I know I said in the new year…

But you know me 😊

Christmas comes and Christmas goes

Family came – Family went – it started to warm up a bit

When the temperature hit 26c/78f really early on and was moving upwards coupled with a VicEmergency extreme heat warning we had a change of plan

No picnic in the bush this year -we’ll lunch al fresco at home

Cold meats and salads plus jelly with chopped soft fruits and cold custard

On to the last course – we decided against the cheeses – just had the fruit and nuts

Those will go well with the Christmas Pud on another day

One of my Christmas presents was a proper summer’s day of 28c/83f
Tomorrow and Tuesday will be another kettle of fish though
The forecast is for 35c & 37c – nearly 100f each day

I have to say the best present of all was a RAT test with only one pink line
~ negative at last😊 ~

I hope your day was filled with love

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  1. Merry Christmas Cathy and the The Golfer!
    So happy that your test was negative!
    It is early Christmas morning here, serene and Christmas card pretty, still storming, since Thursday night. The roads are unplowed, deep in snow, in many parts of Ontario the roads are closed to traffic… they might be closed here but I wouldn’t know because we haven’t ventured out the door since Thursday.
    My Christmas present from the heavens this year was that the heating system installation was completed on Friday morning, just after winter solstice, hours before the blizzards hit, but in time for Christmas.
    We are celebrating the day with a turkey dinner, with Christmas Cake, and Cherry Squares as our sweet delights for the day.
    “There’s no place like home”, as Dorothy once said, is oh so true at Christmas, and particularly this blizzard blessed Christmas in North America.

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    1. Storms or no storms your weather dictates you need a reliable source of heating so I can imagine the sigh of relief once everything was finally in place. Now there’s just the little things in life to think about


  2. Hari OM
    Blessings and Love to you and the Golfer, Cathy! Your table looks gorgeous. I have just finished an online gathering with my sibs (donchya jus’ love technology?!) and now need to think what I shall graze upon. Fruit and nuts definitely figure in it somewhere. Be safe, hang cool. YAM xx

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    1. It’s been light refreshing food for the past week Yam….the weather has determined our meals as well as what’s in the cupboard😊


  3. My husband is really jealous of your temperature. The 83 not the 100. We are having real cold for here in Florida usually we’re in the 70s for Christmas Day today we’re in the 36th Fahrenheit which is a really cold for us but we do have the bright Sun like you have. Your lunch sounds perfect to me no cooking involved

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  4. HOORAY for the negative RAT. Our Christmas was warmer than yours (nudging32F), Which was quite hot enough for me.
    I dined on fruit salad and himself had cold turkey and a different salad. We had a peaceful lovely day – which I wish for all of your readers for whom Christmas is here.

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  5. Interesting about RAT test after. Here you are advised not to test for some long period but rather after 7 nights you’ve deemed not infectious. And are freed from the mandatory self isolation.

    Of course many are either not testing or reporting a negative or a positive and so there are 1000s out there being selfish.

    Not cold here but not as hot as the beginning of the week. A nice general breeze that made 25th just right.

    I did roam away from home for part of the day…

    Take care, box on today…:-)

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  6. Merry Christmas!!! I’ve made all my early morning phone calls, checking in with my little chicks… everyone is up and either cooking or lounging around waiting for the turkey to finish baking. LOL We’ll have a very relaxing day with turkey & dressing t.v. dinners courtesy of Mom’s Meals. Looking forward to it… Blessing and huge cyber hugs of love to all… Carol

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    1. It was great to read your last post Carol and see life is gradually moving in the direction of safety – not necessarily in a place you had considered previously but safe and reassuring all the same.
      Happy New Year to you both….and now it’s back to the ‘do I don’t I….want/need this that and the other’ in our new home and way of life

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  7. Wasn’t it a glorious day? We spent it sitting the back garden of a friend. We had to go inside to eat as it was a tad warm (more for the lilylivered Queenslanders who were visiting and didn’t like our heat!)
    Today is a different story. Are we ever satisfied?

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  8. We had a table set up outside for 10 people and the overflow were inside until it became too hot outside even with the big umbrella up. I was VERY relieved that my Fruit Terrine came out of the mould easily and was delicious with lovely cold icecream. 🙂

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    1. That’s the reason I serve them separately – I’d love to go the whole hog of making a terrine but I’d be annoyed if it didn’t leave the pan all in one piece.

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  9. Your warm Christmas day sounds heavenly. Your table looks so pretty and cheerful. Best of all – hooray for the negative test. Onward we go toward 2023. Merry Christmas.

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  10. Such a beautiful spot you have there Cathy! The polar opposite of our weather at the moment. Wishing you a wonderful 2023! I’m glad I can comment, for some reason it kept saying I needed a google account!

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    1. That’s strange considering you’re on WordPress and I’m on the same platform. It’s lovely to see you, I lost your feed a while ago so have just resubscribed. Have memories of you counting every penny in the UK all those years ago. Life is sounding much better these days, here’s hoping it stays that way


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