Bright and cheerful….

Bright and cheerful….
That’s how a local described the new ‘paint job’ on the public toilet block in Marian Qld.
While we were in Mackay last year we took a drive out through Marian to the Pioneer Valley and discovered they had indeed had a face lift. The pale blue Hens and Roosters decor from the last time we drove through (2009) was gone, they kept the same theme, altered the design slightly and went all green. It was certainly easier to see and access, using some of the grassy area as a parking spot.

10 September 2021

And look what we saw in Yeppoon later that month.
More decorated loos – right there just a short walk up from the beach

26 September 2021

The screened area to the right of the ‘gents’ is the same one as to the left of the ‘ladies’
It’s a shower – get rid of the salt and sand – area
And look, they both have dogs waiting patiently outside

Linking to  Monday Murals – it’s a colourful world over there with lots to see.

Don’t Forget – if you want to see it best……Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

28 thoughts on “Bright and cheerful….

  1. Wonderful murals. I´ve never seen a chicken in a wheelchair before!
    It seems to be a very creative area there. I remember when we were in Mackay 1995 they had rubbish bins in form of fishes and the playground was so colorful.
    No surprise to find such beauties there. One really wants to go 😉 Have you also peeked inside?

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    1. Yes Iris I stepped inside back in 2009….that’s where I discovered’ a frog in the bowl. Made a quick dash into the next cubicle, breathed a sigh of relief, did my business as quickly as possible and made a hasty retreat. No pretty picture on the inside walls though


  2. Beautiful murals painted on the toilet blocks. Love the little painted dog waiting for the owner to finish the shower 🙂 Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cathy.

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  3. I am in love with the beach murals. WOw! so much talent, love the dogs, love the birds and it is attractive and beautiful. to me the hens/roosters are great art but not as appealing even though it is proper that the rest rooms be in a barn yard. I think I like pretty over cute

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    1. I’m beginning to think it’s an Australian ‘thing’ Gigi- I’ve never seen them decorated like that in any country we’ve visited.


  4. Looks like the same artist was hired for both locations. What an item for their resume! And I thought you’d found a painted frog inside the commode, not a real one. Ok, I’d switch stalls too. Linda in Kansas

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    1. Lol I’d have smiled at that Linda….not run a mile! Tree frogs have a tendency to hang out in damp spots during the dry season so not a rare sight in that part of the country


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