Fill ‘er up….

One empty tin – nothing in stock at our usual haunts
So up the hill to Sassafras we went!

Cold grey skies, Coats and Hats on ……definitely C&A weather.
Just right for soup and sandwiches when we’d finished

And this was a nice surprise – a Mad Hatters Tea Party on the wall of the Tea Shop.
(painted by Master Murals, who only do FB & IG so sorry no link)

All dressed up ready for ‘the season’.
With lots of difficult to photograph, rather expensive seasonal teapots and other ‘stuff’

And this is what we went for – loose leaf Oolong tea
The Golfer’s choice of morning tea.
As I said, our usual Asian grocers have been unable to get some for a while
After a little investigating – he’s a strange fella who won’t shop online –
we drove 20mins up the road to buy a refill

Then went back down the hill to Olinda to enjoy lunch at Ranges


Don’t Forget – if you want to see it best……Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

Linking to  Monday Murals – it’s a colourful world over there with lots to see.

26 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up….

  1. We used to drink oolong tea and you could buy it everywhere. How strange for it to be in short supply…ah, the good old ‘supply chain issues’. The mad hatter’s tea party mural is great.

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    1. Lots of the other suppliers had tea bags but that’s not how he likes it and Yes the mural was a surprise – definitely not there last time we were up that way.


  2. But don’t you find so much more interesting stuff when you go exploring rather than shop online. I like to smell the tea i am buying. Our tea shop in Piraeus was like a shop full of spells or something. That’s what buying rea should be like.

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    1. The shop was like a little Aladdin’s cave full of tea and other paraphernalia. Totally different to the Asian grocers but interesting just the same


  3. A perfect cup of tea is worth driving for
    Even though the Christmas stuff is coming out it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all. Hopefully the weather gets better soon

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    1. Funny isn’t it when the weather in the northern hemisphere is warmer than usual people up there say ‘it doesn’t feel like Christmas’ whereas down here we’re the opposite.


  4. The mural is fantastic. Worth the drive just to see that. Well, and the soup and sarnies. Glad you found his tea. Mustn’t upset other halves 😁 if you want a quiet life

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  5. It’s never too far to go for a nice cup of tea.
    I see all the Christmas stuff out but it still doesn’t feel like Christmas
    The weather is all wrong


  6. What a wonderful find at the tea shop 🙂 The shop window is very nice too.
    I hardly ever shop online, prefer to go to the shops even though I’m not a keen shopper. I’m a tea drinker, but prefer herbal teas. Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cathy.


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