Do you fancy lunch….

‘Come on we’ll go out for a drive and maybe stop for lunch somewhere’.
Days come and go in our house, even special ones and there was nothing really planned for last Wednesday (12th)
I did think….lovely – it’ll save me having to cook on my birthday😌

Not a lot to see as we drove along under grey cloudy skies and from the direction The Golfer took I thought we’d end up in Healesville but surprise, surprise, the car turned right at a ‘favourite’ winery. Zonzo Estate – on the Healesville – Yarra Glen Road.

We chose a spot inside…..too cold and windy outside….lots of other people there so the tables by the fire were already taken
But hey, the whole of the restaurant was cosy and warm and I knew the food was going to be good.

Slow cooked lamb in red wine accompanied with roasted potatoes
Folded Italian pastry filled with strawberry and hazelnut chocolate
Nougat gelato encased in meringue, domed on top of a sponge

A trip to the loo (just outside the main building but top class just like inside) means wandering along beside the little herb garden surrounded by a rustic fence made from realistic ‘metal’ pickets.
Wisteria hanging from the pergola, a very large garden urn on a pedestal , a dividing wall of logs plus views of the vineyard all help to soften this service area.

Unfortunately just as we were leaving the rains did arrive so I didn’t stop to take more photos.
I’m not grumbling because that was the start of this ‘weather event’ we’ve been experiencing in Victoria. Thursday turned out to be a doozy of a day…..resulting in one many Victorians will remember for a long time.
It would appear all the eastern states are now struggling to contend with the aftermath of floods.

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21 thoughts on “Do you fancy lunch….

    1. EC I always used to say Australia needed the rain to balance out the drought…..however there are times when we can have too much of a good thing – like now!


    1. Too right at the moment Catherine – we need the rain to counterbalance the effect of drought (and fire)…….we’re just getting too much of it at the moment


    1. Once the weather changes for the better you’ll be able to explore your backyard and find the hidden food & wine treasures. It’s a fair way for us to travel so we tend to stick to the valley but that’s not to say we couldn’t


    1. I was surprised to see the flowers – the strange thought that they might have been artificial crossed my mind for a moment – then noticed the petals on the ground.


    1. Love it Tigger…thank you Ms F. Bush poetry at its best.

      Bush fires and drought have had their turn and there’s been flooding somewhere or another for the past couple of years – hopefully we’ll have a ‘lovely’ summer with nothing to worry about. Yeah and pigs’ll fly😊


    1. We always enjoy a drive out there – about 30mins from home. It’s a nice place to visit even if we only get a coffee (or a wine) when we’re there


  1. Anyday without having to cook is a good day in my book Cathy! Glad you were taken out for your birthday and it all looks and sounds like a great time. The rain though …..

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  2. We are all so over the rain..the damp, the never ending squishing just walking outside but, we are in relatively good area flood wise so I shall try not to complain. Those pics looked awesome…and HB to you too! I could have taken some of that lamb home too I reckon. Yummo.
    Great to have your blog post this week link up for Wednesday’s Words and Pics.

    I look forward to see you next week, too.

    Thank you so much.



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