Whether to laugh or cry…..that is the question

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry the other morning – after several sunny days (when I had other things to do) we woke to this….and it poured all day.
I had planned to cut back the floppy branches on a just about finished flowering Oleander on the fence line because every time it rains I get soaked dripped on when I go to that side of the car.
No gardening done – and I got dripped on when I had to get something out of the car

Wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I opened my inbox and this turned up.
Those ‘roving reporters’ who take candid shots at functions are a real pain.
I’d like to know who took away my teeth (they’re definitely there) and gifted me what looks like 10 extra kgs of fat body weight….plus I can’t even remember what I said that was so funny!

Poor little M (2yr old gt grandson) didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when mummy said, it’s time for your first haircut.
He’s a Big Boy now…..and we all know ice lollies make everything feel better

And I definitely had that same – ‘not sure whether to laugh or cry feeling’ – the other day when pre planning some ‘activities’ to take to Bowen. Have to be prepared you know….there’s only 12 weeks before we leave 😊
Great….there’s enough of all three colours left to knit one each of The Trio.
Bummer – after checking dye lots discovered all the Denim Blue weren’t the same
Going to be some serious thinking about how to use it…..sleeves from one- back/front from the others maybe.

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s Monday morning again- first one in April – and I’m wondering what this week has in store for us all. No pool exercises for me today, I’m off to the ‘flu jab clinic
Where hopefully there’ll be lots of laughter and no tears
What is in store for you this week – what are you hoping for?

Oh and it’s not a laughing matter and possible crying would be taking it too far- but I’ve accidentally deleted some comments waiting approval from Friday’s post.
So….if you made one and can’t see it, please write another so I can publish it


9 Replies to “Whether to laugh or cry…..that is the question”

  1. It sounds like you and I are Living The Life at the same time. I always hate the photos OTHERs take of me. when I post a selfie, i have taken at least 3 to 6 photos and deleted before I get one, I can live with. phooey on those different color lots.
    hope you get the limbs trimmed, this is the only house in my entire lifetime that has a garage and it holds both of our big trucks and a lot of other things. I drive in push the remote to open and close, step out in safety from weather and thugs and step in the house. it is at the top of my list of thankful for things

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  2. I think it’s a great pic.
    We and a few days of rain and then some lovely weather. I’ll be outside for part of today doing bits and bobs.
    I need to book flu and covid jabs. It’s only five weeks until I leave on my holiday
    Now I’m getting nervous lol

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  3. Isn’t that always the way? In my part of the world you kind of have to assume it’ll rain on you.

    I think that photo is really fun, you’re obviously saying something that people like!

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  4. Oh just laugh – you might sound like a demented witch at times but it will leave people wondering what you are on. Cry and they walk a wide circle around you…that hair cut looked good didn’t it? Maybe the iceblock helped. As for the dye lots – ignore it and knit on. Who will notice if you couldn’t see it with the balls all lined up in the bag?


  5. Someday, someone in your family is going to be happy to have that photo of you. It’s always good to think ahead and have the knitting planned for a time away from home.


  6. This week so far has been better – I’m still sad about G, but I don’t feel the need to stay in!

    Today, I called into my medical clinic to get an appointment and after giving her my date of birth, so she could find me on the data base – She proceeded to inform next available “welcome appointment” is the 17th. There are 2 reasons why that’s not a great idea, one of which she already knew “it’s my birthday” and the 2nd reason is the new Mahjong group I don’t want to miss, practice helps to be learning it…So it’s the 18th at noon – that’s a nice respectable time IMHO 🙂

    This morning started the regime of “dropping of unwanted but possibly useful good at an op shop” – it’s that time again when I need to be doing that! This arvo was Rumikub and I’m certainly getting better at it, and won a couple of games!!!

    Tomorrow n/a as is Easter – Happy Easter Cathy and the Goffer


  7. Your photo is ok, as an old lady…ouch, that smack across the face hurt.
    Poor Little M looks miserable as his locks are cut. He needs to appreciate how bad it was when I was but a lad, a barber with strap which I now know was for sharpening and not as my father told me, for disciplining bad children, and such nasty manual hair clippers, with horse racing booming from a wireless.


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