Looking at life..May

When I think of May here in Victoria I’m reminded of rain – years ago the state school year was made up of 3 terms (not 4 as these days) – beginning the year in hot summery February the weeks would go by, cooling off gradually until the ‘pre winter month’ of May arrived and with it school holidays. And as sure as fate it always rained….and trying to entertain several youngsters in those conditions when cash was short was trying to say the least.
This Melbourne related climate change – climate ready pdf (interesting reading dated 2015) mentions the wet 1970’s years and the whats/hows since then and into the future.

All in all it’s been a better month than the last one ….colder definitely, but full of ‘new/ish’ things to see and do. Things I didn’t tell you about 😊.
But first something I’m more than delighted about

Photo from another year – showing the sunny side of life

New in the shops from early this month – Imperial mandarins – my favourite ray of sunshine during winter in Melbourne.
~ ~ ~ ~

A brand new experience was missing the turnoff on the Eastern Freeway at Springvale Road and having to pay the toll for Ringwood
Never did that before. 
These days there’s no need for us to have an etag, there are ways and means to get around our big city and out into the bush toll free so a nearly $10 charge to drive through a very long tunnel instead of familiar roads was a costly reminder to concentrate on where I was going. 

My reason for having my head in the clouds was I’d been over the other side of the city doing something new – wandering around a very old cemetery trying to locate the gravesite of a distant relative – my GtGtAunt Eliza.

She was a new chum a long time ago, migrating from Co Fermanagh to Australia with her husband in 1855, experiencing the excitement of a new challenging life in a new country as a young bride over 160yrs ago.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A new local ‘exercise physiologist’ came along to Probus to chat about Exercise and Ageing…. complete with step and hand weights he certainly opened the eyes of some of the more elderly members on things like the importance of balance and strength. Seeing a couple of giggling seniors attempting the ‘drunk test’ or as the site below calls it ‘heel/toe or tightrope walking was certainly a new event.


There were new medical ‘things’ to think about:-
usual thyroid medication being substituted with another brand (same ingredients same strength) one that joy of joys doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge. No more trying to prise tiny little tabs out of their foil wrapping hoping they don’t break into little pieces – because the new ones come loose in a bottle.
new pain areas to contend with this month – a knee that swelled and was hot plus excruciatingly painful when bent at a certain degree. The doc thought it might be gout – that certainly was a new one. Waiting for blood results to exclude that and work on the premise it’s….yes…you guessed right – my friend OsteoA making itself known in a new place.
Too bad the cherry season has finished here.
~ ~ ~ ~

This month’s new learning experience has been Billy Joel’s Lullabye (Goodnight, my angel) a song unknown to many of the choir. With its rather slow tempo (and almost mournful sound) it has been producing some weird noises from a group of seniors who have a liking for upbeat and just sing for the fun of it. I’m sure it’ll be wonderful when we’ve mastered it. We’ve a fair way to go before we sound like this – but we’ll have a jolly good try at doing so

And finally a new blog theme was what I wanted – ‘a new me’ – well I didn’t change much because the one I decided on has a similar but not quite the same look as previously (sounds like a weight loss program doesn’t it😊).
It did bring a new little problem with comments not being visible on the home page – hopefully everyone knows the drill now. There have been several new followers as well…thank you for joining. I/we don’t blog for comments or followers but it’s nice to attract both.
(I’m still having the most awful time trying to comment…..anywhere)

That been snippets of my life during May….what was yours like?
Oh and if you think the month of April sped by at a rate of knots, I’m beginning to wonder if someone put some energy drink in May’s cup instead of water. She’s moved along much too quickly!

29 Replies to “Looking at life..May”

    1. It’s a strange month in that it never seems to pan out the same from year to year. The constant is the warm days have gone and the cool ones are here to stay (for the moment). Lucky you- you’re going the other way


    1. Hello there Yam. You certainly do have oodles of things going on plus in the pipeline. Homeward bound in a few days with the prospect of getting your new wagon rolling will give you loads to think about


  1. I’m an Aussie too, living in Tasmania, although we used to live in Victoria. I was really interested to read about the new thyroid meds, as I have been on one for about 13 years that sounds as exactly like the one you’ve been on. I have to go without it for weeks at a time, as most of our holidays are in places without reliable refrigeration (no in-room fridges in Nepal or in a tent in the outback!) and I agree about how they crumble easily.
    If it’s not too much trouble, could you please email me with the name of the new one? It’s some time since I spoke to the doctor about an alternative, nothing available was the answer I got, so I’d appreciate it.

