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I may have retired from work but there's no way I've retired from life! 'So what do you do' someone asked me. 'I live, love and laugh' I replied. 'oh and travel as much as possible' Come along and join in my life and travels - I'll be happy to have you there with me.

Mackay Street Art

Fifth Lane Street Art – Mackay Queensland September 2021

A fun way to spend some time getting to know a strange city
I’ll let your eyes roam up one side of the alleyway the way ours (and our feet) did

Fifth Lane Street Arts Project is the culmination of 16 local artists and five visiting artist’s work in an outdoor gallery that has something for everyone. source

Lots of great information at these two links 👇

Click to access 5th_Lane_Street_Art_DL_Final_ART.pdf

For more – pop over to Monday Murals hosted by Sami
it’s a colourful world over there with lots to see

And Don’t Forget – if you want to see it best……Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

I feel pretty…..I’m not sure what?

Some days I feel pretty good

Some days I don’t feel so good 

Then there are others when I feel just down right ‘orrible

Cold and bad tempered rude emotional touchy

I’ve been eating right

I’ve been exercising

(well, sort of )

I’ve been going to bed on time

(apart from recent tennis/cricket stay up late nights)

so why do I feel up and down all the time

Had blood taken the other day

maybe the results will tell a tale

Was also given the usual’ Diet – Exercise – Drink more water’ spiel

that Drs worldwide seem to think will cure all ills

Thyroid gland not working properly is a bugger

Hopefully a little bit more thyroxine will help

Hopefully it will also help me become more observant

I spent well over 20 mins looking for this phone the other day
only to find it waiting there along with everything else ready to go in my bag
Time for a multi colour phone case I think!

But wait, there’s more….

The 2nd of the ‘big boy’ jumpers is finished.
And the 3rd in the trio is begun.
Another Sirdar pattern from the same era so I’ve just used the same measurements and adjusted the side panel stitches.
They should (hopefully) all be very similar in size

As simple as it looks
it took a little while to get the cable sequences right
and there were a few choice words spoken
and rows unpicked at one stage
so I might just chicken out
and do a plain back as well as plain sleeves

When all three are finished and finally on their way to Knit one Give one aka KOGO the time will have come to concentrate on something different- something close to my heart – something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

It’s two years to the day since Patsy my blond curly haired little sister died
Tribute – Sleep well my little one.

Next sister – Me – Little sister Patsy – Baby brother 1998

Take a look at this delightful photo (which I might have shown before) of Patsy (aged about 3)…….maybe just maybe, there might be some woolies coming up featuring little bunny rabbits. And as an aside it’ll be 20yrs on Saturday since my mum (she who knit Patsy’s rabbit jumper) died. These anniversaries are so hard on the heart.

I’m thinking my ‘2023 word to work with’ is going to be consider so I’ll have to think carefully about this one.
Cardigan or Jumpers (sweaters).
Size….can’t be too small or it will be dwarfed by the motif.
Colour……practical for children in unknown circumstances or ‘soft and pretty’ because that’s what she was.
I know there are graphs somewhere in amongst my patterns so guess what I’ll be doing today……if I don’t get sidetracked by my latest read .

Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont is a very short book to begin a shorter than usual month. Hopefully this will rekindle enthusiasm after my short reading lull during the last month.

Apart from the two mentioned early last month there was just one more book finished during January.
The Commandant – Jessica Anderson.
Historical Fiction about Moreton Bay Penal Colony (later to become Brisbane), involving the strange combination of its real life controversial commander Patrick Logan plus his wife’s (fictional) sister Frances.
I didn’t make it to book club because covid had come visiting so after a reasonable pause this (January’s) book was delivered to my door. It would’ve been rude of me not to start it…….actually it turned out to be a very good read

Wednesday is the day Kat hosts ‘Unraveled Wednesday 
Today is also the first Wednesday in February so I’m sharing my post – pop over and discover what others are knitting, reading and talking about


New Year Small Changes….

The end of January has arrived. ……Australia Day has been and gone
Rain and flood have never been far away, fire has been making its presence known
There has been cricket and tennis as well as road cycling to watch
Many surprise wins, early disappointments plus shock eliminations.

Here in Victoria lots of little kids will begin the school year today
I wonder how many sets of twins will feature on the news this evening?

