They didn’t believe me….

Nobody believed me when I said I used to cook cakes

Even the ones who were there 😊

One little boy with his older brother – nearly seniors now
 Oh dear, how did they get to be that old 

This hoard of old photos is really bringing back memories- I can see those two little lads sitting there by the back door as if it were yesterday.

I have some friends who dislike looking at old images because they see the years that have passed them by – me, I love them because I think they remind us of that passage of time and how it has defined the person/s we/they are today  We are able to look back and see how our life has changed.  See what we got up to in those years gone by, how or if we altered our attitudes, losing or gaining friends along the way.  Happily or sadly how we ended up where we are today.

Whether they are forgotten experiences (as in the boys not remembering the chocolate cake) or ones remembered fondly (like me remembering the day I cooked the chocolate cake in the tiny kitchen with the boys hanging around to get a ‘lick of the wooden spoon’) there’s no denying they happened.

So yes in my younger days, even if the family think otherwise
I did cook chocolate cakes 

~ ~ ~ ~

How about you – are there things you’ve done (run marathons, climbed mountains, cooked cakes) that nobody believed you have/could have done??


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  1. Lots things I’ve achieved even with “silly hands” people still say “you did that” of course a lot of things I couldn’t do, but at the time I didn’t know why. Less than a decade ago, a hand specialist along my “time passage” revealed that I’ve no thumb muscles!

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    1. You are a very determined lady – always ready to try and overcome any difficulties put in your way. I must come over and say hello sometime, have been a bit crook and not been anywhere….here or in the real world.


  2. Actually it’s surprising that my daughter has a better memory than me about the past. Then again, my memory is bad. My son… on the other hand… needs to have photos shown to him. But alas… I did not climb mountains or run marathons or bake a chocolate cake.

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  3. I love looking at old photos, of days when everyone was younger and fitter. Happier? Memory is very selective. It is not bad going through printed photos. Imagine the future when people try to go through thousands and thousands of digital photos.

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    1. I was wondering about that the other day, how many of us have prints made of ‘the good ones’? I see the ‘do it yourself’ machines are back in action again so I might be taking advantage of them.. The cost of ink and paper makes the shop prints a better option than doing it at home.


  4. I almost never look at old photos but I do find them comforting: I did take the kids to places other than the supermarket, we did do fun things, I did work hard.
    I was also a lot thinner!
    what happy little chaps they are and of course you made chocolate cake!

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  5. I loathe seeing myself in photos and ensure that there are very few of them.
    I did make chocolate cakes, but no only make Christmas cakes when I have an orgy of baking each year.
    I find it hard to believe myself that I swam in Antarctica. I did though. No mountains or marathons though.

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  6. I drove a motorcycle for a long time. The only picture was taken by my daughter aged about ten or eleven at the time. on a little disposable camera I got the girls to take on vacation. She was so proud; a picture of mom and cycle parked and waiting for a flat tire repair.

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  7. i don’t do dangerours things, fear almost every thing, but at age 40 I rode on the back of a Harley Motorcycle across the 10 mile long Sunshine skyway bridge, and also the next day flew in a 4 passenger plane.. no one bellieved I did it, neither do I. would not do it now. that said there is a better chance of me on a Harely than of me cooking a cake. I buy mine

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  8. Mixing cakes and letting the kids lick the paddles. We can’t do that anymore because of all the warnings. How did that become dangerous. Anyway, wishing you and yours a happy and joyous holiday season.

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  9. I can still see our eldest grandson sitting in the middle of my kitchen floor, scraping the sides of the mixing bowl from a batch of brownies. He’s 22 now and still loves licking the bowl!

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  10. Like you I love old photos. I believe you made chocolate cake even without the pictures. What surprises me about my old photos was at the time I was so dissatisfied with how I looked, and now I think I looked nice, and occasionally pretty.

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