What you see….

Isn’t always what is there 😊

July 7, 2013

What’s a little crop crop here and a crop crop there between friends?

Is that deception or not letting the world in on my life?

This is just a little ‘fun event’ but I wonder how much of it goes on in the real world.
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26 Replies to “What you see….”

  1. Aha, the magic of “cut and paste” that applied to both before and now.
    But “now” you can do it seamless whereas before to see someone used a pair of scissors.
    But also one has/had the option of the garbage bin.

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  2. It’s life Jim… We all eat. Most of us wash dishes. Some of us like our photos to be nicly composed, balanced, focused on the object (not distracted by other subjects). Editing is not just for photos. Everything we do or tell is edited in some way. Nice flowers, AND well stacked clean dishes. F

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      1. I often crop in order to straighten the image or to take out table legs or the edge of the couch or something that offends my tendency to like order in life.


    1. But the thing is Cathy – have you ever cropped things in your life you don’t want others to know about. That’s what I was wondering about.


  3. I liked all of the shots! But you are right, who is taking ‘real pics’ these days?? I see so many using drones and I admit I enjoy them …I love seeing the places I know from the air. Thanks for being part of the Wednesday’s Words and Pics group with your post this week. It’s the last link up for 2022 next Wednesday, 21 December, and I hope you get to add a post again! The link up returns on Wednesday 4 January 2023. Warmest wishes, Denyse.


    1. Not so much who is taking real photos and cropping them Denyse, but how many of us crop parts of our life so others don’t see the messy bits (like I did with the dishes on the draining board)


  4. I don’t see anything in any of those pics that wouldn’t be right to post.
    I see a piece of someone’s life. Normal life.


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