Sunrise and sunset times are changing.
Very slowly the days are becoming shorter – nightfall is arriving slightly earlier

Various community commitments, clubs and classes are returning
After the long summer break life in general is beginning again

So much happening which means just one thing – the year proper has now begun.
~ ~ ~ ~

I decided to take me out of the blog name and it’s back to being called ‘Still Waters’.
Not a big change, still about a life that appears to be
All smooth on the surface but really has lots going on underneath.

Trouble is I feel it’s getting a bit stale and what to write about is becoming a problem
I’m getting short on ideas – visitors & comments are down – so am open to suggestions.
~ ~ ~ .

Looking back to December 2021 I spent a bit of time mulling over this
Well, the votes at both clubs were taken in early 2022, the amalgamation went ahead. There was a very mixed reception to the move….on both sides.
I was all for it and gave it a go – but as the old saying goes ‘be careful what you wish for’ it turned out to be not quite what I’d envisioned. Some members love it – others haven’t been back.
Too many people – cramped seating – enclosed room, no windows, no natural daylight, mixed membership that included many ‘know it all old men’ who stifled discussions. One more meeting after returning from Bowen sealed it – I’d had enough.

About that time the news came that the choir I sang with would possibly fold in 2023.
Two of my pleasures out the window just like that.
~ ~ ~ ~

New Year Small Changes

Just by chance late last year I found (and joined) another smaller Probus branch. A Ladies Club who meet on a different day
Which has allowed me in 2023 to change the day of another social engagement.
Another choir meets not too far away. You might say a ‘slightly better one’.
Each choir has a sort of repertoire they’re known for.
My ‘old’ one was show tunes singalong oriented- this new one (under the U3A banner) sing more involved numbers, much in parts as well as acapella. Which I have missed since leaving the local Sing Australia group – driving to night time rehearsals was becoming a problem.
Big smiles when I gained a hotly sought after place on enrolment day so all is not lost

Not a change of day but a small change of volunteer responsibilities. A move to a different area in the aged care facility where I’m now assisting those who are at a different level of care, more in line with the qualifications I gained many years ago. A little less ‘meaningful’ chat than was over the tea trolley but definitely an understanding – many smiles and much laughter.

~ ~ ~~.
One thing that hasn’t changed over the years – my enjoyment of an early cup of tea
We’ve arrived at the last Monday in January so while I’m supping I’m going through folders and enjoying the recent colours of Summer.
Officially we have just one more month – I’m hoping it will hang around a lot longer just the same as Winter did 😎😊


Come laugh with me…

It’s coming to the end of a rather warm January
We’ve had Summer days galore plus (courtesy of living in Melbourne)
some cool to cold ones as well as the odd thunderstorm thrown in for good luck.

And because it’s Friday – a Funday – I’m in need of some Jokes

Let’s just say that PC or not I never tire of the Blonde ones
So today I have a few more for you
They’re not new, you may have heard some of them before, some you may not
Whatever way – Enjoy


Two blondes were walking down the road and the first blonde said, “Look at that dog with one eye!”
The other blonde covers one of her eyes and says, “Where?”


The executive was interviewing a young blonde for a position in his company
He wanted to find out something about her personality so he asked
“If you could have a conversation with any person, living or dead, who would that be?”
The blonde quickly responded

“The living one.”


A girl was visiting her blonde friend who had acquired two new dogs.
The girl asked what their names were.
The blonde responded by saying
that one was named Rolex
and this one was named Timex.
Her friend said, ‘whoever heard of someone naming their dogs like that?
HELLLOOOOOO….. answered the blonde.

They’re watch dogs!


A blonde was playing Trivial Pursuit
It came to her turn
She rolled the dice and landed on Science and Nature.
Her question was, “If you were in a vacuum and someone calls your name,
can you hear it?”
She thought for a time and then asked,

‘Is it on or off?’


So as I’ve said before making fun of the Irish and Blondes doesn’t bother me
you all know my background
and at one time of my life – in my much younger days – I ‘was‘ a blonde 😊

Fun Friday – the day you put all the worries of the week behind you

Why are we so different

Do we really see everything differently?
Are males more accepting than females?

