Boots – certainly not for gardening in…

With wetter weather sure to arrive sometime I’d been thinking about treating myself to some ‘short boots’ to garden in. Something to puddle around in keeping my feet and ankles dry (and hopefully warm). Probably an unnecessary purchase because there’s a perfectly decent pair of blue wellies out in the garage plus I’ve had these ‘rubber shoe’s’ and these ‘rubber clogs’ for what seems like forever.

Over the years they’ve all been good for pottering around in the wet ground but my now very spread older ladies’ feet make it hard to get the shoes on and I’m beginning to find the clogs are heavy and unstable- balance is becoming a bit of an issue because my feet seem to slip about in them.
And if it’s wet enough to need knee high Wellington boots it’s too wet for me to be out there!

So I began to look online – but without thinking, I entered ‘boots for women’ (forgot the gardening bit)…..well that was interesting.
Do you know a pair of Blundstones boots for women now cost well over $200 – neither did I.
Guess I won’t be buying any of those.

Then for days afterwards….just to tease me and show me big brother is watching and my searching was recorded somewhere…. each time I was online this set of ads kept appearing….
Oooh I thought, those on the left are just what I’m looking for, short gum boots…or so I thought…

Turns out the uppers are actually a knit fabric…well that wouldn’t work would it.
They’d get all wet and dirty 😊

Available in lavender and sensible black as well as the ‘girly’ pink but thinking about it, those soles do look rather thick and clompy and I see the word ‘platform’ in the ad.

I didn’t get on well with them the first time round……so don’t think I’ll bother this time😊

As an aside, if you’ve time to waste and you want to see even more interesting ask Mr G to show you ‘women’s platform knitted boots’. There’s a whole world of weird and wonderful out there.

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

Will be back on Monday – see you then!

9 Replies to “Boots – certainly not for gardening in…”

  1. Platform shoes? No, no and hell no. Sadly balance is an issue here too. I have just been outside (in the frost) taking photos and was focusing as much on my feet as I was the skies.


  2. I thought about clicking on the boots to look at them but then they will follow me every where I go and I will start to get emails that they are on sale. no boots needed in Florida, only flip flops and sandals. i can see the need for boots and also why you can’t wera the ones you have. I have bob’s old crocs that are similar to yours on the right side, to wear around the back yard when picking up dog poop. I have worn them for years but now have to be very careful because they make me stumble. darn shoes


  3. I’ll pass on the platform soles on boots. The last think I need to do is fall off a platform and break a bone in my foot. I rotate through my walking shoes. When they don’t support my feet as well as I like while walking, I get a new pair and then use the older ones for the garden. The prices on everything are sky high here. I went to look for some warm weather clothing and came home with only one new shirt. I decided I’ll wear what I have or dust off my sewing machine, not that sewing garments will be a lot less expensive.


  4. This made me smile.
    I agree – if it’s wet enough to require knee-high boots, it’s too wet to be gardening.
    Finding the apt search criteria is so important but finding your searches reiterated for days after is irritating to say the least.


  5. You reminded me of my red rubber boots in kindergarten I had to wear over my shoes. To my eternal frustration when I took them off the shoes always came off too. I would have welcomed boots that served as shoes as well. As for spreading feet–I hear you and have two of them myself.


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