From there to here..

It was my cousin mentioning something about a concert we went as young teenagers (when my family was visiting them in Belfast March 1958) something that started me thinking about someone I hadn’t thought about for a good many years.
Lonnie Donegan.

Unlike most of my friends, I really enjoyed his early folky music…before he turned to ‘comedy tunes’.
Tunes like ‘Did your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bed post overnight’ 🙁

I was also a fan of trad jazz – yes I knew all the pop singers of the time and the words to their songs but wasn’t that interested in them. They didn’t hold my attention the way folk and jazz (plus big band) did so my friends tended to think that as far as music was concerned I was a bit strange.

When Gordon Lightfoot died early this month I thought (wrongly) didn’t he share the stage with Lonnie Donegan at one time?
No, it was Terry Lightfoot – jazz musician with Chris Barber (who LD had played with in early 1950s) .

Age might do weird things to your memory but when Willie Nelson turned 90 late this April just gone I definitely remembered another concert
One I (and The Golfer) went to

It was the night The Highwaymen came to town.
(Yes you can add country and western to my my list of likes as well😊)

Willie, Waylon, Cash and Kristoffersen – The National Tennis Centre Melbourne.
(Now known as Rod Laver Arena)
32 years ago today – May 22 1991

This video isn’t from that concert- but it might just as well have been
Filmed March 1990

I know most of you aren’t in this age bracket but here are links that might bring back memories for some of you – and let others know what it was all about – and how it was an inspiration for many who have come afterwards

8 Replies to “From there to here..”

  1. A great fan of The Highwaymen. I saw them in concert here in NE Ohio. at the now demolished basketball arena in Richfield, Ohio.


  2. Hi Cathy – definitely my era. “Did your chewing gum lose its flavour ” was a great song to singalong to as I recall. The best concert I ever went to was a Gene Pitney one – here at Crown in Perth. He sang every one of his hits – it was a fabulous show.


  3. Gosh, those singers were/are always my favourites. I’ve only recently heard of the Highwaymen. Wish I could have seen any of them live. I have a favourite YouTube list and listen to them often along with a lot of other old names.
    We’ve got good taste in music 😁


  4. Willie is my husband favorite singer of all time, and Frank Sinatra is a close 2nd. He can sing all of their songs and never miss a word.


  5. I do remember Willie Nelson. And once before we were married, I bought tickets and took my husband – to be to a Gordon Lightfoot Concert right here in Ne. I like folk music also – but the oldies. Peter, Paul and Mary was a favorite group of mine.


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