Autumn Day14…..Time for Tea

And lunch too😎

Tuesday last week was one of those ‘you beaut’ gentle warm sunny Autumn days
we do so well in Melbourne. I got to enjoy it by being taken on a drive

It was time to Top up The Golfer’s Tea Tin.
which means a drive up the hills to the little shop In Sassafras

He bought double quantity this time

And while we were there I got treated to lunch down at our special place in Olinda

During the winter we sit near the fire down at the front end
Summer time means the outside deck is the place to be
Unless it’s too hot – then it’s inside to eat and outside for drinks and chat

There’s free off street parking right there at the back door
and if there’s ever a time I can’t manage the steps….well,
The Golfer can drive round the corner and drop me at the main front door

I had a ‘lovely light lunch’ of quiche plus salad and a small serve of some perfectly cooked hot chips …….but Bad Blogger that I am…..I forgot to take a photo. I did take one of my coffee though😊.
Someone had been practicing their latte art – an autumn leaf.


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18 Replies to “Autumn Day14…..Time for Tea”

  1. Nice outing on those now becoming rare “beaut days”.

    Have thought to compare the pricing of The Golfers teas/driving with your needs of quality walking footwear…

    As women we often don’t consider that and opt for general run of the mill. Me looking back at my exes wants v needs.

    Coffee design looks interesting 👌 👀

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  2. Hi Cathy, that looks like a fabulous day out! It’s always nice to have a change of scenery for a bit isn’t it? Lifts the spirits!

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  3. It’s is all so beautiful! I keep forgetting that it’s autumn there . We are already feeling the heat of summer , though it is just March. Heaven alone knows what it’s going to be in May!

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  4. What a perfectly delightful day. Autumn is my favorite season. Enjoy it. I also love to visit a little local tea shop. Isn’t it wonderful, no matter where we live, we can find things in common? It is a wonderful world.

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  5. Cathy I’ve been to your special place. I have a special cousin who lives in Lilydale. We catch up occasionally at different places. I was so excited when I realised it knew it. I love your list and am impressed at some of the things that you’ve ticked off.

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  6. It looks like a lovely place to eat and enjoy a drink.
    The days are getting more and more autumn like now. I wonder what winter will bring

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  7. How lovely to be treated to such a nice day…and we so need to make the most of them with our variable weather. We hope to have morning tea out somewhere next week to ‘celebrate’ our first 4 weeks being back in Sydney!! Thanks for linking up your post for this week’s Wednesday’s Words and Pics at Denyse Whelan Blogs. Your presence in the WWandP community is valued. I hope to see you next week! Denyse.


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