned ……the bowls I use for Christmas puddings needed to go elsewhere as well as the orange ‘weighs a ton’ casserole with the posh French name I inherited from my aunt.

Why so much?  Big families needed lots of extra stuff.  We entertained a lot.  I was working and wanted it all  But like lots of us – not just any ol’ thing!

During the 1980s the big dept stores like Myer David Jones, Harris Scarfe, had the most wonderful sales of bowls and platters and glasses. Popular brands of the day like  Orrefors – Kosta Boda – Krosno – even Bohemia (who as well as their famous cut crystal bowls made table glassware in plain simple lines like the Nancy ones) all made their way home with me.  

So before I closed the doors I looked and remembered the happiness, the fun and laughter associated with it all – and decided it could stay there a wee while longer.  It’s not doing any harm, it’s out of the way, some of it does actually get used (now and again) and I’m sure the girls will find homes for the pieces they don’t want😊

Everything back in place….needed the steps after all.  Now it’s clean and tidy.

Maybe I’m not just ready to do a lot of death cleaning yet.  How about you?

Words for Wednesday…..

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts. Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them. Messimimi is hosting this month – April.

These are the words she’s chosen for for this week – use as many as you want.  Sustenance Street Booth Hint Syrup Drab  Older Cardboard Wounded Front Empty Astonished

Do you remember?

Long time friends Rosie, Annie and Maisie would meet for coffee many times during the year and as always discussed their childhood days and the lovely memories they evoked. “Do you remember the day…….” were words they were very familiar with.

Rosie and Annie were sisters- Rosie being the older of the two.

For as long as they could remember, when they were little they had lived in the same house, which was in the same street as Maisie. Maisie actually lived next door but her front door faced in a different direction to theirs, so the two fathers had fashioned a gate in the fence which allowed them to ‘visit each other’ without having to run up and down the street.

Annie was a bit of a clumsy clot, forever falling over, running home with scraped knees and other assorted injuries; so much so that her mother’s pet name for her was My Poor Little Wounded Soldier.

Which certainly didn’t endear her to older sister Rosie, who thought it was all a put on job to get extra attention.

But it was a nasty sore throat that actually caused an injury that Annie certainly hadn’t ‘cooked up’.

Bedridden and needing cough syrup to ease the pain, her mother told her to lie quietly while she popped next door to see if she could borrow some which would save her going down the street.

Annie had heard the other two girls laughing and giggling in the garden and was desperate to know what they were up to. Looking out the window all she could see was an enormous cardboard box on end with a hole cut out of the front.

“Wonder what they are up to now, I can hear them but can’t see them. They know I’m feeling poorly so I bet they are going to surprise me with a Punch and Judy show ‘cose that looks just like a booth we saw at the seaside. Although it’s a bit drab not bright and cheerful like those ones are”

Absolutely convinced the other girls were sitting inside the box planning their show, Annie being Annie, decided she wanted a better look – so out the window she leaned.

What she hadn’t bargained for was her mother returning and finding her out of bed. Flustered at having to decide whether it was Out the window or Back to bed she toppled over and fell – right on top of the box – which she was astonished to find was empty

Lots of tears, lots of telling off, lots of ice for her swollen ankle, lots of ribbing and lots of hugs from her mum. And of course with just a hint of a smile (and a giggle) there was lots of explaining from her sister. No Punch and Judy show, just two girls taking a break from pretending to be on tv.

Three books on the table…..

I updated my Books read 2019 page and realised it’s been a lean read month.  A total of just 3 books.  These are my thoughts – not reviews 😎

I finally finished Wild Fire the last of The Shetland series by Ann Cleeves. I enjoyed this one more than the others, it seemed to move along at a faster pace than the previous 7 yet finished in a strange bland way.  Jimmy Perez seems to have finally accepted Fran’s death and is willing to move away from his beloved place way up in the north of Scotland to make a life with his new love.  I’m not sure it will work out – he being her subordinate but as I said, with it being the last in the series there’ll be no more murders for him to solve.

Now to the other two.

Both of which involved widows, younger persons, family, superstitions, folklore, talk of faeries plus a murder.  Both with unexpected endings!

The Brimstone Wedding is a newish/oldish novel (1996) written by Barbara Vine aka Ruth Rendell.  Set in modern day Essex but with flashbacks to post WW2

Unlike the other residents of Middleton Hall, Stella is smart and elegant and in control. She keeps her secrets to herself, revealing nothing of her past.  Only Jenny, her young care assistant seems aware that her heart harbours a dark painful mystery.  And only she can prevent Stella from carrying it to the grave.

