Thursday Thoughts….

You’ll have to bear with me this morning
this is going to be one of my rambling posts

It’s been raining since we got home end of September (it was raining before we left and according to family sources it rained the whole 12 weeks time we were away as well) – there have been wet days and decidedly wetter cold days, much much colder than we’ve been used to at this time of the year – think Winter temps (4/5c) put the heating on days –

Not the sort of weather we usually have two weeks before Summer officially begins

Tuesday evening

but to be fair, interspersed amongst these…..see above days….there have been some traditional warm sunny Spring like ones.
Days when there have been windows and doors open, T-shirts worn, winter woollen blankets drying in the sunshine, the sound of lawn mowers around the neighbourhood. And smiles on people’s faces.

Anyway, not long after getting home, watching the national weather forecast on one of those cold wet miserable days I jokingly remarked ‘we should have stayed in Qld a bit longer’ – it would have been warmer….and dryer’ – The Golfer then reminded me – ‘remember the last week were there, how hot (and humid) it was’. The high temperatures came out of nowhere, one week pleasant middle 20s…the next it shot up to 30c with warm nights

Our last week in Bowen

Temps up there are still high…..they haven’t changed, the daytime forecasts have consistently been 30° or higher – with higher night temps than we complained about.
Courtesy of our third visit from La Niña, like all the eastern states they’ve also had more than their usual amount of rain

This coming week in Bowen

So I’ve changed my mind and all those thoughts I’d been harbouring about a free and easy (warmer) life up there have fizzled out.

This is what the weather boffins have been telling us about the delightful La Niña
It’s going to be hanging around until next year!

La Niña typically increases the chance of above average rainfall for northern and eastern Australia during spring and summer and the chance of warmer days and nights in northern Australia during spring. source

If anyone asks me what I want for Christmas – my answer is:-
For someone to turn the tap off please 😊

~ ~ ~ ~

And look SparklingM at what I wrote about back in October 2009.

Those paddocks were flooded as far as the eye could see last time we drove past

17 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts….

  1. we would all be at a loss without the weather to talk about, I always get tickled as I walk with Beau, because when we encounter humans, we talk about its cold, its hot, its rain its not enough rain… I love sunshine and fully understand how you must feel with all the rain…

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    1. It dried out not long after I took those photos back in 2009……I haven’t been back that way since The Golfer’s birthday in October but he drives along there regularly and says they’re well and truly wall to wall water this year as well
      Have emailed you


    1. There was late November snow in Maryville one year and I remember large hail during a summer storm here one Christmas maybe back early 80s


  2. Our weather hasn’t changed all that much. Unlike the rest of Europe which is either frying or flooding.
    Your rainfall has been incredible. Hope your sun does start shining a little more

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  3. 2009 I think was the proper breaking of the 2000s drought. It was very wet and there were floods, reinforcing the poem mentioning ‘of droughts and flooding rains’. Sorry, but I am tired of English born people moaning about our cold and wet weather 😉

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    1. They certainly do….one of our largest export industries. Used to be said Australia was built on the sheep’s back. See my next post for an explanation of the warning


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