There are websites and there are deep rabbit holes……

You know your friends know and understand you when they send you things like this

One also sent me a link to a section at Trove containing ‘very old’ knitting patterns –

Trove is an Australian online library database owned by the National Library of Australia in which it holds partnerships with source providers National and State Libraries Australia, source

Vintage knitting patterns from newspapers & magazines :

And….if you love old magazines, here’s a copy of The Australian Women’s Mirror dated 26 August 1953 to read

And….as a treat perhaps this might interest you

Cosy knitted brassiere – using ‘silver sheen’ 2ply with UK size 11/3.00mm

The pattern can be found here –

This is one rabbit hole I’m not going to want to come out of 😊
~ ~ ~

And talking of rabbits – we grabbed a quick photo
before my friend took these off to her house for safekeeping

I do have some other things on the go….
A bit of craft for those in need – back to the little ones….must use up some odds and ends before they breed 😊

And the new book club read – A Sand Archive – very Australian…not too far from here

Seeking stories of Australia’s Great Ocean Road, a young writer stumbles across a manual from a minor player in the road’s history, FB Herschell. It is a volume unremarkable in every way, save for the surprising portrait of its author that can be read between its lines: a vision of a man who writes with uncanny poetry about sand.

in the mean time, now my eyes are ‘under control’ again, I’m changing my name to Alice (which just happened to be my mum’s name😊) and am going back down, down down deeper than down….’you know where’

I’m sharing this post with ‘Unraveled Wednesday ‘ hosted by Kat

12 thoughts on “There are websites and there are deep rabbit holes……

  1. Ye gods and little fishes look at that bra. Can’t quite imagine wearing such a thing.
    I’ve got some very old knitting books and mags. The patterns are still easy to follow. Patterns haven’t changed much.
    The rabbits are delightful

    Liked by 1 person

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