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  2. A new thyroid med? Like Denise tell me more.
    Sorry about the osteo rearing its ugly head in new places.
    I am doing classes with an exercise physiologist on the balance front. I would certainly have failed the drunk test initially but think/hope that I am now border line pissed.
    And yes, May has rocketed past.

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    1. This chap said to the ‘unbalanced’ when they complained about it being hard to manage……try it don’t knock it, practice makes a world of difference.


  3. Hi Cathy thanks for joining us for WBOYC? The toll roads can be expensive can’t they? I am going to Sydney in October and will be visiting my cousin for a few days. As she is the last link to my Mum’s side and has done the family tree, I’m looking forward to discovering more of my family history. Great that you had the exercise physiologist visit as strength and balance are so very important as we age. Sorry you have been in pain and the cold weather doesn’t help. Enjoy your June, we are off on a cruise so looking forward to that. x

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  4. That’s really interesting about the window into the 160 year old lifestory….and I hear you about the tolls. In Sydney they clock up really quickly…it’s scary. And I’ve been living on mandarins. It’s like the non hassle vit c injection for my covid recovery….#WBOYC

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    1. Recovering from Covid seemed to take more out me than the actual virus did. Once the acute symptoms moved on I just felt tired and fatigued for weeks on end. Thankfully?? I was unwell during the summer so rested up outside- fresh air sunshine were my friends.


  5. I thought of you when we food shopped the day after being away for a month and I spotted, oh joy oh joy, Imperial mandarins, and they are so sweet. There really is only a few months were there aren’t any Australian mandarins available.

    Guess whose partner came back from England with gout? Yep, excess drinking of alcohol while visiting. The Geordies are very generous with their drinks.

    Each Sunday as I battle with pills in foil to fill my dosette box, I wonder why they can’t all be in bottles, as one medication is.

    Sometimes there is an online map for cemeteries. You didn’t mention if you found the grave.

    The tolls we pay to visit Langwarrin and Pakenham are obscene. I think a return trip to Langwarrin, City Link and East Link, must be nearly $20 now. Yes, we are fools for paying it.

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  6. May always has dim colours in my mental calendar, but every date feels meaningful even if I can’t remember why or for whom i should be celebrating. Those strength and balance remi ders could well be aimed at much younger people who might have it in mind to grow old (or rather to not die young). They should know that physical fitness is something it pays to carry along with them. Xxx F

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  7. Hi Cathy, thanks for joining us for WBOYC and you’ve certainly had lots going on! That song is lovely and I wish you well with mastering it. Enjoy June and let’s hope things slow down soon.

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    1. You’re right Debbie, the song has a certain feel about it. Now the choir is a little more familiar with the tune and harmonies we sound a little better than at the beginning of the month.

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  8. I’ve been doing balance exercise recently and periodically try the heel/toe walk to see how I’m doing. It sometimes makes me giggle too. Enjoy these last few days of May. Here’s to a joyful June!

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    1. Not wishing my life away Christie but June can’t come quick enough. It means we’ll be making our way up to Qld to enjoy many weeks of winter sunshine


  9. It’s our local showtime here on the Fraser Coast and almost every year the weather is terrible. It almost always rains on the show holiday but this year the weather has been amazing. So weird.

    And I’m on oroxine as well and LOVE that I don’t have to store it in the fridge any more!

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  10. This year is flying by…totally out of control. It’s hard to keep up, so I’ve given up trying to catch up!

    One of the “joys” of growing older, I guess!!

    Take good care, Cathy. 🙂

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  11. I agree May has been on an energy drink. Whoosh, it’s almost come to an end. I hope your winter isn’t too severe and difficult, weather wise. I also hope your knee is feeling better. It is always good to pick up a few new health tips. I’ve been working a little on balance.

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  12. Here the mandarin season is waning and we wait with anticipation for the cherries to begin to arrive from southern California. We eat them and watch the harvest move up the west coast until we finally eat the ones from British Columbia–a signal that the season is over.


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