Summer is…..

Well..believe it or not…Summer is supposed to be here
Not sure where it is though

But when it does decide to make itself known
many of us will be thinking about the S’s
~ ~ ~

Ask most Aussies what S stands for and they will possibly say

Slip Slop Slap

The 1980 skin cancer prevention campaign suggested we
Slip on a shirt – Slop on some sunscreen – Slap on a hat

Still relevant today with recent additions
Seek some shade – Slide on some sunnies

Updated version

Slip – Slop – Slap – Seek – Slide

Good advice no matter which country you live in

Do you have any campaigns like this in your country?


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  1. I don’t think we have a campaign because here in Florida it’s a year-round thing with doctors and dermatologist and advertisements on TV telling you 12 months out of our year you need to wear sunscreen. Our son is hot and the UV is destroying skin year-round

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  2. It was a good campaign. As someone who has always avoided sun in my adult years, maybe my skin cancers and damage happened in my young years. Advice to young people, do not sunbake and avoid summer sun. You will live to thank me for the advice.

    I think around the same time was the ‘Don’t be a Wally with water’? The campaign urged us to not waste water. We now have so much water and a very capable desalination plant. We can use as much water as we want, but there will be another drought and we will depend on desal water.

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  3. I do like your ads. Nothing like that here. We don’t seem to get very sunburnt though parents do slather their kids in lotion .
    Tourists lie out on the beach till they fry. Seems there’s no danger in the northern sun. Except nasty looking red blistering skin.
    We keep in the shade as much as possible. It’s too darn hot in the sun. During a heatwave there are tv slots telling you to drink lots of water, look after the elderly. Now they include keeping animals well watered and in the shade

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  4. Nothing like that in Ontario, Canada, that I’ve seen. This may change as the climate evolves, the summers are getting hotter and hotter, sunnier and sunnier.
    I’ve avoided sun since my late teens, when I got a very bad burn on the beach. Before that I never thought about the sun, which meant I didn’t do any sunbathing. As an adult I’ve never like being in the sun, too hot for me! Now in the summer I try to get fifteen minutes in the sun to get my Vitamin D levels topped up, but that is about it.

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