The Good People, Hannah Kent’s second novel (2016). Set in 1825, in a remote valley lying between the mountains of south-west Ireland, near the Flesk River of Killarney.

Nôra Leahy has lost her daughter and her husband in the same year, and now is burdened with the care of her four year old grandson……Unable to care for the child alone, Nôra hires a fourteen year old servant girl, Mary, who soon hears the whispers in the valley about the blasted creature causing grief to fall upon the widow’s house.  

They sound so different yet are alike.  Both full of expressions thoughts customs and deeds belonging to another time yet still retained in some lives today.

These are some of the modern girl’s handed down from her Nan:-

  • Don’t take dead people’s clothes because the clothes of the dead won’t wear long – they fret for the person who owned them
  • Blood must be shed at a funeral or the dead person’s ghost will walk
  • There’s wearing blue, it’s a lucky colour and provides protection but don’t wear green because that’s what the fairies wear  Touching wood for luck, picking ferns for luck and the throwing salt over the shoulder – to blind the devil so he does you no harm.

Whereas the thoughts and beliefs and way of life of Nôra and others in the valley would have been handed down for many generations.

A big mention in the book is given to the  ritual of the wake – before the funeral not after.

Throwing ashes at the outside door to banish those (the fairies) that would stop the soul passing into another world.

A young pregnant woman is told she shouldn’t be in a corpse house (house with a dead person inside) so is told ‘you have the right to leave.  Before you breathe death in and infect your child. Put salt in your pocket and leave’

As well as salt; charcoal and cinders/ashes play a big part in protecting the mind, body and the spirit.

But what I really liked about this book were all the little sayings and words of wisdom:-

  • A man’s mouth often broke his nose.
  • Your tongue collects no dust with all the stories you tell.
  • It’s a lonely place without a man’s shirt on the washing line
  • Constant company wears out its welcome
  • What ‘that’ one knows at cow-time the whole countryside will be repeating before moon-rise.

And the one that had me in tears because I could see and hear my Dad saying it

  • I’m sorry for your loss.

Then there’s the way family/kin are described:-

Blood tied.  Bound to her by marriage.

“I’m a relation of the widow.  My man is the brother of Nôra’s dead sister’s husband”

Plus a sentiment that is often mentioned/ spoken about these days:-

An old woman without a man is the next best thing to a ghost..  No one needs her, folks are afraid of her, but mostly she isn’t seen.

So here it is early Monday morning again – just where ‘did’ last week go – I’m sitting here with my coffee thinking about, musing, pondering or maybe that should be wondering what I’ll be reading this month – April.

What about you – what’s on your bookshelf reading list for April?

Smiling time….

Seeing this

Reminded me of this – Simon’s Cat in the bathroom

Watch and Smile – and watch again 😊

Can you tell I’m missing Kiera 😊🐈

Fun Friday – the day we forget the worries of the week

The feet have (had) it…..

Well maybe that should be……wear different shoes next time:)

Last weekend was spectacular – Friday night we had a storm to end all storms.


Residents in Melbourne’s east are clearing up following a night of storms that delivered heavy rain and large hail to parts of Melbourne east.
A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the outer east and a flash flooding warning was in place for flash flooding suburbs including Mooroolbark, Chirnside Park, Croydon, Croydon North and Wonga Park

More strong winds and rain on Saturday meant I was looking for a nice quiet Sunday; so it was with a ‘hopeful nature’ I got on the train to go to the city with The Golfer.  The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival was on and he wanted to walk Southbank browsing the Food Vans, the pop up restaurants along with the wine tasting booths.

What he hadn’t mentioned was:-

  • He also wanted to go back to Fed Square to look at another exhibition….. ‘Screen Worlds  in the Australian Centre for the Moving Image aka ACMI.
  • Then make our way up to the Club in Bourke Street for a bite to eat,
  • Then before coming home nip into the old DFO, now given the posh name of Spencer Outlet Centre , for a ‘quick’ look at a place in there.  

