“Why do you always go to the same beach?” I was asked not long ago.
There are other little bays close by – why don’t you go to any of the others?

See the red dot – that’s where we are staying.
Travel 2.5km east (right) and that’s where Rose Bay is.
Travel east, round the corner, then north a little and you’ll get to Horseshoe Bay (which is the place that person was alluding to)


Yes it’s a lovely little bay – I can vouch for that – but to me it’s an ‘adults only’ bay.
I’ve only ever seen adults there – it has a certain appeal to older adults who congregate there en masse in winter – year after year after year.


It was early morning when I took these and the ‘line up’ had already begun. By mid morning those chairs will have almost covered the sands, the car park and cafe will be chockablock. Claims have been staked – the chairs will remain there all day long!

I’ll tell you a little story:-
I went there one year – one of the early years (2009) when we first started coming up here (before I’d discovered Rose Bay) – picked a spot under the trees on the left hand side, got comfortable in my chair, reading a book, enjoying the fresh air, not really looking at what was going on – after a while I realised others had set up a line of chairs beside me.
A woman was walking up and down in front of me pointing to where I was sitting and I could hear the others saying (quite loudly) ‘she was here when we arrived’.
Yes, you’re right – I’d placed my chair where she usually put hers…..
and she was not happy at all.
I came away and left them to it.
(I’ve actually heard of people being asked to move – ‘you’re in my spot’ – that’s how possessive some of them are)

~ ~ ~ ~

So, I replied, why would I go there when I could to another place – a quiet place

Sometimes I have company — Sometimes not

Grandmas can paddle in a rockpool while keeping an eye on young charges
Fishermen in wet suits stride from the water clutching a harpoon and net
Young lovers have room to walk and talk.
Young men do what many young men do on beaches – try to impress the girls.
(the young men and the ‘girls’/women came down from the caravan park round the corner favoured by young backpackers)

Saturdays are family days – days for teaching children about the ocean.
Mums and Aunties come down…..with paddle boards, kayaks and canoes.
Dads and Uncles do their share of baby minding – taking pushers to the waterline so the youngest ones can enjoy a ‘paddle’ and appreciate the ocean in their own way

A special place indeed.
(where my photos are taken from a distance)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s really early Monday morning, (I’m about to press publish so fingers crossed it posts) after a warmish night a second cup of tea will be very welcome. This is our last week here but I’m not sure how much time I’ll be spending at my special place…….after all those weeks of cooler than usual weather, things have changed and this was last night’s forecast for the rest of the week!
I think I hear the sound of the air con at the library calling😊

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18 Replies to “Where…..”

  1. People can be quite rude at times. Like you, I wouldn’t have returned to that beach at all. Wonderful photos — glad you were able to spend the time you did there. Stay safe!

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  2. The beach where you stole someone’s place sounds so boring, full of old and unforgiving people. I like your choice much better with a cross section of society.

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  3. Quite a little of places have “that’s my spot” and not just the older people. Probably her forebears sat there, traditions can diehard.

    One of my friends may have to leave his pensioner flat as the block is to be demolished. He’s in a complete tizzy as he said ” I’m getting too old for this…” so the govt department visited all the tenants and asked them what kind of place they would like…his thoughts pretty good: ground or level one floor, windows and grassed area…

    Will he get it, time will tell.

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  4. the first beach sounds like all the churches in my past. Before Jake, the dog, in 2005, we went to the same beach the last week of may and the 3rd week of Oct, year after year, we got the same room, in the same motel on Ormond Beach. people said why not Daytona? they are next door to each other. my answer was LESS PEOPLE! less traffic. and we like know what we will find there, not new places

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  5. Right choice. Right reasons. Well, that is to say we agree whether right or not. Life needs a bit of condiment. Bland sameness and staking petty claims ain’t for open minds.

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  6. Whoa, that beach with the regular “lineup” sounds really weird!!! Good choice going somewhere else! I’d prefer beaches with mainly adults because then there’s (usually) peace and quiet but people would need to behave… normally.

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  7. I admit I would want to have some space for myself…and am glad to know you have worked out where you are happiest…right now, I guess you are farewelling your fave spots as you make your way back home. Safe travels….
    So good to have you link up this week for Wednesday’s Words and Pics Link Up.

    Looking forward to connecting with you more again soon.

    It’s a weekly link up and I know it’s still new getting used to Wednesdays!

    I am grateful for your presence as a blogger and one who enjoys the connections we make.

    Warmest wishes,


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