And just like that….

Minus the horrendous $10 price tag – they’re back on the menu again

I’m quite willing to admit I’m an Iceberg lettuce lover eater.
Please don’t put all those other iddybiddy bitter tasting little curly leaves on my plate
I won’t eat them because I just don’t like them

It might not be fashionable but I like the pale green colour of Iceberg
the crunchiness as well as the cool taste

Egg sandwiches need it, tiny prawns need it, potato salad needs it
I like the big rounded leaves, I’ve been known to eat them as a snack
They look good filled with chopped chicken tomato and cucumber

Torn or shredded on a large serving platter it makes a good bed for what I call my
‘help yourself green salad’
Finely sliced cucumber/raw zucchini/kiwi fruit along with green grapes topped with finely chopped spring onions. Different but we like it 😊

Now if the price of other vegetables start to drop all us non gardeners will be happy/er

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  1. I don’t mind mixed leaves but I do prefer iceberg. We are about to shop so I will check the lettuce price.


  2. My father used to call the salad mix “yuppy salad”. I don’t mind the butter and oak lettuces but a crispy iceberg is the perfect summer vege.


  3. Hari OM
    That’s the one lettuce I can’t come at – tasteless. Give me good nutty Cos, or a spicey Radicchio, peppery things like Nasturtium and Rocket and beet salads… 😋 mind you, we’re moving the opposite way here and it is time to start bringing in the parsnips and pumpkin! YAM xx


  4. Glad your favorite has come down to affordable pricing. I don’t eat lettuce now but when I did it was iceberg or leaf lettuce. the rest taste bitter. salad is my least favortie food other than onions which I do not eat. I do like it on a sandwich or a burger


  5. Does Australia grow iceberg lettuce? I thought it was a California coastal produce product. It has to be kept cold, ie the name iceberg, or it goes to brown mush very quickly. It doesn’t travel well. Oh, sort of like me!


  6. Ohh, I’m with you on the iceberg lettuce. Keep those bitter radicchios and co. away from me! And even worse baby spinach or beet – they tase like mouldy earth. Give me thoose cryspy, pale green leaves and everything is awesome 😉
    I often try growing my own, but either the slugs eat them, or they just do not grow. Salad cen grow almost everywhere, I think, only they need cool weather for sprouting (or put them in the fridge) and loads of water for growing so as not to turn bitter.


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