What’s in a name….

That little book I’ve been reading – Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont – has been a fun read…..as well as sad.

Sad because it highlights the problems that at times arose for a certain segment of the English population as they aged – fun because you wonder what misunderstandings will happen next because of their previous standards, expectations, attitudes, and way of life

They have a way of turning their noses down at some things and yet being very impressed by others.

So when Mrs Palfrey accompanied Mr Osmond (another resident) to the Masonic Ladies Night she was interested in the menu and the food presented, which was very unlike the meals they received each evening back at the Claremont

Dessert was called Pêches Denise, avec crêpes dentelle. Mr Osmond mentioned Denise was the name of the hostess

To have a pudding named after one ! Mrs Palfrey marvelled

When it arrived……” The pudding in her honour was no more than half a tinned peach sitting on a sherry soaked sponge cake and covered with a scoop of ice cream”…..basically a small trifle!!
Very disappointing indeed.

Oh yes, it’s not what you say but the way that you say it..….See my post from a few years ago also this one about the very same thing.

I’m sure you’ve all come across examples of this – do you have any you’d care to share

(Oh and a big thank you to Cathy for mentioning it in one of her book posts)

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  1. The way that you say it: a friend reporting that another mutual wouldn’t be very available because her husband had got seriously into politics. Turns out he ran for school board, town of about 5,000 pop.

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  2. A little off point but an immediate link in my mind is ‘Mr Rosenblum’s List: or Friendly Guidance for the Aspiring Englishman.’ Hilarious account of a WWII refugee being more English than an Englishman!

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