Why are we so different

Do we really see everything differently?
Are males more accepting than females?

Why are females always shown to be dissatisfied with their bodies
Males tend to think they look like ‘body beautiful’

How old do we have to be before we can look in a mirror and see a whole body
not one with
~ skinny legs/a big bum/fat belly/thick waist ~

Do any of you have the answer ?

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  1. Here is an example of a female attempting to abuse someone into caring about looking beautiful.
    I recently needed a blood test at a lab. I hate it there, every time I go they find a way to treat me as less than. I haven’t really been able to understand it, but on my last visit it became clear. The women who work at the lab wear makeup and have their hair done stylishly, their choice. I do not bother with any of that, have not owned makeup since 1969, my hubby cuts my hair, and my clothes are comfortable and functional and do not meet female standards of beauty or femininity. I had my day in the sun as a young woman, was though to be very attractive by men, and know the worthlessness of such attentions. No thanks. But if other women choose to do that, then bless them.
    So, on my last visit to the lab I had an appointment and was overlooked repeatedly, as they took walk ins ahead of me. When I approached the desk after a half dozen walk ins had taken my time slot, I was told to wait and they would call me. I waited, then after 15 minutes approached the desk again. I was rudely asked, as if I was being obnoxious, where my requisition was. I loudly pointed to it on her desk. Five minutes later I had my blood test, and was treated to the story of how a disable woman who comes in all the time makes an effort, wears makeup, has her hair done up, dresses up. Ah… this is the deal, I am not behaving like a woman should behave and so they play these stupid games.
    I don’t have any choice about where I will get a blood test, but I can tell you I don’t look forward to them, and it is work not to react to women who wear makeup and dress up, wondering if they too are nasty to people who don’t share their priorities.

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  2. Maggie that absolutely disgusting!

    You are their to “get blood taken” not the day spa for beauty treatments…and professional appearance course.

    Maybe someone should send them for retraining. Like in treat each client as equal.

    Virtual hugs to you


  3. Cathy. I often think males believe because they are traditionally the “bread winner” and control the finances of their family they will always be better.

    First up if they are a “suit” they get to wear best quality which also equates to price clothing. And as the saying goes “clothes maketh the man” if said man has an after hours hobby, the best tools including hammers, screwdrivers, fishing rods, golf clubs … best car, boat, bicycle.

    And of course a spic and span house…

    Whereas some women are perfectly content with getting a good deal on a pair of sneakers.

    Yes there are “power women” with their own excellent salary but I don’t think the are necessarily always “up there”.

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    1. Definitely their outlook on life is differs a great deal to ours Catherine. It’s sad that it’s still going on after all these years. Maybe we females should be better at being more assertive


  4. Certainly for gay men, they are very aware of the deterioration of their bodies and looks. They are not under an illusion that they can wear a crop top as they did in their twenties. As for mistreatment because of your age, it is wrong and at times you really do have to stand up for yourself and no one says it is easy to challenge those in a position of authority.

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    1. That’s an interesting point Andrew. We tend to think it’s always females who worry about their image. I’m interested in whether the so called lack of male hormones is involved or whether a general ‘trying to impress’ comes into it


  5. I see myself in the mirror as what I am, always have, and have never liked what I saw. I do have stick legs, my sizes are all the same bust, waist, tummy, except my hips are 5 inches smaller. i was that way in highschool, and alll my life, except my weight went up and down up and down from eating to much sugar. i gave up sugar 7 years ago and now am a reasonal size, the doc says but still the same shape. the thing is now it doesn’t bother me, i just wear my comfy leggins and big shirts and go on with life. Now if i had to take myself to an event where others were dressed up i would not go. no leggins no go. ha ha.. I have never been mistreated for how i look, and beleive me at 240 pounds i was not a pretty sight. i think that is because I am ultra freindly and kind and they treat me the same.

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    1. It’s the ‘inside’ thoughts that are the problem Dianne….those are the ones that play havoc on some people’s minds. If they were comfortable in their own skins life would be much easier. I’ve been there done that but there are times when the mirror doesn’t lie and the shape revealed is not one I like


  6. I don’t have an answer and I imagine there is a noble peace prize for the one who finds one.
    I just wish they would just let us age gracefully. I’ve had lots of people tell me advice on what colour to use to cover my grey hair. When I tell them I don’t care they act like I said I’m about to slice my throat.

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  7. I disagree. Teenage Boys are also worried about their appearance and attractiveness. When it comes to being overlooked, well hand on heart an attractive well turned out person is going to turn heads. I think confidence and body posture accounts for a lot. I felt sorry for the person commenting on their blood tests and waiting times. They should have been seen on time.

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