Why are females always shown to be dissatisfied with their bodies
Males tend to think they look like ‘body beautiful’

How old do we have to be before we can look in a mirror and see a whole body
not one with
~ skinny legs/a big bum/fat belly/thick waist ~

Do any of you have the answer ?

Keeping your toes warm

Slippers – for the knitting of!

They come in one simple design – although there are variations to be found if you go looking.

They can be brightly coloured- soft and gentle – or even strong and sturdy

With these it’s whatever takes your fancy – or more likely whatever’s on hand

Several readers mentioned the slippers I showed recently so here are the instructions I was given by a friend many years ago. I thought it was from online but I was wrong.

(These photos are from a post I did years ago on another blog)
Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge
The top one shows how they look on the final row
The lower one how they look when sewn and finished

The instructions suggested using 8ply/dk yarn 

(doubled – 2 strands knitted together to give the thickness for warmth)

and uk size 8/4mm knitting needles

but I’ve also made them in very chunky handspun wool for men – adjusting needle size and length 

Begin by casting on 3 stitches.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: Inc in 1st stitch, knit
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: Knit.
Repeat rows 2 + 3 + 4 until 12 stitches.
That forms the heel section

Now you are about to make the foot part – the sole.
Cast on 11 at the beginning of the next row.
Knit 11, P1, knit to last stitch, P1 turn.
Cast on 11 stitches (34 stitches)

Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K11, P1, K10, P1, K11.
Repeat rows 1 + 2, 17 times.
This is where you can lengthen if needed
– but remember they will stretch –

Then on to the toe area.
Row 1: K2, (P1 K1) x 5, K11 (P1 K1) x 5, K1.
Row 2: (K1 P1) x 6, K10, (P1 K1) x 6.
Repeat rows 1 + 2, 8 times.

Next row: K2 together to end of row (17 stitches)
Next row: Purl.
Next row: K2 together to last stitch, K1 (9 stitches)

Break off yarn (leaving a rather long tail)  and draw through stitches
Fasten off as tightly as you can
don’t cut the yarn short as you will need it to sew up the front

Now sew the cast on sides to heel gusset. You may have to ease to fit

Using the long tail where the toe is gathered
sew the ribbing up front to where garter stitching begins

turn right side out and hey presto – nice snug slippers (or bedsocks)

Yes, they are very basic
For a special gift you could use a circular needle
Pick up all the way round the opening and knit a collar
Or put a pompom at the front opening

These are simple and easy to make
Just the way I like them

Oh if only….

A few recent restless (sleepless) nights had me wishing someone would do this for me

If I rock you will you go to sleep – sung by a man of many talents – Jay Laga’aia

If I rock you, will you go to sleep?
If I rock you, will you go to sleep?
You know that I love, the times that we hug
If I rock you, will you go to sleep?

If I whisper, will you close your eyes?
If I whisper, will you close your eyes?
You know that I′ll hum, ’till the morning time comes.
If I whisper, will you close your eyes?

Sunbeams break through and the night melts away
Bright eyed and bushy tailed you’re ready to play
Then nighttime is sprinkling and stars twinkle through
Pjays and teddy bears and dreams wait for you.

If I rock you, will you go to sleep?
Close your eyes there′s no need to weep?
You will come to no harm, safely tucked in my arms
If I rock you, will you go to sleep?

You will come to no harm, safely tucked in my arms
I will rock you till you go to sleep?

Did that really happen……

Over the years I’ve often thought about something and wondered ‘did that really happen’ – was I there or am I remembering someone else’s recollections that might have been mentioned in passing. My memory sometimes plays tricks with me and on the odd occasion I’ve actually (in a nice way) been proven wrong. Which doesn’t do much for your self esteem when you think you’re ageing quite nicely.

Anyway when we were younger (1950s) and went over to visit family in Belfast we always stayed with the same aunt. Of Dad’s sisters she was the one who had the room to put up another family….basically doubling the amount of people in her house….now that’s what’s called love.

At the time there were 3 of us girls and 3 girl cousins and the words ‘6 in a wonky bed’ keep cropping up in my mind but I don’t remember it actually happening. It’s what family did in those days but I can’t see (in my minds eye) us top and tail in a big bed.
I’ve no idea where Mum & Dad slept or Aunty Maudie and Uncle Herby slept but it’s where us 3 girls and the 3 girls cousins spent the night that’s been bothering me.

