They’re all the same…just a little bit different

Say hello to some little things I’ve had bubbling away in the background. A couple of little newborn sets for the baby programme…..knit over the last few weeks using left overs from other projects….from years ago in some cases 😊

Those odd ‘bits of this, bits of that’ half & less balls were getting out of hand
or should I say…..filling the bag and needed to be used up.
There was enough for backs as well as fronts on another two, not all 8plys are equal so they turned out slightly larger. The charity welcomes ‘traditional baby colours’

Just hanging around

Made using a ‘favourite’ adaptable pattern…..we’ve all got them haven’t we😊.
This one couldn’t be easier if it tried – after the rib band the back is straight, on the fronts the only decrease to think about is for the neckline starting half way up and the sleeves consist of a rib band, several side increases then straight knitting with the cast off all in one line.

Here’s some others I prepared earlier 😊

It’s a style that lends itself to so many interpretations…. Over the years some worked – others, well they weren’t a fail, let’s just say I wouldn’t try it again (the fisherman’s rib pattern was too chunky for the sizing- but that’s what the recipient wanted)

Sometimes where reading is concerned – a bit like food and knitting when things aren’t going the way you’d like them to – ‘comfort’ books are all you want. What I call Australian historical is often where I go to….especially to those written by Darry Fraser. They are ‘lose yourself’ novels many of them about strong females in a man’s world in 1800s Australia

Elsa Goody Bushranger – Darry Fraser

When Elsa Goody’s father and brother George die in quick succession she and her sister Rosie are in trouble. Pursued by an unpleasant suitor with dubious motivation, Elsa leaves for Victoria on the hunt for a fortune in gold coins that her brother has hidden. If Elsa can find it she will be able to save Rosie and herself from married slavery.

…..  Unraveled Wednesday  hosted by Kat…….As Kat Knits……
is on again! Pop over and see what’s going on.


12 Replies to “They’re all the same…just a little bit different”

    1. There are still ‘lots and lots’ of small balls here..I’m determined to use them so maybe some ‘Joseph’s coats of many colours’ could be on the horizon. The trick is blending the colours without looking garish and right this minute the thought is there but not the push to do it. Some day it’ll get done

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    1. Thanks Ruchi..they have a ‘clean’ look that some people enjoy. Going to a charity I won’t know who receives them but hope they keep some little one comfortable when it gets cold

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  1. Sometimes a Mum will post on Facebook how grateful they were with the jumpers etc, so lovely to read. I just know how moved I was by a well washed and worn handmade patchwork quilt my Dad had on his bed in the hospice. I just felt the love.


    1. There are always little thank you notes in the newsletter- those from recipients can be eyeopeners and it gives a good feeling to know yours (and others) ‘work’ is being appreciated.


  2. Great use of the leftovers – F got her own label made (ResQ’d) which, and bit like the reduce, reuse, recyle logo, stands for her output being made from rescued fabric, repurposed garments, and remnants of yarn and fabric.


  3. there was a period in my life that I read only historical novels just like this one, then I changed and might have to change back, running out of things I want to read. I am not a lover of green for clothing but for some reason the green sweater and bootees is my favorite. every single of of these is AWWWWW material and to cute for words. you will make a lot of people happy


  4. Some Mom and her babe are going to be very happy to have those darling sweaters. They will never know they came from leftovers. Comfort reading is a very good thing in today’s world.


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