So when what I thought was going to be a pleasant saunter from Flinders Street Station, across the river and then a wander along the riverbank turns into a 5km hike in city streets I became a tad tetchy 🙂

  • We didn’t buy any take away food…..nothing really appealed
  • It was an interesting exhibition but no place to sit down unless you went back out into the foyer
  • There was a meaningful discussion as we walked up to Bourke Street about using the tram up to the club….yes, up the street literally…we gave up trying as each one that arrived was crammed full.
  • Later as we walked aimlessly round a huge shopping centre (I really didn’t want to be in) I was shocked to hear ‘his words‘ (or words similar to ones he uses when shopping with me ) coming out of my mouth as he picked up various pieces of clothing …..”Do you need that? …..Will you wear that? …..Don’t you have something like that at home?

Thankfully our train home could be be picked up right there at Spencer Street (now known as as Southern Cross…but I don’t know anyone who calls it that.
My feet were sore and all I could think of was getting home and putting them up

All’s well now, we are talking again- but next time it will be blow the fashionable summer sandal look and on with the runners!!

Monday Musings….

A very dear friend of mine was talking to me about her youngest child – now a grown man in his very early 50s – it seems he tells her she should ‘let go’.  She says that out of all her children he is the only one who does so. Don’t know why, she said, could possibly be something to do with his wife;  a person with few personal possessions who has fashioned their home in a minimalist style.  Because it certainly wasn’t his style when he was a young man living at home 😊

‘Get rid of it, it’s only taking up space, when are you going to use it again’.

That seems to be today’s catch cry.

And like many others over these past few years, I’ve done just that.  Moved on, passed on, given away, rehomed, knowing someone else will be able to make use of all the crockery and cooking stuff that’s no longer used – just the way we did when we were younger and short of cash to buy brand spanking new.

So what do you do when these emerge from the back of the cupboard?  Four small child sized plastic beakers with another styled as a lid to hold them together.  One set slightly larger than the other.

I looked at them on the countertop, reliving memories of the day the red ones were bought (way back in the 1970s) in a tourist shop at Glenrowan – Ned Kelly country – over 225kms/140 miles up the road from here.

It’s quite funny in that I know where they were bought – I can see myself walking into the shop,   I know why they were bought – squabbles over sharing a bottle of soft drink. ‘He/she had more swallows than me’   But I can’t for the life of me remember why we were so far from home that day !

Unlike these days when each child has their allocated water bottle,(well before water in bottles was sold at the supermarket) we’d buy a large bottle of whatever they chose…Fanta or Lemon Squash or even Coke……to share between us …..which meant those little red beakers certainly earned their keep.  Everyone knew exactly how much pop each of them was given😊

And of course as they grew in age and size…. I bought the slightly larger ones

My friend asked if they’d ever been used again.  Actually yes I said,  quite regularly a while ago by visiting grandchildren – small children being allowed a forbidden treat of fizzy drinks at Grandma’s (with parents permission – wouldn’t have done iit otherwise 😀

So here it is Monday morning again and I’m sitting with my coffee thinking about or maybe that should be wondering when it will be time.

Time to let go, that is.

You know, those little beakers really don’t take up much space, and even though they appear to be empty are actually filled with memories, and besides,  all those grandchildren are now old enough to have their own little ones so you never know when they might come in handy again 😎

Do you have things tucked away waiting?
Waiting for you to decide when the time is right?

In case you ever needed to know…..Fun Friday.

I’ve been pottering around with this genealogy caper for several years now and the names and terms for relationships still confuse me 😊

Seeing the generations on a pedigree chart is fine, you add your name and then for your direct lines you identify your Mum and Dad and Grandparents and then as you get to know more names and dates you can add Greats plus…..if you’re really lucky ….Great Greats or 2 x Gt as they are sometimes referred to.

Then comes the tricky bit – the sideways moves aka the extended family.  Aunts Uncles Cousins…..they all get recorded elsewhere. In exercise books, scraps of paper, various family charts or maybe online genealogy sites.

Trying to place who relates to whom has always been a challenge to me  I know I’m not the brightest spark but honestly listening to / reading posts online where these family discussions take place leaves me feeling dim sometimes. There are loads of graphs and charts out there that explain these relationships but after a while all the little boxes seem to merge into one.  Until I found this one.

You and your cousin share grandparents, you and your 2nd cousin (that is a grandchild of a Gt aunt/uncle) share Gt grandparents AND you and your 3rd cousin ( a Gt grandchild of a Gt Gt aunt or uncle ….who is a brother or sister of one of your Gt grandparents) share GtGt grandparents.  Are you with me still??

