Leftovers again!!

You know how some shelves in your freezer seem to be dedicated to ‘left overs’ ( things too ‘good’ to throw away, that can maybe be added to other ingredients to make a meal) well I seem to have accumulated an awful lot of left over yarn. Bags and bags of it shoved into stored in other larger bags.

Just one – there are more 😊

So here we are following on from my attempt a few weeks ago and working with the principle that ‘from little things big things grow’ (combine lots of little things….) plus ‘make hay while the sun shines’ (because sunny autumnal days are never to be sneezed at) – I’ve an idea in mind and look I even found some cute buttons (in my large collection of left overs of course) that hopefully will work. So as they say – watch this space!

Sadly the plain orange ones are a tad too small

And for once I have actually begun to enjoy my reading
the world without us – Mireille Juchau. (book club)
Two chapters in and eager for more

It has been six months since Tess Müller stopped speaking. Her silence is baffling to her parents, her teachers and her younger sister, Meg. But the more urgent mystery for both girls is where their mother, Evangeline, goes each day, pushing an empty pram. When their father Stefan discovers a car wreck and human remains on their farm, old secrets emerge to threaten the fragile family. A storm is coming and the Müllers are in its path

~ ~ ~ ~
And look at this , just by magic- because I didn’t publish this post earlier in the month – here’s the finished cardigan (now tucked away in the charity box) plus a ‘lovely little book’ spotted on a library shelf, sitting there waiting for me to find it. Lots of short ‘stories/essays’ by knitters about- what else but – their stash of yarn. It’s been a great book to dip into, with each chapter just the right length to enjoy while resting my hands. Have any of you read it?

Not sure about those buttons but they’re all I had and little boys or girls will love them

Its time for Unraveled Wednesday  hosted by Kat…….As Kat Knits……
Time to pop over and see what’s going on

14 Replies to “Leftovers again!!”

  1. All your little sweaters are incredible and I envision the recipient who will run back to parent, clutching it, saying “Mine! My sweater!”

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  2. That sweater is just dandy, and looks so special. I need to order some from you…after I get some grandkids. Linda in Kansas

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  3. Well done for using that bag of yarn. We all have one of those. I gave away a lot of mine for charity knitting. And because I just keep adding to it. I love the buttons BTW. The book looks great fun, perfect for us knitters.

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  4. The buttons are perfect – just what a child that size will love. The cardy is fab and the colours vibrant. (I’m scraping around in knockings of my 4ply stash making fair isle hats and have arrived at plain dull. Yours is cheerfulness and sunshine.) F

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  5. What a wonderful clever use of leftovers. Sometimes I think the leftovers multiply in bins or bags during the night. It’s the opposite of socks in a dryer. Mine seem to decrease by 1/2 a pair regularly – not the hand knit socks but the white cotton variety I wear for working in the garden. I recently reread that Clara Parkes book. It is nice to dip into and read an essay now and again. I loved all the different points of view.


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