Four days on the road…..

(Sometimes through a dirty windscreen – sometimes at about 100km an hour 😎)

We left Bowen driving south and said goodbye to cane fields at Proserpine with the little ‘cane train’ railway that runs across the road and where the mill (like others in the area) was working non stop processing the harvest.

Smiled again at the fun signs on the road to Rockhampton (aka locally as Rocky 😊)

Had what (at first glance) looked like a very ordinary curry for dinner
Never doubt the talent of pub staff of Indian origin – local beef plus spices

Drove off early the next morning, waving to the ‘bull’ on the roundabout.
See ya next year!

We crossed rivers and creeks – some with water because of recent heavy rains…..some still dry….but waiting until the wet arrives further north later in the year and the water runs south when they and the nearby floodplains will fill.

And it’s that annual flooding rain (plus the flooding caused by recent La Niña events) as well as the constant heavy road transport vehicles (Road Trains) that has cause ‘pothole hazards’. Reasonably easy to see and hopefully manoeuvre safely around in daylight (not good for your car if you don’t) almost invisible at night or worse still downright dangerous when covered in water.

We found the overtaking lane round the corner where we ‘dutifully’ didn’t speed up but let others pass……

Including this big brute further down the road – not that we’d have much option where he was concerned 😟

Lots of other ‘big things’ moving along the road… well as…..
well, we’re not sure where this one was trying to go – the shredded tyre tells the tale!
(Nobody hurt and luckily no stock on board)

My last fish ‘n chip pub meal for a while I think – you can only have so much of a good thing. My water was served in a very ‘posh’ crystal looking glass 😊

Another early morning start, a goodbye wave at the Gunsynd statue in the border town of Goondiwindi – then across into NSW.

Where for most of the day it was All Change 🙁☔️

Nothing to see but rain until late in the day when we found a rainbow!

And guess what greeted us the next morning ……yes, more of the same😊

A dreary drive made better by ☕️ & 🍰 at the Tocumwal Pavilion across from the river

Then it was over the Murray and into Victoria.
(I was driving so no photos – the river was the highest I’ve ever seen it)
Things changed, became brighter so by lunchtime we had blue skies and fields of gold

No matter where we’ve been or how long we’ve been away I always have a little smile when this view at a roundabout near Yarra Glen appears. It means we’re nearly home!
Just another 20km to go!
The tv masts on the hills are those very same ones I can see from another angle – much closer to home – from my little library 2km from home 😊

For the next few days we thought Spring had arrived – the sun shone, it was pleasantly warm and a lot of the garden plants thought so too.
The clocks changed – happy summer days are on their way!

Unfortunately the weather had other ideas……it’s back to wind cheaters and tracky dacks round the house plus brollies at the ready if I venture out! This was the forecast yesterday when I was putting this together. Warm clothing still needed.
Come on Spring…it’s nearly November- come out come out wherever you are!

(Please don’t think my whinging about the weather here in Victoria doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about those in other states who are once again ‘living with heavy rain storms and possible flooding’. It must feel like living in a war zone with the prospect of more destruction coming their way….and – rightly or wrongly- we have been led to believe – not much help coming from governments.)

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37 Replies to “Four days on the road…..”

  1. Welcome home.
    Still chilly here – 4C as I type.
    I hear you on potholes. We hit a doozy at night. One flat tyre, two buckled wheel rims. We are currently in negotiation with our local council about re-imbursement.

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    1. Ooh now that is a bit chilly EC. I’d better stop complaining before those temps return to Victoria 😊. Good luck with your traffic claim – some of the roads were in a terrible state and it’s going to take years to fix them.


  2. Looks like you had a mixture of absolutely gorgeous weather and absolutely bad weather all mixed together but it does look like you had a fun trip. With lots of things to look at and take pictures of. I won’t ride with my husband driving so I never get to take pictures while in the car

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    1. Now that’s an interesting snippet of information Sandra 😊. I’m hoping you are both feeling much better after the horrible time you (and so many others) had with Ian. Nature has a habit of throwing some terrible things at us


  3. Rather challenging to drive in such wet conditions for such a long period. The number of trucks on our roads must be reduced by utilising more rail freight, or our roads need to be built to withstand heavy truck traffic.

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    1. The road situation is one that’s been discussed for many years….trouble is rail doesn’t go everywhere so trucks (big and small) are needed.


    1. Noooo…..definitely no Hume for us. Being out in the east where we are it’s easier to go out to Yea then use the Newell, Leichhardt and Bruce. We’ve tried other routes and always come back to this one


  4. I enjoyed the road trip with you, Cathy…very much, I did. In past years I travelled that Queensland coastal highway many times. You brought back many memories to me. I was born in Rocky…many years ago!

    As much as you enjoyed being away, I bet you also love being back home!

    Thanks for taking me along with you. Take good care. 🙂

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    1. You’re right Lee, it’s good to be home. I do look forward to it – the time will come when we can no longer travel so our stints away are also something I look forward to.


  5. What a wonderful trip. Makes me want to actually visit Australia. That was a classy and substantial fish and chips plate. Linda in Kansas

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    1. It’s never too late Linda…..we have a saying here ‘you’ll never never know if you never never go’….so come on down 😎


  6. We love your description and photos – what a wonderful and diverse country you have. Your trip might have been longer than the one we are about to make across Europe and you never left Australia. That takes some getting you head around.

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    1. But Europe is so very different to Australia Tigger, so much to see in such a small space. Here you can drive 100km and it still looks the same. I often wonder what the first explorers and settlers thought when they travelled for days without a change in scenery.


    1. I’m enjoying being home again apart from looking at the garden and wondering where to start. I cut back as much as I could – so much is having growth spurts that would rival adolescent youths


    1. Apart from the rain, the travelling was easy to cope with. We had good runs every day.
      As far as the weather’s concerned it’s a worry isn’t it Denyse. Late spring here – very early high temps up in FNQ and the Top End. Hopefully you aren’t getting too wet, same can’t be said for places we drove through recently though.


      1. The weather, as I read and view now, in Victoria is causing a lot of trouble. Hope you are relatively safe …and thank you so much for the shoutout about my linky!! Thank you for sharing your post in the Wednesday’s Words and Pics link up for this week and being part of the #WWandPics Community.

        Hope to see you next week too.



    1. lol Carol…..certainly a lot larger portion than some I’ve been served. It’s a bit misleading though as a lot of the size is the batter on the edges. Tasted good!


  7. I’m glad you got some good weather with the bad Cathy. And that’s certainly a long drive but also a nice way to see a bit of the countryside, moving from rural areas, through towns and cities.

    I love the signs near Rocky. We have some trivia questions on signs between Brisbane and Maryborough. They used to change them regularly but don’t any longer but they’re still great for newcomers on the road.

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  8. Great road trip! Those signs are hilarious. Love that the Council/Govt can have a bit of humour! I’ve been up in those parts. My sister-in-law’s family owned a property at Proserpine and we stayed there a few times. The weather is crazy lately isn’t it? I thought summer was speeding for us and now it’s cool again. It’s hard to know what to wear. Layers is the answer!

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  9. What a fun post, and so beautiful, except for the trucks. The signs reminded me of being trapped with two pre-teen boys for 2 weeks on the road here in America. Goodness, traveling ‘alone’ now, is a joy, lol.

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  10. Such lovely photos of your trip and that fish and chips look so good! But I do know what you mean. My husband and I spent 4 days in Maine (USA) and by the end of it I was pretty sick of french fries and fish of all kind!

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