Just for the fun of it….

The ‘silly season’ appears to be over …the Christmas and New Year eating and drinking in excess festivities have finished and life will soon return to how it was before.

But before the year proper begins here’s a little bit of fun in the form of
Did you know:

  • That the yucky feeling you get from overindulging has a name – crapulence’.
    I kid you not – feeling like crap is a real thing….. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/crapulent
  • The metal cage (that wire contraption) on the champagne bottle (or sparkling wine as we have to call it here in Australia) that thing that confuses many people is called ‘agraffe’ and does actually have a purpose. Basically it’s to hold the cork in….https://glossary.wein.plus/agraffe

If you draw the short straw and it’s your job to ‘pop the bubbly’ here’s how to do it.

And while you were there your scholarly child brings you school work to look at – seemingly it’s about things called ‘glabella’ and ‘columella nasi’

Plus ‘digitus minimus’ as well as the ‘vagitus’. of a new born baby
….but you can’t read it because it’s written in ‘griffonage’.
~ ~ ~ ~

I’m wondering if there’s a word for the fact that I hadn’t noticed this mural before.
I saw it in November (when I took this photo) but didn’t remember seeing it before
Seemingly…it was painted a month prior to the last time I parked there….in July.
Possibly ‘unobservant’ is the one I’m looking for!

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  1. this reminds me of my word a day email from the dictionary. i get words I have never even seen and certainly not heard. the mural looks like a type of puzzle. i do know about crappy feeling and crapulence is what i get with IBS


  2. That was fun. I love words. Thank you. I think we have all had the wambles at some point in our lives!
    Overmorrow makes so much sense. A bit like Sally’s Forevergreen trees.
    A friend used to be a flight attendant and she taught me how to open champagne (it would have been champagne, it was Gulf Air). You can’t have cork popping when you’re a gazillion feet in the air.


  3. The only word I knew was unobservant.
    How to spoil the opening of champagne in one easy lesson (French ambassador, don’t blame Cathy for me not substituting sparkling wine). I should add if in your back garden, always point the bottle over your fence in a neighbour’s garden when popping the cork. It’s a gesture of friendliness and they will do the same to you when they pop a cork.


  4. I love your words. Love the sounds and learning the meanings.
    Lovely murals. They really do brighten and enhance


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