That’s the number of episodes that were made…

It began in August 2010 and finished in June 2012 – just a short 2 year period.

It’s been repeated before and now it is on again 12 years after the original episode was aired

It’s one of those ‘timeless’ game shows
There’s no ‘oh not this again’

You still have to rack your brain to get an (or any) answer

Very different to most quiz shows
Same formula night after night – but no big money involved.

And yes The Golfer is a fan (so am I if the truth be told). Coming on at 5.30 for a short half hour it’s a great lead in to the 6pm news (after you’ve done a quick click on the remote)


Sometimes we are able to makes words from the letters

Not very often we arrive at the correct total from the numbers

What we really enjoy are the Word Mix anagrams just before an ad break and then the Conundrum (two actual words which will make another, that the contestants gain points from)

These were from recent shows:-

  • Rail team.
    A ~ Material
  • Equal bite.
    A ~ Equitable
  • Avertrain.
    A ~ Narrative
  • Acidomen.
    A ~ Comedians
  • Colapint.
    A ~ Platonic
  • Thicken.
    A ~ Kitchen

It was based on a French show, has a UK equivalent with a different name, was revived as a  ‘celebrity’ version here last year in a similar format to a British show neither of which appeal to us.
We’re old fuddy duddies who prefer the original version.
Do you watch it at all – ours, yours or any other version?  Do you enjoy it?

14 thoughts on “450…..

  1. Yes, over here it’s called Countdown and if my memory serves me right it was the first programme on Channel 4. We used to watch it, but not so much now and I wasn’t too bad with the numbers. My sister-in-law has applied and been accepted as a contestant so we’ll be watching that episode.

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  2. Oh wow!!! 1) I’ve never heard of this game, but I mentally do it all of the time when waiting for something to happen. I take a word and then see how many other words I can make from it. How utterly fascinating that there’s actually a program based on this!!!! Love it. And I have to say I don’t have a clue how I would do on the numbers, but the letters — I’m all over it! LOL Hugs and thanks…

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    1. I vaguely remember it was to do with cutting costs…not that there’d be much money spent. Simple set no money prizes just a very large dictionary.


  3. We know of Countdown but I don’t get to watch day time TV unless F is working and Mr B is at home….(oops, I might have dropped him in it) xxx Mr T


  4. my hubby and I rarely agree on much of anything, but on game shows we are 100 percent agreed. Neither of us will watch a game show and neither of us plays games of any kind, from board games to computer . no cards either. My brother tried to teach me to play gin rummy and got so aggravated he gave up. I could not remember which card was higher than the other. as kids we played a few board games, but he always beat me so I quit. I don’t know if we have a show like this here in USA.


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