A glass and a half….

Glass of cold water…coming up!

An enterprising local company decided the best way to advertise to ‘tradies’ is to put it right in front of their eyes. No elegant glasses for water in this pub.
Beer glasses all the way…..’cose tradies drink water too😊

Glass of cold beer – coming up!

I wondered if The Golfer was drinking a new brand of beer – No..same as usual..he said

I was intrigued enough to ask Mr G – it’s true – you learn something new every day😊

Coffee and cake – I never say no to that
Mug for The Golfer – a cup’ll do for me – and half each of two very nice slices

I think I’ve mentioned before internet reception where we are staying is a pain……drive 3km to the centre of town and it’s 5g all the way. Here, it comes and goes – windy days, hot sunny days, doesn’t make a difference- 3g (4g if you’re lucky) and it drops out constantly.
No big deal but I’m definitely getting fed up seeing the words ‘not connected to the internet’.
So I’ve been down the pub or the marina rather than here in blogland😎


9 thoughts on “A glass and a half….

  1. 🤔dirty glasses do the same job🙀 i wonder if that’s where someone got the idea. Pub or marine vs internet. That’s not actually a decision is it?

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  2. Not really being a beer drinker, I don’t think I need or want a nucleated glass. Thanks for the education. I would have hated to be asked in a pub if I would like a nucleated glass.


  3. love that last photo, the subject matter and the photo. I am getting the dropped internet thing today and can’t use my chromebook. I had to come to the desk top. the odd thing is wifi is perfect on desk and phone but not chromebook.


  4. Cake and coffee is an excellent combination and the view is lovely. Yes indeed, I like to learn something new everyday. This post taught me two new things as I had never heard of the glass or of “tradies.”


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