I really should get out more….

Seen in Lilydale a couple of weeks ago

A new place in town….or at least one I’ve not noticed before

I could’ve sworn there was something else there last time I went round that corner

Foodary – a place that sells food.

Need some petrol and while I’m here….
~ ~ ~ ~

I popped into the little supermarket near me the other day.

Must be about a month since I’ve been in their carpark because I’ve been using their larger store down the road

Seems they’ve done some exterior work……Adding designated ‘direct to boot’ car spots – https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/shopping-online/pickup

And one of these – https://auspost.com.au/receiving/collection-points/use-a-247-parcel-locker

Need to pick up my parcel and while I’m here……
~ ~ ~ ~
Definitely not – how come they are on the shelves – it’s much too soon!
they’re imported – how long since they were baked?
what on earth will they taste like in December????

30 thoughts on “I really should get out more….

  1. Yep, probably made in February or March. That’s why the booze is a preservative. I’d prefer my mincemeat cookies from my Mom’s recipes. Linda in Kansas

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  2. Amazon has those pickup boxes all over the city, and I’m assuming the country. I guess it’s a saver place to have your package delivered than to your house where it can be stolen. I don’t do Amazon. Or Costco. Or TikToc….just showing you how out of all the new stuff I am.

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    1. These are ‘sponsored’ by AusPost which is our national postage company….and the Post Office is just a few steps away. They’ll get used more for after hours pickups. Lol at all the things you don’t do…..I’m with you on TikTok and Amazon – but we do have a Costco card😊

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      1. I refuse to pay to shop somewhere , ie no Costco. Also, there is only two of us, Costco doesn’t carry the cat food we buy, our house is tiny and has no room for massive-sized items that would feed a small army. My OCD cannot stand the warehouse feel of Costco.

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  3. There are lots of new and innovative ideas counting through all on the pretence of keeping contract to a minimum. But I’m afraid once the fear of covid goes so will those jobs that are now being done without staff. I fear for the future of job availability for our children and grandchildren

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  4. My daughter in law has a parcel locker except AusPost insist on taking her parcels to the post office that is only open during office hours. Hot Cross Buns on Boxing Day is the worst offence in my book.

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  5. Wow… all of those Walker’s fruit tart packages… were they all the same flavor??? Is it because there isn’t a wider selection of cookies/biscuits to choose from? When we would see a shelf like that here in the U.S., it would be because that’s all they had to offer. LOL I’ve never seen a parcel locker like that one, and more than that, Woolworth’s here in the U.S. is a department store, not a grocery store. At most, they have a soda fountain where you can purchase drinks, ice cream and lunch meals (hamburgers, fries, etc.).

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    1. No Carol there probably were other brands in the other aisle….these were on the end, a paid promotion which is why there were so many. I don’t buy pastry goods from supermarkets (I’d get from a bakery if I did) so think the Fruit Tarts are a new line. Mince Pies are traditional Christmas fare here, do you eat them in America!
      I’ll email you some links about our Woolworths and yours

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  6. I’ve read of those Amazon lockers, but on the west coast. None around here that I know of.
    The inability to walk well keeps me out of stores. It’s good for my sanity.

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    1. I’m not planning on going to anything larger than my local strip shops this year. If they haven’t got it we don’t need it! Obviously there is no demand for stuff if it’s reduced already. Wonder if the buyers still have a job??


  7. I live not far from Lilydale NewYork which is know for its psychics and fortune tellers.

    Here, a store had an aisle of Halloween things. The next aisle over had Thanksgiving things, and next to that, you guessed it…Christmas.

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    1. lol Debby – 3 festival seasons in one day. Almost as good as here in Melbourne where we can have 4 seasons in one day. Mind you I wishing Mother Nature would get ours right….our ‘usual/normal’ Spring weather hasn’t made an appearance yet and Summer is due to start December 1st.


  8. we said the same thing a few days ago, we need to get out more often. we went to Bray park and had not been since 2020 and the entire park had a face lift with new buildings and pavilions. it is only 2 mile from our house. we were shocked. I was look for a specific store near me, and there it was on google maps and a dozen other stores that they built since the last time we went down that road. wow,

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    1. I had to look online to see what it was about….most service stations have a ‘little shop’ but seemingly Ampol are putting hot food in as well. Of course it’ll depend on where the site is and the size of premises. We don’t buy their petrol so imagine I’ll not see inside- unless I go in out of curiosity.


  9. Make the most of those fruit tarts! Buy them now while they are fresh-er. But I’m jealous. None of them around here. I have to make my own. What a faff. Pastry, filling, baking. All from scratch. All I want is to taste one or two.
    Don’t Walkers make shortbread as well? I might try and bake some of that this Xmas. Shortbread is supposed to be easy. We shall see

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    1. Yes Walkers do shortbread as well but we have manufacturers of good shortbread here so I don’t buy overpriced imports – don’t make any either😊. The only imported biscuit type things I like are those little swirly Danish butter biscuits in a blue tin that are sold about Christmastime…now those I do buy

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  10. I am with you. Those baked tarts or whatever they are must be chock full of preservatives. I prefer my “treat” calories to come from a few special home baked goods.


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