Hello sweetie….

We have an ad on tv at the moment featuring an awkward moment in a life drawing class when a student discovers his mother is the live (naked) model.

That came to mind when I saw this

Also struck me as funny topically because at the moment we’re all undressing (or maybe have already undressed) our Christmas trees.
Wouldn’t it be good if they could do it all by themselves 😊

Fun Friday – the day you forget the worries of the week.

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  1. Without an attics or basements, Australians are at a disadvantage. If you had one of the aforesaid, you could put the tree away standing and still decorated under a dust sheet.


  2. I laugh everytime it comes on the telly lol
    Yes my dress was undressed and packed away today the house now looks bare


  3. I LOVE THIS!!! still laughing.. off the mark it is and to funny. my tree is not a problem, only 18 inches tall, 10 silver balls to remove, drop tree in pillow case and tien in a knot.. everything was down and away in 20 minutes


  4. This is a great cartoon. And yes, it would be wonderful if the trees could undress themselves. I wonder though, would they put things away as neatly as I do. My husband thinks I’m a little fussy about this but as I tell him, the decorations stay nice and I know where they are the next year!


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