On my mind…

Whats on my mind this week is exercise
or rather the need for some new exercise equipment

These very comfortable but rather well worn
runners/trainers/sneakers recently took a one way trip to the tip

They’d walked many miles here and overseas and had been lurking in the back of the wardrobe for a few years while others (I.e. newer ones) were having fun in the sun
Now I feel it really is time replace ‘the others’ – to trade them in (figuratively not literally)

So I am looking at new ones
Have you seen the price of them recently?!

One of my daughters is a runner/walker – for several years she took part in the Melbourne Oxfam Trailwalker event  – a fundraiser where teams have to cover 100km in 48 hrs, yes, she did it five times (yes, she became a legend who achieved her goal) and I have to say I admired her for doing it each year – anyway she had goodness knows how many pairs of runners.  I’m sure she told me each pair played a certain role – some were for use on bush and forest trails as well as those for general running – paid – and still does – what to me seems like the earth for them and actually keeps a check on the mileage that they do – seems there is a recommended lifetime for all of them so when they get close to that time out comes another pair.

That’s alright if you can afford it I suppose
but what options are there for the general public

Do you take the time and trouble of visiting a specialist shoe store where they will measure your foot and talk about what you doing  – bit  like going to a hairdresser for the first time or do you visit a large department store where you can try and buy much more cheaply and hope they are comfortable?

Every health practitioner I’ve seen about my spine has told me to ‘help my back’ and tone my body I need to eat a balanced diet and do more exercise.  This new fitness whatever that I’m on means I’m going to have to attempt a lot more walking,  locally in the park or by going to the gym

So I need to go shopping somewhere soon for new shoes to keep my feet moving in the style they deserve.

Wont be today though…..it’s Monday- pool day.
I can walk (run even) in there without the need for shoes.
Just have to finish my tea first – then let my brekky go down- then I’ll be off.

13 thoughts on “On my mind…

  1. My Grandpa always believed in good quality footwear. From his experiences in World War One he always believed that “if your feet are OK, you are all OK.” I’ve taken his attitude towards footwear to heart, and always buy high quality footwear. Luckily, I am not hard on shoes, so they last a long long time. Other items worth going without something else for quality are: eye glasses; winter parka; and winter boots. I don’t skimp on these things, while everything else gets the “buy it used is possible” approach.


  2. I’m totally with Maggie Turner on this. Footgear can make you so miserable, it’s just not worth skimping on.
    That said those specialist shoe shops are often only after telling you that you have this very special problem that can be attenuated only by these very special (and ultra-expensive) shoes.
    I’d go for the middle range, a big sports shop, where you can try them on, and get advice without feeling pressed to buy something you cannot afford.
    Good luck


  3. I was told that if you wear your runners every day you should have two pairs and alternate so the spongy stuff gets a chance to recover. I have bought terribly expensive shoes and shoes from Big W. The Big W ones were so comfortable (from the men’s dept) but they no longer have them. I prefer to buy less expensive so I am more likely to replace them when they wear out. If they are too dear I hang on to them way past their use by date.


  4. We always made sure our kids had good shoes to wear but they were really hard on their shoes. But yes, like everything else these days it’s really gone up in price.


  5. Your podiatrist should be able to make a redommendation for shoes and in theory they won’t have a vested interest in selling the most expensive.

    Your daughter did well to do the Trailwalker. My son registered and got cold feet when he started to really understand what was involved. In the end, covid allowed him to exit with pride intact 🙂


  6. I firmly believe in the need to look after your feet and buy shoes really carefully. For things like weddings I’ll go for prettiness but for the rest of the time I go for comfort, and am willing to pay for it.


  7. I have always bought cheap shoes due to lack of funds, now the cheap shoes are 60 dollars, I now buy Go walk Sketchers and they do well for me, 59 on sale for 49 .


  8. I go to a shoe store with a little machine you step on. It shows you what you instinctively know from looking at your old shoes. In my case I lean out. Then they sell you the right insert for the right shoe. Yes it is unbelievably expensive. But boy do they help me walk in comfort.


  9. I keep comfortable old shoes long past their ‘best before’ and shouldn’t because I supinate a bit. The root cause of so many other pains (knees hips, back) often lies in footwear. When you are at a loose end sometime google the Sam Vimes “Boots” theory of socioeconomic unfairness. you might enjoy that as a commentary on expensive shoes.


  10. Wherever you buy them I don’t think you have to pay a fortune, often just for the brand name. If you are not in a hurry, wait for sales. I recently bought a pair of shoes comfortable for walking priced $160, reduced to $80 and further reduced to $40.


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