Then there is Removed (see Ancestry ‘Understanding Kinship Terms’)

In cousin relationships, the term removed indicates the separation of a generation. My first cousin is of the same generation as I am, so my first cousin once removed would be either my parent’s first cousin or my first cousin’s child. Since twice removed indicates a difference of two generations, my first cousin twice removed would be either my grandparent’s first cousin or the grandchild of my first cousin (as I am two generations younger than my grandparent’s first cousin and two generations older than my first cousin’s grandchild).

The online companies who test DNA samples provide you with matches to other clients  registered with them…..up to 4th cousins and further.  Trying to find the MRCA aka most recent common ancestor  or ‘who you both are actually related to’ can be fun.  If you both have enough information to share.  Because you need to be able to go back 5/6 generations.

See I told you it was FUN 😊

And the times they are a changing…..

The new season can definitely be felt now…..the harsh heat of summer has gone and the nights are very much cooler.  Even to the point of putting on pjs, dressing gown and knitted slippers well before ‘retiring time’.

Different seasons means different vegetables

And guess what’s on the menu for tonight?  Yes, Brussel Sprouts! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brussels_sprout

The sprout farm at Coldstream is picking !

It’s opened its sales to the public again, these lovely freshly picked little green bundles of joy are there on the road side stall by the farm gate all nicely packed ready to come home – and if the stall is bare you just ring the bell and one of the pickers comes down with some more.

I’m not enthralled by the plastic packaging, it’s a fairly slim strong bag which fits the purpose.   Trouble is trying to contain those lumpy sprouts in soft plastic doesn’t work too well when they are sold a kilo a time.  Plus these aren’t graded, unlike those that make their way from the farm to other places …..sold to national supermarket chains …..so it’ll be a mix of sizes.  Which keeps the cost (to us) down   There are times when after all the mark ups, sprouts aren’t the cheapest veg on the shelf, they do  drop in price as more arrive.  These that The Golfer picks up on his way to/from his 2nd home (oops…golf course) are a standard $5 a kilo all the time

So you win some – lose some as far as price is concerned


Straight from the paddock to the plate….that’s my idea of freshness.  And that’s what counts for me.

Trouble with comments

WordPress  blog….

Is anyone else having problems with comments going straight into the spam folder?

These are comments from ‘known’ bloggers who have commented before – not new ones that must be approved.

Most annoying.

Monday Musings….

And just for the fun of it there has been another change in my life this year.
Another social one that is.

With pleasure being the name of the game I’ve upped stumps and joined another choir.

The one I joined last year – the one I settled into so easily and throughly enjoyed singing with – moved house.  To another suburb   One much further from home.  They raised the annual membership fee plus the weekly fee which when combined with longer train travel there and back was going to make a big dent in my day as well as my small personal monthly allowance so I looked around for another option.

And I found one really close to home – a short 10 minute drive in fact!

It’s not quite as organised as some I’ve sung with (meaning the conductor may not have as many qualifications as some of the others) yet for a group of 30 retirees the quality of singing is just as good.

We have a gig coming up at the end of this month that is going to be lots of FUN

Performing at the Highland Games and Celtic Festival out here in the eastern suburbs.  How good is that!

Since our first rehearsal at the end of January it’s been Popular Scottish songs/tunes all the way.  Well mostly Scottish; Men of Harlech The Ash Grove  and Danny Boy may be heard – to give a nod to a couple of other Celtic nations 😊

Last week during rehearsal we were asked what songs we sang as youngsters on bus trips.  With no idea what was wanted suggestions included……

  • If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands
  • The wheels on the bus go round and round
  • 10 green bottles hanging on the wall
  • She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes
  • Oh the grand old Duke of York
  • Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
  • Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream
  • I’ll tell me Ma when I come home, the boys won’t leave the girls alone

No, we get told, They are too general, I want something this particular audience will relate to.  Then our lovely pianist (of Scottish descent) started to sing this.

Oh ye cannae shove yer Granny aff a bus

Ye cannae shove yer granny aff a bus,
Oh ye cannae shove yer granny aff a bus,
Ye cannae shove yer granny, for she’s yer mammy’s mammy,
Ye cannae shove yer granny aff a bus.

Ye can shove yer other granny aff a bus,
Ye can shove yer other granny aff a bus.
You can shove yer other granny, for she’s yer daddy’s mammy,
Ye can shove yer other granny aff a bus.

