Which way – What-a-way

Which way – What-a-way?
This way or That-a-way?

Seems they’ve been doing it wrong for years
Which way do you prefer?

New York City 1 – Piet Mondrian
~ ~ ~

And there’s more

Le Bateau – Henri Matisse

9 thoughts on “Which way – What-a-way

  1. Oops. The Mondrian on the right is somehow more three dimensional in my eyes (though I am not a fan).
    And I like both hangings of the Matisse but would probably choose the top one.


  2. my preference is #1 the one on the right and #2 the top right. don’t know the real answer but that is how I would hang them


  3. LOL here… you can add my vote to #1 on the left because it looks to be brighter and more clear, and #2 I’d vote for the top one. Birds & butterflies are always flying away to the right before they swoop around to the left.


  4. Well I don’t love either of them but I prefer the right Mondrian and the top Matisse.
    I’m glad the experts got it wrong 🙂


  5. This one New: York City 1 – Piet Mondrian, you could hang either which way, or even turn it 45 degrees. Looks like lenghts of the insulating tape I use or wires to me.
    Le Bateau – Henri Matisse; I think the top/right one is better as it then looks like a boat, some clouds and their reflections. But modern art is not exactly my cup of tea. I think paintings of this kind are often hung wrong, and I would personally look for a signature before hanging them to do it rigth.


  6. The Mondrian on the left looks right to me. The other appears too top heavy.
    I like the Matisse and the lower one looks more hopeful by pointing to the right, that is forward.


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