Almost like new again…..

From the amount of photos I post from there
You must think I spend all of my a lot of time at the library.
That’s not quite true…. it’s just that things ‘catch my eye’ when I am there

Last November I was thinking how tired and weathered the outside seating looked
It’s no wonder when you think of all the rain we’ve had over the past couple of years

12 November 2022
6 March 2023

See what a fresh coat of stain can do…..looking almost like new again.
I wouldn’t mind a fresh coat of something if it’d make me new again!

My ‘dry eyes’ problem has re-emerged … & prickly – wet & watery – you name it It’s there plus running out of the optometrist recommend drops hasn’t helped either. It means a trip to a discount chemist or pay the earth at our local pharmacy so in the meantime I’ve been limiting book reading as well as screen time. Thank goodness for posts already scheduled then published over the past week

15 thoughts on “Almost like new again…..

  1. Cathy, my optometrist told me that omega-3 would help with dry eyes. These things are always better in situ (in foods), so I began to eat a little bit of ground flax seed every day, and it has made a difference for me.


  2. What nice outdoor seating at your library! Our libraries here have nothing like that, and I’m sure it’s because of fear of attracting even more homeless people. I’m glad your library has it.


  3. I often wonder why I don’t come out a few sizes smaller after a long soak in a hot bath. It works on clothes.
    I’m sorry about your eyes. I think it’s just that time of year. I’ve had to use eye drops as well. I wonder if your having an allergy reaction. Maybe try taking antihistamines for a week and see if that helps. Can’t hurt


  4. Our city council has lots of wooden slatted seating…at times in odd places. They are regularly restained…makes them look new again. And nice to sit on.

    It’s the metal slat sorts I don’t like, either hot as hell or stone cold and they feel generally hard.

    Dam bodies!


  5. Yes the furniture looks new! My eye doc (an MD) said to take fish oil capsules to help, which does a little. Yep, I tried a prescription similar to expensive Restasis, then some drops twice as strong as Restasis compounded by a special pharmacy, which cost over $150 every 3 months. It’s supposed to take a month for relief, but it didn’t after I tried 3 times, so I refuse to buy it. With my doc’s instruction, I use Mega-3 Refresh eye drops (over the counter) for my dry eyes. The biggest help was putting a room-sized humidifier in my large bedroom, especially during winter. I wear a CPAP breathing machine at night with a facemask, so that’s a problem too. I carry 2 vials of the Mega-3 drops around. I use the foot-level fan in my car so air isn’t blowing directly toward my eyes. If I’m in a room with a ceiling fan going, (at work,) I end up needing the drops before I drive home. Good luck! Linda in windy Kansas


  6. Sign me up for a new coat of stain. How nice that your local library has that outdoor seating area. I hope you can get the eyedrops soon.


  7. If you just stand a minute and look around there’s usually something of interest to photo, I’ve found. Something others think you’re mad to photo but for us blog readers is intriguing …….is that the right word. We enjoy looking at it anyway.
    We get Saharan dust clouds which make my eyes really itchy, red and sore. Last week it was so bad I had to go and get allergy drops. They helped a little bit next time I’ll ask for something else. And they were darn expensive too


  8. since my leg color is fish white, i added STAIN from a tube, somehow it deosn’t look better as your benches do. nice place to rest. I suffer from dry eyes also, have for years, I use liquid tears and doc said 5 times a day. I told him I forget to put it in until they burn and sting, he said do it before it burns, its to late. I am trying to do it but my forgetter is on high speed… hope yours gets better soon. reading is my most favorite thing in the world to do for entertainment..


  9. It is pretty amazing what a fresh coat of stain will do, Cathy. As far as dry eyes, I have the same issue. My doctor suggested a daily warm compress, fish oil or flax seed, drinking lots of water, and using artificial tears. When that wasn’t enough, he wrote me a prescription for eye drops, which for me has done wonders!


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