I had a surprise early last month when a cousin contacted me on a genealogy site – he is the ‘baby brother’ of these girl cousins, he was much younger than me so we didn’t actually ‘know’ each other which meant lots of newsy notes have passed to and from each other. He mentioned he’d forwarded them onto his sisters and this came back from one of them:-

Tell Catherine my memory is 6 of us sharing a bed when they stayed with us. xx”

When I passed all this on to my next sister this is what she came back with:-

Memories of Finaghy. Definitely the 6 in a bed plus the uncertainty of the springs dropping through the frame and us ending up on the floor. 

So it looks like it did actually happen.
I’m still wondering though if my memory has been sparked by others talking about it..

How do you go with memories…..are yours real?
or second hand passed on by others who were also there?

Just for the fun of it….

The ‘silly season’ appears to be over …the Christmas and New Year eating and drinking in excess festivities have finished and life will soon return to how it was before.

But before the year proper begins here’s a little bit of fun in the form of
Did you know:

  • That the yucky feeling you get from overindulging has a name – crapulence’.
    I kid you not – feeling like crap is a real thing…..
  • The metal cage (that wire contraption) on the champagne bottle (or sparkling wine as we have to call it here in Australia) that thing that confuses many people is called ‘agraffe’ and does actually have a purpose. Basically it’s to hold the cork in….

If you draw the short straw and it’s your job to ‘pop the bubbly’ here’s how to do it.

And while you were there your scholarly child brings you school work to look at – seemingly it’s about things called ‘glabella’ and ‘columella nasi’

Plus ‘digitus minimus’ as well as the ‘vagitus’. of a new born baby
….but you can’t read it because it’s written in ‘griffonage’.
~ ~ ~ ~

I’m wondering if there’s a word for the fact that I hadn’t noticed this mural before.
I saw it in November (when I took this photo) but didn’t remember seeing it before
Seemingly…it was painted a month prior to the last time I parked there….in July.
Possibly ‘unobservant’ is the one I’m looking for!

Hello sweetie….

We have an ad on tv at the moment featuring an awkward moment in a life drawing class when a student discovers his mother is the live (naked) model.

That came to mind when I saw this

Also struck me as funny topically because at the moment we’re all undressing (or maybe have already undressed) our Christmas trees.
Wouldn’t it be good if they could do it all by themselves 😊

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Et voilà…

And there you go…..from flat to that – just like that!
Something that always amazes me
(And sometimes baffles and on one occasion definitely confused me)

Crossover Jacket link.
Tiny Trauma Teddy link
~ ~ ~

Slippers – no link. Obtained online years ago

I sometimes wonder what it is that intrigues me about these ‘all in one ‘ garments, they’re like those ‘one pot wonders’ the meals you can cook using only one pot
Take these ingredients, add your pot and see what emerges at the end.
Have needles- add yarn – a little twist here and there – no seperate pieces to mislay
And voilà – one item ready to wear.
~ ~ ~ ~
Back in November when I had a break between the back and front of the blue cable jumper this is what was keeping me amused. All in one knitted gloves – garter stitch, made on 2 needles.
Something I’ve been itching to make since coming across the pattern years ago

A group request for bright hats and gloves was all I needed
After discovering how easy they were to make I was off and running
one pair down …..and look, now there’s more!
(I used size 10/3.25 mm needles with 8ply/DK yarn)

There’s no rush ….winter’s a while away yet
It doesn’t seem that long left and I’m sure it’ll be back again😊
~ ~ ~ ~

As for the reading – over the past few weeks it’s been a bit hit and miss….more miss than hit if the truth be told!

At the moment I’m making my way through
The Dust that falls from Dreams – Louis de Bernières
And listening to
The Spare Room – Helen Garner.

I must say (for me) listening to a previously read book is strange….the story is familiar but it ‘reads’ differently. A little like watching an adaptation, there are scenes that just don’t seem right.
Does anyone else have thoughts on that?


