3 Large & 2 Small….

Sounds like something from a television show 😊

‘The Trio’ is finally finished and on its way to the charity. In the end I was quite pleased with them and maybe- just maybe- might be inclined to knit some more of that size…..sometime.

Sirdar 3213, 4265, 4273 – Size 26 chest

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No sooner had I started to think about the Rabbit Project from last month than I had a call from a friend just returned from interstate telling me about her new Gt granddaughter.
Her very first Gt grandchild!

‘She was born just after the Lunar New Year- she’s a rabbit….her mother had a rabbit as a special toy when she was a child, I must see if I can find one for my little darling.’

And you can guess what happened after that😊

‘Cathy, if I provide the wool would you do me a favour – there’ll be no hurry- I was thinking, possibly for winter next year’

There was no need to think about it….of course I would.
Within days yarn in ‘deep’ soft colours arrived (not too light – not too dark), size (to fit 18mths) style (cardigan plus easy fit jumper) and chart design were agreed on

So all that was left was for me to start.

Much love is being knit into these garments – for the new life that will get to wear them and for the sweet sister who loved to wear hers


At the moment I’m listening to:-
Oscar and Lucinda – Peter Carey…….although I think maybe reading it might be better – I’m having a problem with the narrator’s voice.

At the moment I’m reading:-
The Tea Rose – Jennifer Donnelly…..just started and I think I’ll be at it quite a while. The copy I have is over 500 pages. If I fancy the other two in the series …..well, let’s just finish this one first 😊

And I guess I won’t be reading Jane Harper’s new release anytime soon. ExilesAaron Falk #3 – has an enormous hold list…..I’m there at 306…..bets on it could be May at least before I’m in the top 10!. I found The Dry a bit slow, enjoyed Force of Nature much more, hopefully this one (when I get it) is better still.

Wednesday is the day Kat hosts ‘Unraveled Wednesday 
I’m not sure where the month went but this is the first Wednesday in March so I’m sharing my post – pop over and discover what others are knitting, reading and talking about


16 thoughts on “3 Large & 2 Small….

  1. I like that jewel tone Blue in the first photo they are awesome and beautiful. can’t wait to see the one you will be making for your friend


  2. How wonderful that you can think about your sister in her rabbit sweater as you knit a rabbit sweater for the new baby. I read the latest Jane Harper. It is better than the last, but none come close to her first I think.


  3. Cathy, I know you are having trouble commenting on my blog, and since I don’t see a comment there I think the issue has not been resolved by my tweaking the settings. Could you send me an email describing what happens when you try to post? maggie at maggieturner.net

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lol Maggie- I see your latest post in my reader but haven’t read it yet. It’s just coming up to 9am and I’m on my way out……so we’ll see how it goes in about 6hrs time😘


  4. We imagined a knitted rabbit toy!😻🤩 the trio are looking good. F has been doing some dk toddler cardigans. They knit up quickly dont they? (especially after struggling thru a 4ply mans pullover)


  5. Lovely charity sweaters and the Rabbit Sweater will be so cute!! Thanks for the book recommendations – I had forgotten about Jane Harper and have now added her to my (every-growing) TBR list.


  6. Lovely sweaters! You’re a great knitter. I haven’t done an adult jersey in years. It was the backs I found slightly tedious. Endless rows the same.


  7. I especially like the cream coloured jumper.
    The rabbit cardi will be lovely and I hope you reminisce on lots of sweet memories as you make it.


  8. As always, your knitting is amazing. You are such a talented knitter.

    I loved “Oscar and Lucinda”…it’s many years since I read it, though.

    Take care. 🙂


  9. Your sweaters are so nice. The narrator of an audiobook can make or break the listening that’s for sure. Enjoy working on the little rabbit sweater. It’s a very sweet thing for you to do.


  10. Oh how I wish I could knit like you do.
    I am working on it. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to produce beautiful work like you do


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