Busy doing nothing

It was going to be one of those sort of days HOT HOT HOT.
So there were no plans made.
👈 👈 👈

Breakfast finished…
I sat there enjoying the early morning quiet and wondered if maybe some knitting was a good way to start the day or possibly begin the library book that was picked up before Christmas

Or even put things back to where they were before the company came over a few days previously

I had thought about maybe going to the pool again but knew with the heat the pool would be overrun with youngsters from opening hours to closing. No matter how hard the lifeguards try Grannies doing their thing definitely don’t get right of way😎

Picking the wrong trolley at the supermarket last week wasn’t a bright idea. One of those I describe as ‘independent’ – you know the ones I mean – those with a mind of their own….I struggled to guide….which meant I ‘knew all about it’ from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day when the pool reopened. The queue at the door on BD surprised me – they’d only been closed one day and here was half the neighbourhood waiting to get in. All adults not a child amongst them. The exercise did me good and the twinges have left for a while

But first, Mr Snowman who had stood so patiently on the table beside the Christmas Posy for the past few days needed to go back into his storage unit – his time in the sun had come to an end. I think he’d prefer a cooler spot next year.
He’s been with us for quite a few years now….even had his own blog post back in 2009

Plus the Christmas Day posy really needed to go – poor thing hadn’t done too well in the heat either…..

Tiny Tears is still sitting on the bench waiting to be clothed. Luckily I hadn’t started making any because the friend I mentioned in October changed her mind in the end. She (the doll) might still get some as a nephew plus family have moved close by, a little ‘dolly mad’ girl is coming to visit when they get settled and it wouldn’t do to offer her a naked doll with no clothes so she (the doll) can be dressed/undressed. They’re on my to do list.

The wood lurking under the benches will probably stay there for a while – that’s The Golfer’s responsibility – one bright idea to replace the slats….a few months ago now….mustn’t grumble – it’s bit like my UFOs or WIPs – it’ll get finished sometime
And there’s the old comfy armchair which has been on my mind recently. There might be a post coming up about it soon. One of those ‘Will I – Won’t I’ ones.

So in the end we ended up doing
Basically nothing!

The ‘outdoor aircon’ aka trusty old fan, was moved out of the way and we went inside to use the whole of house one. And watch the cricket.
Most summers we just use the overhead fans but there are rare days when it becomes much more than hot and cool comfort is called for.

And what a crazy day at the cricket it was. Played all day in that heat.
Runs galore – two players retired hurt
Then the Flying Spidercam hit one of the opposition from behind

Described elsewhere as the Witching Week, Twixmas or even The Void
A week of leftovers and wondering what day it is

How do you fill it?
That ‘in between’ week of quiet peaceful laid back days

24 thoughts on “Busy doing nothing

  1. Probably not as hot here, but still up there with my flagging spirits. I aborted a trip out yesterday even thought it was only a block away…saw a bus coming and came back to NL.

    Today I went to the movies…a very nice cinema with that cool aircon they provide. Home now aircon doing its thing…

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    1. I/we haven’t been to the cinema for a long time- well before Covid. Maybe it’s time to look and see what’s on’. Probably better the school hols, it’s all geared for that market at the moment

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  2. Nice to read about your heat while we’re a tad cold in Kansas. Doing doc appointments and my son’s birthday during the “inbetween” week. Linda in Kansas

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    1. The cool change came through so now two days later there’s a complete change in the weather here. Hunting for long sleeves/trousers rather than T-shirts/shorts. Going to be warm again at the weekend thank goodness


  3. Thank goodness that heat is now gone. I don’t mind it being hot but that was not nice at all
    This is the inbetween time. Where I never know what day it is.
    I just go with the flow

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  4. As a retired person myself, I know full well how much a hard work day’s labour is at doing nothing. We had the cooling on when at home Christmas Day and Boxing Day but slept without under ceiling fans. Prophet Mohammed invented artificial heating and cooling to make us comfortable. So how are your NYE partying plans going?

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    1. No need for cooling today – we’re back to cool weather clothing. NYE….what’s that? I haven’t seen the new one in for many a year….doubt I will this one either 😊


  5. I fill that time just like I do 365 days a year, no changes, routines same old same old. boring living under a rock.
    I can one up you on the slats hanging out there waiting. the dogs broke the birdbath in half, it is a concrete one, bob keeps saying he will repair it each time I aske him to break it in pieces and dump it. it has been there since 2004

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    1. You definitely won the door prize for that one Sandra. These fellas have to have a ‘roundtuit’ sitting around somewhere- things they’ll do when they get around to it 😊😊


  6. Oh, how glorious to read of your heat! Although, it is sunny here on the last Wednesday of 2022 after over an inch of rainfall on Tuesday. It is warmer, too, 44 degrees this morning versus the usual 34. So, there’s that.

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    1. As long as you are safe and warm and enjoying your days you’ll be fine. My mother used to say to us about this time – ‘school will be back next week and you won’t have time to moan about the weather’.

      You’ll be back reading to those little ones soon and…..you’ll still feel the cold😊 but think ahead. It won’t be long before the warm/hot weather will be back and we’ll be the ones moaning about the cold😊

      And Happy New year to you and your family

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  7. Your post-Christmas sounds a lot like mine!
    We are eating shortbread, chocolates, mince pies, custard, pavlovas and cheese.
    I took a drive to pick up a son who had embarked on a 5 day hike and stopped due to heat stroke. I think he got lucky, very lucky to be still here but i’ll never really know because I was “shielded” from the full story.

    Enjoy these liminal days

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  8. You are so right about these odd in between times. I loved the tour of your abode. We are dodging rain here. I managed a proper walk on BD, then a day of tidying up, then family round, today my last mammagram just routine, tomorrow more family, then two days of crafting, and then back to normal. Enjoy your time in the sun.

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    1. We had enough rain over the past couple of years or more to sink a battleship- and yet the ground is drying out already. I haven’t been for a walk in ages…it was too wet ….and now it’s getting too hot. Can’t win can you. I’ve done a fair bit of knitting though 😊. Don’t need to know what day it is to do that😊


  9. Reading about a warm summer day is very nice. The bitter cold moved on to the eastern US. Today I told my hubby it seemed like Saturday. It is indeed Thursday instead. These days float by with a little bit of knitting and too many treats. The weather was warmer so I had a nice walk yesterday. I am about ready to put away the Christmas decor and dust and vacuum. I like it for awhile and then I’m ready to tidy up.

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    1. That was a nasty bit of weather that crossed North America wasn’t it. Hopefully you weren’t inconvenienced too much. Too hot v Too cold…. I know which I’d rather be – and it doesn’t involve coats hats gloves and woollies😊

      lol Jane I always enjoyed working this week for a couple of reasons. There was a special sort of atmosphere (almost fun like) in the hospital and more often than not I knew what day it was.

      As an aside I’ve tried for weeks to leave a comment on your blog with no success. I’m hoping this will sort itself out soon – as well as for some reason having your comments here always go into the spam folder. Here’s to 2023 and things getting fixed


      1. Cathy, Thanks for letting me know about the commenting on my blog. I’ll look at it to see if I can adjust any setting. I am not the most tech savvy so I can’t make any promises. Sometimes the cyber-universe is a mystery to me.

        It was awfully cold here but we received only a few inches of snow. Although we are in a severe drought so a little more snow wouldn’t hurt. However there weren’t any power outages in our area. I am so thankful for a warm comfortable home. Happy New Year. Jane


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