I feel pretty…..I’m not sure what?

Some days I feel pretty good

Some days I don’t feel so good 

Then there are others when I feel just down right ‘orrible

Cold and bad tempered rude emotional touchy

I’ve been eating right

I’ve been exercising

(well, sort of )

I’ve been going to bed on time

(apart from recent tennis/cricket stay up late nights)

so why do I feel up and down all the time

Had blood taken the other day

maybe the results will tell a tale

Was also given the usual’ Diet – Exercise – Drink more water’ spiel

that Drs worldwide seem to think will cure all ills

Thyroid gland not working properly is a bugger

Hopefully a little bit more thyroxine will help

Hopefully it will also help me become more observant

I spent well over 20 mins looking for this phone the other day
only to find it waiting there along with everything else ready to go in my bag
Time for a multi colour phone case I think!

17 thoughts on “I feel pretty…..I’m not sure what?

  1. Oooh, yeah, that’s a whole lot of black…you need some color in your life. Said the woman currently wearing all navy clothing! However, I am adding a red jacket and sparkling blue shoes when I leave in a bit to go read to second graders. The colors inspire all of us to feel better.

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  2. I hope you feel better soon! Your posts are a bright colour in my world, just so you know.
    I think there is something in the atmosphere affecting the deep watery flow of us, just at the minute.
    “Diet – Exercise – Drink more water” certainly isn’t a cure all, just a good basic starting point when recovering from something being off. So frustrating when that something isn’t apparent!!

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  3. Sometimes we all deserve a time to sit down and be truly grumpy. I find that occasionally I have to stop telling myself to cheer up. As for losing the keys, my husband couldn’t find his glasses until I pointed out that they were on top of his head.

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  4. I could have written this about my daily life, every word is ME… even the thyroid pills and the same words from Doctor… the thing is those words do not fix what is wrong with us. I eat right, good weight, excercise every day, walk the dog 365 days a year, and have for 6 years and I drink more water than they suggest and STILL I feel like you do. this is what I think….. I am old, Bob is even older, we have lived past our expiration dates and all the pieces are falling apart… we are 78 and 86. When I told her I am concerned that my toes are feeling numb and tingle, he shrugged and said AGING!

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  5. Are we all expecting too much of ourselves? You seem to have hit on a subject common to lots of your readers. We do understand however that you know yourself, an you know when something is outside the field of normal. Lets hope it is a simple as the thyroid medication.

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  6. Sigh. I hear you on the feeling very ordinary indeed front. My thyroxine was increased just before Christmas (quite a lot) but I still feel less than stellar. I hope that both of our get up and go decides to return. Quickly.

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  7. Pretty sure the weather is playing a part in making us feel. Not quite right.
    It’s just been a crappy summer all round.
    I hope your feeling more yourself soon

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  8. As Angela said, the weather is certainly not helping.
    My phone is covered in brightly covered paw prints and Himself has a bright green case after losing the black one too frequently for my patience. Mind you, he still loses the green one.

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  9. Yeah feeling crappy when doc says everything is fine is just … I hope you’ll get some results. Or maybe it’s something they do not yet know to look for. This was the case for me. For years I suffered from D-vitamine insufficiency (not producing enough the natural was), which made me feel like crap, mind and body alike, and hurting inside my bones – I was ready to be declared a nutcase when D-vitamines became the fad of the year – saved by the bell 😉 I now eat my magic pill each morning and feel mostly fine.
    I so hope you get an answer.

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  10. Hope the blood results sort the problem. A bright coloured case only helps a little. I got bright pink so I would see it wherever it is. Yeh, right. Bright pink and I can lose it in my bag. Or in the house. Or in the car. At least you can phone your phone but the keys can be a problem. I’ve got them attached to a lot of bulky rings. Only helps a little.
    Good luck and good health!

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  11. I confess to being one of the world’s worst for turning everything upside down usually in the hunt for glasses, phone or keys and invariably always finding them in the first place I looked. I swear there’s some pernicious spirit lurking in our home that moves then returns them.


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