On my mind….

Has been a changing look at the children’s swimming lessons.

These are the ones for babies and preschool children that are held in the teaching pool when I’m doing my little exercise routine in the big pool.

Early last year 2022 (in fact up until we went north in July) it was like a ‘mothers and babies club’ – lots of women, lots of babies, lots of toddlers and upwards.

Since getting home in October and still now in the New Year it’s become more like a men’s club.
So many men (could be fathers, grandfathers, uncles or some other ‘allowable person’) have been turning up carrying a child, holding a little ones hand, pushing a pusher…..with no accompanying female in sight.

No matter what, they’ve all done the necessaries, got in the water as required with the young babies or sat on the sidelines, towel in hand, giving encouragement to the older ones. Then wrapped/dried/ clothed and disappeared out the door.

I wonder was it the continuous ghastly wet weather we had, mothers staying at home with other children rather than wrestle them all in/out of the car. Or are they the full time house father, or unemployed giving ‘mum’ a hand or are maybe both parents working and it’s on their list of grandparent ‘duties’.
There’s no way I’ll find out the reason but I do hope they’re all enjoying it.

~ ~ ~ ~

It’s Monday morning, so if you need me – – once my brekky’s gone down
I’ll be…..at the pool

Oh and here’s a little P.S. to let you know I’m having a whale of a time (not!) I’m having a real problem commenting on blogspot blogs again…..Wordpress too at times. Some take – others disappear, so if you haven’t heard from me….there’s your reason why

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  1. Life is a’changing all through our lands. Covid may be on the outer for most but “in it” still I believe has a ripple down effect.
    No pools are open here today as Cyclone Gabrielle has its “playtime” with even bigger ripples. And although they spoke of tropical, me thinking hot 🔥 it’s quite cold. I appear to be in a sheltered place, touch wood it stays that way.
    Enjoy your swim 🏊‍♂️ 🙂

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    1. I’ve no idea what’s going on Del…it’s quite frustrating. I haven’t been able to comment here on my own blog yet today it appears to be okay


  2. We just love the idea that Dads and Granddads are getting involved in more of kids’ regular activities. Why should it always have been Mums who tear around the ballet and the football, the swimming pool and music lessons, karate and gymnastics.. I used to teach Aikido to kids and it was always the mums who were sitting on the sidelines waiting. Kids do what the adults in their lives do; kids learn by imitation and love it (and thrive) when adults get properly involved in activities with them – and appear to love doing it too.

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  3. I, too, have been having problems commenting on blogs. It’s so frustrating…so damned annoying…to say the least!

    When my brother and I were little we learned to swim in the ocean…we lived very close to it at one stage (from when I was a wee toddler, and he before school age). It was important we knew how to swim. We loved being in the water.

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  4. My nephew takes his 8 month old babe for lessons. They have a lot of fun. Grandchildren are the apple of grandparents eyes. Not surprising they’d even go swimming with the kids.
    What surprises me is how young they start being water babes. But NZ and Australia have the right pools… And a lot of beaches

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  5. I have also been amazed at the number of dads and grandfathers at our local park with babies and toddlers. I still think of mothers as the caretakers of such little ones. Have to adjust my thinking. As for WordPress, some comments keep going to spam, but not in any clear order. Who knows?

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