It’s only words….

Words that jumped out at me from a recent read 📘

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Tourmaline by Randolph Stow

“…the carpet, originally green, but worn bare in many places, resembled a drought stricken lawn…”

Memories of the crisp brown ground we had in the back garden during those 10 long years of drought with no outside watering of any sort allowed

December 2006

Backyard cricket at Grandma’s in the early 2000s meant keeping something on your feet because the ‘lawn’ was hard and you never knew what you might tread on!

And yes, over the back fence was out….because nobody was game enough to go and ask for the ball back….because our ‘delightful neighbour’ would just tell them to get lost!

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Green now after a recent ‘southern wet’….but who knows what this summer will bring


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  1. Too much rain across the ditch. We’ve just had 4 days of nearly dry all day but last evening the dry run finished. 🏃‍♀️ When it’s damp, there is a chill in the air, I’ve had to revert to heatpump! According to our weather gurus, it’s to be a wet summer at least in my region.
    At least we might not have water restrictions this summer, which is the usual practice here…


  2. Your last photo of the green lawn is just gorgeous and reminds me of the flower beds at my grandmother’s place in TN. Just lovely. Thank you…


  3. Wow, 10 years of drought, and yet a few things are green! Our summers here now usually have about six to ten weeks without rain, and we do water our vegetable garden, but not the “lawn”. As a result our lawn consists of drought hardy indigenous weeds, which we mow, and which stay relatively green for six to ten weeks without water. Lawns around us are brown and crunchy, while ours is green.
    Mostly we use our rain barrels to water the garden, which hold over 2000 litres. When that is gone we use municipal water, and I carry bath water, and dishwater, in a bucket out to the garden and water with that as well when the rain barrels are empty, better on the ground than in the waste water system.


  4. Finding things in books that jog old memories happens a lot to me since I read so much. I’m glad you posted the quote because I brought back memories here too and we still have no grass. We get rain and it starts to grow and then it stops again. When we bought the house it rained almost every day and at least 3 or 4 times a week when when not every day and now for the past 5 years it’s to have rain in our yard looks like your yard did back then


    1. Oh yeah. F says she remembers years of summer lawns like that in South Canterbury NZ when she was growing up. The droughts branded themselves on the psyches of the kids in the school who would lie outdoors at lunch times speculating on whether the clouds might bring rain.
      Oh and those prickly things that stick in your feet – those too!
      We had brown lawn in UK last summer – Mr B sent a picture. It is green and won’t stop growing now – story of extremes it seems.

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  5. Words do trigger memories for me also. The green lawn is so pretty. We’ve had a year or so of drought in our area and have big bare and rock hard patches in our yard. It’s frightening to me.


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