He sometimes wonders why….

[I really must keep a check on my blog drafts folder – I’m not sure how old this one is – possibly been sitting there since last Spring – I do remember the last episode shown on abc tv here was back in July (early Winter) this year]

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One of the afternoon quiz shows on tv here is Tenable. It comes on late in the afternoon, an opportune time to sit down and watch because at the moment it’s still uncomfortably cool cold to be outside
The Golfer has a fascination with this show.

He seems to enjoy trying to find/remember the ’10 things’ far more than trying to find/remember the one answer to questions on some of the other shows. It’s almost like multiple choice on steroids😊

But there’s something he often wonders about – how do they choose the subjects to use

Given the contestants are all supposedly British….…..

Why do they always ask questions about – and expect their contestants to have in depth knowledge of – the United States of America.

A couple of recent questions were:-
Top ten states names ending in letter A
Top ten US presidents (which of course means ‘in order from 1-10’ not in popularity)

And do all contestants have to have in-depth knowledge of Soccer (worldwide teams, leagues, competitions, players) because it seems every show has it as a category??

Have any of you watched it – are you big fans?
Do you rack your brains for the answers or cheat by asking Mr G….?


17 thoughts on “He sometimes wonders why….

  1. No not watched it but I’m fond of a daily quizz and questions are world wide the themes wide ranging … most of which I’ve no idea. It pick one of 3 answers
    Oops must ho there just back from morning walk…

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  2. Yes, we watch it every day and I fail miserably at the football ones and modern day singers, but not too bad with other subjects.

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  3. Wow… I LIVE here and would be hard-pressed to come up with the answers in anything resembling a reasonable time frame. Whew! LOL What a mind stretcher that program is. And I know zilch about soccer!

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  4. I’ve not seen that. I’d be hopeless at those kinds of questions.
    I like shows I can yell the answers too. Makes me feel brainy lol

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    1. I’m a shouter (well a quietish one) as well. I’m sure I’d have a hard time remembering anything with all that was going on in a tv studio


  5. we are addicted to pointless and the same thing gets me – all the american and sports questions. They have started adding the odd antipodean question – obviously aware of their audience downunder.

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  6. We’ve not seen that one and would probably fail miserably at that. We kind of like ‘Pointless’ where the contestants have to know (or guess) the least obvious answer to the question.

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    1. I realise we don’t all have to like/enjoy the same but that’s one show that leaves me cold. The Golfer is the quiz show watcher….


  7. I love quiz shows. There are a few on tv during the winter afternoons. Thank goodness not too much American stuff but far too much sport. You can imagine here it’s Greek history and philosophers. I can still keep up my side though. I read more than my ‘companion’ 😀

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    1. They do make you think that’s for sure. The Golfer enjoys them all – I’ll admit to liking Mastermind. Sometimes I get a question right😊


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