Being Wednesday you’ll find Kat and others over at ‘Unraveled Wednesday 
which is where you’ll find lots of knitting and reading and talking going on

👇Vintage glove Pattern, making instructions + other bits of interest can be found here. Three blog entries in order👇


On my mind

What I have ‘on my mind’ this week is not a real problem
but one I’ve been thinking about for a while  

I have an old wing back armchair out on the back deck

Someone once said it wasn’t what she expected of me

 – what ever that might mean – 

and yes, maybe it does look a bit odd having it there….

….but its really comfortable and also warm to sit in when we are outside on warmish winter’s days and cool summer days as well 

On any day in fact 😊

The thing is I would like to bring it back indoors

Its getting on in years now, the fabric is quite frayed, tattered and torn in places courtesy of a large family and all the cats and kittens we have had in the house so would need lots of loving attention from an upholsterer 

Now as I’m not a big person I’ve always found it hard to get furniture to fit and this was one suite that fitted me perfectly – when we agreed to refurnish I let someone have the deciding vote. unfortunately what we now is – in my mind – enormous and not very comfortable (for me)

What you get for letting men have a choice I suppose 🙁

A friend in need and willing to do a ‘quick cover job’ to suit her means took part of the suite and as I didn’t want to get rid of the other chair out the back it went, covered by a throw over cover that blended in with the outdoor furniture

not the best fit but as they say better than nothing

~ ~ ~ ~

This will tell you how long we’ve had it

Top L + bottom R were taken in 2011. Lots of you will remember Kiera (my brown shadow)…..this was a favoured comfy spot. You’d almost have to fight her for it

(R) Elder daughter the day she was married the first time in 1983 (I think)

Don’t ask – there have been a couple of marriages and I never remember when they were

Thankfully she is much more settled now

‘Older and wiser’ I think the saying is

(L) Younger daughter on her wedding day over 30 years ago

Same chairs – same look to the house as well

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know that if I went to the expense of having it recovered/reupholstered (and brought inside) its size would make it look a bit odd

We’d have to refurnish again so it would blend in  ……..which would take some explaining on my behalf lol

Realistically I suppose in the whole scheme of things this is nothing
perhaps all it needs is for me to find another chair cover and enjoy it (outside) for what it was and the memories that go with it.
What do you think?


Busy doing nothing

It was going to be one of those sort of days HOT HOT HOT.
So there were no plans made.
👈 👈 👈

Breakfast finished…
I sat there enjoying the early morning quiet and wondered if maybe some knitting was a good way to start the day or possibly begin the library book that was picked up before Christmas

Or even put things back to where they were before the company came over a few days previously

I had thought about maybe going to the pool again but knew with the heat the pool would be overrun with youngsters from opening hours to closing. No matter how hard the lifeguards try Grannies doing their thing definitely don’t get right of way😎

Picking the wrong trolley at the supermarket last week wasn’t a bright idea. One of those I describe as ‘independent’ – you know the ones I mean – those with a mind of their own….I struggled to guide….which meant I ‘knew all about it’ from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day when the pool reopened. The queue at the door on BD surprised me – they’d only been closed one day and here was half the neighbourhood waiting to get in. All adults not a child amongst them. The exercise did me good and the twinges have left for a while

But first, Mr Snowman who had stood so patiently on the table beside the Christmas Posy for the past few days needed to go back into his storage unit – his time in the sun had come to an end. I think he’d prefer a cooler spot next year.
He’s been with us for quite a few years now….even had his own blog post back in 2009

Plus the Christmas Day posy really needed to go – poor thing hadn’t done too well in the heat either…..

Tiny Tears is still sitting on the bench waiting to be clothed. Luckily I hadn’t started making any because the friend I mentioned in October changed her mind in the end. She (the doll) might still get some as a nephew plus family have moved close by, a little ‘dolly mad’ girl is coming to visit when they get settled and it wouldn’t do to offer her a naked doll with no clothes so she (the doll) can be dressed/undressed. They’re on my to do list.

The wood lurking under the benches will probably stay there for a while – that’s The Golfer’s responsibility – one bright idea to replace the slats….a few months ago now….mustn’t grumble – it’s bit like my UFOs or WIPs – it’ll get finished sometime
And there’s the old comfy armchair which has been on my mind recently. There might be a post coming up about it soon. One of those ‘Will I – Won’t I’ ones.

So in the end we ended up doing
Basically nothing!

