Doesn’t it make you cross

When a business is trying to make a difference in trying circumstances.
and the local ??????? can’t leave a ‘clean’ wall alone

The empty block is about to be developed – it might not be visible much longer

9 Replies to “Doesn’t it make you cross”

  1. There is street art and then there’s graffiti
    But the graffiti “artists” would have you believe otherwise. People are so rude


  2. Tagging is stupid and thoughtless. I love me a colourful grafitti on an empty wall or fence – that’s a form of art, really. But just tagging, often ruining others’ art in the process, no thanks. Luckily after many years with grafitti and tagging here, tagging – especially of the vandalous kind – is getting less. Maybe they have discovered, that sympathy goes with artists and not taggers.


  3. The wall murals really brighten up an old building, bridge, wall. Pity there’s always some idiot who has to spoil it


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