On my mind

What I have ‘on my mind’ this week is not a real problem
but one I’ve been thinking about for a while  

I have an old wing back armchair out on the back deck

Someone once said it wasn’t what she expected of me

 – what ever that might mean – 

and yes, maybe it does look a bit odd having it there….

….but its really comfortable and also warm to sit in when we are outside on warmish winter’s days and cool summer days as well 

On any day in fact 😊

The thing is I would like to bring it back indoors

Its getting on in years now, the fabric is quite frayed, tattered and torn in places courtesy of a large family and all the cats and kittens we have had in the house so would need lots of loving attention from an upholsterer 

Now as I’m not a big person I’ve always found it hard to get furniture to fit and this was one suite that fitted me perfectly – when we agreed to refurnish I let someone have the deciding vote. unfortunately what we now is – in my mind – enormous and not very comfortable (for me)

What you get for letting men have a choice I suppose 🙁

A friend in need and willing to do a ‘quick cover job’ to suit her means took part of the suite and as I didn’t want to get rid of the other chair out the back it went, covered by a throw over cover that blended in with the outdoor furniture

not the best fit but as they say better than nothing

~ ~ ~ ~

This will tell you how long we’ve had it

Top L + bottom R were taken in 2011. Lots of you will remember Kiera (my brown shadow)…..this was a favoured comfy spot. You’d almost have to fight her for it

(R) Elder daughter the day she was married the first time in 1983 (I think)

Don’t ask – there have been a couple of marriages and I never remember when they were

Thankfully she is much more settled now

‘Older and wiser’ I think the saying is

(L) Younger daughter on her wedding day over 30 years ago

Same chairs – same look to the house as well

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know that if I went to the expense of having it recovered/reupholstered (and brought inside) its size would make it look a bit odd

We’d have to refurnish again so it would blend in  ……..which would take some explaining on my behalf lol

Realistically I suppose in the whole scheme of things this is nothing
perhaps all it needs is for me to find another chair cover and enjoy it (outside) for what it was and the memories that go with it.
What do you think?


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  1. have you ran a search for slip covers, they have them in all sizes and shapes and fabrics. some strect to fit. if you like to sit in it, I say buy a slip cover or drape something you like over it and put it somewhere you can sit and enjoy it. that or leave it on the porch. its all about how you feel not what other think of feel.

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    1. You’re right Sandra realistically all I need to do is buy a different chair cover- if I can get it, one more suited to the shape. The one on there was all I could get back then and laziness plus cats lying all over it is the reason there’s never been another one.


  2. I would leave the chair on the porch, enjoy it when you are out there, and either buy a new one for the house or just make do with the furniture you already have in the room. I’m making do, more and more, even though I would really like a new loveseat in the family room.

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    1. I think my mind has ‘sort of’ accepted it was a bit of a pipe dream to think I could bring it inside. It really is a lovely shape and I remember how open and fresh the room looked at the time. But as you say making do these days seems to be the way to go and there are always ways to change the decor without large purchases. Maybe I need to put on weight then I’d not feel so dwarfed in the bulky chairs we have now😊

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  3. Our local Men’s Shed is often asked to refurbish old furniture and they do it for very little money. It might be worth investigating. I am sure you could make it fit wherever you wanted it to.

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    1. That sounds like a good suggestions Caro….if I had the inclination I could probably have a go at doing it myself. It’s not difficult to adjust springs is it??


    1. I have the time and you’re right, now is the time to use it to bring back to its glory days even if I have to cover it up to do so. Maybe a trip down to the local haberdashery for ready made is the answer


    1. Oh it’s not going anywhere Kay…well the decision was over keep it out or bring it in. I tend to think it’ll be staying out….unless I can persuade someone to splash out on new other furniture to suit the style


  4. If you you think it wouldn’t bother you to see it in your lounge room, why not? Get it recovered. In the 80s photos the fabric looks like a brocade. I’m afraid I really dislike loose covers.

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    1. It was Sanderson linen upholstery fabric….very me at the time. I’m not sure I’d choose it again (apart from the fact it’s nearly $250 a metre) I’m passed the flowery stage of my life…maybe a plain colour next time. If loose covers are made to measure from the actual chair/sofa they work….off the shelf a bit like an off the rack suit doesn’t always look good.


  5. Others have no business expecting anything from us except kindness, compassion, and personal integrity.
    I noticed the chair right away, and I love the idea of you enjoying the outdoors in your comfy chair! If you want to upgrade the covering then enjoy the process, small pleasures are the stuff of a well lived life.
    At one stage in my life I had what others might consider a proper living room, with proper furniture. Sadly, that was almost the only positive thing in my life other than my children.
    At this stage in my life, ever since I left that terrible marriage, I have valued comfort and function over aesthetics. It isn’t that I don’t like beautiful things, I really do, but I find beauty in a lot of things now that I couldn’t even see in my former life.
    So, if it were me, I would probably find a cover that I loved, and keep my comfort on the porch.

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  6. I say keep the chair. If the cost isn’t sky high, I might opt to have it recovered. I know what you mean about being small and having a hard time finding comfortable furniture. My husband is a good sized guy but pretty agreeable about furniture as long as he has his big comfy recliner. I have a small chair that belonged to my grandmother. Years ago we had it recovered and it is still in our living room in a bit of a dated print. I like it even if it doesn’t really go with more modern furniture.

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    1. Jane – I don’t know what you did….or WordPress did….but your comment was published without going into spam or having to be approved. I’ll be over to your place soon to see if I can comment there. Hopefully it’s working both ways 😊😊


  7. That is one well made chair.
    Could you make a sort of cover for it. There are lots you can buy too
    I do like the throw cover look. It makes it look more comfy

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    1. Now I’ve been thinking about it Angela I might try doing mock up and then attempt the real thing….failing that see if there are any loose covers I can get in that style (without breaking the bank)


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