So I’m sitting here with my coffee on this sunny Monday morning wondering if it’s only in Scotland where children learn (and seemingly love) a song about pushing their Granny off a bus ?? 😎😎

What strange songs did you learn as a youngster?

But wait….there’s more!

As it always is with life there were more changes to come this year.

This one was not so much a change in exercise routine as finding a different way

Continuing with gym visits for strength – or maybe it should be to use all those lovely machines they have, – walking the streets for endurance plus the pleasure from being outside with all the associated views (which you can’t see from a treadmill) , pool visits because I love the feeling of weightlessness and the knowledge my aches and pains will benefit from exercise in the water


this year adding the Ballet for Adults being offered by a local organisation.  I love dance in any form and this class turned up at just the right time.

Having spent so much time recently reading/researching/discovering things past (History of my Family) I wondered if I could turn back the clock and mentally return to a younger Catherine who loved her weekly ballet class.

Last year’s foray into Return to Yoga (for seniors) didn’t do a thing for me.  I ached for days after each class….certainly didn’t have that feeling of peace I remember from classes in years gone by,  these left me with a feeling of frustration because even though the slim young contortionist  the young woman out the front seemingly had qualifications to teach ‘older adults/seniors’ she didn’t seem to understand that some of our bodies just didn’t do the things we may well have been able to do many years ago.  By the end of the term so many had found excuses not to attend, there was an awful lot of empty space on the floor which had been covered with mats during the first week!!

Now having admitted that,  I’ll also have to admit these Ballet classes are not all ‘wine and roses’ or ‘tea and biscuits’ as some of the attending ladies would prefer to say.

They also are hard work – unlike the Yoga classes where serious was the name of the game – these are hard work with lots of laughter thrown in.

Hard work trying to make your feet turn out like Charlie Chaplin, Pliés are not just bending your knees like squats,

Something simple like sliding your foot along the ground and then pointing the toe – Tendu -is likely to give you cramp (if you try too hard!)

And you know how good your balance is when you try to Relevé – rise onto your toes (or balls of our feet in our case 

Change can be good, some change can be not so good  – what I do  know is that 7 weeks into the first term, I along with 10 other ‘mature ladies’………….wearing last year’s yoga pants along with tshirts and carrying pink ballet slippers – not a leotard In sight 😊……………leave the local hall feeling better, walking taller, more at ease with ourselves and declaring Tuesday mornings have become our ‘favourite’ time of the week.

And there’s no way we’re going to change that!


The Australian Ballet – Ballet Class as a Beginner 

Glossary of Ballet terms



Change:-  Make or become different.

 Changes happening not for the sake of change but for ME 😊

Firstly not so much a change of healer as a looking at the benefits of a different practice

After several disappointing consultations over the past few months with my (older in years, single person practice) GP which ended in him stating he had no idea what the problem was, I took advantage of the fact that we are not tied to one Dr/GP (as is the case in other parts of the world) and made an appointment at a larger practice in our area – in my mind, just for another point of view.

Not an easy thing to do as I’m usually a ‘loyal’ person but I wanted an answer…..even if it was the same one.

After the initial niceties and explanations the first words the new Dr said were….well, let’s see what we can eliminate.  Words I’d not heard from my original GP.

The upshot was that this and the follow up consultation, followed by a diagnosis and treatment that worked/cured the problem, had me thinking long and hard and making the decision to change to the new practice.  One that has several Dr’s (of various ages, levels of experience, different medical interests) available, one that has xray and treatment rooms on the premises as well as allied health workers plus specialist rooms in an adjoining building.

A difficult decision to make – but after consulting the new GP a couple of times since then I’m confident I made the right one.

So after surviving our, and I’m not exaggerating, horrendous in many ways summer I’m finally in a better frame of mind and hoping to be back here on a regular basis.  Not sure what I’ll natter about but will most likely find a joke or two here or there.  Sadly no tidbits about Kiera – who I greatly miss.  No o/s trips on the horizon either – although winter in Bowen, Far North Queensland is being mooted.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, meaning when the really cold weather arrives!

Bye for now….Cathy


Taking a break….

Just a little note to say I’ve pushed the pause button

Life at Still Waters is a bit churned up at the moment so I’m having a break for while

Still waters is in recess for the time being 😎

Bye for now


Eye opener

So I’m looking for something in the laundry and glance up at the windows

Oops, think it’s a while since those were cleaned 🙂

Now it ‘was’ a cloudy day outside with not much light in the laundry so I can forgive the right hand sliding one for looking dull – it has a fly screen on the other side.   But the left is a clear pane of glass!

