What a week…

Someone else had a birthday a couple of weeks ago so we took the train ‘up to town’ on a Sunday and enjoyed our first time at the theatre in goodness knows how long. A second time of seeing ‘Come from Away’, (catching it before it closes this Melbourne season and moves on up to Sydney) and we enjoyed it as much as the first time in 2019. Reminders of a couple of visits to Newfoundland a few years ago now but still fresh in our memories.

Smiles at seeing the tv masts from the station at Mooroolbark, smiles at being back in the lovely little heritage listed Comedy Theatre with its chandelier type lighting and a bar down there on the lower level right next to the stalls.
There was a brolly and a mask in my bag, plus a small book to read on the train – after all the rain we’ve had I was glad I didn’t need the brolly after all but I did use the mask. Too many people all close together with about 2/3rds of them maskless.
Everyone seemed to have a phone though!

Smiles at seeing travellers on suburban lines in masks, I can’t remember seeing any on the country V/Line trains (or dedicated platforms) when I took the lower photo at (don’t make me say it) Southern Cross Station back in April. It will always be Spencer Street Station to me.
There are times I wished we lived ‘out of town’ – compared to the comfort of the country trains the comfort (??) of suburban stock is nil.

Tuesday (25th) the heavens opened and we had floods out here in the eastern suburbs. Our back garden was like a swimming pool and (once again) the kitchen skylight decided to leak. I keep telling The Golfer there’s a reason I don’t get rid of all those old towels – although if this keeps up we’re going to have to invest in a new skylight.

Thursday under cloudy grey skies and a wet windscreen we drove out past the vineyards (old and new) and into the Valley again – this time The Golfer wanted to enjoy a light lunch at his second home because……

……as a member he gets a free one plus a tiddly little cake to celebrate 🎂🍷…..

Drove home from Healesville in pouring rain, hoping there wouldn’t be water on the floor Needed the bucket later in the evening so looks like we definitely need a new one.

Anyway Friday, dodging the showers I went to the gym leaving him looking a little lost – with all the rain the course is just a bit too waterlogged and once again nobody else wanted to play – I’ll be fine, he said, I’ve got this new book to read. Ink Black Heart – Robert Galbraith 1400 pages – that’ll keep me going for a while.

Big smiles when I walked past the court area – all set up for our next crop of Olympic gymnasts. Mats and beams, and bars and springboards – reminders of sessions at school all those years ago with a vaulting box and pommel horse.

(There’s a floor to ceiling net along the walkway to the gym door – saves any injuries from wayward basket/netballs. I took one snap from a corner then had to wriggle the camera around the holes to get the full on ones)

Well that was last week – this past week has been quieter with a few surprises….
Which I’ll leave for another time


Don’t Forget – if you want to see it best……Click/ tap or finger slide to enlarge

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27 thoughts on “What a week…

  1. I didn’t realise I hadn’t read the last 3 books in the robert galbraith series. Thank you. I have them on my kindle now.
    Hopefully the golf course will dry out soon. Nothing worse than living with a frustrated golfer. I don’t own one but I know many who do.

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    1. They are such huge books I don’t think I could ever contemplate reading one. I believe they are becoming ‘necessary reading’ for devotees the same as the Harry Potter series….


  2. I was just thinking about high school gymnastics today. We did none of the stuff mentioned except floor exercises. We learned to tap dance. “Mom, I need tap cleats for my school shoes!”

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    1. I don’t think that’s the case here – more likely ‘oh look at that scaredy cat, worried about picking up a cold’. It’s still out there and I for one don’t fancy my chances if I do pick it up…..vaccinated or not


  3. I enjoyed all your photos and that is a beautiful theater. My fav today is the trains, we don’t have commuter trains here, and I have never seen one like these. just riding that train would be exciting to me

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    1. lol I still enjoy going on the train – it’s easier and much cheaper than driving into the city. And better still when there’s something interesting going to happen at the other end.


  4. And a happy belated birthday from here.
    Sigh at the sky light. Hopefully you will be able to get someone to install a new one for you.
    Masks are rare here at the moment.
    I am reading Ink Black Heart at the moment, and finding it slow going.

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  5. You have had a full week! Your theatre looks delightful – one of the delights of a return to UK that F will also partake of (theatre being a vaunted Greek tradition, but her Greek being inadequate to enjoy the experience, she only gave it one go). We do hope your rain abates sometime soon. Ours too – our lawn is like seasgrass at present – waving below water levels.

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    1. There are so many treats in store for you now you’ll be able to plot one a month. The rain situation (on our side of town) seems to have cleared for the moment but you never know what’s in store

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  6. We have yet to return to the theater although we did watch our granddaughter in a production of “Clue” which was quite entertaining. Are you about to take up gymnastics? I last tried them in my 40’s. Had a great time then, but the thought appalls me now.

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    1. Oh I wish on the gymnastics part. I tried tap dancing in my 50s, that was fun but I’m not sure how I’d go now. Think I’ll stick to the pool, yes feet go off the floor but I’m not going to get hurt on the way down😊

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  7. I love the theatre. Our little group of friends are trying to see something every few months at least.
    The weather has been lovely over the weekend. Unfortunately more rain forecast for tomorrow

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    1. It was such a treat…. I had been looking forward to it ever since the tickets were booked. Like you we’ve decided to see something (anything) whenever we can


  8. The weather in Australia is out of control at the moment isn’t it? I’m still wearing winter clothes in Queensland one day and then Summer clothes the next! You’ve had an interesting week. The masks issue is a problem, I think people are now just treating COVID symptoms like the flu and some aren’t even reporting when they do have symptoms. What a world we live in! Enjoy your coming week and I’m visiting from #WWandP

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    1. I’m not sure about Qld but down here people are ‘supposed’ to report positive RATs and advised to isolate – mandatory is not a word used now. It’s all holds barred and everyone for themselves. Seemingly there’s more coming – similar just not the same. I used to ‘laugh’ at my mother when she would mutter “when will it all end” under her breath….guess I’m getting to be like my mother😊


  9. Sounds like a great week to me but I felt you all down there in Melbourne in the areas that were getting flooded! Isn’t it lovely to get out and go to the theatre. Your’s looks to be one of the typical grand old style Melbourne Theatres. I went to the theatre yesterday here in Brisbane but at QPAC. I saw Mary Poppins with a friend and it was just fabulous! So magical and uplifting – just what I needed. We had lunch before. Lovely day out and beautiful day to boot!

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    1. We have 2 big musicals coming to Melbourne soon (Mary Poppins and Joseph (with his amazing coat) so I’m about to raid the piggy bank to get tickets. Mary Poppins will open here early next year – Joseph (and his coat) later this month. One at The Regent – the other at Her Majesty’s Theatre….both of which are much larger than The Comedy Theatre


  10. That was a big week. I still keep some old beach towel for when I am defrosting the manual freezer. Too dear for a frost free one. As for sky lights, yes they have their issues. Glad the golfer celebrated his bday at a fave place. My brother is NOT finding no golf very good at all. Sigh. Grounds have been saturated in his local as well. I am wearing a mask indoors and will until..It was great to see you link up for this week’s WWandPics. Looking forward to next week’s line up too. Thanks for your kind support of this weekly link up. Denyse.

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    1. More news this week of another wave emerging is a reminder that – no matter what others think/say, wearing masks should be part of our lifestyle. I know they’ll continue to be part of mine.


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