The ‘outdoor aircon’ aka trusty old fan, was moved out of the way and we went inside to use the whole of house one. And watch the cricket.
Most summers we just use the overhead fans but there are rare days when it becomes much more than hot and cool comfort is called for.

And what a crazy day at the cricket it was. Played all day in that heat.
Runs galore – two players retired hurt
Then the Flying Spidercam hit one of the opposition from behind

Described elsewhere as the Witching Week, Twixmas or even The Void
A week of leftovers and wondering what day it is

How do you fill it?
That ‘in between’ week of quiet peaceful laid back days

I know I said in the new year…

But you know me 😊

Christmas comes and Christmas goes

Family came – Family went – it started to warm up a bit

When the temperature hit 26c/78f really early on and was moving upwards coupled with a VicEmergency extreme heat warning we had a change of plan

No picnic in the bush this year -we’ll lunch al fresco at home

Cold meats and salads plus jelly with chopped soft fruits and cold custard

On to the last course – we decided against the cheeses – just had the fruit and nuts

Those will go well with the Christmas Pud on another day

One of my Christmas presents was a proper summer’s day of 28c/83f
Tomorrow and Tuesday will be another kettle of fish though
The forecast is for 35c & 37c – nearly 100f each day

I have to say the best present of all was a RAT test with only one pink line
~ negative at last😊 ~

I hope your day was filled with love

Christmas comes….

As we all know, it comes along once a year.
Loving and giving and enjoying life are usually the ‘flavour of the month’
Then after the seasonal celebrations are over there’s a quiet peaceful laid back time
and that’s what I’m looking forward to

If all goes to plan I’ll be…..well I’ve no idea what I’ll be doing
I/we have no special plans made…..we’re just going to take it as it comes
Because after all, it’s Summer
and that’s what you do in quiet peaceful laid back times


I seem to have spent a lot of time recently ‘in the past’ thinking about my life
as well those of my Irish and Scottish ancestors
which I’m putting down to ‘my age’

That’s me thinking like my mother
Her answer to lots of unexplained things women did was often
“it’s her age, it does strange things to people”
Anyway it’s left me feeling rather emotional

At the moment I’m also feeling a bit tired and weary
(Yes, The Golfer shared and it got me in the end)
Maybe not with the same force but enough to knock me out for many days

So I think this is the right time
to push the seasonal pause button.
As in all the years past I’ve really enjoyed your company (and comments).
Still have some of those going into spam though – sorry Jane & Cathy – not sure why

Merry Christmas – Much love to you all – See you in the New Year
Cathy xx

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now if you’re up for it, here’s a little bit of fun for you
Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy some toe tapping time

( a shortened/abridged version of)
Jimmy Shand’s Christmas Party 1986 from Letham Village Hall (with Bill McCue)
(sorry about the bit at the beginning)

~ ~ ~ ~
This is a full remastered version of the same event
Which includes a performance by Jean Redpath
plus two extra ‘dances’ at the beginning.
(It’s sharp and clear but seems to have lost some of the ‘warmth’ of the one above)

Wouldn’t it be great if they still had nights like this in the local hall

Today is the last time to link to Wednesday’s Words & Pics hosted by Denyse.
She and others will be back in the New Year though

They didn’t believe me….

Nobody believed me when I said I used to cook cakes

Even the ones who were there 😊

One little boy with his older brother – nearly seniors now
 Oh dear, how did they get to be that old 

This hoard of old photos is really bringing back memories- I can see those two little lads sitting there by the back door as if it were yesterday.

I have some friends who dislike looking at old images because they see the years that have passed them by – me, I love them because I think they remind us of that passage of time and how it has defined the person/s we/they are today  We are able to look back and see how our life has changed.  See what we got up to in those years gone by, how or if we altered our attitudes, losing or gaining friends along the way.  Happily or sadly how we ended up where we are today.

Whether they are forgotten experiences (as in the boys not remembering the chocolate cake) or ones remembered fondly (like me remembering the day I cooked the chocolate cake in the tiny kitchen with the boys hanging around to get a ‘lick of the wooden spoon’) there’s no denying they happened.

So yes in my younger days, even if the family think otherwise
I did cook chocolate cakes 

~ ~ ~ ~

How about you – are there things you’ve done (run marathons, climbed mountains, cooked cakes) that nobody believed you have/could have done??