That side of the house is on a slope so The Golfer will have to get handy with the ladder to do the outside.  Gone are the days when I clambered up and did them myself……all the outsides are now his domain……with a little bit of visual coaxing from me standing on the other side of the window  …..’you’ve left a streak here pointing to a spot on the window 🙂

Have you ever wondered how they clean the outside of the lower deck windows on cruise ships?  The top row (Lower Promenade deck on this particular ship) – those just below the promenade –  are done with hoses hanging down the side and when possible the next level (Main Deck) are tackled with hoses and brushes on long poles.

Crew window washing MS Westerdam. Dock side Raiatea April 2016

I’m thinking I could do with a window cleaner.

But not one who just hoses the outside – I’ve tried that, just end up with streaky windows!



Monday Musings….

Not so much musings about setting the world aright but a wondering about how long something has been happening.

Now the only time we go into Maccas is when we are driving interstate. We have food for lunch in the car plus a flask of hot water for green tea but with easy parking not too far from the main roads, clean rest rooms (usually) quick service for a coffee (not everyone’s cup of tea but they don’t have the bitter taste they had years ago) the daily paper and free wifi they provide a welcome mid morning break without the long wait for service you can encounter in local cafes.

Doing a bit of ‘folder clearance’ the other day I came across these two photos taken while we were travelling up north during July last year

Now it’s possible I’ve been a little weary when we’ve stopped for a break – especially if I’ve just finished my two hour driving stint – and have not noticed these features before….but does anyone know how long (here in Australia) Maccas (McDonalds) has been offering electrical outlets, USB ports and table service??

It’s not going to keep me awake at night…..and I’ll admit it was rather nice being able to charge the iPad and phone while we read the paper and waited for our coffees….in china cups….to be brought to the table instead of having to hang around the counter waiting….but I’m blowed if I remember it happening before.

~ ~ ~  ~ ~

Monday is the day I often sit here, think and wonder about things

Is there anything trivial you’re wondering about this Monday?

It’s gonna be a hot time…..

Hopefully ‘not’ in my house overnight lol

It’s nearly 35c/j95f outside- there’s a very strong hot northerly blowing – which means it’s possible we’ll reach the predicted 42c/107f.  According to the BOM that’ll make it our as in Melbourne’s hottest day in two years.  Hopefully the promised cool change will arrive – 14c/57f makes sleeping so much easier.

If there’s one constant in my life it’s a dislike of extreme temperatures

Too hot or too cold you’ll hear me complaining.  I’ll survive but I won’t like it.

In the meantime – the air con is on but this is delightful

( in the privacy of your own home that is 😊)

Words for Wednesday(on Thursday)

Words for Wednesday is a weekly meme using words and/or pictures as prompts.  Bloggers are encouraged to make what they can from them.  Lissa from ‘the memory of rain’ is hosting January – these are the ones for this week

Beginning* New Year* Wonder* Ritual* Kiss* Faith*
Seven* Remember* Adventure* Miles* 88* Heart*

I wonder wonder who…..

Rosie got to the end of the row and sighed.

She tried to remember* whose idea it was for her to knit the grandchild a new pullover for school

88* stitches to a row – that child had grown so much he was almost a man. Ate like a man, her daughter, his mother kept saying. It’s no wonder* he is the size he is when you look at his father and extended family on that side.

Life for him was an adventure* he was on the go from getting up time until going to bed time. Not a quiet sit read a book child but one who was constantly moving at what seemed like 100 miles* an hour.

Hello Gran! Caught you with your eyes shut!

She opened her eyes to see a young man standing in front of her chair. I just popped round to sit with you for a while, put your knitting away, and I’ll tell you my latest news.

She welcomed the ritual* of a kiss* on each cheek followed by a long look in each other’s eyes. Eyes that reminded her of a man gone seven* years now, one she had loved with all her heart* and one her faith* told her, she would be reunited with in time.

Then she smiled, she couldn’t remember who suggested it, but she did remember who it was she knit the school pullover for all those years ago.  The now not so chubby but lean and lanky grandson sitting opposite her bursting to speak just as he did as an eight year old.

There’s this new job I’m beginning* in the New Year*…..it’s in Canada….at a ski resort!